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CDMI for the Scientific Grid
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CDMI for the Scientific Grid


Published on

This is an old presentation that was requested. …

This is an old presentation that was requested.

This presentation was to introduce CDMI to the scientific communities.

Some of the information is very outdated.

Not sure why there is an interest, but its here.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. CDMI FOR THE SCIENTIFIC GRID Copyright 2010, AlloyCloud Inc. CC‐BY‐NC 6/30/2010 1
  • 2. CDMI SGCDMI‐SGAgenda I Introduce Cloud Data Management Interface d  Cl d D  M  I f Supported Use Cases In Version 1.0  Specification Experimental Use Cases Not Supported In  p pp Specification, But Doable Though Extensions Copyright 2010, AlloyCloud Inc. CC‐BY‐NC 6/30/2010 2
  • 3. CDMI SGCDMI‐SGOverview SNIA Interface Specification for Managing Data  in the Cloud Operations: p  Create,  Retrieve, Update, Delete, Move  Read/Write Data Policy Driven  Geo‐location, Replication, Decommissioning ,  Consistency I l Implementation   i  RESTful over HTTP/JSON  TLS ‐ Network Armor   Separate Data Channels And Control Planes  Copyright 2010, AlloyCloud Inc. CC‐BY‐NC 6/30/2010 3
  • 4. CDMI SGCDMI‐SGBenefits Easy to Use  Easy Container/Data Object  Model   Simple Cohesive Documentation  S Supports Native Data Transfers (iSCSI  PNSF  G idFTP   ) t  N ti  D t  T f  (iSCSI, PNSF, GridFTP, etc) Highly Scalable  Stateless Data Transfers  Highly Parallelized, Concurrent Operations  High Bandwidth Secure  Strong TLS  ‐ Network Tunneling  Access Control Lists for Model Artifacts  Supports Local Security  (maybe) Copyright 2010, AlloyCloud Inc. CC‐BY‐NC 6/30/2010 4
  • 5. CDMI SGCDMI‐SGPotential CDMI Use Cases Di Direct Access  A Parallel Access Gateway Configuration Management  Gateway 3rd Party Copy (Gateway) Copyright 2010, AlloyCloud Inc. CC‐BY‐NC 6/30/2010 5
  • 6. CDMI SGCDMI‐SGCDMI Experimental Use Cases Di Direct and Mediated Elastic Aggregation   d M di d El i  A i Parallel Access Gateway Configuration Management  Gateway 3rd Party Copy (Gateway) CDMI Proxy Models CDMI Broker Models Copyright 2010, AlloyCloud Inc. CC‐BY‐NC 6/30/2010 6
  • 7. CDMI SGCDMI‐SGUse Case(1): Direct Access CDMI Operations TLS (Native) GFTP ( p ) (optional) CDMI Server PNFS (optional) Storage Maintained  Others (optional) In CDMI Server Copyright 2010, AlloyCloud Inc. CC‐BY‐NC 6/30/2010 7
  • 8. CDMI SG CDMI‐SG Use Case(3): Parallel Access CDMI Server CDMI Operations (HTTP) CDMI Server TLS (Native) GFTP (optional) PNFS (optional)Data Shared Across CDMI Servers Others (optional)D  Sh d A  CDMI SIncreased Data Bandwidth to Consumers CDMI Server Copyright 2010, AlloyCloud Inc. CC‐BY‐NC 6/30/2010 8
  • 9. CDMI‐SG CDMI SG Use Case(2): CDMI Gateway CDMI Operations Block  Storage TLS (Native) CDMI Server GFTP (optional) PNFS (optional) Others (optional) NAS• Cli  A Client Accesses CDMI Server  CDMI S• CDMI Server  Transforms To Native Block & NAS Operations Copyright 2010, AlloyCloud Inc. CC‐BY‐NC 6/30/2010 9
