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Presentation of my accomplishments presented to company executives at the conclusion of my summer internship at Cottingham & Butler.

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  • Alright well what I’m going to talk about is…
  • Objective 1 was to identify employers in the Madison area with fully insured plans that we should discuss the topic of moving to a self funded plan.So I created a list of companies in the Madison area that were fully funded that would be in a position to discuss whether self funding might be a better option.To create this list I used MiEdge to collect names of companies and check on FreeErisa to see if there 5500 form indicated that they were fully insured. This was not the most accurate way of finding the information though so all of the companies that I identified came from phone calls I made and asking about their coverage.To segment the self funding candidates that we already do business with I got a list of Wisconsin clients from Angie and had Dean help segment which ones were in a position to go self funded based on revenue and employee size.Once I had this information I pooled it together with Matt since he was doing to same objective for the Appleton area and we created a Wisconsin list for self funded candidates, had Damian help us clarify that the information was correct, and Dean has the list.
  • Objective 2 was to identify what important data we would like to know on these accounts and to update the systems with the new information. The information that I was looking for was expiration date, insurance carrier, broker, how long they have been with their employer, # of employees on the plan, and name of decision maker. I accomplished this through getting as much info as possible during calls and putting the information into Salesforce. I was not able to get all this information for everyone I spoke to because many were uncomfortable giving it out but I made a lot of updates to Salesforce especially with names of decision makers that should help people calling on them in the future.
  • The first step of this was to learn a bit about health care so Matt and I created a PowerPoint on the patient protection and affordable care act within the first 2 weeks of the internship because we did not feel knowledgeable on health insurance and wanted to know what we were talking about on the phone. We shared it with Brandon and Becca so they could get more informed. This took a good amount of time to find and organize and from this we spurred the idea for Kick Start.
  • Kickstart is program we created to help interns become productive within the company quicker. It’s purpose is to reduce stress and eliminate the transition period of going from new hire to active employee. We both felt like we were lacking information and direction in the first few weeks because we only had 10 weeks here and we wanted to know what we were talking about now so we could utilize that information throughout the summer. We spent a lot of time organizing data and creating documents to help ourselves be successful and we thought if we had such a difficult time getting started, we can get rid of that for next years interns. So we decided to create a folder to help next years interns get into the swing of the job faster. Because I have the luxury of going first I am only going to cover the content of Kick Start, Matt is going to present to you next on results and how it will be successful.So Kickstart consists of a folder and salesforce campaigns. We printed out the contents to create a physical folder which I put on the table. The idea is that at the start of the next internship you can hand these to the interns and help them get off to a much quicker start. All of these documents are inside a Kick Start folder that we have on the U drive right now which has more content than is just in the physical folder. The major contents of the folder are
  • We put the PPT that we worked on in the folder so next years interns can now forego the time and energy of finding all the information they need to know and start learning sooner than later. I didn’t really even know where to start on what I needed to know about health insurance until I spoke to Matt and Taylor a number of times so this is great information to get the ball rolling, especially now that all the provisions have been moved back until 2015.
  • We included call scripts for Benefits, Agribusiness, and Transportation that us interns have used throughout the summer. There is also a flowchart for the benefits people so they can use whichever is more helpful to them. The scripts have a common voicemail, inroduction, how to respond to objections, and questions you can ask to keep the conversation going or collect more information. Figuring out how to respond to objectives is very difficult when you have little knowledge on what you’re talking about so these should be really helpful for interns in the first few weeks.
  • Along with the call scripts there are a number of print outs that we created with information that you might blank on or need quick access to while on the phone. I put a cubicle here because I hung these documents up in my cubicle and they helped me have all the information I needed right in front of me so I didn’t have to search for an answer for a prospect.
  • In the folder on the computer we included the 2012 annual report and the pay or play score card with guidelines for what information you need to fill it out. These items, especially the report are great additions to emails and also a good point to start learning about the company the first week on the job. Obviously someone will need to change this to the 2013 report when it is completed but the importance is that it’s available right when they start working.
  • Finally we created new campaigns on SalesForce for Madison and Appleton. They are titled as such and the companies on the list are all from people that I had conversations with this summer that can act as warm leads to the interns. It’s a lot easier to be able to say, “I know you spoke to Gavin last year about this/that, and that you were concerned about this, have you thought about this?” It makes for a much more effective and comfortable call and will result in more appointments early on in the process. All the information about the prospect I have written in the description of the calls I made to them so within a minute of looking at the information the caller will have something to discuss with the prospect. There are 114 companies on the Madison call list that I created.
  • All this information is great but without direction it’s useless. Before you dive into the contents of the folder we included a portion for knowing what to do with Kick Start (Kick Start for Dummies). In this segment is a document entitled Using Kick Start which gives you direction on what to do with the contents of the folder, what order you should do it in, and how you will get the most out of this internship. It also has a table of contents so you can easily find what you’re looking for and a document on how and why Kick Start was created so people understand the motivation behind what they’re looking at.On this slide is a shortcut to the folder on the computer which I’d like to show you so you can see the organization of it because right now it probably sounds pretty cluttered.As you can see it’s pretty simple to follow. There is a place to start and figure out what you’re doing and then all the content is within this folder. It would be really easy to add to and modify to best fit the needs of the proceeding interns.
  • So the reform scorecard that this referred to is actually the pay or play scorecard so on a week when both Matt and myself were in Appleton we had Damian teach us how to go through and complete one. Tracy then sent out an email to the Wisconsin producers saying to give us the information for any companies they wanted us to create one for. They only take about 10 minutes for the producers to do so they didn’t have a lot of interest in having us complete them.For next year I would suggest making this an objective specific to the mentor. So the intern would do the scorecards for his/her specific producer. That way there would be nothing lost in translation, the info would be readily available, and the scorecard would be completed exactly the way the producer wants.
  • Alright so objective 5 was my call goals. I was asked to get 15 quality appointments, I ended with 17. I really struggled to get appointments in the middle parts of the internship. I was very persistent with my calls I just wasn’t getting good results. Finally in the 8th week I managed to get a good number of appointments and get me up to where I needed to be. I wasn’t doing a whole lot different I just started getting through to more nice people. I tried to get at least 40 calls a day while I was on my way to 15. Once there I spent more time the last two weeks doing project work.
  • Objective 6 was to attend 8 new business appointments. I only had 4 up until week 8 so I filled my last two weeks here with as many appointments as possible. I ended with 8 appointments and I went on them with 3 different producers so I was able to see different styles and approaches
  • SEL stands for Sales and Executive Leadership S.E.LL…they were pretty proud of that. It’s an organization that I’ve been in since my freshman year and I have leadership role in. The organization functions to bring in companies that have a strong focus on sales and present to us on who they are, what they do, and what opportunities are available. I approached Dean about setting up a recruiting event with the org and have worked out the details with Tory and to get this set up. It sounds like Tory was going to approach me about setting something like this up so it’s good timing, Cottingham is excited about it, and it gives a great opportunity to find intelligent students interested in sales to work for C&B. This will be occuring on November 6th so it sets cottingham up nicely to get students interested in the internship or a job offer before they commit to anything in the spring.This group is only 2 years old but it grew a lot last year and this year I expect it grow even more. It’s been a young club but this year the majority of the members will be Juniors
  • One issue I had this summer was with SalesForce. The main problem being that not everyone logs their calls. So the simple solution to this would be to have SalesForce do it automatically. I looked into a few programs that might be able to increase efficiency with Salesforce and the two that I found to be the best and most easily incorporated to Cottingham are Cisco Call Connector and Refractive Dialer through Dial Source. Now what these do is connect Phone, Computer, and in doing so SalesForce, so that everything works together. This allows you to have calls automatically logged so all you have to do is enter the description of the call so you know what was discussed. It also allows for click to dial capability, Automatic List Calling, and Pop up caller ID. All of these functions end up saving a lot of time and make things much easier for the person calling. The issue with the first option is that typically cisco needs to be your phone provider and that is not the case in this office or Madison but we do use Cisco in Appleton. While we don’t use that provider it would be worth looking into the cost savings of switching because that service is claimed to be free. One of the programs would really take a lean approach to cold calling and eliminate wasted time on activities that do not add value to the company. I included a more in depth breakdown of this suggestion in the report so take a look at that after my presentation.
  • Continue enforcing logging of information on sales force. It was difficult to understand whether they were a client, a former client, or a prospect when trying to do research. Made it very frustrating at times. Also I ended up calling on one or two of our current clients because of this. I updated that informationHave the mentor actually head up the project so the interns know exactly who to talk to and where to get direction on what needs to be done.Have weekly meetings with mentors scheduled so the interns to get a good idea of what they need to accomplish and become comfortable with mentor. It was was a little different for me since I was in and out of Wisconsin so I wasn’t around Matt all the time but if you take the first reccomendation into consideration, I think it would be a great idea for weakly meetings to get everything accomplished on a more structured schedule.
  • So as far as Value added goes I…
  • This was my First formal business job so it’s helped me understand how to approach people in this setting. It’s also helped me understand what is acceptable and what is not, how to manage myself when I was given much more freedom on tasks and getting things completed than I have had in jobs in the past. People are looking to help you if you are up front.I’ve definitely become more persistent simply due to cold calling. If someone said no to something or hung up on me in the past I would not have thought twice to call them back. So now I don’t think of it so much as I’ve failed but more as I just haven't won yet. I’m more comfortable speaking to business professionals, especially on the phone. I’m usually fine in person but I’ve never been one to call someone if there were other ways of getting the information I needed.I’m also more knowledgeable on insurance which was probably my favorite part of the job because I like learning new things that I know I will be able to implement.
