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Autocab gt Welcome

  1. 1. Autocab gt Welcome -Owner Edit- The Autocab system provides a complete solution to booking and dispatch for taxi and minibus companies worldwide Rosum Corporation Rosum Reliable Location Inside and Out -Owner Edit- Rosum Corporation The Leader In IndoorOutdoor Location Tempus Microsystems -Owner Edit- Tempus Microsystems combines everything you need to helpyou become more efficient more productive safer and more accountable And of course save money Vehicle Tracking -Owner Edit- Vehicle tracking services that capitalize on satellite and cellular technologies that supports text messaging with a webbased application MATCO Industries Incnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp -Owner Edit- Solution for asset tracking and basic message delivery system with integrated Global Positioning System and bidirectional radio frequency communication support Synapse Vehicle Monitoring System -Owner Edit- System based on GPS Internet and GSM technology Customer support on a 24x7 basis worldwide Meute Technologies tracking enablers -Owner Edit- Offers three technology platforms to address the tracking requirements Vehicle Security and Fleet Management by GPS and Cellular Network -Owner Edit- Vehicle Security and Fleet Management based on GPS Global Positionioning System and Cellular Network -Owner Edit- Distributor of GPS based vehicle tracking systems in wireless realtime and passive historical systems for kids and antitheft devices GPS Tracking Systems Devices for vehicle person and asset GPS tracking -Owner Edit- GPS and GSM systems for vehicle tracking asset management and people locating via GPS devices and mobile phones using web PC and phone based applications Welcome to LandAirSeacom quotYour source for the Ultimate Vehicle Tracking Devicesquot -Owner Edit- GPS Vehicle Tracking Technology GTT Engineering -Owner Edit- Specializing in the design development and integration of wireless mobile data and RFID systems for multimodal transportation fleet mobile workforce conference and event management Singapore Vehicle Tracker Tracking your vehicles location in realtime -Owner Edit- Provides vehicle tracking and telematics solutions in the UK and Europe
  2. 2. ISR FleetTrack Home -Owner Edit- ISR FleetTrack Enhanced fleet management using AVL automatic vehicle location and GPS Monitor your fleet in realtime communicate digitally with a MDT mobile data terminal control your mobile assets through vehicle tracking and customized reports FleetTrax Fleet Tracking and Vehicle Tracking Products -Owner Edit- FleetTrax offers fleet and vehicle tracking products to help business maximize profits with savings on gas maintenance and repairs GPS Tracking and Vehicle Tracking Systems -Owner Edit- GPS Tracking Global Communications is the leading supplier of GPS and vehicle tracking systems for automotive fleet management Fleetmind Home -Owner Edit- Wireless fleet management with integration between dispatch system drivers and vehicles Spcialistes en GPS et Communications -Owner Edit- TekniREP provides fleet managers with quality services and support in terms of product selection project management installation and training for productivity solutions such as dispatch gps and onboard recorders black box The Invisible Monitor -Owner Edit- Web based fleet automation system that monitors tracks manages and analyzes field operations OuterLink Wireless Data That Works -Owner Edit- Tracking systems mobile satellite data communications service and software for mapping and messaging Vehicle monitoring using gps systems -Owner Edit- Monitor your vehicles from your personal computer Vehicle Monitoring offers tracking solutions for business TLR Systems Tracking Locating Recovery -Owner Edit- Long Range Tracking Short Range Tracking GPS Tracking Personal Locator Beacons Property Recovery Parental Controls Diplomat By DCS -Owner Edit- Offers Diplomat vehicle location and fleet management services Locarta Vehicle Tracking -Owner Edit- Locarta Vehicle Tracking GPS vehicle tracking system at GPS Vehicle Tracking vehicle tracking UK -Owner Edit- GPS vehicle tracking system provided by Locate Security Real time GPS vehicle tracking system offer a system of company vehicle tracking
