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SMPS 2008 National Marketing Communications Award


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SMPS 2008 National Marketing Communications Award

  1. 1. Category: (12) Newsletter - External Firm: HGA Architects and Engineers THE Title: THE ADVISOR Quarterly Newsletter(s) A DV ISOR THE 20 07 Quarter | Fourth Volume 2 g e ledg e Exchan ng Know s: ctricity Engineeri tovoltaicSunlight Into Ele HGA Pho ADVISOR ng Converti er, PE ovolta ics scientist, THE ruettn of PHot French By Paul G History Becqu erel, a e off a sp ark equirem er our would giv te 1800s, resource s to pow al, In 1839 , Edmun d materials ht. By the la ents: at certain y A DV I S O ainable r, wind, geotherm d th with sunlig In e search for sust ward sola discovere veloped. ethod to hen struck been de As w we are turning to e s. One m of ele ctricity w solar ce lls had in terest in buildings, ro sourc called forms of ted new pact hyd chnology ram crea of the R or low-im f the sun is a te uctor primitive ace prog creation biomass o semicond to s, the sp led to B ell Labs’ very e power ems use irectly in the 1950 ms were harness th ic syst s, which ese syste re Photovolta convert sunlight d otovoltaic licon. Th ltaics we photovolta ics. such as silicon to ltaic de vice can be thoug sunlight ht ph first solar cells using si due to high cost , photovo pplicatio n s. The oil lecommu nications HGA Eng HGA Engineering Knowledge Exchange materials A photovo eds only however, r other a interest gies, like infrastruct ineerin l energy. which ne stems reliable; dered fo renewed wireless ure. Ne g Knowle electrica d battery voltaic sy usly consi 70s sparked a pact network w wirele lar powe re rce. Photo parts, and if not serio 9 ositively im and com access, g ss dge Exchang of as a so fuel sou g of the 1 tial to p municatio ive mobile ngle required are no movin ainst th e sh ortages and its poten network applicatio ns device s un-teth e as the si ble. There tected ag voltaics IDentifica ns, and ered mely dura structed and pro e actual in photo tion), w RFID (Ra are extre con ar out. Th nty to day life. endency hich is correctly will not we e every our dep ple and equipme often use dio they are devices em is tw decrease nment, nt, have d for environm ent, the al photo vo ltaic syst ith the e fforts to the earth ’s enviro ewed in new b uildings. become common FIRM’S MARKETING OBJECTIVE e of a typic Today, w ls and to protect often a nd are vi service lif ars. fossil fue used more nergy. Ture To ye on eing twenty-five ics are b rical e pology photovolta urce of free elect commun 1A. Goals: The primary goal of the THE ADVISOR quarterly newsletter is to present as a cl ean so ications infrastruct 300000 gured in a hierarc ure with technical architectural engineering topics that may be of interest to current and former ics (p) ns have hical sta in a ations pplicatio re 1, wh aPPlic voltaic a rcial ich consi r topolog clients through the use of engaging graphic design. It is the intent to pique the interest of Photovolta e, photo f comme y, 250000 d o room, m sts of an ast deca number on ultiple te entrance O ver the p r an in creasing f the mo st comm ne and h lecommu the reader so that he or she may seek further information about the topic and possible ways nications utilized fo In one o electricity duced by 200000 orizontal been rojects. rovides cables. and resi dential p hotovolta ic cell p installed to incorporate the presented technology into an on-going or future project. The ultimate ll boxes e the loca (KW) pro 150000 ns, a p ency ca ss to tion whe ADC Tele applicatio d emerg out acce re servic communic goal is for this open dialogue to result in additional work for the firm. signs an ways with plication is ng by re es are ations, Ed en Prairie, r lighted long free p gulated a of Power fo a a ccess pro Minnesota 100000 locations growing y ommunic viders to conne in remote Another the energ ations co ct workst er lines. plement mpany. ation eq onal pow lls to sup anel (55 the teleco uipment 1B. Target Audience: Current and former clients