Gat Fertilizers for Agriculture | Deshen Gat


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Gat Fertilizers for Agriculture | Deshen Gat

  1. 1. GatCommitted to your Success!
  2. 2. Gat fertilizers – solid fully water soluble and liquid fertilizers for advanced and efficient agriculture, tailored for your specific needs.Solid & Liquid fertilizersand efficient fertigation for Advanced Gat Fertilizers is a leading producer of tailor-made solid fully water soluble & liquid fertilizers. The company supplies clear fertilizing solutions for fertigation as well as basic pre-plant applications. The need for intensified yet environment- friendly agriculture leads to an ever increasing use of micro- irrigation and fer tigation - the application of plant nutrients through the irrigation systems.Fertigation - A must for micro-irrigation systems Fertigation is obligatory when implementing micro irrigation such as drip or micro sprinklers since it is necessary to provide an optimal flow of water and nutrients into the irrigated root environment. Fertigation allows to target the plant roots with a calculated amount of water and nutrients to meet specific crop demands according to the growth phase of the plants. High yields together with efficient utilization of water and plant nutrients is thus achieved. Fertigation prevents excess input of fertilizers and offers better control of the wetting depth. Leaching of nutrients below the root zone is reduced and ground water contamination is minimized.Tailor made fully water soluble fertilizers -The optimal nutrient source for fertigation and sprinklers Fully water soluble fertilizers are the most advanced and convenient plant nutrients for application through fertigation and sprinkler systems. A tank containing the dissolved fertilizer solution is placed in the field, orchard or greenhouse and a precise quantity of the solution is injected into the irrigation water during the irrigation session. The tank is maintained on site on a regular basis by refilling it with the requested tailor-made fertilizer formula.Your fertilizer solution formula Having in-house both solid and liquid forms fertilizer production, N P2O5 K2O maximal flexibility is achieved to ensure an optimal tailor-made formula fitting your specific required needs, taking under __% __% __% consideration soil & water types and properties, climate conditions, crop, agro technical and irrigation habits and growing stage. • Available in 25 & 1000 kgs. as solids and 5, 20 & 1000 l. in liquids.
  3. 3. Gat fertilizers product range for advanced agriculture: SOLID Reduced chloride series Fully water soluble fertilizers for reduced chloride sustainable crops for mini-irrigated (drippers, sprinklers) greenhouse, orchards, vineyards & open field crops. • Various NPK formulas such as Gatit 21-7-21+TE; Gatit 18-18-18+TE; Gatit 15-5-35+TE. • Quickly dissolve to a clear solution. • Residue & impurities free solution. • Trace element addition per request. SOLID Chloride sustainable series Fully water soluble fertilizers for orchards, open field crops, fruit trees and other chloride sustainable plantation crops. • Various NPK formulas such as Gatit 15-10-30+TE; Gatit 14-14-28+TE. • Quickly dissolve to a clear solution. • Residue & impurities free solution. • Trace element addition per request. LIQUID Crop tailored series Liquid fertilizers tailored per crop for greenhouse, orchards, open field crops, vineyards and others. • Various NPK formulas such as Shafir 7-3-7+TE; Shafir 5-3-8+TE. • Trace element addition per request. • Clear, Impurities free solution. LIQUID Chelated microelements & additives Ferrogat - Chelated iron formula additive. ZincGat - Zinc formula additive. MicroGat - A balanced chelated Iron and microelements additive MicroGat - A specifically balanced chelated Iron and fruit-trees microelements additives to fit fruit-tree crops. • Humic acids. • Suspensions. • Any other required additives per customer’s request. • Residue & impurities free solution.
  4. 4. Gat fertilizers is known for it’s advanced and unique production technology, highly trained production and logistics workers and professional sales and agronomical support team.Established in 1985, the company holds two manufacturingplatform sites, Deshen Gat Israel, in the northern andsouthern parts of Israel, which fulfill national agricultural needsby supplying high quality products, agronomical support andafter-sale service.Since 1993, Gat fertilizers operates in Spain via it’ssubsidiaries Gat fertiliquidos S.A. in Andalucia, and GatExtremadura S.A. in Extremadura.Among other products, Gat fertilizer’s R&D department hasdeveloped a high technology suspensions fertilizer productline available to customers both in Israel and Spain. 10/11 - 7301 PDThe Gat fertilizers strategy has been since it’s start OFFERINGTAILOR-MADE SOLUTIONS that follow onward it’s subsidiariesalong the years.GatCommitted to your Success!Industrial Zone, Alon-Tavor, Israel, P.O.B 1078, Afula 18110, IsraelTel: +972-4-6407640, Fax: +972-4-6407666 E-mail: