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'Knock on the door' script
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'Knock on the door' script


'Knock on the door' script

'Knock on the door' script

Published in Design
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  • 1. A KNOCK EXT. HOUSE, MIDDLE OF THE WOODS – NIGHT MAN (V.O.) My grandmother used to tell me Ghost stories when I was a little Boy. Leaves rustle. Three HOODED CREATURES slowly walk out of the Shadows of the woods towards the house, one of them, carrying a lantern. The lantern emits a pale yellow light. The rays ofThe light sticks out due to fog. MAN (V.O.) Her favourite one, the one she’s Always tell me, was the story of The hoodkinds... DOOR PEEPHOLE P.O.V. - THREE HOODED FIGURESThe three HOODED CREATURES, their faces obscured by shadows.A SMALL CREATURE is in the middle. It is flanked by two other figures. They are much taller, but are of equal height with each other- LEFT CREATURE being the TALL ONE and the RIGHTCREATURE being THE ONE WITH THE LAMP. MAN (CONT’D) ...Three robed figures that knock on the doors in the middle of the night. The SMALL CREATURE extends its hand to knock on the door. MAN (CONT’D) When they knock, there is a death inside the house. INT. BASEMENT OF THE SAME HOUSE - NIGHTThe basement is lit by a single light bulb. The room is bare,except for a table in the middle. A MAN sits with a bottle of
  • 2. liquor in his hand. The table is cluttered, and on it is a Handgun, a bloodied Axe and some Pictures. Under it is a pileof bottles. MAN They cannot be killed by human hands. You cannot hope to fight them off. The MAN reaches for the liquor under the table, angrily sweeping the handgun aside as it gets in his way. The gun falls off the table. MAN (CONT’D) There are no hangings or protective talismans that can keep them at bay. No garlic, or silver. The MAN takes an even long swig of the liquor and downs the whole thing. He reaches down for yet another bottle. MAN (CONT’D) Leaving the door unanswered doesn’t help either. One knock is all it takes... however, my grandmother told me, there were four rules a pahadi must follow. EXT. HOUSE, MIDDLE OF THE WOODS - NIGHT The SMALL CREATURE in the middle withdraws its hand. The doorhas a large White cross painted on it. MAN One, they cannot knock on doors with crosses. The ONE WITH LANTERN approaches the door and raises his right hand - A grayish claw. It begins scratching the white cross.The TALL ONE also joins in
  • 3. MAN (CONT’D)But, that does not stop them. The SMALL CREATURE walks around the house to a back door. Thedoor lies on the ground, hinges splintered. MAN (CONT’D) Two, they cannot knock on doors which have been broken down. The SMALL CREATURE enters the house. INT. HOUSE, MIDDLE OF THE WOODS - CONTINUOUSThe moonlight allows us to see the SMALL CREATURE movingacross the living room. It moves fluidly, as if afloat. Itgoes across the kitchen and down a flight of stairs. At thebottom of the stairs lies a thick, sturdy door. It hasmultiple small crosses painted on it. INT. BASEMENT OF THE SAME HOUSE - CONTINUOUS The MAN puts the bottle down. Empty again. He looks at one ofthe pictures. It is a picture of a child and a woman. MAN Three, They must come for the sick, the disabled, or evil. (beat) I am no saint. A mild scratching is heard from across the door. INT. HOUSE, MIDDLE OF THE WOODS - CONTINUOUS The SMALL CREATURE Scratches the door vigorously. The WHITE crosses are almost gone. INT. BASEMENT OF THE SAME HOUSE - CONTINUOUS The MAN puts the picture down. He reaches for something belowthe table.
  • 4. MAN Four... INT. HOUSE, MIDDLE OF THE WOODS - CONTINUOUS The SMALL CREATURE stands in front of the basement door. It is not scratching anymore. All traces of the white cross aregone. It extends its right hand towards the door. INT. BASEMENT OF THE SAME HOUSE - CONTINUOUS The man holds the Handgun in his hands. MAN When they knock, someone in the house must die. The light bulb flickers up; A gun cocks in the dark. The light flickers on. Close up of MAN’S grin. INT. HOUSE, MIDDLE OF THE WOODS - CONTINUOUS Close up of a greyish, gnarled fist knocking away the door. The SMALL CREATURE turns to the doorknob. The Door ain’t locked. It opens. INT. BASEMENT OF THE SAME HOUSE - CONTINUOUS The light bulb flickers on and, in the foreground the MAN isslumped down, with a bullet hole in his head. A littlefurther away from the MAN, The SMALL CREATURE watches insilence. The SMALL CREATURE then exits the basement. INT. HOUSE, MIDDLE OF THE WOODS - CONTINUOUS The SMALL CREATURE closes the door behind him and turns towards the stairs. From above the staircase, a Yellowish light begins to fade into view. Its hue is pale and sick. The SMALL CREATURE turns towards the basement door and slowlybegins to scratch a cross. FADE TO BLACK.