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This presentation was done by Gary Winchester at First Bank for their bank managers on Social Media Marketing as well as Business Consulting services.

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  • Who is Gary Winchester?
    I am the Director of Social Media for Marketing Medley and OutdoorMind. As the social media consultant, manager, speaker and trainer, I consult with clients on the "how to's" of managing, strategy and implementation of all social media outlets, specific to their overall marketing plan and success. Services include the managment of client's social media accounts, creating the content, and posting it according to their social media strategy as outlined. Currently the speaker at several social media events, as well as training sessions for companies on using social media effectively to grow their business.  
    I am involved in my community through the Rocklin  Chamber as an Ambassador in training, member of the Small Business Resource Committee and in this years Rocklin Leadership class.
  • Key Points:
    How I got into Social Media
    Desire to Meet people and Network
    Learned about marketing through research and doing sales
    Learned how to use SM for business through experience and research
    Met with experienced Social Media Specialist and was encouraged to teach, coach, consult and train business owners
  • Key Points:
    Experience with Social Media
  • This definition came from much research and personal experience.
    This is how I believe Social Media should be used and the only way to use it in the most effective manner.
    Gives you a Presence while creating Web Traffic
    Makes your Traditional Marketing Relevant
    Increases your SEO
    Drives more customers to your website and store location
  • Key Points:
    Social Media Account Setup
    Social Media Consultation
    Social Media Management
    Social Media Company Training
    Social Media Marketing Seminar Speaker
  • The area I focus on is the middle white space, which is Social Media Marketing 2.0
  • First Bank Presentation

    1. 1. Building Business SociallyBuilding Business Socially Presenter:Presenter: Gary Winchester Jr.Gary Winchester Jr., CEOCEO Presented By:Presented By:
    2. 2. IntroductionIntroduction • Gary Winchester Jr. • Born: Tampa, FL • Achievements: – CEO of Business Networking Group 2010 – Director of Social Media at Marketing Medley 2010 – Director of Social Media at Outdoormind & 2010 – Rocklin Chamber Ambassador 2010 – Rocklin Chamber Business Resource Committee Member 2010 – USMC 2000 – 2004 – Currently writing a book on Social Networking: “Let’s Get Social”
    3. 3. Memberships Gary Winchester •Ambassador •Business Resource Committee •Speaker at the Brown Bag Lunch Seminars •September Business Walk Member since March 2010 Member since March 2010
    4. 4. Find Us OnFind Us On
    5. 5. Services • Social Media Consulting • Social Media Management • Business Consulting
    6. 6. Social Media Consulting • This allows clients to manage all Social Networks to create a genuine relationship between their company and clients or leads. • We guide clients in the best direction for their company and assist in marketing through Social Networks. • We instruct clients on how to use Social Networks to grow their business in a way that we will not be needed long term, but we do offer consulting for clients on an hourly basis.
    7. 7. Social Media Management • This allows our clients to grow their business by focusing on the daily tasks. • We manage some or all of our clients Social Networks by creating content, posting the content, adding followers/ following and likes. • We do not instruct these clients on using Social Networks. • This is designed to be long term and cost much more.
    8. 8. My Social Media Philosophy • My Philosophy is based on a concept called Social Media Marketing. I believe that Social Media is one element within your marketing strategy, working synergistically with all of your marketing efforts to increase your overall results.
    9. 9. What is Social Media Marketing? •Social media marketing is a method of promoting your brand by strategically making your presence known across various social media networks connecting it to all your marketing efforts.
    10. 10. Some of our Social Media ClientsSome of our Social Media Clients
    11. 11. Web Marketing [Website, SEO, Ads] Social Media Marketing [Interaction] Traditional Marketing [Print, Radio, PR, TV] Social Media Marketing •Brand Customer •Customer Customer •Relational •Participation Traditional Marketing •Brand Customer •No feedback •No Engagement Web Marketing •Creates Relevance •Ability to be found Creates a Presence Synergistically •Creating Customer Engagement •Creating a larger Presence
    12. 12. Business Consulting • We will guide our clients by helping them discover why they are doing the job they do, how to apply the ripple affect and by discovering their tipping point. • We will assist in marketing decisions and minor business decisions through guidance and advice. • We do not have all the answers for businesses and will not give assistance in areas that we are not suitable for.
    13. 13. Business Consulting Exercise Passion 1. 2. 3. Why? Why? 1. 2. 3. How? How? 1. 2. 3. What? What? 1. 2. 3. Successful Entrepreneurs think from the inside out knowing why they do what they do before knowing what they do. Typically people think from the outside in, knowing what they do and how they do it before really knowing why. People buy why you do what you do before they will buy the what. They also know when the why is genuine.