and HGA non- owatts traditi of solar ce ’ x 6.9’ p Education mmunica tions and (PCs or f panels ally, an 8 50000 2003 atts of Visitor and the cen equipme Phones) the use o 1,000 w compute 2002 ity. Typic tralized nt room. KWp = Kil mo Park 2001 2000 to by the util ximately o space fo r equipm engineering staff (architects, designers, administration, 1999 nels at C Minnesota. compute 1998 1995 1996 1997 rovided de appro voltaic pa r equip r ent in the p rovi Photo , r—St. Paul 1994 utility et) can p 0 1993 nnected to the ht. Often, th ment th Horizonta full sunlig 1992 on and co square fe Cente e eq at l Cabling support). for a spec ific functi to the uti lity xposed to Resource , compute uipment room is the conn , which is ltaic system designed ally de signed to distribute energ y when e e) or da r room, M ection fro typically A photovo m d specific l or me com ta center. DF (Main telecomm m the tele copper, syste distribution ic system connec ted to an in industria unication commun provides A DV T H E function grid and installed storage a puters, Phone eq s outlets ications A photovo lta a specific ected to the utility rea netw file and uipment, room to r than to grid rathe ic system not conn lta grid and ins talled in ho mes Backbone just some orks, and core netw applicatio n servers Backbon at the wo rkstation the CONTENT OF PIECE A photovo facilities nnected to the utility of the typ ork hard , e Cablin commer cial m not co ce Cabling the equip es of ele ware are provides g, which A photovo ltaic syste Facility ment roo ctronic e interconn is typica ency) Equipmen m. quipmen ections b lly optic Energy Ag t found in rooms, e ISOR t Graph IEA (Inter national Figure 1. R o om Telecomm quipmen t rooms, etween te lecommu al fiber, 2A. Research, Planning, and Implementation: Hierarchi unication and entr nications T hi cal Star To pology rooms in s Rooms are differe While a ance faci lity room Quarterly article topics are carefully chosen that they nt from e ll of the s. pu one floo house eq quipmen occupan se syste uipment m equipme r or a p ortion of a floor in that typic ally serve t do requir ts to work more effi ms have enabled HGA and written by engineering team members based nt within s e additio ciently an building Engin attrac the teleco a buildin nal space d cost effe on current architectural engineering trends and r inflat g mmunica g. The rooms a ctively, th eerin could b e conside ns. Increasin tions roo nd equip ment roo in the te lecommu ey g Kn tio the in ms is use equipme ms to ho nications owle market analysis. Copy writing and graphic design panels applica lower high p d nt. use their ll “Com of these ng and to help syste ms on stalle dge an arra y g lighti le availab to install the ems in eriod of associate l missi Exch Electric ity from evices, includin ergy th at can es otovolta ic syst ayback p uildin d can m oning ange of the newsletter are all produced in-house. Articles ower d cess en ack to the incentiv ical ph ve a p g Co in bu aximize th is a proce sed to p ate ex b lity, ty p day ha mmis are written by one or more of the over one hundred u , or to cre be sold put the size In rea rojects to sioni heating rcial p ng Pr ild e s utility. To production comme years. out 10 ocess main main ings, equ initial inv s that engineers in the firm. Graphic design and printing y of energ text, 250 ab ems tenan ent ce sta in buildin tenan ipme estme ment s ltaic sy st ce sta nt, co n of the newsletter is produced and coordinated by the ntrols t on into c be velop p hotovo ze ff gs, e c quipm an maxim ff.” would e De rease, any si watts er Futur e to inc lly viable for ent, iz contr e the and firm’s marketing department in Minneapolis. te to pow rates continu a ems a re PRO adequa tial onomic ic syst GRA ols a residen As utility ore ec otovolta efficient at a M PH ASE nd l a typica r, while come m lso, ph will be ject. A e more ology Defin to on pro e and becom ewable techn eO refrigera 0 watt Requ wner’s P ,00 constru cti evolv a ren gs. ireme ro nts (O ject DESIG N PH 2B. Message: The intended message of the quarterly s utilize buildin