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Internet marketing Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Welcome To This Life Changing Opportunity
  • 2. “ How Would Your Life Change If You Woke Up Everyday With AFresh New $1000 Deposit In Your Bank Account?”
  • 3. Just Imagine Your New Life …..
  • 4. A Business That Once Set Up ,Rakes In Money Virtually Around The Clock While You Are Off Enjoying Your Life….
  • 5. You’ve Choices….You Are Finally Free……
  • 6. The First Ever Proven Formula To Earning Over….. $10,000 /Month In Recurring Income $30,000/Month In Recurring Income Even….. $100,000/Month In Recurring Income
  • 7. This Formula Has Been TestedAcross the World With 100 % Success Rate( Which Means So Far It HasWorked Every Single Time )
  • 8. And I’m Going To Share WithYou The Exact Formula In This Opportunity Presentation !
  • 9. Let Me Introduce To You…..
  • 10. Look At This Image Carefully…
  • 11. Empower Network Is…• Already Among The Top 400 Sites In The World And Among The 200 Websites In United States….• The Traffic On It Is Growing Every Single Day….• And It Is Spreading Virally All Across the Internet Globally …….
  • 12. I Want To Start Out By Giving You An Overview of EmpowerNetwork Products Before We Look Into The Proven Formula….
  • 13. There Are 5 Empower Network Products And More To Come….• Product #1 : Viral Blogging System• Product #2 : Inner Circle Mastermind• Product #3 : Costa Rica Intensive• Product #4 : 15 K Formula• Product #5 : Master’s Retreat
  • 14. Viral Blogging System is The Flagship Product - $25/Month
  • 15. You Get A Customizable Blog Built In With Wordpress Hosting , Sales Videos , Capture Pages , - You Can Even Capture The Leads Into Your Own Autoresponder….
  • 16. Inner Circle Mastermind Is Product #2 At $100/Month
  • 17. The Inner Circle Is An On Going Training On How To Build Your Business , Automate Your Marketing And Reach Your Financial Goals . The Content Shared Is From Leaders In Empower Network And Some OtherIndustry Legends ( Means It is Always Fresh And Up To Date)
  • 18. Costa Rica Mastermind Is Product Number #3 - $500 One Time
  • 19. This Is An 11 Hour , HD IntensiveVideo Series Filmed On A LocationAt A $3000 Private Retreat In The Mountains Of Costa Rica
  • 20. $15K/Month Formula Is Product #4 At $1000 One Time Prize
  • 21. 15 K Formula Is By Far One Of The Most Powerful StepBy Step Money Making Training Ever !!It Is A Series of Webinars That Has Been Recorded ByTop Earners Showing You How They Are Making MoneyIn Empower Network Right Now .It is Not Theory OrConcepts !!It’s Your Behind The Scenes Look At What’sWorking Now To Make These Guys Money , And HowYou Can Use It Too…The Goal Of The Program Is to Give You The TrainingAnd Techniques For You To Hit a $15 k /Month Income..This Is Easily $5k If Not More…..
  • 22. Product #5 – Costa Rica Mastermind - $3500 One Time
  • 23. This Is The Newly launched Package Having Recordings Of 2 Days Of Private MastermindRetreat At A Undisclosed Location In Seas of Costa Rica And HavingSecrets Shared By 6 Figure Earners In Empower Network As To How They Did It
  • 24. You KEEP All The Money !!
  • 25. All These 5 Products Come With 100 % Resale Rights Meaning Once You Are A Customer , You Can Promote The EmpowerNetwork Products And Keep 100 % Commissions
  • 26. 100 % Commissions  $25/Month  $100/Month  $500 One Time  $1000 One Time  $3000 One Time -------------------------------- $4625 Total ---------------------------------
  • 27. And You Can Earn From Other People’s Efforts Too…… Not Exactly MLM Your 2nd , 4th ,6th And After That Every 5th Sale Is Passed Up To Your Sponsor , That Means You Receive The 2nd , 4th And 6th And Then Every 5th Sale From Everyone You Refer
  • 28. That’s The Big Picture Of EmpowerNetwork !! Now It’s Time To Look At The Proven Formula
  • 29. The Proven Income FormulaThe Formula Is Simple And Proven To WorkFor Every Single Person Who Has Followed Itso Far !! It Will Work For You Too !!If You Commit To One Simple Thing And DoWhatever It Takes To Make It Happen ….
  • 30. It’s All About Getting “1 A Day”EN Has Proven That 1 ($25 ) Sale A Day For 60 Days Will Generate A $10K/Month Recurring Income
  • 31. So That’s Your First Goal …..One $25 Sale Everyday For The Next 60 Days…If You’ll Do It You Will Have A 10 k Per Month IncomeBut That is Just The Beginning…Your Next GoalWill Be To…….
  • 32. Make $1000/Day ( Or 30 K Per Month) How Do You Do It ? Simple…We Have Got The Proven Formula For That also…..
  • 33. Make Just Two $25 Sales Every Day For Next 60 Days….. If You’ll Do It , You Will Have A 30 K Per Month Income.
  • 34. But It Doesn’t Stop There…It Even Gets Better…Here’s Where TheSerious Players Get Excited…Ready For That Big 6 Figure Per Month Income ?? We ‘ve Got The Formula For That One Too !!
