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Breakthrough April 2012


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Breakthrough April 2012

  1. 1. breakthrough April 2012 | Issue 19PhD student Brian Gloss and Garvan researchershave identified biochemical changes that commonlyoccur in the DNA of women with ovarian cancer.Making NEWSGarvan scientists have identified biochemical changesthat commonly occur in the DNA of women with ovariancancer, which may help diagnose the cancer at an earlierstage in the future. Using whole genome DNA profilingmethods, Garvan scientists have identified a panel of sixgenes that are affected by an epigenetic process knownas ‘DNA methylation’ in ovarian cancer. The Garvan teamcollaborated with Professor Neville Hacker, Director,Gynaecological Cancer Unit, Royal Hospital for Women,Randwick, who provided tumour samples from ovariancancer patients, as well as samples from normal ovaries.Obesity, especially central obesity, is associated with insulinresistance which precedes diabetes, sometimes by more Inside this issue:than a decade. However, it’s not only a question of bodyweight or fat distribution because some obese people From the CEO 2remain insulin-sensitive, with insulin working as well in their Opinion 2bodies as in someone lean. Garvan researchers reviewed Delta makes her mark 379 publications on this topic and say it also seems thatin addition to having a lower risk of Type 2 diabetes than Garvan Australian Spectacular 3insulin-resistant people of the same weight, individuals who Tour de Cure 3are obese and insulin-sensitive also appear to have greaterprotection against death from cardiovascular disease. New Petre Foundation Chair of Prostate Cancer Research 4 Harnessing the power of the immune system 4Anti-psychotic drugs for treating serious mental illness,such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia are effective and Staff profile: Professor Peter Croucher 6often life-saving, but come with unwelcome side-effects. Young Garvan All Ribbons Ball 6They dramatically increase weight as well as the incidenceof metabolic disorders such as raised blood fats and Ask Garvan 7Type 2 diabetes, say Garvan specialists. The rapid decline Sue Thorley’s 50th birthday 7in physical health is so clinically significant, and of suchconcern, that the specialists put together a physical health City2Surf 7protection algorithm last year, which they say should run Clinical studies 8in tandem with mental health treatment. It includes regularand specified measurement of tangibles – weight, waistline Coming up 8and blood chemistry – as well as counselling about lifestyle In memoriam 8and diet.
  2. 2. breakthrough April 2012 | Issue 19 3From the Be part of our first ever Garvan AustralianCEOWelcome to the first issue of breakthrough forthe year.Earlier in the year, there was a lot of media Opinion Spectacular! Stars of opera, musical theatre, jazz and country will join forces at the Sydney Town Hall on Saturday 28th April 2012 for our inaugural Garvan Australian Spectacular.attention around not-for-profit organisations Featuring the Sydney International Orchestra, the Australian Army Band andand how they fundraise. I’d like to take this VOX - the Sydney Philharmonia’s Youth Choir, this family concert will includeopportunity to address this in terms of Garvan a variety of musical genres along with a tribute to the Anzac spirit andand its work. There have been three Australian talent. transformational advances inThe issue related to expenses incurred by some Importantly, it will also help raise vital funds for cancer research at the Garvan. molecular biology: the double helix,charities in administration and fundraising The Garvan Australian Spectacular is the brain child of Pauline Cash Cumming, gene cloning, and genomics.costs. While the old adage, ‘you have to spend a retired physiotherapist and now children’s book author. The loss of two ofmoney to make money’ is widely accepted in The first, in the 1950s and 60s, her children to cancer was the impetus for her interest in cancer research.the corporate community, it does also apply to provided the basis for understandingnot-for-profit organisations. The question raised gene structure, gene expression “As a chorister I have often sung in concerts in the Sydney Town Hall,” saidin the media earlier this year was, ‘how much is and gene regulation – the first steps Pauline. “I thought it would be a beautiful venue to raise funds that will helptoo much?’ toward deciphering how our genetic put more cancer researchers into Garvan’s laboratories, and find ways to inheritance programs our biology. control, and ultimately cure cancer.I am very proud of the fact that the Garvan The paradigm that emerged – the Delta Goodrem cemented her support for theResearch Foundation has one of the lowest “Everyone has been impacted by a diagnosis of cancer in some way. Kinghorn Cancer Centreadministration and fundraising costs of any so-called ‘central dogma’ – was This is why I think it