GSM-R Modem


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GSM-R Modem

  1. 1. RGM, ESVM and GRLine GSM-R modem portfolio GSM-R Modem
  2. 2. RGM, ESVM, GRLine • GSM-R modem portfolio Wireless access to GSM-R networks is becoming more and more important, due to the growing demand for voice and data transmission in railway management. The availability of GSM-R for railway communication systems introduces new opportunities for the development of mobile applications. Railway operators aim to upgrade their networks to the new standard with the most advanced technology, offering value added services and competitive features. With many years of professional experience in mobile communications and as a member of the GSM-R Industry Group, SELEX Communications provides a wide choice of advanced GSM-R mobile solutions to access the GSM-R network ensuring secure high-speed communications.
  3. 3. RGM10X (General Purpose I/O) connector, • mini jack for headphone, GSM-R Radio General Module • antenna SMA connector, • DC power supply connector. The growing demand for data and SMS centred applications in the railway environment extends the range of mobile services over GSM-R technology and requires efficient Four LEDs indicating the operational state of the modem solutions, lower costs and faster time to market. complete the set of features making ESVM100 the most suitable communication link for a wide range of railway RGM10X is the ideal solution to the evolving needs of railway services including: maintenance of remote equipment, companies and is specially designed for GSM-R applications, passenger online information, entertainment systems, remote the RGM100 module offers new opportunities to improve diagnostic and updating of ticket machines and tracking of railway business and to develop powerful applications with vehicles. true flexibility. For ESVM100 control and monitoring, SELEX Very compact, it is the first Original Equipment Manufacture Communications provides a dedicated software tool, enabling (OEM) general-purpose module supporting Advanced Speech all GSM-R functionality for voice and data transmission: Call Items (ASCI) phase 2+ features, CS data transmission ESVM100 can also be managed using a terminal application with GPRS hardware support and specific EIRENE-MORANE with AT standard commands or, generic commercial tools services. for GSM telephony. RGM100 module stands out for its reliability, advanced Software updating by data port ensures ESVM100 always technology and performance; its innovative features deliver remains up-to-date and on top of the GSM-R market. excellent usability and power in accordance with GSM and ESVM100 opens new links in railway networks: it is the GSM-R requirements, enabling an effective development of powerful solution for voice and data transmission over GSM- sophisticated applications in GSM-R, E-GSM and DCS bands, R. such as: maintenance of remote equipment, passenger online information, entertainment systems, remote diagnostic, updating of ticket machines, vehicle tracking, etc. RGM100 software can be simply updated through the data port so that the module remains always up to date and on top of the GSM-R market. RGM100 leading wireless connectivity and advanced software technology create intelligence for railway equipment, giving new opportunities to develop affordable and competitive GSM-R solutions for operators' business. The ESVM100 modem GRLine100 The RGM100 modem GRLine100 is the powerful solution to provide a telephone line in places where there is no land-line. GRLine100 offers voice and data transmission over the GSM-R network. ESVM10X Using the GSM-R cellular network, GRLine100 provides for the sending and receiving of calls as per a normal fixed GSM-R External Serial Voice Modem telephone, PBX, fax or modem with no difference compared to normal communications made on a fixed line. ESVM10X fully meets the growing demand for Machine to GRLine100 is the first GSM-R external equipment that fully Machine data applications in the railway market allowing answers the growing demand for applications in the railway high performance with true flexibility. market allowing high performance with true flexibility. It is ESVM100 is the first external modem for M2M applications the first modem for GSM-R band applications. in the GSM-R band including Advanced Speech Call Items The services voice, data and fax require different telephone (ASCI) phase 2+, CS data transmission with GPRS hardware numbers, therefore when GRLine10x is installed three support and EIRENE-MORANE features. telephone numbers are assigned to the GSM-R equipment, All ESVM100 interfaces enable effective development of a for voice, data and fax calls respectively. large number of applications in GSM-R, E-GSM and DCS In sending any type of call, GRLine100 automatically uses bands: the principal number, which is the one for the voice service. • RS232 serial interface, In the case of incoming data or fax calls the corresponding • handset and DAI (Digital Audio Interface) connector, GPIO number is selected.
  4. 4. GRLine100 is enclosed in a plastic housing that ensures a high level of protection and wall fixing. GRLine100 is powered by 230Vac, 5060Hz and it includes an internal battery that supplies the module in the case of the external power being off. The GRLine100 autonomy is 13 hours in stand-by and 2.5 hours in operating mode. Main applications are: • Standard phone, fax or modem interface where fixed PSTN is not available or it is expensive compared to GSM-R • Emergency phone line for lifts or other applications • Anti-theft remote connection The GRLine100 TECHNICAL DATA RGM10X ESVM10X GRLINE100 Supported Services: GSM Phase 2/2+ CS Bearer Services for data transmission GSM Phase 2/2+ Teleservices GSM Phase 2/2+ Supplementary Services GSM Phase 2/2+ ASCI (RGM/ESVM 100 only) Specifics EIRENE/MORANE (RGM/ESVM 100 only) All services can be managed by AT commands GPRS (Phase2+) Bearer Services (RGM/ESVM 101 only) GPRS: Multi-slot capabilities: Class 10 (RGM/ESVM 101 only) External Interfaces: Serial Interface GPIO Interfaces Audio interface Power Class: Class 4 (2Watt) GSM-R Class 1 (1Watt) DCS Environmental conditions: - Operating Temperature -20 to +55 °C - Storage Temperature -30 to +85 °C -40 to +85 °C - Altitude -100 to 1800 m (RSL) - Humidity 100% for short periods 0 to 95% (without condensation) 75% yearly expected average 95% for 30 days per year - Solar Radiation 75% max humidity for indoor (-5°C) - Rain Max absolute humidity is 30g/m3 - Snow and Hail Max value of 1120 W/m2 Max value of 1120W/m2 (SRPD) IEC 529 / EN 60529 Max diameter of hailst. can reach 20mm Power supply: 3.8V SupplyVoltage 5.0VDC ±10% 220VAC (with the incl.AC/DC conv.) Sensitivity: -102 dBm Frequency band: Uplink (MHz) UIC 876-880 / E-GSM 880-915 / DCS 1710-1785 Downlink (MHz) UIC 921-925 / E-GSM 925-960 / DCS 1805-1880 Weight: 30 g 500 g 1400 g (with battery) Antenna: - Type Omni-directional dipole - Frequency Range Standard Dual Band & Railway frequency Range - Connector 50 Ohm MMCX coaxial female SMA female SMA female Dimensions (HxWxD): 43.9 x 43.9 x 6.95 mm 34.12 x 113.6 x 106 mm 220 x 170 x 55 mm Copyright ©2006-2008 SELEX Communications SpA - All rights reserved. This publication is issued to provide outline information only which (unless agreed by SELEX Communications SpA in writing) may not be used, applied or reproduced for any purpose or form part of any order or contract or be regarded as a representation relating to the products or services concerned. SELEX Communications SpA reserves the right to alter without notice the specification, design or conditions of supply of any product or service. e-mail: • SELEX Communications logo is a trademark of SELEX Communications SpA. Printed in Italy. e-P-IT-058/V2/08/Y