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Company Profile PMCL, or Mobilink GSM, is the market leader ...
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Company Profile PMCL, or Mobilink GSM, is the market leader ...


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Published in: Business
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  • 1.  
  • 2. Company Profile
    • PMCL, or Mobilink GSM, is the market leader in providing state-of-the-art communications solutions to more than 350,000 people in Pakistan. It can proudly boast of being the first cellular service provider in Pakistan to operate on a 100% digital GSM technology.
    • Mobilink offers tariff plans that are exclusively designed to cater to the communication needs of a diverse group of people, taking into account occasional users to businessmen. To achieve this objective, it offers both post paid (Mobilink Star) and the prepaid (JAZZ) solutions to the customers.
  • 3.
    • In addition to providing advanced voice communication services, Mobilink also offers cost efficient data services to its customers. Keeping in mind the customers’ convenience, Mobilink also deals in mobile handsets, sold either independently or bundled in All-in-One Packs. (coming soon Blisterpack ™ ).
    • Mobilink GSM has the most efficient distribution channels that facilitate the sales of their products and services in more than 30 cities and towns across the country. These include:
      • An in-house Sales Team. In their call center there are 12 leaders and many employees working 4 different shifts.
      • Mobilink GSM Centers (Pakistan’s first franchised network in telecom.) There are 3 main branches and 16 franchises in Karachi.
      • Connect Point-Of-Sales Express Shops (POS)
    Company Profile (cont...)
  • 4.
    • What makes Mobilink GSM the preferred choice of its customers is that we provide state-of-the-art value Added Services that no other cellular operator offers. A few of these include Short Message Service (SMS), Mobilink GSM-The News Infoservices, Mobilink GSM G-Mail, Mobilink GSM G-Mail, Mobilink GSM Fax & Data Services, International Roaming, Secure Communication and Innovative tariff structures
    Company Profile (cont...)
  • 5. Mission Statement
    • 1. To provide a mobile phone connection for the common man.
    • 2. To be a superior communications service company in Pakistan which provides the best value to its customers, employees, business partners and shareholders
  • 6. Mobile Networks
    • During the last five years, Mobilink has set up one of the largest cellular networks in the country. Currently, we are covering more than 55 cities and towns. This has involved an investment in the company of more than US$ 150 million. We have 3 Switches and more than 141 cell sites across the country and plan to add about the same number of cell sites in the next two years.
    CMG SMSC 900Mhz Operating Frequency DMC Microwave Equipment Siemens Intelligence Networks Kingston Billing System Motorola Radio Base Stations Siemens Switches
  • 7. Market share of Cellular Operators in Pakistan
  • 8. Growth 570,888 2001-2002 309,272 2000-2001 114,272 1999-2000 87,556 1998-1999 82,912 1997-1998 52,600 1996-1997 16,385 1995-1996 No. of Subscribers Year
  • 9. Company Software
    • Fix plus
    • Jupiter 2.2
    • ICRM (internet customer relation manager)
    • Team point
  • 10. Employee Structure
    • The employee structure is:
      • Associates
      • Asst. managers
      • System managers
      • Senior executives
      • Regional heads
      • Department heads
    • Note : there are level 1’s and level 2’s in regards to the positions above .
  • 11. Employee Facts
    • They have over 1000 employees in Karachi. They have recently gone through the restructuring management and they have fired many people in various departments because they were overstaffed.
    • They conduct on-the-job training.
    • First they look at your resume, then after analyzing your credentials you have an interview, then you are put on a short-list. All hiring of new employees must be authorized by the Main Office in Islamabad
    • Employees can get:
      • Bonuses
      • Connections
      • High pay
      • commission
      • increments
      • promotions
  • 12. Automation
    • Overall the level of automation is 85%.
    • Most of the departments integrate a partially automated system to do their work. For example in the billing dept., customer's details such as the customer's balance, etc. are kept on Jupiter 2.2. Then the employee writes a check and mails it to the person.
    • The level of automation is comparable to other countries, however;
    • Pk is a developing country and they face some problems.
  • 13. Office
    • Employees are satisfied with their office equipment and the ambiance of the workplace.
    • They have state-of-the-art equipment in their offices including:
      • Fully-equipped P4 computers with the latest software.
      • Later model Xerox scanners, printers, Photostat machines, and fax machines.
      • Business phones on a closed network.
      • The employees sit in cubicles that are modern, and fully furnished
      • Large meeting room with multimedia equipment and other facilities
      • A break room for the employees
      • A visitor’s lounge
      • A reception desk
      • And much more
  • 14. Marketing
    • Most of the advertising work of Mobilink is outsourced to a company called Manhattan Pvt. Limited. Also, their main marketing department center is in Lahore.
    • Because Mobilink wants to contribute to society they do help sponsor various fundraisers, concerts, and more.
    • Mobilink has TV coverage, press ads, and media ads to spread the word about Mobilink GSM.
    • Currently, Mobilink is dealing with Askharli Bank and they have a deal where they provide leasing for the customers.
  • 15. Awards And Achievements
    • ISO 9002 Quality Management System Certification for Billing and Engineering Departments.
    • Implementation of a full Intelligent Network (IN) platform from Siemens for the Prepaid platform.
    • Biggest Call Center in Pakistan , which is there to assist the customers 24 hours.
    • Only cellular service in Pakistan to provide coverage on the M2 motorway .
    • Bilateral roaming agreements signed with 50 countries around the world to have true roaming service operational in over 80 operators of the world.
    • MOBILINK GSM's Short Message Service Center allows Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management services that are being provided by Tracker (Pvt.) Ltd. , under the brand name of C-Track, a company licensed by Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA). Tracker currently operates from Karachi but can provide these facilities at all those locations where GSM coverage is available.
  • 16. Future Plans
    • With increasing usage of the Internet and the convergence between data and cellular technologies, Mobilink's focus is on the integration of Internet with its cellular offering. With this objective in mind, it plans to invest heavily in Value Added Services, which will result in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of cellular communications for their customers.
    • These include:
    • High Memory Capacity SIMs ( Intel PXA800F Cellular Processor )
    • Mobile commerce & Mobile Banking with a number of Banks
    • Personalized services like Wake-up and Reminder calls.
    • Bill presentment on the web site.
    • On-line bill payment facility for customers.
    • Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) services for customers to access Internet applications on WAP enabled Mobilink handsets .
    Presented by: R. Vora, Voracious Productions