needs to be an absolute priority for medical research.”charity that I have ever worked for. In fact, that each stretch of DNA (a gene)for around nine cents in the dollar, not only specified a protein through the Ms Cash Cumming is also supporting Garvan by donating proceeds from her children’s books for three to five year olds, Skinky Poo – The Tale of a Skink Delta makes herdo we run all of our fundraising activities,but we also run our large public engagement Professor John Mattick AO FAA Executive Director intermediate of RNA, which was copied when needed and decoded. and How the Gecko Got His Knob Tail to Garvan’s cancer research program. mark at the Kinghorn Both books will be available for purchase at the Garvan Australian Spectacular.program including six free public seminarsa year, monthly tours and our community The second, beginning in the 1970s, gave medical scientists the first Event organiser and musical director Cancer Centre chance to ‘look under the hood’. The ability to isolate and amplifyspeaking program. Dr Steve Watson added, “The Garvan Delta Goodrem, along with the nation’s media, individual DNA sequences led to the discovery of many genes involvedFor donors it means that, for every $100 we Australian Spectacular is guaranteed donned a hard-hat and toured The Kinghorn in human development, human physiology and brain function, whosereceive, at least $91 goes directly to funding to be a uniquely Australian event. Cancer Centre, of which she is a patron, to protein products were invisible to the relatively crude biochemicalGarvan’s world-class medical research. The Bring along your Australian flag for review construction developments and to approaches of the time. It also enabled the identification of those thatremaining monies are put to use helping us the rousing finale that will leave you leave her hand prints in concrete. malfunction in diseases, like cancer, which was the prerequisite to theraise additional funds, allowing us to continue with goose bumps, and filled with During the tour, Delta stated to the assembled development of new drugs to block them. These drugs are now, 20 Australian pride.”our vital work. years later (after all the required research and safety testing), being media, “I wanted to be the patron of this Tickets start from $40 adults, $25 centre and was honoured when asked. It’sI believe it is important that we are as used in the clinic to successfully treat many previously lethal cancers – children and concession holders, something so phenomenal and evolutionary,transparent as possible to you, our valued with many more in development. $90 family ticket (2 adults and 2 and the fact we will have such an amazingsupporters, so please do not hesitate to contact The third revolution, genomics, has been made possible by the children aged 12 years and under) and incredible facility here in Sydney is some or my team at any stage if you have queries incredible advances in DNA sequencing technology over the past 20 (plus booking fees). Tickets can be important to me.about any aspect of our work here at Garvan. years. Ten years ago the first human genome sequence cost $3 billion purchased from Ticket Direct Australia “To have such a personal connection, andThank you for your ongoing support. dollars, and took years of work to complete. Now we can do the same (TDA). Visit the fact that the actual centre is aboutYours sincerely, thing for $3,000 in a few days, and the cost is dropping by at least half or phone 1300 79 85 50 to buy your personalised medicine, is truly incredible.” every year. Ms Pauline Cash Cumming tickets today.Andrew GilesGarvan Research Foundation This is enabling us to determine the full molecular signatures of different cancers, and the best treatment options and approaches. Genome sequencing has already saved lives by identifying rogue mutations that were not obvious from traditional cellular pathology. Garvan is pioneering the introduction of this ‘next gen’ approach to Tour de Cure cancer in the soon-to-be-opened Kinghorn Cancer Centre. This is a A huge thank you to all the riders in the 2011 Tour de Cure, joint venture with St Vincent’s Hospital, where medical science and the and especially to Paul Egan who championed Garvan’s clinic will interact, side-by-side to bring the state of the art to Australia. cause throughout this mammoth ride. Funds raised for Garvan during the 2011 Tour de Cure are supporting Garvan will also bring these next gen approaches to dissecting the other complex diseases that beset our community – diabetes, immune our research to find better ways to diagnose, treat, and disorders, osteoporosis and neurological disorders. The biological and ultimately cure prostate cancer. medical revolution is now moving into top gear. It is clear that this will Andrew Giles congratulates Paul Egan on his outstanding be the last generation to die from cancer, and there is every reason to effort during the 2011 Tour de Cure expect that the other diseases will succumb to human understanding.