  • 35. Make Just 4-6 $25 Sale Everyday For 60 Days … If You’ll Do It , You Will Have A 100K/Month in Income
  • 36. Ok So Let’s Recap …… Make 1 $25 Sale Everyday For 60 Days = $10,000/Month In IncomeMake 2 $25 Sale Everyday For 60 Days = $30,000/Month In IncomeMake 4-6 $25 Sale Everyday For 60 Days = $100,000/Month In Income
  • 37. If You’re Brand New , You Will Just Focus On One $25 SaleEveryday For The Next 60 Days And You Will Have A 10 K/Month Income Can You Do It ?? Ofcourse You Can !!
  • 38. This Formula Only Works When You Are “All-In” With EN.Meaning , You Own All 5 products
  • 39. Commit To Do Whatever It Takes…. And Make It Happen…You Can WriteYour Own Paycheck By Committing To The Number of Sales Everyday You Will Bring In…..Here’s The Formula One More Time…
  • 40. The Proven Formula …… Make 1 $25 Sale Everyday For 60 Days = $10,000/Month In IncomeMake 2 $25 Sale Everyday For 60 Days = $30,000/Month In IncomeMake 4-6 $25 Sale Everyday For 60 Days = $100,000/Month In Income
  • 41. So How Do You Make One $25 Sale Everyday ?
  • 42. Simple – By Sharing Your Business Or In Other Words Advertising
  • 43. For The Next 60 Days You Got To Focus On Just One Thing , AndOne Thing – Making One $25 Sale Per Day And This Is How You Do It……..
  • 44. Free Exposure• Your own Circle Of Friends And Family• Classified Ads In Free Websites• Your List OF Facebook Friends , Skype Contacts• Normal Networking In Events• Blogging On Your Empower Network Blog Everyday• And Many More Methods About Which You get Trained Inside Empower Network Itself…
  • 45. Paid Traffic – My FavouriteThe Truth Is That If You Want ToMake Big Money And Do It Fast ,Then You Always Need To Reach A Bigger Group Of People Ongoing Which In Most Cases means Paying For Traffic
  • 46. Various Paid Traffic Methods• Newspaper Classified Ads Marketing• Post Card Marketing• Solo Ads Marketing• PPC Marketing• Buying Banner Space Etc Again No Worries As Empower Network Training System Teaches You These Skills Also
  • 47. Also As A Team We Do Advertising Co-ops In Which You Simply Need To Put In The Money For The Desired Levelof Traffic you Want And You Get From The Best Resources…..So Completely Hands Free……
  • 48. Some Stats For You…..Based On 1000 Visitor’s To Your Website…. 30 % ( 300 ) Will Opt-in To Your Squeeze Page
  • 49. Out Of Those 300 Prospects ….25 % (75) Will Buy The Viral Blogging Product ($25/Month) Giving You A $1875/Month Recurring Residual Income!
  • 50. Out Of Those 75 Buyers…..30 % Will Buy The Inner Circle ($100/Month)Giving You A$2200/Month Recurrring Monthly Income…..
  • 51. And Out Of Those 22 Buyers…. About 8 Will Buy The Costa Rica Intensive ( $500 One Time) Giving You An Instant $4000….
  • 52. And Of Those 8 Buyers…. About 4 Will Buy The 15k Formula ($1000 One Time Purchase) Giving You An Instant $000.00 !
  • 53. And Of These 4 Buyers ….. 2 Will Buy $Costa Rica Master’s Retreat Intensive ( $3500 One Time Purchase) Giving You An Instant $7000….
  • 54. So Those 100 Visitors Generated You…. $19,075 Immediate Income Plus $4075 Recurring Monthly Income
  • 55. Without All 5 You Are Loosing Money…….. If You Only Had $25/Month Product , You Would Have Lost On $17,200 In One Time Income And Over $2200 In Residual Monthly Income
  • 56. Step - #1Get All In !!!
  • 57. Step - #1 Get All In… Set Yourself Up For Maximum Income Potential By Investing In All 5 Empower Products…  1.Viral Blogging System  2.EN Inner Circle  3.Costa Rica Intensive  4.15 K Formula  5.Costa Rica Masters Retreat
  • 58. Step #2 – Plug Into The System
  • 59. Step #3 – Turn On The Traffic Start Marketing Your Business Using Various Methods As Trained Inside Empower Network …
  • 60. It Flat Out Works….
  • 61. It Flat Out Works….
  • 62. It Flat Out Works…
  • 63. It Flat Out Works…
  • 64. Just Get All In Now….Now …
  • 65. It Flat Out Works….
  • 66. It Flat Out Works…
  • 67. It Flat Out Works…
  • 68. Join Now ….Get “ All In”
  • 69. It Flat Out Works…
  • 70. It Flat Out Works…
  • 71. It Flat Out Works…
  • 72. What If I Don’t Have The Money To Come All In ? Should I Still Join ??
  • 73. It Flat Out Works….
  • 74. It Flat Out Works…
  • 75. It Flat Out Works…
  • 76. Get All In Now…
  • 77. It Flat Out Works….
  • 78. It Just Works….
  • 79. Lets Make It Work For You Now….
  • 80. Just Get In Now…”All In”
  • 81. Just Imagine Your New Life…
  • 82. The Real Question is…What Would You Do If You Find A Way To SayGoodbye To Your Money Worries Forever ?Would You Grab Hold Of The Opportunity WithBoth Hands Or Would You Simply Ignore ItBelieving It Was Too Good To Be TrueWe Are About To Find Out….-->>>>