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Profile need bags

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION SHRI ANEKANT INDUSTRIES Established in 2000, it is a leading bag and luggage (outsourced) manufacturing company, which manufactures trolleys, suitcases, executive cases, backpacks and other soft-sided luggage. It owns reputed brands “NEED BAGS”. Need bags is a well-known and reputed brand name in central India. Need bags has been increasing its presence in national markets in the luggage industry. The company has operations across the Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh Product Portfolio The product portfolio of shri anekant industries . Today includes a big range of soft-sided luggage. The range includes strollys, suitcases, duffels and overnight travel solutions, executive cases, backpacks, and school bags.. Luggage soft suitcase Fabic,eva sheet Travel Bags Totes, travel bag, trekking Nylon, leather bag, trolley tote. Backpacks & School bag, trekking bag, laptop Nylon school bags backpack. Executive Briefcase, soft executive bag, Nylon, synthetic bag / laptop bag, Laptop trolley, (foam), Portfolio messenger bag polyurethane, leather.PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version
  2. 2. Belts Non Leather Non Leather Reversal belt with reversible buckle & regular buckle Regular belt with fancy buckle & regular buckle Casual belts Wallets Non Leather Non Leather 3 to 10 credit card holder with pockets for coins and identity card Card holder with pockets for coins Zip pockets, 2 fold wallet with pockets for coins and cards 3 fold wallets with pockets for coins and cards Credit card holder with 10 to 20 pockets Travel Security leg wallet, hip money belt, Accessories neck safe pouch, secret wallet, shoe bags, passport control with 7 compartments, hands free CD case, MP3 player case, iPod case, eye glass holder, cell pouch, foldable bag, key lock, number lock, luggage tag, travel pillow, toilet kit, luggage strap, key pouch, travel security with number lock etc Handbags Office / Everyday bag, mess bag, Leather, Nylon shopping bag, leather bag, leatherPDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version
  3. 3. purses, leather wallets, jewel bag, fancy, vanity hard, vanity soft Long Term Objectives: v To achieve 50% of the turn over from maharshtra, gujrat, Chennai & become a major player in the market by the year 2013. Short Term Objectives: v To have a volume & value growth of 25%. Segmentation Shri aneknat industries catering to income group of 5000-10000 for the standard & popular segment product & their premium product is targeted to an income group of 10000 Pricing Strategy Market Segmentation Segment Price range Market share (Rs) (%) Premium 1500+ 15 Popular 700-1500 30 Standard 300-700 55 The premium segment is at the top of the rung in India. It is followed by the popular segment which is slightly larger than the premium segment but smaller than the premium segment, the latter segment is the largest and contributes to maximum sales in developing countries. In contrast, the standard segment in the developed countries is very small.PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version
  4. 4. The target customers at the high end (premium segment) form just 15% of the total customers while the low end standard segment constitutes 55%. This segment has caught customer fancy in the last few years. Even though the soft luggage segment forms just 40%-50% of the total industry. It is growing at the rate of 25% which is much higher than the moulded luggage segment growth. Luggage sales depends on two factors—tourism development and on the marriage season. The marriage season extends from March – June and from October – December. These months see good luggage sales. Also, the domestic tourists usually plan their yearly trips during the holiday season between Aprils – June. During this period, there is fierce competition among the luggage manufacturers to grab the market share. Places and Promotions The company adopting two strategies for allocating its products. PUSH Strategy: Manufacturers Wholesalers Retailers Customers Push strategy under which the products can be sold at different wholesalers, retailers, franchisee shops, etc Pull Strategy under which manufacturers promote their products using advertising and promotions. In this strategy the consumers are persuaded to buy the products directly through the intermediaries.PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version
  5. 5. SWOT STREANTH S • Better understanding of customer helping the company to serve them better • more than 200 parties • covered 4 states with fund limitation with limited cities • product knowledge • very well known customer taste • appx 3 cr turnover • support of 30 big supplier (raw material ) • 7 year exp • More than 150 corporate clients ex idea , bhaskar , airtel etc • Experience of import and export • Have good team work OPPURTUNITIES • appx 100 cr business in indore only wholesale • no big player involved • demand is more than supply 40 % is being import from china • corporate gifting • packaging industry • fashion and style • movement within cities • status • wedding • brandingPDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version