  3. 3. SimplyTrak vehicle tracking system gps vehicle tracking satellite tracking system and vehicle trac -Owner Edit- Vehicle Tracking systems UK Fleet management systems SimplyTrak from Creative Cellular Solutions Index of -Owner Edit- Realtime Internet based GPS tracking solutions WS2com -Owner Edit- Web based tracking software Includes detailed product information and client list miTrek the Online Vehicle Tracking and Management System -Owner Edit- a Vehicle Tracking System miTrek Driver management GPS Vehicle Tracking GPS Vehicle Tracking Vehicle Tracking System internet tracking alive tracking alarm management fleet management fleet tracking fleet tracking system alarm management Sy Welcome to Ultradata Systems -Owner Edit- Designs manufactures and markets handheld electronic data retrieval computers which provide directions and various travel services information Missouri USA Nasdaq ULTR SkyBitz Trailer Tracking Solution -Owner Edit- Tracking and communications services based on Global Locating System GLS technology NextBus GPS satellite tracking of transit shuttles and trains -Owner Edit- Combines GPS data with predictive software to give arrival times for the next few vehicles either on the Internet or at the stop CKM Intech Ltd -Owner Edit- Provides a Web base real time tracking by using GPS and GPRS technologies Hong Kong China Vascotrack Fleet Management and Monitoring Solutions -Owner Edit- vascotrack gsm gprs gps fleet management tracking and monitoring solutions using the low power discreet v52 LoJack Car Security System for Stolen Vehicle Recovery -Owner Edit- LoJack is the only car security system for stolen vehicle recovery operated by police that was designed to actually track and recover stolen vehicles Cancom Tracking Providing tracking and communication for the transportation industry -Owner Edit- Cancom Tracking provides tracking and communication for the transportation industry NaviTag Technologies Inc provides near realtime visibility and cargo tracking of container shipmen -Owner Edit- Provides visibility and security solutions to corporate and government agencies enabling them to monitor their cargo shipments worldwide GPS Vehicle Tracking Fleet Management and Security -Owner Edit-
  4. 4. GPS vehicle trackers and vehicle management systems including software also alarms pagers and other car security products SECTRACK FLEET MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS -Owner Edit- SECTRACK is known as the company that made Inmarsat D technology usable and affordable Now used in fleet management applications all over the world By having the wholsesale approach combined with top of the line service SECTRACK has incresaed quantity VehicleTrackcom Automatic Vehicle Location service GPS vehicle tracking modems Internetbased R -Owner Edit- vehicletrackcom Internet based vehicle tracking products and service Using GPS Global Positioning to track trucks trailers and cars over internet from your PC miTrek the Online Vehicle Tracking and Management System -Owner Edit- a Vehicle Tracking System miTrek Driver management GPS Vehicle Tracking GPS Vehicle Tracking Vehicle Tracking System internet tracking alive tracking alarm management fleet management fleet tracking fleet tracking system alarm management Sy Vehicle Tracking Car Tracking Car Tracker Digicore -Owner Edit- Digicore Vehicle Tracking Confused with the vehicle tracking choice Get peace of mind with DigiCore Our 2 year track record means your investment is safe with us Call us today on 2 8499 88 for details uLocate Communications7 Home197 -Owner Edit- Developer of location based services leveraging GPS enabled mobile phones and the internet to deliver solutions for locating tracking and communicating with individuals and vehicles a 24 x 7 basis GPS Solutions for Fleet Management Mobilizz Inc -Owner Edit- GPS Solutions for Fleet Management and Mobile Computing We specialize in the selection delivery and integration of GPS management tools and process improvement utilizing hand held computing Satellite Vehicle Tracking Systems Wireless Communications Hardware Manufacturer -Owner Edit- Idaco located in Fargo North Dakota manufacturers and markets hardware and software products for the wireless communications industry from satelite vehicle tracking to radio and smr EmbedX Embedding Excellence -Owner Edit- Provides GSM based embedded product for transport logistics and fleet management aiming towards collaborative transportation Object moved -Owner Edit- GPS Software for automatic vehicle location and tracking via radio cellphone or satellite LunarEye Inc GPS Tracking Systems -Owner Edit- LunarEYE provides Internetenabled Wireless Asset Tracking Systems The system combines Global Position Satellite Cellular and Paging technology with patented Power Management to provide a wireless tracking data and remote control system that can work ESITrack Vehicle Tracking Vehicle Tracking System GPRS Vehicle tracking -Owner Edit- Vehicle tracking system from ESITrack Automatic Vehicle Locator Device AVL using GPS GSMGPRSSMS GPS tracking system add your fleet management with best vehicle tracking system at low cost