  3. 3. breakthrough April 2012 | Issue 19 5 Feature story: Harnessing the power of the immune system Inside our bodies, there is a powerful mechanism designed to defend us against millions of microscopic invaders. However, what happens when that defense is impeded, or worse, stops working altogether? The immune system is designed to protect our bodies producing cells from the pancreas known as against dangerous attacks. These can come from ‘Islets of Langerhans’. Each pancreas has around outside the body in the form of infections, or from a million islets, which maintain the body’s blood inside the body in the form of cancer. At the same sugar levels in exquisite balance. time, the immune system must avoid attacking healthy However, transplanting islets is a process fraught tissue or over-reacting to minor threats like pollens Petre Foundation funds new and house dust mites. When the balance is upset and with challenges. Islets are fragile, the body rejects donor cells strenuously, and anti-rejection controls fail, the results can include diseases ranging Chair of Prostate Cancer Research from life threatening infections and malignant tumours to autoimmune conditions (eg Type 1 diabetes) and drugs are highly toxic. Even when heavy duty immunosuppressive drugs are given to a patient, that person will still have Type 1 diabetes – the allergies (eg asthma). autoimmune disease that destroyed their insulin-Australian philanthropist, Mr Daniel Petre has donated $2 million to The work of Garvan’s Immunology program is divided producing cells in the first place.appoint a Chair of Prostate Cancer Research at the University of Sydney, between studying how a normal immune systemwho will work closely with Garvan’s prostate cancer researchers. The new reagent, generated in-house by Garvan functions in a balanced way, and how it goes wrong Organisation of immune cells within the spleen. T cells (T, red), B cells (B, green) and specialised scientists has the potential to turn this situation when disease occurs. Understanding the way the cells marginal zone B cells (MZ, blue) congregate in distinct regions of the spleen. Upon infection, theseThis is not the first time the Petre Foundation has supported medical around. Given to diabetic mice for two weeks, and molecules of the immune system function is key to cells rapidly migrate around the spleen to communicate with each other and additional populationsresearch in Australia. The Foundation also currently supports a Chair both dampening the immune system or harnessing its starting the day before islet transplantation, the of immune cells located in the external red pulp (RP) region. (Picture by Dr Dominique Gatto).of Breast Cancer Research at the Garvan Institute and neuromuscular reagent allowed mice to accept the donor cells as power in order to fight disease.research at the Institute for Neuromuscular Research, Children’s their own, with no need for immunosuppressiveHospital at Westmead. Here we explore some of the diseases that are currently drugs, and no Type 1 diabetes. Permanently. In the case of lupus, the immune system Asthma is an inflammatory condition being researched by the Immunology team, as well as inadvertently produces antibodies that that affects the bronchial tubes in the Sjögren’s syndrome is a disorder of the immuneDeciding to support prostate cancer research was an obvious some of the progress being made in this important field attack various structures in the body. It is lungs. People with asthma have sensitive system, where glands that normally produce tears,choice according to Mr Petre, who had many reasons for committing of medical research. the accumulation of these “autoantibodies” or hyperactive airways which narrow in saliva and sweat are attacked and destroyed byto this Chair. Type 1 diabetes affects more than 140,000 children immune cells. This results in abnormally dry eyes, in the tissues that can cause inflammation, response to certain stimuli. The narrowing and adults in Australia, making it one of the most mouth and/or other mucous membranes such as damage and pain. In other autoimmune is due to inflammation and swelling of the“While the profile of prostate cancer has increased over recent years, common serious diseases among children. the intestines, lungs or vagina. diseases, particular tissues such as the lining, tightening of the airway musclesthe funding allocated to prostate cancer research is still significantly less peripheral nerves (Guillain-Barré syndrome) (spasm) and production of excess mucus.than, say, breast cancer research. Yet, the incidence and mortality rates People with Type 1 diabetes produce very little, or no Sjögren’s syndrome may occur by itself, known or the heart muscle (rheumatic carditis) This reduces the airflow in and out ofare very similar. insulin. Insulin is a hormone that regulates the body’s as Primary Sjögren’s syndrome, or together are attacked by “organ-specific auto- the lungs. use of glucose (sugar), which is a major fuel source for with other autoimmune diseases like lupus and antibodies.”