Compensation packages for central govt. employees


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Various compensation packages for Central Government Employees

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Compensation packages for central govt. employees

  1. 1. Compensation Packages for Central Govt. EmployeesDr. G C Mohanta, BE(Mech), MSc(Engg), MBA, PhD(Mgt) Professor
  2. 2. Salary (Normal)• Basic pay,• Dearness allowance (DA),• House Rent Allowance (HRA),• City compensatory allowance (CCA)• Transport allowance
  3. 3. Salary for Special Functions/Special Locality• Basic pay,• Dearness allowance (DA),• House Rent Allowance (HRA),• City compensatory allowance (CCA),• Transport allowance and any/some of the following:
  4. 4. Salary for Special Functions/Special Geography• Child Care Allowance,• Cycle Allowance,• Washing Allowance,• Cash Handling Allowance to Cashiers,• Non-Practising Allowance for Doctors,• Conveyance Allowance,• Conveyance Allowance to Medical Officers,• Caretaking Allowance to Caretakers of Government Buildings,• Split Duty Allowance,
  5. 5. Salary for Special Functions/Special Geography• Fee and Honorarium,• Project Allowance,• Special Compensatory (Hill Areas) Allowance,• Special Compensatory (Remote Locality) Allowance,• Special (Duty) Allowance,• Island Special (Duty) Allowance,• Tribal Area Allowance,• Hard Area Allowance,• Bad Climate Allowance.
  6. 6. Incentives• Bonus for Staff,• Incentives to Scientists, Scientific/Technical Personnel• Lump sum incentive for acquiring higher qualification,• Incentive for acquiring proficiency in Hindi,• Incentives for promoting small family
  7. 7. Fringe Benefits• Pension/Family Pension and Commutation of Pension,• Gratuity,• Provident Fund,• Group insurance benefit,• Benevolent Fund Benefit• Medical benefit/Medical treatment through CGHS for serving Government employees/pensioners/family pensioners,• Immediate relief to family of deceased employee,
  8. 8. Fringe Benefits• Leave Travel Concession (LTC),• Leave encashment,• Travelling Allowance (TA),• Daily Allowance,• Dry Canteen and Wet Canteen Facility,• Crèche Facility,• Children’s Education Allowance,• Hostel Subsidy for Children,• Journey fare for children studying at outstation,• Training and development of employees.
  9. 9. Fringe Benefits Leave• Earned Leave,• Half Pay Leave/Sick leave,• Commuted Leave,• Leave Not Due,• Extraordinary Leave,• Maternity Leave,• Paternity Leave,• Leave to female Government servant on adoption of child,
  10. 10. Fringe Benefits Leave• Child Care Leave,• Special Disability Leave,• Hospital Leave,• Study Leave,• Casual Leave,• Special Casual Leave,• Weekly holidays,• National and local holidays.
  11. 11. Fringe Benefits Interest free advances• Advance of Pay on transfer,• Advance of TA on tour/transfer/ retirement,• Advance of TA to the family of a deceased Government servant,• Advance of LTC,• Leave Salary Advance,• Advance in connection with medical treatment,• Festival Advance,
  12. 12. Fringe Benefits• Advance in the event of natural calamity like flood, drought, cyclone, etc.,• Advance on first appointment/deputation and leave ex-India,• Advance in connection with legal proceedings,• Advance for training in Hindi through Correspondence Course,• Advance for purchase of bicycle and• Advance for purchase of warm clothing.
  13. 13. Fringe Benefits Interest bearing advances• Advance to Postal and RMS Inspectors for purchase of typewriter,• Advance for purchase of conveyance, i.e., motor car, motor cycle, moped and scooter,• Advance for purchase of Personal Computer,• Advance for construction/purchase of house/flat/enlargement of living accommodation
  14. 14. Perquisites• Government vehicle to Senior Officers,• Up gradation Allowance to Scientists,• Reimbursement of Telephone/Mobile & Internet Bills,• Re-imbursement of Newspapers Bills.•
  15. 15. Thank you