  5. 5. Gps Tracking System Gps Vehicle Tracking Solutions Gps Tracking Device GPS Northmerica -Owner Edit- GPS North America GPSNA provides complete GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management system in real time GPSNA has endless GPS vehicle tracking solutions Cordic Data Despatch and GPS Tracking systems -Owner Edit- Computerised real time GPRS based data despatch and GPS Tracking Synovia GPS Tracking Solutions for the School Bus Industry and Commercial Fleets -Owner Edit- GPS Solutions for the School Bus Industry and ServiceOriented Fleets GPS Vehicle Tracking All Track Distributing GPS Truck Tracking -Owner Edit- Distributor of products such as realtime historical and passive tracking location based services and PPS navigation USA Mentor Engineering Mobile computing and GPSAVL systems design and implementation -Owner Edit- Wireless data and AVL solutions for commercial fleets GPS Fleet Tracking System Fleet Tracking System Car GPS Fleet Tracking System Vehicle GPS Fleet Trac -Owner Edit- GPS Track Masters has GPS Fleet Tracking System Fleet Tracking System Car GPS Fleet Tracking System Vehicle GPS Fleet Tracking System Fleet Management Fleet Management System Truck GPS Tracking System Isotrak Active Transport Management -Owner Edit- Offers fleet management systems for the logistics and transport industry Applanix A Trimble Company -Owner Edit- Position and Orientation Systems POS were developed specifically for surveying mapping and robust positioning in dynamic environments GPS vehicle tracking ndash Navtrakreg -Owner Edit- GPS solutions for fleets ndash Navtrak provides real time monitoring mapping and reporting for mobile workforces GPS VEHILCE TRACKING FORUM -Owner Edit- A forum for discussing GPS Tracking options Post questions get feedback and check out suppliers and their products The resource cannot be displayed -Owner Edit- Provides mobile asset tracking vehicle location theft detection and equipment recovery solutions using GPS cellular and internetmapping technology Neomatrix Vehicle Tracking System -Owner Edit- Remote vehicle tracking fleet management GPSGSM system Automated reporting of vehicle movement or alarm activation summary reporting of driving time and distance Geofence boundary monitoring
  6. 6. Destinator Technologies -Owner Edit- Click here for Destinator 3D colour Satellite Navigation system for Mobiles PDAs and Laptops Why pay for another screen processor when your device has it already Or buy it with a device for less Danisat Tracking Telemetry and Telephony Solutions -Owner Edit- Tracking and Telemetry Service Provider TTSP Welcome to Braemac in the USA -Owner Edit- Provides a variety of GPS receivers GSMGPRS and CDMA1XRTT modems antennas and power supplies USA CCTV Global 2Way Closed Circuit Television -Owner Edit- Fleet tracking and communication for the US Everyday Wireless -Owner Edit- GPSbased tracking services for school busses snow plows street sweepers and private fleets Also offers a bus rider notification service -Owner Edit- Provides a tracking service using GSM and LBS technology Netherlands Coleman Technologies Inc -Owner Edit- Develops customized vehicle tracking and related product solutions GPS Tracking at Insight USA GPS Vehicle Tracking GPS Tracking System -Owner Edit- GPS Tracking at Insight USA Specializing in GPS vehicle tracking and GPS tracking systems Welcome to VehicleTrackingcom quotYour source for the Ultimate Vehicle Tracking Devicesquot -Owner Edit- Vehicle tracking products including both GPS wireless realtime tracking systems and GPS data recording and playback systems Atom Communications GPS Vehicle Tracking for Commercial Fleet Management across the UK -Owner Edit- Atom provides vehicle tracking and trailer tracking solutions to UK fleet managers including messaging and satellite navigation sat nav solutions for cars transit vans lorries and trailers ENAiKOON SprachDialogsysteme Fernsteuerung Ortung ServiceRufnummern -Owner Edit- ENAiKOON bietet Sprachdialogsysteme Fernberwachung remote Ortung locate mit GPS DGPS GPRS ServiceRufnummern 18 19 7 8 9 Saturn Technologies -Owner Edit- The SENTRY product ensure that communication costs between base and mobile asset remains efficient and cost effective Vehicle tracking system over the Internet -Owner Edit- Roadremotecom Interact with your vehicle security system over the Internet Locate your automobile