“The other similarity between breast and prostate cancer is that they are our bodies. Insulin is only produced by specific cells in rheumatoid arthritis. This is known as Secondary More than two million Australians haveboth hormonal cancers, so there are a lot of common links between the the pancreas called beta cells. Insulin travels through Sjögren’s syndrome. At Garvan, scientists are using sophisticated asthma, yet the causes are still not clearlyapproaches to solving these two cancers. As Garvan has both breast and the blood and helps to get sugar from the blood into strategies and technologies to examine understood, but genetic and environmental The cause of Sjögren’s syndrome is still a mystery,prostate cancer teams actively looking for answers, I hope this funding cells where it can be used for energy. Without insulin, the reasons why, in the case of lupus and factors do come into play. There is often a though there appears to be a genetic influence,will help lead to more breakthroughs for both diseases, sooner. blood sugar levels rise to dangerously high levels that other autoimmune diseases, the immune family history of asthma, eczema and/or hay as it tends to occur in families where there are can cause organ damage. system produces antibodies that attack the fever or other allergies. Children with one“Thirdly, the side-effects of prostate cancer treatment, which other autoimmune diseases. Type 1 diabetes occurs when the beta cells that make body and not invading micro-organisms. asthmatic parent are three to six times moreoften involves removal of the prostate, can be severe, and include Garvan scientists have identified a new group An important clue that we are following up insulin have been destroyed by the body’s own immune likely to develop asthma.incontinence and impotency.” of immune cells that, for the first time, directly is the fact that autoimmune diseases often system. Like many complex human diseases, we are not Garvan researchers are focused on link two autoimmune diseases, Type 1 diabetes occur after bacterial or viral infections. ItMr Petre added, “I hope that, through the efforts and collaborations sure why this happens, but we know that it is caused by understanding the key pathways in asthma and Sjögren’s syndrome. The newly identified appears that, in these cases, the immuneof Garvan, we can find a way to clearly identify tumours that can be an interaction between genes and the environment. population of cells is a sub-class of ‘T helper cells’, system’s response against the infection and identifying unique sets of genes,left in situ. That would be the gold medal achievement for the medium In people with Type 1 diabetes, the immune system white blood cells that help other immune cells inflammatory molecules and proteins that has inadvertently resulted in the productionterm. Beyond better diagnosis of tumours the ultimate goal is, of treats the beta cells like it would a bacteria or virus, perform their tasks. can be used to intervene in the process of of antibodies that attack the body’s owncourse, finding a cure and one that hopefully does not require surgical and for this reason, diabetes is called an autoimmune asthma. Garvan is also looking to develop Garvan researchers hope to determine whether tissues as well as the invading organism.intervention.” disease. new therapeutic approaches for asthma, these cells could become a biomarker of disease So far we have found that our immune such as monoclonal antibodies as aDaniel’s commitment to philanthropy began when he worked at Garvan’s Immunology program has several teams of as well as a therapeutic target for patients with system has a way of preventing the treatment to reduce inflammation in theMicrosoft with Bill Gates. scientists who research different aspects of Type 1 both Type 1 diabetes and Sjögren’s syndrome. production of these “cross-reactive” airways of asthma patients. diabetes. They focus on understanding how and why“Bill Gates’ mother was very philanthropic, and she bestowed on him Lupus (also known as Systemic Lupus autoantibodies under most conditions. an immune system turns on itself and destroys the Research into diagnostics is alsothis theory – if you are well off or comfortable, it is your responsibility, Erythematosus – SLE) is an autoimmune disease However, we have identified that insulin-producing beta cells. They are also trying to important: more effective tools to identify that causes various tissues in the body to become autoimmune attacks on particular organsnot your choice, to give back to society, and I agree with that. create new beta cells from other cell types. which patients will respond best to which chronically inflamed. It is a complex disease that are particularly likely to occur after“The key is to find something that you care about, and then do not Recently, Garvan scientists developed a reagent with can affect many parts of the body, typically the infections. By devising a way to look directly treatments. Garvan research will leaddelay – do something now. I often remind myself and others that, if you the potential to prevent rejection of transplanted skin, joints, kidneys, blood cells, heart and lungs. at the immune cells responsible for making to more effective use of existingdon’t donate today, you might be delaying the cure of a debilitating insulin-producing cells into people with Type 1 Lupus can be mild or life-threatening, depending autoantibodies after an infection, we are treatments and the development diabetes. It is one of the most promising immunology on the area of the body that is affected. of new and improved therapies.illness by another day, or more children will die due to a lack of clean now positioned to look at how this process developments in recent years.water because you delayed acting for another day. When you think Lupus affects one in 700 Australians. Nine out of is controlled and hope, in the future, toof it that way, there’s really no argument for not doing something The best hope for restoring insulin production is for every ten people with lupus are women, mostly devise ways of preventing the movementmeaningful now!” people to receive transplanted clusters of insulin- aged between 15 and 45 years. of infection to autoimmune disease.