  • 10. CDMI‐SG CDMI SG Use Case(4):CDMI Management Gateway CDMI Mgt Operations Block  Storage TLS CDMI Server NASUnified Management Practice For NAS and Block Storage• Cli  A Client Accesses CDMI S  CDMI Server• CDMI Server  Transforms HTTP To Native Mgt Block & NAS Operations Copyright 2010, AlloyCloud Inc. CC‐BY‐NC 6/30/2010 10
  • 11. CDMI SG CDMI‐SG Use Case(4):CDMI Management Proxy CDMI Mgt Operations TLS CDMI Server • Access Over Native Protocols Block  (NFS, PNFS, ISCSI, Samba, etc) g Storage NAS• Client Accesses CDMI Server Cli  A  CDMI S• CDMI Server  Transforms To Native Mgt Block & NAS Operations Copyright 2010, AlloyCloud Inc. CC‐BY‐NC 6/30/2010 11
  • 12. CDMI SG CDMI‐SG Use Case(5): 3rd Party Transfer CDMI Mgt Operations TLS CDMI Server Data  Data  Source Destination• Client Accesses CDMI Server p p• CDMI Server  Sets Up Transfers in Native Operations Copyright 2010, AlloyCloud Inc. CC‐BY‐NC 6/30/2010 12
  • 13. CDMI SGCDMI‐SGUse Cases: Experimental N  S Not Supported by Current Specification d b  C  S ifi i Will Not Be Compatible With Other Reference  Implementations  l Leverage Existing Use Case Patterns May Influence Future Versions Of  CDMI  Specification Purely Experimental NO Guarantee  Of Acceptance By SNIA p y Copyright 2010, AlloyCloud Inc. CC‐BY‐NC 6/30/2010 13
  • 14. CDMI SG CDMI‐SG Experimental Use CasesUse Case(1):Direct Elastic Aggregation  CDMI  Server1 Elastic  Aggregation Across CDMI  Replicated High Bandwidth  Server2 Data  Consumer CDMI  Server3 Low Bandwidth  Servers Copyright 2010, AlloyCloud Inc. CC‐BY‐NC 6/30/2010 14
  • 15. CDMI SG  CDMI‐SG Experimental Use Cases Use Case(2): Mediated Elastic Aggregation  CDMI  Server1 Elastic  Aggregation Across CDMI High Bandwidth  Server CDMI  Replicated Consumer Server2 Data  Elastic Aggregation  Mediation Server CDMI  Server3 Low Bandwidth  Servers Copyright 2010, AlloyCloud Inc. CC‐BY‐NC 6/30/2010 15
  • 16. CDMI‐SG Experimental Use Cases CDMI SG  Use Case(3): Mediated Parallel Data  CDMI CDMI Server For Mediation GRID1  Servers S CDMI  Server CDMIHigh Bandwidth  GRID2  Consumer Servers Parallel Data Over HTTP CDMI GRID3 Servers Low Bandwidth  Servers Copyright 2010, AlloyCloud Inc. CC‐BY‐NC 6/30/2010 16
  • 17. CDMI‐SG Experimental Use Cases CDMI SG  Use Case(5): Mediated Native Parallel Data  CDMI CDMI Server For Mediation GRID1  Servers S CDMI  Server CDMIHigh Bandwidth  GRID2  Consumer Servers Native Parallel Data Protocol CDMI GRID3 Servers Data Shared Across CDMI Servers D  Sh d A  CDMI S Increased Data Bandwidth to Consumers Low Bandwidth  Servers Copyright 2010, AlloyCloud Inc. CC‐BY‐NC 6/30/2010 17
  • 18. CDMI‐SG Experimental Use Cases pCDMI Proxies And BrokersProxy Broker Organization’s Technology  Unique Organization Administered By   Self Administering Organization N  D t  M difi ti No Data Modification  M  M dif  D t May Modify Data No Added Services  May Add Additional  Services Delivers Data  Delivers Data May Supply Authentication  May Supply Authentication Copyright 2010, AlloyCloud Inc. CC‐BY‐NC 6/30/2010 18
  • 19. CDMI‐SG Experimental Use Cases p CDMI Proxy And Broker Topologies Sequence Tree DiamondBasic Patterns: Ring MeshCommon In Data ProcessingCommon In Enterprise ArchitecturesCommon In Trade NetworksMany Hybrid Variations To Meet Specific Needs  Copyright 2010, AlloyCloud Inc. CC‐BY‐NC 6/30/2010 19