  7. 7. shut off the ignition turn on and off automotive accessories Your vehicle is now interactive with the GPS tracking and vehicle security system AMCI Wireless Asset Tracking and Monitoring Technology -Owner Edit- Global provider of wireless hardware and software solutions for asset tracking and monitoring SafetyTrack of Michigan -Owner Edit- GPS tracking designed for a wide range of applications including consumer commercial municipal mass transit law enforcement and public safety MovSat Sistema de logistica y seguimiento satelital devehiculos y cargas -Owner Edit- Logistics system and satellite tracking of vehicles and cargo SimplyTrak vehicle tracking system gps vehicle tracking satellite tracking system and vehicle trac -Owner Edit- Vehicle Tracking systems UK Fleet management systems SimplyTrak from Creative Cellular Solutions ID Systems -Owner Edit- Designs develops and produces wireless monitoring and tracking system which uses radio frequency technology Nasdaq IDSY GPS com Technologies Co -Owner Edit- Distributor global positioning and GSM telecontrol systems includes product specifications company profile and contacts Greece AVL Systems by Track Star International Inc -Owner Edit- Track Star GPS hardware and software provide cost effective technology to manage vehicle fleets and provide security Welcome to HeavyTrackcom -Owner Edit- GPS fleet monitoring and theft detection system for heavy equipment and trucks MobinTeleCom -Owner Edit- MobinTeleCom GPS Fleet Management Solutions Vehicle Locator Asset Tracking -Owner Edit- GPS tracking solutions for fleet asset vehicle location Vehicle tracking technologies which provide cost savings increased return on investment and driver safety Discrete Wireless GPS Fleet Management Vehicle Tracking Fleet Tracking Systems -Owner Edit- The Marcus GPS Fleet Tracking System automatically monitors the locations of service vehicles and provides routing and tracking data GPS Vehicle Tracking Fleet Tracking GPS Tracking -Owner Edit- GPS tracking GPS vehicle tracking fleet tracking cellular tracking truck tracking GPS fleet tracking systems equipment tracking trailer tracking GPS systems
  8. 8. GPS Tracking Asset tracking Wirelss data connection Automotive Telematics -Owner Edit- GPS Tracking Asset tracking Trailer tracking Container tracking Asset Management Solutions Logistics Management Battery Powered GPS and Homeland security available from Oxloc GPS Fleet Tracking GPS Fleet Tracking System GPS Tracking Fleet Management -Owner Edit- Wireless Links offers GPS Fleet Tracking GPS Fleet Tracking System and GPS Tracking Fleet Management SkyTrac -Owner Edit- Automatic flight following twoway text messaging and voice capable systems for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft Fleet Management Fleet Tracking Solutions Vehicle Tracking Solution Orbital Communications UK -Owner Edit- At Orbital Communications in the UK we provide you with cost effective fleet management fleet and vehicle tracking solutions that you control at the touch of a button Home Page Automatic Vehicle Location Fleet Tracking and GPS with AirTrak -Owner Edit- Gain realtime visibility and control of your mobile enterprise with Cloudberryreg the industrys most powerful yet easytouse GPS tracking and communication system trakm8 -Owner Edit- Click here for the new and updated trakm8 website trakm8 is the Ultimate Vehicle Companion Combining satellite GPS Gloabal Positioning System GPRS and GSM mobile it facilitates a partnership between your vehicle and your mobile phone providing veh Track my Nextel i86 GPS enabled camera cell phone -Owner Edit- Track your GPS cell phone Boost or Nextel Fleet Management GPS GPS Vehicle Tracking from FleetBoss Global Positioning Solutions -Owner Edit- Fleet management systems include software and gps receivers that allow for 24 hour gps vehicle tracking Our fleet tracking system saves money and increases efficiency FleetBoss Global Positioning Solutions GPS Fleet Management Software amp GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices Real Time amp Passive GPS Tracki -Owner Edit- Real Time GPS vehicle tracking and Passive GPS fleet tracking and fleet management systems Multiple vehicle tracking devices from one source Wireless download CHECKmate G4 UpLink MARCUS GPS System Magellan GarminVehicle Navigation LocationWare your provider for telematic solutions -Owner Edit- Solutions for individuals and vehicles with mapping service Provides GPS GSM Inmarsat based applications Germany GlobalTrack monitor your movements -Owner Edit- With the GlobalTrack system you are able to observe all global movements in your supply chain
  9. 9. Airport Vehicle Tracking TriosPinPoint -Owner Edit- Airport tracking equipment consisting of transmitters transcievers and displays USA OnBoard Communications Inc -Owner Edit- onboard is a leading supplier of location services including personal location personal safety roadside assistance emergency assistance and vehicle tracking services Transtrite Technologies Pvt Ltd -Owner Edit- Provides an engine board a small tracking hardware and a satellite transceiver 2way terminal India Corp Ten International GPS Tracking Equipment Software -Owner Edit- Corp Ten International is a world leader in the design of GPS based tracking and messaging systems We are a turnkey provider of GPS tracking software and hardware using our Unitrac and AutoFind products to