  4. 4. breakthrough April 2012 | Issue 19 7Staff Profile: Professor Peter Croucher Celebrate a special best possible people, and create a high that we are all likely to develop some Ask Garvan occasion with a truly meaningful gift quality infrastructure to support the form of musculoskeletal disease in our best possible research. lifetime, whether this be one of the more Q: Why will the new Kinghorn Cancer Centre So far, what are you enjoying the most common diseases such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, include a Wellness Centre? On special occasions, more and more people are asking about working at Garvan? or a less common disease such as the family and friends to make a donation to a charity in lieu I like the positive attitude that everyone A: The Wellness Centre forms part of the Kinghorn cancers that grow in bone. of gifts. has at Garvan, whether it is related Cancer Centre’s integrative approach to medicine. directly to the research, or from those Raising funds to be able to work on The first of its type in NSW to be integrated In September last year, that support research. I also like having these diseases is a real challenge. Sue Thorley celebrated with conventional cancer care, the purpose-built the time to be much more directly Unfortunately we don’t have the same her 50th birthday, and high profile as other diseases, such Wellness Centre will be a place where patients asked guests to make involved in research. In my previous as cancer or heart disease, so we are can retreat and get help coping with their cancer a donation to Garvan role there was increasing levels of administration which meant I had less not at the top of people’s lists when it diagnosis and treatment. instead of buying a gift. and less time to do the research that I comes to supporting research. However, With a ‘Day Spa’ feel, the Wellness Centre’s Sue says, “I’ve been really enjoyed. I even hope to get back the impact on people’s health is just as design will provide a calm, caring and soothing blessed to have a very into the lab myself here at Garvan. significant as some of the more high full and rewarding ‘first profile disease areas. environment for cancer patients to access theHighly-respected bone researcher So far, what are you enjoying most 50 years’ and I felt Recruiting good people is also a latest information and advice and the very bestProfessor Peter Croucher recently about living in Australia? the generosity of myjoined Garvan from the University challenge. People see that working in the in evidence-based complementary health care. friends would be better I really like Sydney, but surprisingly, theof Sheffield to take up the Chair so bone field is challenging, particularly in Services offered at the Wellness Centre will help served in supporting thing I like most so far is the climate.generously funded by Mrs Janice getting long-term funding. Certainly in alleviate stress, relieve symptoms and reduce a cause close to my All the Sydney-siders I’ve met areGibson and Ernest Heine Family my experience in the UK, we lost a lot of pain and anxiety as well as promoting feelings heart, rather than complaining that this summer was theFoundation. We are pleased to great researchers in the field because of of well-being. material gifts for me. worst they can remember, but I have towelcome Professor Croucher as the a lack of funding. I hope we can address say, I’ve loved it. However, I suspect this “My mum, Judy Sue Thorley and her husband, Gerryleader of Garvan’s Osteoporosis this challenge at Garvan. Relieving the physical and emotional side-effects probably says more about UK weather Hellicar, suffered from at Sue’s 50th birthday celebrationand Bone Biology program, a role than it does about Australia! I have What do you enjoy doing away from of cancer treatment is important in encouraging Parkinson’s for nearlypreviously held by Professor John also really enjoyed travelling around the lab? the completion of a treatment regimen. For two decades and she passed away in 2006. She alsoEisman who stepped down as program Australia, particularly western NSW and I spend much of my spare time with my example, it is estimated that more than 30 percent supported Garvan, and followed research developmentsleader in late 2011. Kakadu National Park. children because they are still young. closely. I feel anything I can do to help support Garvan in of chemotherapy patients prematurely ceaseWe recently sat down with Professor What is the biggest challenge facing Outside of that, I do as much running as treatment because of emotional difficulties. finding a cure for this insidious disease is so worthy.