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Renewable energy
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Renewable energy


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An Introduction on enewable Energy

An Introduction on enewable Energy

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. By -Gaurav Dabhi -Kishan patel
  • 2. Mother Earth—Our Home It has Water , Oxygen & Hospitable Climate
  • 3. Our fossil Fuels Are Running Out?
  • 4. We are Now moving toward’s End of Energy & Earth
  • 5. Now its time to stop using fuels & save the world But without fuel how will the life run? At this time nature comes to our help that is: Renewable energy
  • 6. Renewable Energy:  Solar energy  Wind Energy  Thermal Energy  Energy From Biomass  Hydrogen Energy  Energy from ocean
  • 7. Solar Energy  Every Day the world Recieves an amount of solar energy equal to 30 years of world fossil fuels  In half a day the US recieves the same amount of energy from sun that it consumes for all purposes for entire year.  Solar energy can Heat buildings, cook food , drive pumps & refrigerators , &make electricity.
  • 8. Sources & uses in India  There are 300 clear sunny days in India on an Average.  A potential of 30 MW per in India but still we are not using its 50% also.  Maximum efficiency possible is below 30%.but CNT(Carbon Nano Tube)based PV cells hold promise of higher efficiency having 35% at present which is still not sufficient for economical .
  • 9. Wind Energy  India has got a potential of obtaining 20000MW power from wind but today we are using only7000MW power from wind.  There is an advantage of Shorter Gestation period.
  • 10. Energy from Biomass  Overall biogas potential about 19000MW.  India is a largest producer of Sugarcane.  Power from bagasse is of 3500MW current capacity of around 425MW ,under construction 480 MW.
  • 11. Chart Showing Use of energy: coal oil gas Nuclear Renewable
  • 12. Conclusions:  From Chart we can See That today we are using Coal a lot which is going to be over in our near times.  Our future childrens are going to suffer due to us.  We should try to make more projects on renewable energy & help Save Earth.