provide comprehensive and flexible tracking sys Clover Farms Dairy -Owner Edit- Clover Farms is a dairy farm of Pennsylvania Dutch dairy country that makes packages and distributes dairy and other products such as iced tea lemonade fruit juice fruit drinks and private labelcopackaged products to retailers on the East Coast TechnoCom Wireless services and software solutions tomanage E911 E112 wireless location systems -Owner Edit- TechnoCom is a leadingedge provider ofwirelesslocation services location based services as well as a provider of GPSTracking DevicesVehicle tracking devices and fleet solutions Welcome to gpstrackbe -Owner Edit- Software for dispatching vehicles or persons based on Microsoft mobile devices Belgium GPS Tracking Vehicle Tracking Tracking System GPS System -Owner Edit- HunterPro GPS manufacturer vehicle tracking and car tracking GPS vehicle tracking using GPS GSM Vehicle car tracking vehicle truck tracking and vehicle location with GPSAVL software GSM modem with GPSAVL SMS or GPRS location AVL software and GPS TrackerTEL -Owner Edit- Provides cellular Internet and personal computer realtime tracking service and software USA foresolutionsempowering the mobile workforce -Owner Edit- Foresolutions supply vehicle tracking systems 446 licencefree radio business mobile phones and fixed line solutions Accueil -Owner Edit- Web service for fleet management and vehicle tracking Radioactive NetworksHome -Owner Edit- Supplier of GPS tracking hardware and software Has expertise in wireless communications networks Quartix vehicle tracking system gps vehicle tracking satellite tracking system and vehicle trackin -Owner Edit-
  10. 10. Vehicle Tracking Systems from Quartix in the UK A system based on GPS Internet and GSM technology Destinator Technologies -Owner Edit- Wireless and GPS satellite based location tracking technology solutions GMD Electronics Cell Phone and Satellite System Specialists -Owner Edit- Experts in Satellite Systems and Cell Phones Nextel TMobile Verizon Wireless ATT Wireless DirecTV Dish Network Starband DirecWay TV RCA in the Houston Texas Area KwikFleet Business Logistic Intelligence Home -Owner Edit- Provides vehicle location services fleet management and mobile tracking Malaysia -Owner Edit- Location and positioning systems for security and fleet management applications SecureFleet Fleet Management Systems -Owner Edit- Notifier fleet management systems combines GPS technology and nationwide wireless data networks in USA Track the location and condition of multiple vehicles in a fleet Tracker Tech Tracking Navigation Telecommunications -Owner Edit- Design and development of asset tracking vehicular navigation and specialized telecommunications equipment systems Roadeye Offering Real Time Vehicle Tracking throughout UK Europe using GRPS GPS -Owner Edit- RoadEye offers real time vehicle tracking throughout the UK and Europe using GPS and GPRS technology Backed by our experienced partners including Your Communications Telogis Home GPS Fleet Management -Owner Edit- Sophisticated fleet tracking and management system using GPS vehicle tracking hardware and webbased software Enterprise fleet tracking solution Gelix Wireless Enterpises design and manufacture of wireless smart terminals -Owner Edit- Numerex the M2M Solutions provider machinetomachine mobiletomachine mantomachine -Owner Edit- Numerex Nasdaq NMRX is a wireless machinetomachine M2M communications technology and solutions business Covertrax automotive wireless communications and asset management solutions -Owner Edit- A leader in sourcing and installing CAN bus data recording Interpretation systems Fleet management systems Wireless Bluetooth communication devices and Vehicle power supplies Welcome to CarBug -Owner Edit- Offers personal GPSbased systems for tracking cars trucks children and aircraft GuardMagic GPS vehicle monitoring system GPS vehicle tracking system GPS guard system Satellite
  11. 11. -Owner Edit- GuardMagic GPS vehicle monitoring and tracking system Satellite vehicle guard fleet management and navigation system GPS tracking GSMGPS boat guard and alarm system GPS monitoring logging and control system GSM access control and monitoring sy Home -Owner Edit- Supply and install real time systems for private and commercial vehicles alike also plant and machinery Provides live and historical data on street level mapping WMdata -Owner Edit- Solution for tracking mobile objects Navstar Online Vehicle Management Web based tracking realtime tracking Fleet Satellite Navig -Owner Edit- Provides Internet commercial tracking system and fleet management software UK Macromedia Flash Player nicht aktuell -Owner Edit- Navigation software based on linux expandable by detailed maps for 17 European countries Go to TrakPro -Owner Edit- Offers GPS wireless radiobased