  • As a wrap up here of my intership, I had a great experience at C&B. The people are great, it was cool to learn more about a company and an industry that I really had no prior knowledge of. Next summer I have the opportunity to do another internship. While I’m in school and I have the ability to try out different jobs I’d like to capitalize on that before getting into a career because there wont be another time where I have as much freedom to try new things as I do now. SO I am going to be looking at all the internships available to me, but that includes Cottingham & Butler. I had a good time here and if I don’t think it would be worthwhile to adventure in another area I’d love to come back. Going off of that I would highly consider C&B for full time employment once my college years are over and I’m looking to start my career. This is a place that I could see myself being successful and I know there would be people there to help me along the way. All that being said I would just like to thank everyone who played a part in bringing me aboard this summer and everyone who has been a helping hand for me throughout. With that, before we get out golfing here, what questions do you guys have for me?
  • Summer Internship

    1. 1. 1 C&B Summer Internship 8/02/13 Gavin Blasczyk
    2. 2. 2  Objectives  Kick Start  SEL recruiting event  SalesForce improvement  Recommendations  Value Added  Personal development  Questions Agenda
    3. 3. 3 Madison Self Funded Campaign
    4. 4. 4 Objective 1 Identify employers in Madison area with fully insured plans that we should discuss the topic of moving to a Self Funded Plan. Created a list of Customers, Prospects, and Suspects  MiEdge  Calling  Wisconsin clients  Clarification
    5. 5. 5 Objective 2 Identify what important data we would like to know on these accounts. Update the appropriate systems with new information. Data  Expiration date  Carrier  Broker  Relationship with broker  # of employees on the plan  Name of decision maker Process  Calls  SalesForce
    6. 6. 6 Objective 3 Work with other benefits interns in developing all tools surrounding the companies Health Care Reform project. Tools  Learning  PPACA PowerPoint  Kick Start
    7. 7. 7 Kick Start Purpose: Kick Start is a program designed to reduce stress and eliminate the transition period of going from new hire to active employee.  What it entails PPACA PowerPoint Call Scripts/Flowchart Print Outs SalesForce Campaigns Deliverables Using Kick Start
    8. 8. 8 PPACA PowerPoint Importance  Essentials  Confidence  Time
    9. 9. 9 Call Scripts/Flowchart Scripts  Benefits  Agribusiness  Transportation Flowchart  Benefits
    10. 10. 10 Print Outs Self Funding Vs. Fully Insured Company Facts Contacts Resources
    11. 11. 11 Deliverables Annual Report Scorecard
    12. 12. 12 SalesForce Campaigns Call List: Madison 2014 Call List: Appleton 2014
    13. 13. 13 Starting Point Using Kick Start  Where to start  How to use the folder  Steps to Success Table of Contents  Organization Creation  Kick Start Overview
    14. 14. 14 Objective 4 Along with Matt, input data for Wisconsin benefits clients into the health care reform scorecard. Pay or Play scorecard  Learned  Reached out Suggestion – Make it specific to the mentor
    15. 15. 15 Set 15 Quality Appointments  Set Appointments with…  Grant Regional Health Center  Wenthe-Davidson Engineering  Steinhafels  Bielinski Homes  Straight Shot express  Pine Hills Trucking  ARC Respite Center  Inland Power Group  Kunes Country Ford  Harris Ace Hardware  Macco’s Floor Covering Center  Northeast Iowa Community College  Metropolitan medical laboratory  Cooperative Educational Service Agency #1 (CESA1)  Rock Valley Physical Therapy  Moline School District 40  MI-T-M Objective 5  Seminar Calls  Eau Caire  Quad Cities
    16. 16. 16 Return On Investment Population Data Average Employees 195 Projected New Clients 4 Average Revenue Brought In per Group $33,000.00 Total Expected Revenue $132,000.00 Investment $7,500.00 Return after Investment $124,500.00
    17. 17. 17 Objective 6 Attend 8 new business appointments 1. Palmer Johnson Power Systems – Chadwick 2. Straight Shot Express – Dickinson 3. Bielinski Homes – Chadwick 4. Midwest Harness – Gutzman 5. Friendship Manor– Dickinson 6. Metropolitan Medical Laboratory – Dickinson 7. Milksource - Gutzman 8. MI-T-M – Dickinson
    18. 18. 18 SEL Recruiting Event Sales and Executive Leadership  Leadership Role  Function  Worked with Tory  Sales Students  November 6th
    19. 19. 19 Improving SalesForce Problem: Not everyone logs calls Solution: Have SalesForce do it automatically Link phone, computer, and SalesForce Automatic call logging Click to dial Automatic list calling Pop up caller ID Best options: 1. Cisco CallConnector 2. Dialsource
    20. 20. 20 Continue enforcing logging information on SalesForce Have mentor create the project  Weekly meetings with Mentors Recommendations
    21. 21. 21 Value Added  17 appointments that paid for my internship  A recruiting event that will market C&B positively  A list of who to target for self funding  Kick Start  New options for efficiency with SalesForce
    22. 22. 22 Personal Development  First formal job  Self-management  People are looking to help  Persistence / dealing with rejection  How to communicate with business professionals  Knowledge of insurance
    23. 23. 23 Wrap up Great experience Next summer Full-time employment
    24. 24. 24 Questions?