The Elysian


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The Elysian Apartments Branding + Identity Guide

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The Elysian

  1. 1. DE GUI T ITY IDEN IN G& ND BRA SIAN 241 ELY 93 THE R te G 34 alet or P B l GUIDE y Co 0% IDENT ITY Pr imar 3 C 7D%NG 9I & MRAN00% B R 24 1 Y 0% G 13 K B YSI AN Business H 2L TC E E9% 0% Marketing M 36% Y 100% ectio el n 179U Branding & Collateral ont S K Pan tone sian F Font: Identity Guide 249 Diablo Ely 227 R 419U The G 194 B Pantone 0% Z Y VWX% ></., TU M 283%’;? C PQRS 75 : R G 57 0 HIJK LMNO ()+_=-|}{][“% BRANDING & IDENTITY GUIDE Y 2 We’ve moved to The Elysian Apartments FG %^&* ABBCDE 0%8THE @LYSIAN K located just west of Dinkytown and the 7 9 0! E #$ University of Minnesota Minneapolis campus. 123456 2% C 2 M 85% t 726U Font: h thic Lig Living Y late Go The Elysian Upscale Apartments 85% Copperp Meaning blissful or delightful, the word entity Building antone 711 4th Street Southeast Id scale K P Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414 Elysian derives from the Greek word Elysium — Up ory 1 89 a state or place of perfect bliss or happiness. ty-six unit, 5-stR XYZ artments is a fif 216 7533 U The Elys QRS TUVW ian Upscale Ap ent bu ilding located in the Marcy -Holmes ated juB G st 241 It is also considered to be a place of MNOP uvwxyz luxury apartm Minnesota. Situ one of Minneapolis, ultimate Utopian living. Pant IJKL </., neighborhood iversity n area at the Un 24% EFGH mnopqrst est of the hi =-|}{ ][“:’;?> storic Dinkytow lly furnished C 7% ABCD w0 1 3-bedroom, fu 1 this 1, 2, & &*()+_ ng a M hijkl of Minnesota, enities includi R 136 any am 0% ilding boasts m fg %^ Nook, Y abcde 7890!@#$ G apartment bu 1 20 g Salon, Social 0% nter, Tannin Club Ro om, Fitness Ce ing has K B ick facade build 6 Alcove. The br 12345 an8% Fireplace ing outdoor 2d a terraces, provid e balconies or C spacious privat 0% ndscaped cour tyard sting Font: M space in additio 29% n to the fully la space co o oet r sugge e grelating tm,pl 657U an invitin Myriad Y courtyard is ghtful; of, bor, and several en48% e. The tranc eli n, shaded ar ful ill d ssr grorstatio one Pant K ea oubli with an ns tdoo g, or relaxing. ord E lysian m g areas for studying, readin The w seat in . ts was heaven scale Apartmen The naming of WXYZ The Elysian Up r the QRSTUV U ents selected fo 5625 by the interior design elem MNOP inspired in g. From hout the build one GHIJKL es found throug Pant common spac xyz ok, and qrstuvw -|}{][“:’;?></., Room, Social No BCDEF to the Club entry vestibule oach embodies A mnop the design appr efghijkl #$%^&*()+_= ve, the interior ication. Moder n Fireplace Alco d urban sophist abcd a look and fe el of edgy an ork from 890!@ lly themed artw of mythologica 234567 interpretations rpreted into ne w We’ve M 1 the 18 th century wer e again reinte ca tion is The Elysian 711 4th Street Southeast ov ed! aces. This edifi at edify the sp and finishes. works of art th Apartments Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414 of the select ed furnishings 25 - 1905. 612.843.4888 visible in many while others Adolphe Bougue reau. French, 18 oices are da rk and abstruse Wasp’ s Nest). William- realistic ge nre paintings an d Le Guêpier (The Some color ch panels and ditionalist whose jects-both lucid. Se mi-transparent ic Bouguereau wa s a staunch tra interpretations of Classical sub man body. these enigmat rn are bright and mythological the mes were mode y concentration on the female hu to the charm of style brought toUnits & Amenity Spaces pattern ed screens add pagan and Christ Although he ian-with a heav created an ideali zed world, his almost pherdess photo-realistic es, and madonn as in a way wh ich hs, bathers, she spac es. life his go ddesses, nymp trons of his time. ng to rich art pa established was very appealiUnit Type Bedrooms Unit Name Pronunciation tion a cle ar direction was With this inspira and for the ne w apartment g the overall brA-1 1 + Den COEUS ko-ee-uss in definin g for students and others at or nearby the e, Primary Color Palette buildin ding—the nam sota. This branA-2 1 + Den CRIUS krahy-uhs Univ ersity of Minne r features th at identify mbol, and othe is complete term, design, sy veloped into thB-1 2 CRONUS kroh-nuhs the property was further de tity Guide. Branding & IdenB-1A 2 IAPETUS ahy-ap-i-tuhs LogoB-1B 2 MNEMOSYNE nee-mos-uh-neeB-2 2 OCEANUS oh-see-uh-nuhs Pantone419U Pantone7533U Pantone5625U Pantone179U Pantone726U Pantone657UB-3 (ADA) 2 PHOEBE fee-beeB-4 2 RHEA ree-uh Secondary Color PaletteB-5 2 TETHYS tee-thisB-6 2 THEIA thee-uh Unit Plan B-1b Unit PlanB-7 2 THEMIS thee-miss UNIT BALCONIES 885 SF 74 SF Cutsheet TOTAL 959 SFC-1 3 APHRODITE af-ruh-dahy-tee 9’-1” x 9’-7” FinishesC-1A 3 APOLLO uh-pol-oh RESILIENT FLOORING Pantone418U Pantone5497U Pantone177U Pantone4725U Pantone646U Pantone644U Pantone7531U Pantone430U CERAMIC TILEC-2 3 ARES air-eez STAINLESS STEEL APPLIANCES GRANITE COUNTERTOPSC-2 (ADA) 3 ARTEMIS ahr-tuh-mis 10’-5” x 10’-4” Floors 2-4C-3 3 ATHENA uh-thee-nuhC-3A 3 DEMETER dih-mee-ter 8’-7” x 12’-6”C-4 3 HADES hey-deez 15’-1” x 14’-4”C-5 3 HERA heer-uhC-5A 3 HERMES hur-meez ARE YOU A O L Y M P I A NC-6 3 + Den POSEIDON poh-sahyd-n TITANC-7 3 + Den ZEUS zoos OR AN OLY MPIAN?Room Type Level Room Name Pronunciation V S T I T A NClub FIRST DIONYSUS dahy-uh-nahy-suhs Titaness Mnemosyne 2 BedFireplace FIRST HEPHAESTUS hi-fes-tuhsSocial FIRST HESTIA hes-tee-uh TITANFITNESS FIRST ATLAS at-luhs ARE YOU A MPIAN? OR AN OLYTANNING FIRST HYPERION hahy-peer-ee-uhn Adam Knopp, Leasing Agent The Elysian Upscale Apartments 711 4th Street Southeast Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414 612.843.4888 The Elysian Upscale Apartments 711 4th Street Southeast Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414 612.843.4888 Pocket Folder Front/Back Pocket Folder Inside Spread