vehicle and asset tracking systems for fleet and asset management Fleetwatch Tracking powered by CELtrak Logon -Owner Edit- Satellite based vehicle monitoring systems used in a broad range of fleet management applications Pinpointers Telematics Vehicle Tracking Home -Owner Edit- Pinpointers Telematics hosted realtime GPRSGPS vehicle tracking solutions Pinpointers vehicle fleet tracking GPS Vehicle Tracking ProductsDiscrete Wireless DealerAtlanta GeorgiaMarcus TransmitterFlorida A -Owner Edit- Retailer of 247 vehicle tracking solutions provides sales installation and service of all types of vehiclefleet tracking products Oskando -Owner Edit- Telematics and M2M solutions engineering and producing of GSM based telematic devices and controllers system integration Fleetseen Vehicle Tracking Tracker Home -Owner Edit- Reseller of AVL systems that provide vehicle satellite tracking and mobile data solutions GEOTABGPSCheckmate GEOTAB passive wireless fleet tracking for mid to large fleets -Owner Edit- GEOTAB provides the CHECKmate passive GPS Fleet Tracking System for mid to large sized fleets with no monthly fees QUALCOMM Wireless Business Solutions -Owner Edit- Qualcomm Wireless Business Solutions is a total provider of strategic wireless solutions and services that leverage proven secure technology to deliver measurable longterm business value across the enterprise
  12. 12. Domain Name Renewal and web hosting from Network Solutions -Owner Edit- Domain name renewal and affordable web hosting packages from Network Solutions Fleet Management Solutions Satellite GPS tracking systems -Owner Edit- Features about GPS vehicle tracking in the management of commercial vehicles Offers in some details their techniques and methodologies towards fleet management gps on sale GPS garmin magellan garmin gps magellan gps gps unit gps system gps tracking ve -Owner Edit- GPS Specializing in garmin magellan garmin gps magellan gps gps unit gps system gps tracking vehicle tracking gps receiver gps for car gps vehicle tracking vehicle tracking system and navigation car GPS GPRS SMS Electronic Vehicle Personal and Asset Tracking -Owner Edit- Designs and sell tracking solutions specializing in digitizing maps for areas where they do not exist UK 3rd Eye Technologies Ltd Satellite Navigation and Vehicle Tracking Specialists -Owner Edit- Provide vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions for business to business and commercial customers UK Vericom -Owner Edit- Our vehicle tracking and security solutions increase profits for service and distribution organizations Our monitoring solutions not only locate and track vehicle locations using GPS technology but also translate vehicle activity into an easytouse rep iTrack Solutions Inc -Owner Edit- Provider of realtime wireless GPS tracking AVL military and custom tracking solutions GPS Vehicle Tracking Atlanta GeorgiaDiscrete Wireless Dealer Global Business Concepts -Owner Edit- The GPS tracking specialists at Global Business Concepts in Atlanta offer stateoftheart satellite vehicle tracking systems and wireless communication services Contact us today1877251665Your Atlanta vehicle tracking source for Georgia vehicle Intuicom Wireless GPS Solutions for Critical Remote Monitoring and Control -Owner Edit- Intuicom provides wireless data communication networks with optional embedded SmartGPSreg location technology for monitoring and controlling networks of remote or mobile devices Fleet Management Software Solutions Geotabs Fleet Management -Owner Edit- GPS monitoring of vehicle fleets RCN Conti -Owner Edit- Vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions using GSMGPS and satellite technology AccuTracking Online RealTime GPS Cell Phone Tracking Vehicle Tracking Device -Owner Edit- Online GPS cell phone tracking service Webbased locating mapping messaging and reporting for vehicle fleet people and assets
  13. 13. Trimble Notice Page Unavailable -Owner Edit- Fleet management and mobile asset tracking systems GPS Satellite Tracking -Owner Edit- Wholesaler of satellite tracking device for fleet management of all transport vehicles including trucks buses vans and cars Australia main -Owner Edit- Wireless fleet communications systems Products include mobile data terminals and AVLGPS vehicle tracking systems Pudlington Technologies Pte Ltd -Owner Edit- World First SMSSMTPHTTPTCPIP Multimode GPSGSMGIS Vehicle Tracking System GPS Management Systems -Owner Edit- GPS Management provides AVL solutions for vehicles fleets and heavey equipment Mobile Tracking Systems Vehicle Tracking Devices for UK and EU fleet operators -Owner Edit- Mobile Tracking Systems Vehicle Boat Caravan Hot air Balloon yacht and motorcycle tracking plus Satellite Navigation and data transmission for UK and European business and individuals using