  • 20. CDMI SG  CDMI‐SG Experimental Use Cases Use Case(6): Proxy CDMI  Server1 CDMI CDMI  Proxy Server2 CDMI  Server3Data Shared Across CDMI ServersD  Sh d A  CDMI SIncreased Data Bandwidth to Consumers Copyright 2010, AlloyCloud Inc. CC‐BY‐NC 6/30/2010 20
  • 21. CDMI SG  CDMI‐SG Experimental Use Cases Use Case(7): Redundant Proxy CDMI  Server1 CDMI Proxy CDMI  Server2 CDMI Proxy CDMI  Server3Data Shared Across CDMI ProxiesIncreased Data Bandwidth to ConsumersRedundant Data Paths Copyright 2010, AlloyCloud Inc. CC‐BY‐NC 6/30/2010 21
  • 22. CDMI SG  CDMI‐SG Experimental Use Cases Use Case(8):Chained Proxies (Relay) CDMI  Server1 CDMI CDMI CDMI  Proxy Proxy Server2 Proxies Contain No Storage CDMI  Server3Data Shared Across CDMI ServersD  Sh d A  CDMI SIncreased Data Bandwidth to Consumers Copyright 2010, AlloyCloud Inc. CC‐BY‐NC 6/30/2010 22
  • 23. CDMI SG  CDMI‐SG Experimental Use Cases Use Case(9):Chained Servers CDMI  CDMI  Server1 CDMI  Server2 Server3 Consistency Models:  Servers Capabilities  Synchronous  Store & Forward  Weak  Delayed Write  Sequential  Delayed Response  Eventual  Opportunistic Completion  May Affect HTTP Responses  AdHoc Routing Copyright 2010, AlloyCloud Inc. CC‐BY‐NC 6/30/2010 23
  • 24. CDMI SG  CDMI‐SG Experimental Use Cases Use Case(10):Multi‐Chained Proxies (Relay) CDMI  Server1 CDMI CDMI CDMI  Proxy Proxy Server2 CDMI  Server3Proxies Contain No Storage Copyright 2010, AlloyCloud Inc. CC‐BY‐NC 6/30/2010 24
  • 25. CDMI‐SG Experimental Use Cases CDMI SG  Use Case(11):Federated Proxies CDMI Servers MUST Be  Federation Member CDMI CDMI  CDMI Server1 Proxy Proxy CDMI CDMI  Proxy Server2 CDMI CDMI Proxy Proxy CDMI  Server3Proxies Contain No Storage Copyright 2010, AlloyCloud Inc. CC‐BY‐NC 6/30/2010 25
  • 26. CDMI‐SG Experimental Use Cases CDMI SG  Use Case(12):CDMI Brokers CDMI Provider CDMI Broker CDMI Provider Policy Based Consistency:  Broker Capabilities  Store & Forward  Synchronous CDMI  Delayed Write  Weak Provider  Delayed Response  Sequential  Opportunistic Completion  Eventual  AdHoc Routing  Hybrid H b id  Chaining  Route  May Affect HTTP Responses  Cooperative Broker Networks Copyright 2010, AlloyCloud Inc. CC‐BY‐NC 6/30/2010 26
  • 27. CDMI SG  CDMI‐SG Experimental Use Cases Use Case(13): Redundant CDMI Brokers CDMI Provider CDMI Broker CDMI Provider CDMI Broker CDMI ProviderData Shared Across CDMI BrokersIncreased Data Bandwidth to ConsumersRedundant Data Paths Copyright 2010, AlloyCloud Inc. CC‐BY‐NC 6/30/2010 27
  • 28. CDMI SG CDMI‐SG Experimental Use CasesUse Case(14):CDMI Chaining Brokers  CDMI CDMI Broker1 Broker2 CDMI For Inter‐Broker  Interface Copyright 2010, AlloyCloud Inc. CC‐BY‐NC 6/30/2010 28
  • 29. CDMI‐SG Experimental Use Cases CDMI SG  Use Case(15):Federated Brokers Fed. Members  CDMI CDMI Server Broker CDMI Broker Only Broker MUST Be  Federation Member CDMI CDMI Broker Broker CDMI Federation  Server Guests Fed. Members  CDMI CDMI Server Broker CDMI BrokerF d d B k  C  S  N k T l iFederated Brokers Can Support Network Topologies Data MartBrokers Introduce Non‐Federation Data Into Federation Copyright 2010, AlloyCloud Inc. CC‐BY‐NC 6/30/2010 29
  • 30. CDMI SGCDMI‐SG Q Questions i Copyright 2010, AlloyCloud Inc. CC‐BY‐NC 6/30/2010 30