“Croucher to discuss his new role. your area of research? I can, particularly trail running and, when Thanks to some stealth-like planning by Sue’s husband possible, I also enjoy cycling. At the Wellness Centre, evidence-based andWhat does your role as Director of Raising awareness about the importance Gerry and their children Anna and Max, Sue’s 50thGarvan’s Bone Program involve? Professor Croucher will host Garvan’s non-invasive complementary therapies will be birthday party was a wonderful surprise. “It was the most of musculoskeletal diseases is a real challenge. Most people see the skeleton free Osteoporosis and Bone Public offered as an adjunct to conventional medicine in special birthday celebration I’ve ever had, with friends andAs the Program Director, my overall roleis to develop a world-class research as a dead tissue – a structure that just Seminar on Thursday 9 August 2012. a patient-centred and holistic care program. This family travelling from all parts of Australia to be with meprogram with the aim of having a holds you up. They don’t realise it’s a To register for this event, visit will allow open communication between all care on the night. Wonderful memories I’ll cherish forever.significant impact on the most common tissue that is constantly changing – the or providers and the patient, while promoting patient “In fact, my birthday celebrations seemed to go on for thediseases of the skeleton. To do that, I skeleton you wake up with is not the one phone (02) 9295 8110. choice and quality of life. Importantly, researchers entire month – we decided to rename September 2011 towill be looking to recruit more of the you go to bed with. Most are unaware will be able to evaluate various therapies for Sue-tember!” efficacy, so that we build our knowledge of what Creating a personal, online fundraising page through the really works for individuals. Garvan website is a great way to tell people about yourYoung Garvan 2011 Young Garvan Fellow, request for donations. Sue says, “I uploaded photos of my mum and myself and family over the past 50 years. It was a great way for my friends to ‘connect’ and leaveAll Ribbons Ball Dr Ebru Boslem a personal message. Plus it was seamless in terms of City2Surf collecting the donations.” Sue is delighted with the result of her birthday donations,Young Garvan is hosting the third All Ribbons Ball on Saturday 18 having raised $1,685 to support Garvan’s research.August at the Sydney Hilton Hotel. The black-tie dinner for 450 “It was a wonderful and practical way for my friends andguests raises funds for the Young Garvan Postdoctoral Fellowship, It’s time to start training! Elite athletes will once family to celebrate my birthday. With the funds I wassupporting a young scientist working on a major research project again be rubbing shoulders with locals to run, walk able to raise, not only does it help Garvan in a monetaryat Garvan. or watch the iconic City2Surf race. Starting at Hyde sense, but helps raise the profile and recognition of the Park in Sydney’s CBD and finishing at Bondi Beach, invaluable work and research that the Institute undertakes,The Fellowship (valued at $50,000) has been awarded five times and hopefully might encourage others to do the same for the City2Surf also offers participants the opportunitysince its inception in 2003. Dr Ebru Boslem, the 2011 Young Garvan special celebratory events.” to raise funds for a charity.Fellow, has used the award to further her research into Type 2 If you have an upcoming celebration, and would like todiabetes as part of Garvan’s Diabetes and Obesity program. Entries will open in late May. For more information ask friends and family to donate to Garvan instead of gifts, about registering for the City2Surf, and selecting the visit or phone (02) 9295 8110.Tickets for the 2012 All Ribbons Ball go on sale in May. For further Garvan Institute of Medical Research as your charity With enough notice, Garvan can also provide you withinformation, contact Kylie Sherwood-Kelly at the Garvan Research donation envelopes, personalised for you and your of choice, visit on 02 9295 8108 or visit the event website, special