Mobitex and GPRS DigiCore Holdings Ltd -Owner Edit- The business of the DigiCore Group is to provide and disseminate pertinent management information to its customers both commercial and industrial for the efficient and effective management of mobile assets such as vehicles and their cargo for both logis Thales Telematics Vehicle Telematics Solutions -Owner Edit- Thales Telematics Solutions for Vehicle Telematics TracAsia VectorTrac Stolen Vehicle Recovery GPRS Tracking -Owner Edit- RF doppler tracking even locates stolen cars hidden inside metal containers gps satellite fleet monitoring joint venture available view online demo KG Intelligent Systems Limited -Owner Edit- At the forefront of technological breakthroughs KG Intelligent Systems Limited is a worldleader in the design development deployment and support of telematics transport wireless communication technologies and information s TravelEyes 2 GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems Travel Eyes 2 TravelEyes2 -Owner Edit- Personal tracking device for private investigators YSA Welcome To polstarGPS Manufacturer in Taiwan SAT NAV System Car Navigation Auto Navigation Car GPS -Owner Edit- Makes navigators for vehicles and other devices such as receivers and antennas
  14. 14. Wherify Wireless -Owner Edit- Products and services using GPS and cellular technologies to locate people or property through the Internet or phone Satamatics Global Satellite Telematics and MicroTelemetry Solutions -Owner Edit- Satamatics provides global Satellitebased Telematics and MicroTelemetry solutions that put you in control anywhere and anytime Our global Inmarsat D Satellite Telecommunications network utilises Inmarsat geostationary satellites providing truly gl GPS Tracking Solution Provider WebTech Wireless -Owner Edit- Wireless Vehicle Location Services Provider delivering GPS tracking twoway messaging telemetry and invehicle navigation for small to large commercial fleets Timed jump to a new page -Owner Edit- AriaGLB products manufacturer offering products for automatic vehicle location mobile data railroads mining taxis aircraft telemetry robotics and public safety applications GPS Tracking GPS Vehicle Tracking products for monitoring of teen drivers -Owner Edit- Products that allow the tracking of vehicles trailers and equipment to improve efficiency productivity and accountability EarthTRAK GPS Vehicle Tracking -Owner Edit- Provides equipment software and provisioning for all types of GPS vehicle management and asset tracking GPS Vehicle amp Fleet Tracking Systems UK Pin Pointer -Owner Edit- Real time system that send a message when the vehicle enters or leave a location Terion -Owner Edit- Trailer tracking solution trailer security and asset management system for refrigerated GPS Flatbed and container cargo Welkom bij Tecnocon -Owner Edit- Produces markets and services the retreever after theft system for vehicle recovery WhereTech Affordable GPS Based Fleet Management Systems -Owner Edit- Distributes affordable GPS based MS Office compatible tracking units and base stations for use in cities schools and service fleets techno india -Owner Edit- Hardware and software solutions in the area of automatic vehicle location tracking mobile data communication and fleet management applications Watts ManGo Helping you to manage your fleet anywhere anytime -Owner Edit- GPS and GSM based vehicle tracking system for small and medium sized fleets in the UK
  15. 15. SkyTrackers GPS Tracking Systems -Owner Edit- Supply automatic vehicle location systems and related equipment GPS fleet tracking products installed in thousands of vehicles nationwide -Owner Edit- Our vehicle and construction equipment tracking devices are used by thousands nationwide Asset Tracking Management RJI Inc -Owner Edit- RJI turns the location of valuable assets into visible icons on computer screens and handheld devices Assets may be construction equipment on a job site file folders in an office critical pallets of inventory in a warehouse vehicles gps vehicle tracking system commercial VSOL -Owner Edit- gps vehicle tracking system commercial VSOL manufacture and supply robust cost effective vehicle tracking systems for organisations operating commercial and fleet vehicles in and from the UK The analysers are installed in the vehicle with a support which is included as an option in the sco -Owner Edit- Information on automatic passenger counting system products and services Vigil Systems nbspHomepage -Owner Edit- Requires measurement of operational parameters whether it is speed location driver performance vehicle performance or payload monitoring SmartMove taxis Home -Owner Edit- Taxi dispatch system operating over the GPRS mobile phone network incorporating GPS tracking for zonebased dispatch and userend tracking with