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Experienced in technical marketing, social media, photography, audio & video.

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Technical Marketing Guy

  1. 1. Technical Marketing Gary Coon
  2. 2. Technical Marketing Experience  Software, hardware, and service market analyses.  Effective technical communications:   Advertising design and placement   Market Research, Competitive Benchmarking, Market Requirements Definition   Customer testimonials and case studies   Marcom & Public Relations   Product evaluation programs   Website content creation   Magazine article contributions   Product pricing, TCO models   Reseller, VAR & OEM management   Product demo DVD production   Direct marketing, telemarketing.  Engaged field sales teams and vertical marketing teams to implement activities at target accounts in order to increase initial volume.  SEM/SEO – Initiated social media presence for Mighty Bright and The Learning Café. Connected print advertisements to website ecommerce. Gary Coon 2
  3. 3. Technical Marketing Experience  Responsible for timeline of cross-functional activities required to support successful launches.  Managed launches at Dataproducts/Hitachi/Ricoh for US, Latin America & Europe.  Determined key products to be introduced (and those that did not pass go/no go phase*).  Coordinated product management in US and Japan.  Helped other companies launch production printer products and services:   Rosetta Technologies   Danka   Ikon   Lanier   Ricoh US.  Scheduled intro dates to coincide with trade shows and industry events:   BTA   On Demand   Competitive Announcements. *Xerox Internet Printing Protocol Client (before IPP widely used) and Dataproducts/Hitachi Color Desktop Printer (SL1 Engine in competitive products). Gary Coon 3
  4. 4. Technical Marketing Experience  Identified key benefits of new products to develop launch theme. Considerations included:   Customer Feedback   Market Requirements   Hardware Features   Software Features   Workflow Capabilities   Compatible Applications  Communicated themes to related marketing teams:   Spot Color Applications   Full Color Applications   Mutli-function Capabilities for improved Office Workflow   Professional Services to achieve integration and productivity   Production Printing and related Workflow Solutions Gary Coon 4
  5. 5. B2B Partner Experience  Executed launch strategies by training and collaborating with sales organizations in these companies:   Rosetta Technologies   Danka   Ikon   Lanier   Ricoh USGary Coon 5
  6. 6. Product Launch Experience  Developed launch strategies for new publishing, color, spot color, multifunction and production printer products and markets.  Coordinated Xerox product launch of host/client software developed by Xerox engineers or outsourced.  Managed Hitachi/Ricoh Printing Systems production printing product launch in US, European and Latin American markets.  Product Categories   Print drivers/utilities   Color software   Scan solutions   Fax drivers.  Xerox Products   Publishing: Xerox Publishing System 700 (Document Sciences Corp)   Color Printers: 4700, 4850/4890, DocuColor 6 (EFI), DocuColor 12 (Splash/EFI)   MFP: Scan to File for Document Centre 20/35 (Visioneer)   MFP: Fax Server for Document Centre 20/35 (RightFax).  Hitachi/Ricoh Products   Publishing Software: Digital Document Publisher Office (ScenicSoft Preps)   Production Printers: DDP 70, DDP 92, DDP 184, EMP 156   Enhance Software Suite: Data Stream, Job Ticket, WorkFlow, IPDS Conversion. Gary Coon 6
  7. 7. Product Launch Experience  Executed Xerox and Hitachi launch strategies through Product Management and Marketing.  Defined product roadmap and established product pricing (Total Cost of Ownership: Products, Supplies, Service).  Developed Sales Forecasts with Regional Sales and Reseller input  Developed and implemented product launch materials and tools to announce new products. Also managed golden samples and evaluation units.  Developed and executed launch strategies by collaborating with Marcom teams   Advertising - Print, Direct Mail, Telemarketing   Public Relations - Weber Shandwick SF   Marketing Collateral - Printed Brochures, White Papers, Magazine Interviews, Price Lists, Sales Tools, Web Content, DVD Demo, Customer Testimonials. Gary Coon 7
  8. 8. Product Management Experience  Developed and managed color, multifunction and production printing products. Authored or contributed to Product Requirements Specifications, Market Requirements Definition and Product Business Plans.  Developed and managed Marketing strategies for Hitachi and Ricoh Printing Systems, Software Solutions and Professional Services, and for Mighty Bright LED products.  Responsible for different channel products, marketing strategies (Data Center vs. Print On Demand), market research (InfoTrends, IDC, Caslon, Industry Analysts, DataQuest, Buyer’s Laboratory, Better Buys for Business), product requirements, definition of marketing mix, and the establishment pricing, forecast of sales.  Developed and executed an annual tactical marketing plan including all marketing communication activities for Hitachi and Ricoh Printing Systems.  Coordinated and supported local sales and marketing activities Hitachi and Ricoh Printing Systems.  Supported VP of Marketing & Sales to achieve revenue goals of printing products and software. Gary Coon 8
  9. 9. Product Management Experience  Experienced in working closely with a wide variety of teams, both domestic and international:   Corporate Management (Ursula Burns, now CEO of Xerox)   Engineering - in US, UK and Japan   Service - Internal, External (Anacomp), Other (Ricoh, Lanier)   Marcom/PR - WeberShandwick SF, Hitachi and Ricoh Corporate HQ   Advertising - Print media, Ricoh HQ   Sales - Corporate, Regional, Resellers/Dealers, VARs, Distributors, OEMs, GSA   Finance - Xerox, Dataproducts/Hitachi, Ricoh   Operations - Xerox, Dataproducts/Hitachi, Ricoh, Rosetta Technologies   Legal - Internal and External, IP, USPTO.Gary Coon 9
  10. 10. Education  Rochester Institute of Technology - Business/Marketing, Graphic Arts/Printing, Audio-Visual Communications and Computer Science  Excelsior College - Completed BS Degree in Business  Continuing education includes technical, management and negotiation courses at:   USC   UCLA   Xerox   Carnegie Mellon   American Management Association.Gary Coon 10
  11. 11. Additional Areas of Expertise  Color Experience:   Digital Color Slides   Print Drivers   Full Color to Spot Color Mapping   Photography – studio/product   Digital Video Recording and Editing (Final Cut Pro).  Total Cost of Ownership, Cost Per Copy/Page Pricing.  Database Publishing, Print On Demand, TransPromo Documents.  Creative contributor to advertising and promotions.Gary Coon 11
  12. 12. Accomplishments  Established technical specifications requirement for Mighty Bright LED products and contracted UC Santa Barbara LED Research. (2008)  Successfully transitioned Hitachi Product Marketing to Lanier and Ricoh. (2006)  Launched printers and software products for Hitachi & Ricoh. (2001-2006)  Created and delivered a Reseller Document Solutions program that simplified professional services for copier resellers. (2000)  Started up a virtual team with three software development groups that shared resources to deliver a consistent MFP client software suite. This was very successful and was formalized as the Xerox CentreWare group. (1994)  Developed and outsourced development of Color Drivers and Solutions to successfully launch Xerox 4850/4890 and 4700 laser printers. (1990-1992)  Managed third party development to transition from Xerox proprietary workstation/ networking to a standard UNIX platform. (1988-1989)  Implemented a benchmark Color Slide Production/Service Bureau facility and then managed production on a nationwide basis. (1980-1982)Gary Coon 12
  13. 13. Personal Success Attributes  Collaborating with other teams.  Negotiating with partners.  Humor and rapport with others.  Interpersonal skills based on interest in others.  Group facilitation.  Public communication skills.  Detail oriented while focusing on the big picture.Gary Coon 13
  14. 14. Why Hire Gary Coon?  Managed marketing and launch of Hitachi/Ricoh Printing Systems America production printing products supporting US, European and Latin American markets.  Authored or contributed to Product Requirements International Specifications, Market Requirements Documents and Product Marketing Business Plans. Technical Marketing  Gathered and developed market requirements for color production products, multifunction devices and finishing equipment.  Managed industry analysts such as InfoTrends, IDC, Caslon, Industry Analysts and DataQuest to keep current with market Product Tech Industry & requirements. Management B2B Expertise  Led cross functional team meetings with Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Service, Operations and Legal to meet business objectives.  Measured Quality, Cost and Delivery critical success factors and used a standard product delivery process.  Delivered color and spot color printing hardware products and software solutions. Gary Coon 14
  15. 15. Contact Information Gary Coon 805-795-4840 Thank You For Your Time And Consideration!Gary Coon 15
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