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  1. 1. REMOTE HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM ...carry your home with you …an embedded system design project
  2. 2. PROJECT OBJECTIVE • Keep the users updated with current status of the ambience of their house • Uses SMS or remote login through internet to communicate with the house • Informs when an unexpected intrusion is made into their house • Checks for any lights switched ON/OFF and lets the user modify the current state
  3. 3. HARDWARE  eBOX2300  Enfora GSM modem 1218  Camera  Phidget Sensors – Light Sensor – Temperature Sensor – Humidity Sensor – Motion Sensor  LCD
  4. 4. PHIDGETS  Temperature and Humidity Sensor – Records the temperature and humidity of the ambience – Can be used to control the air-conditioners  Light Sensor – Checks for the brightness of the room – Can be used for automatic control of lights while the user is not home
  5. 5. DETECTION OF INTRUSION  Motion Sensor – Detects motion around a place – As soon as the numeric value reaches a limit, send an SMS to the user  Camera – Live video streaming can be enabled by logging in remotely through internet
  6. 6. SOFTWARE  Windows CE tools for Visual Studio – Platform Builder Development Environment  Phidgets.msi
  7. 7. HOW IT WORKS Remote login through the internet Phidget Sensors eBOX2300 Text message Camera
  8. 8. MAIN THREAD 1. Child Thread creations - Read Message Thread - Send Message Thread - Motion Sensor Thread - Camera Thread 2. Handle Creation for devices 3. Initialize LCD and Phidget Kit hRead 4. Open Connection with the Camera ALWAYS RUNNING 5. Close all the handles and connections - MOTION SENSOR READ MESSAGE SEND MESSAGE hSync THREAD THREAD THREAD - Senses Motion - Receive SMS - Receive appropriate hSend continuously - Compare with Message parameters Action Table - On change above - Construct Send - Read Sensor Routines threshold value, raise Message - Raise hSend event hSend hSend event and hCam - Send SMS event hCam CAMERA IMAGE MESSAGE FROM MESSAGE TO CAPTURE USER THE USER THREAD IMAGE STORED AS A *.jpg FILE
  9. 9. SMS KEYWORDS  TEMP- sends back the current temperature  HUM- sends back the current humidity  LIGHT- calibrates brightness and responds back with BRIGHT or DULL  LEDON- switches ON the LEDs  LEDOFF-switches OFF the LEDs  MOTION DETECTED-received by the user during an unexpected intrusion
  10. 10. VIDEO DEMO
  11. 11. WEBSITE AND DOCUMENTATION  Our projects website: http://users.ece.gatech.edu/~hamblen/489X/F08PROJ/ REMOTEHOME/  Source Codes: http://users.ece.gatech.edu/~hamblen/489X/F08PROJ/ REMOTEHOME/software.htm
  12. 12. GANTT CHART 31-Oct-08 10-Nov-08 20-Nov-08 30-Nov-08 GSM/eBox PSoC/Devices Phidgets Start Date Remaining Integration Project Website
  13. 13. CHALLENGES  The major challenge was to write the PSoC driver  Integration of GSM with the Phidgets
  14. 14. FUTURE IMPROVEMENTS  The sensors can be attached to appliances and control signals to these devices can be defined according to the status of the sensors.  Different eBoxes or System-on- programmable chips can be used to communicate with the “master” eBox wirelessly so as reach different parts of a house.
  15. 15. TEAM MEMBERS • Anant Balakrishnan (anantb@gatech.edu) • Ankur Jain (ankur_ece15@gatech.edu) • Dhruv Choudhary (choudharydhruv@gatech.edu) • Vivek Eswar (vivek.eswar@gatech.edu)
  16. 16. THANK YOU !!