  5. 5. Clinical Studies In Memoriam November 2011 –Study on Fat Metabolism February 2012. Donations haveWe are looking for healthy volunteers: men and postmenopausal women, aged 50-70 years for research into hormones and body fat. This study involves visits over a 14 been made in memory of:week period to the Garvan to study the effects of three commonly used medications,oestrogen (women only), letrozole and tamoxifen on the burning of fat in the body. We Wendy Allen Philip McAlpinewill investigate how fat is utilised at whole body and liver level. Secundino Arguelles Joyce I MealingFor further information please contact: Dr Vita Birzniece (02) 9295 8483, or email Jill Askew James or Vanessa Travers (02) 9295 8232, or (St Vincent’s Human Research Ethics Ref No 09/090). Hans Bakker Zivorad Mihajlovic John R Barbour Ron MillerDiabetes StudyAre you interested in improving the control of your diabetes? We are studying the effect Karen Beaumont McCormack Terry Moranof the amino acid glutamine on glucose control in Type 2 diabetes. We are looking for Helen Beh Michael Morlingpeople with Type 2 diabetes for less than five years, males and females ages 40-75 years, Peter Boersma Arthur Nezisonly on Metformin (ie not taking insulin or other diabetes medications).For more information contact: Renee Richens on (02) 9295 8215, or email Doran Catt Rebecca J (St Vincent’s Human Research Ethics Ref H07/059 version 1). Rex Child Adrian NotleyMetabolism – Genetics of Obesity Study Dean Cooper David OwenDo you think you could be overweight? Volunteers are needed to screen for a gene Ronald A Cumming Noel Pearcethat links to obesity at the Garvan Institute. It involves only one visit during which Matthew Darrington Robyn Joy Pricemeasurements and a blood test will be taken. If you are suitable, you may enter thesecond part of the study to receive a full metabolic assessment. Malcolm J Denner Adam Rankine-WilsonFor further enquiries, please contact: Dr Daniel Chen (02) 9295 8557, or email Harvey R Dopp Robert J or Vanessa Travers (02) 9295 8232, or email Sue Dowlan Patricia A (St Vincent’s Human Research Ethics Ref HREC/10/SVH/133). Dianne Endycott Ena SchofieldPre-diabetes study John S Falla Leslie SemkenWe need healthy volunteers for a study looking at the effects of immune function and John Gates Noeleen Shawautonomic nervous activity in Type 2 diabetes. We especially need people with a familyhistory of Type 2 diabetes. If you are willing and are aged 50 to 60 years and healthy, Christine Gibson (Weir) Vasiliki Simosplease contact: Lynne (02) 9295 8231, or Dorit (02) 9295 8309, or email Robert Gowing Kay M (St Vincent’s Human Research Ethics Ref 06/147). William Hall Richard Smith Thomas H Hill Vincas SurkaComing Up John Hodgen Klara Torheiden Elizabeth Kane Domenico Tranchini24 May – Ovarian Cancer Public Seminar. 10am to 12 noon. Philip Kelly James Van Rol6 June – Young Garvan Forum. Topic TBC. 6pm to 8pm. Zelma Lawrence Diamantis Vlahos9 August – Osteoporosis and Bone Public Seminar. 10am to 12 noon. Tim & Andrew Lynch Barbara Vongalis20 September – Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders. Mrs MacQueen Thomas Wainwright10am to 12 noon. Peter Male Charles Ward14 November – Type 2 diabetes and obesity. 10am to 12 noon. Giuseppe Marinelli Matthew WatsonFor more information about any of these events, visit phone (02) 9295 8110. Emma B Marquardt Gloria Waugh Anne Martin Garry Welsh Please use this coupon if you would like to make a donation to Be part of progress Garvan’s breakthrough medical research, or if you would like further information. We would love to hear from you. My Contact Details My Gift Details Title First Name Yes! I want to help Garvan make progress with a gift of Surname $50 $100 $250 $500 $1000 Gift of choice $ Address M y cheque/money order made payable to Garvan Research Foundation is enclosed Suburb State Postcode OR Please deduct the above amount once monthly annually Daytime Phone from my Visa MasterCard Amex Diners Email Card Number Garvan Supporter Number (if known) / Expiry Date 2012BT01 Please Send Me Further Information About: Cardholder’s Name Giving to Garvan in my will (strictly confidential) Signature Volunteering with Garvan Donations of $2 and above are tax deductible. Giving regularly to Garvan through my bank account Please complete this coupon and mail it to: Please Change My Communications: Garvan Research Foundation Reply Paid 68593, Darlinghurst NSW 2010 I no longer wish to receive this breakthrough newsletter Call: 1300 73 66 77 (9am to 5pm) I only wish to receive breakthrough by email Fax: (02) 9295 8507 I only wish to receive appeal mailings in May/June (you can use this coupon) I do not wish to receive any appeal mailings Online: