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Pick Jar


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. pickle jarring it prioritizing in today’s world
  • 2. the pickle jar theory a little story to calm your nerves
  • 3. Lesson from the pickle jar
    • Lack of prioritizing = lack of control
    • Even vague structure increases productivity
    • If you don’t respect your time, others won’t either
    • Helping others with their time helps your time as well
  • 4. cede control of your life what happens when you don’t live or die by your priorities
  • 5. A total lack of control
    • He who shouts loudest gets your attention (email, voicemail, in-person)
    • Your inbox is completely dysfunctional
    • You don’t know what is the biggest priority at any given time in any given place (ie: What should I be doing RIGHT NOW?)
  • 6. Ceding your schedule
    • Caused by lack of priorities and lack of keeping appointments with yourself
    • Simply “knowing” what needs done today or this week does not mean you get it done
    • Creates a complete lack of boundaries around your time and work / life balance
  • 7. Ceding your inbox
    • Symptoms:
      • Not being able to pick out the most important email at a glance
      • Not knowing what is informational vs actionable
      • Keeping every email ever sent / received – just in case
    • Causes you to be completely reactionary
  • 8. Ceding your priorities
    • Lack of organization causes distress:
      • What is your biggest priority right now?
      • What is the next most important phone call you need to make?
      • What is the next most important email you need to answer?
      • What is the very next step you can take on your most important project?
  • 9. take control of your life reducing reactionism, respecting yourself, respecting others
  • 10. What you really, really want
    • An effective time management system will:
      • Allow you to have all the information you need readily available
      • Be a trusted system that collects and organizes all of your incoming information – and allows it to be acted upon
      • Keep your head clear of distractions
      • Allow you to know what needs done at any given time, in any given location
      • Let you feel like you’ve actually accomplished something
  • 11. 4 keys to taking control
    • Manage your inputs
    • Set appointments with yourself
    • Get actionable
    • Clean out your inbox
  • 12. Taking control of the flood
    • Reduce
    • Refuse
    • Re… erm… consolidate
  • 13. Blocking off time
    • Start your day by processing what’s come “in” overnight
    • Make regular appointments with yourself throughout your day and week… AND KEEP THEM!
    • Setting aside time, and sticking to it, lets you block off up to an hour to really Get Things Done
  • 14. What is the very next action?
    • What next actions are
    • Be actionable in your:
      • Meeting planning
      • Meeting wrapups
      • Weekly reviews
      • Personal projects
      • Email
  • 15. Doing the impossible
    • Step 1: Admit getting to an empty inbox is possible
    • Step 2: Filter out non-actionable email
    • Step 3: Filter out sources of non-actionable email
    • Step 4: Deal with priority emails (put them in a folder)
    • Step 5: Use email tags
    • Step 6: Establish a set of email boundaries, and stick with them
    • Step 7: Clean out your inbox, damnit!
  • 16. making the pickle jar work steps to take control right now
  • 17. 8 rules for eating my pickles
    • Start each month, week and day defining things that must get done during that period
    • End each week and month reviewing what you got accomplished
    • Set aside blocks of time to actually deal with projects
    • Don’t put entire projects on your task list, put next actions on it (baby steps, baby!)
    • Be prepared for the world to flood in, no plan is ever perfect – but having no plan is NEVER perfect!
  • 18. Thank You! And good luck with your inbox!
  • 19. resources for success taking it beyond the classroom
  • 20. Books
    • Getting Things Done, David Allen
    • Take Back Your Life, Sally McGhee
    • 4 Hour Workweek, Timothy Ferris
    • Conquering Chronic Disorganization, Judith Kolberg
    • Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook, Michael Linenberger
  • 21. Blogs
    • Getting Things Done Zone:
    • 43 Folders:
    • Lifehacker:
    • GTD Index:
    • Lifehack:
  • 22. Stay in touch!
    • I try and talk about time management on a weekly basis on my blog:
    • Feel free to email me: [email_address]
    • Read b5media’s Time Management blogs:
      • Declutter It:
      • Pimp My Work:
  • 23. tips from the experts in-the-trenches advice on time management
  • 24. How I Start My Day – Marc Orchant
    • I do a review of my day before I look at any newly arrived e-mail. That entails reviewing my calendar. This gives me a sense of how much of budget for the day is already committed. With that information fresh in my mind, I’m able to process my Inbox, disposing of newly arrived e-mails and getting my Inbox empty.
    • That’s right - the very first thing I do each day is start with a clear head, an accurate idea of how much time and energy I have to “spend” and an empty Inbox. You have no idea how liberating that can be until you’ve done it.
  • 25. The Value of Paper – Sherry Stewart
    • First,  step, prioritize.  As of this year I have got rid of tons of closet clutter by giving it away and not replacing it.  I have dumped the extras in my drawers as well this year.  Still, I am afraid to get off my yoga ball for the clutter that surrounds me. 
    • I can share one tip: I have to have a list and calendar with me wherever I go.  I used to buy them but now I just print my Outlook Calendar.