graphic mapping software Australia Rocket Technologies Home -Owner Edit- Provides a trailer tracking device USA DBT Web Site -Owner Edit- GPS based vehicle tracking hardware and software GPS GSM GPRS tracking devices amp systems FindWare UK Ltd -Owner Edit- GPS tracking of vehicles people and assets based on miniature integrated GPS GSM tracking devices GPS Vehicle Fleet TrackingProducts and Solutions Provided by Allied CommunicationsPittsburgh Penns -Owner Edit- Consults businesses and consumers about wireless voice and data communications products throughout the US PacComm Packet Radio Systems -Owner Edit- GPS receiverpacket modem and micro controller device to controll external RF transmitters Remote Knowledge Coming Soon -Owner Edit- Development and sales of vehicle tracking devices with interactive communications to monitor equipment performance and for theft intervention or recovery
  16. 16. GPS Fleet Tracking Systems Vehicle Tracking Systems -Owner Edit- Historical and real time GPS vehicle tracking systems for fleets and individuals SmartTrack -Owner Edit- Internet Vehicle Tracking and Messaging all from one web page using GPRS technology http://www.conti- ABIresearch ‫ דורג כספק טלמטיקס ראשון ע"י‬ ‫ דורג שני‬ ‫ שלישי‬ ‫ חמישי‬ ‫ שישי‬ ‫ שביעי‬ ‫ שמיני‬ / ‫ חברת יעוץ אפשרות חבירה לפרויקט‬ ‫חברת בת‬ ‫של וולסווגן‬ ‫/ יש להם מוצר מתחרה לאיתור מכולות אבל אולי ירצו גם את שלנו‬ ‫ אולי מתחרה אולי לקוח‬ ‫ אולי מתחרה אולי לקוח‬
  17. 17. ‫ אבטחת כלי רכב‬ ‫ אולי מתחרה אולי לקוח‬ ‫ מתחרה מפינלנד‬ ‫ אולי מתחרה אולי‬ ‫/ -מתחרה לאבטחת מכוניות‬ ?‫ - מתחרה אבל אולי לקוח‬ ‫ איתור ואבטחת ציוד‬ ‫/ איתור ואבטחת מכוניות‬ ‫/ ניהול צי רכב של סקניה‬ / ‫ - אינטגרטורים של אבטחה‬ ?‫מתחרה אבל אולי לקוח‬ / ‫ פתרונות התוכנה של מיקרוסופט‬ ?‫ מתחרה אבל אולי לקוח‬ / / ‫חברה שיכולה לספק ערך שיווקי, עסקי‬ ‫ קשר עם לשכת המסחר באנגליה ואיש קשר בשגרירות‬ ‫בריטניה בתל אביב‬
  18. 18. / ?‫/ - נראה מתחרה אבל אולי ירצו לקנות‬ / ‫ חברה שיכולה לסייע בקשרים עסקיים‬nodeid=5176&pageversion=2 / / / / / / /
  19. 19. / / / / / / / Member Societies of the EAEC AAA - Belarus Academic Automotive Association Belarusian National Technical University Tel.: +375 17 232 8205 F. Skaryny Ave. 65 Fax: +375 17 237 3631 220 013 Minsk / Belarus E-mail: AAE NICIAMT 141800 Dmitrov-7 Tel.: +7 095 587 7071 Moscow Region Fax: +7 096 224 2433 Russia E-mail: AMETS-AG - Slovenia Faculty of Mechanical Engineering University of Ljubljana Tel.: +386 61 177 1305 Askerceva 6 Fax: +386 61 218 567 1000 Ljubljana / Slovenia E-mail: ATA - Italy Website: Strada Torino 32A Tel.: +39 011 9080 401-2-3 i-10043 Orbassano TO Fax: + 39 011 9080 400 Italy E-mail:
  20. 20. CSA - Czech Republic Czech Automotive Society c/o Czech Technical University Tel.: +420 2 2039 5138 Technická 4 Fax: +420 2 2039 5164 CZ-16607 Praha 6 / Czech Republic E-mail: CroSev - Croatia Croation Society for Engines and Vehicles Technicki fakultet Rijeka Tel.: +385 51 651 523 Vukovarska 58 Fax: +385 51 675 818 51000 Rijeka / Croatia E-mail: GTE - Hungary Scientific Soc. of Mech. Engineering Tel.: +36 1 202 0582, 202 0656 P.O. Box 433 Fax: +36 1 202 0252 H-1371 Budapest / Hungary IMechE - Great Britain Website: Automobile Division Tel.: +44 (0) 20 7973 1245 1 Birdcage Walk Fax: +44 (0) 20 7973 0182 London SW1H 9JJ, UK E-mail: JUMV - Serbia and Montenegro Website: Yugoslav Society of Automotive Engineers Tel.: +381 11 3370 358, 3370 652 University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mech. Eng Fax: +381 11 3370 364 PO Box 34 E-mail: cduboka@EUnet.yu YU-11120 Belgrade 35/Serbia & Montenegro KIVI - Netherlands Website: Automotive Division Tel.: +31 15 269 6404 c/o TNO Automotive Fax: +31 15 262 0766 PO Box 6033 E-mail: NL-2600-JA Delft / The Netherlands ÖVK - Austria Website: Osterreichischer Verein fur Kraftfahrzeugtechnik Tel.: +43 1 585 2741 30 Elisabethstr.26 Fax: +43 1 585 2741 99 1010 Wien / Austria E-mail: SAEB - Bulgaria 108, Rakovski Street Tel.: +359 2 981 8598 PO Box 431 Fax: +359 2 987 9380 1000 Sofia / Bulgaria E-mail: SAITS - Slovak Republic Slovak University of Technology Tel.: +421 2 5729 6306 Nam.Slobody 17 Fax: +421 2 5296 2650 SK-81231 Bratislava / Slovak Republic E-mail: SATG - Switzerland Website: Schweizerische Automobiltechnische Gesellschaft Tel.: + 41 1 632 2441 Im Eichbuhl 59 E-mail: +41 1 632 1139 CH-8405 Winterthur / Switzerland E-mail: SATL - Finland Website: Suomen Autoteknillinen Litto r.y. Tel.: +358 9 451 3470 Koydenpunojankatu 8 Fax: +358 9 451 3496 FIN-00180 Helsinki / Finland E-mail:
  21. 21. SIA - France Societe des Ingenieurs de l'Automobile Website: Immeuble "Le Gabriel Voisin" Tel.: +33 1 41 44 93 70 79, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau Fax: +33 1 41 44 93 79 F-92158 Suresnes Cedex / France E-mail: SIAR - Romania Societatea Inginerilor de Automobile din Romania Tel.: +40 1 410 7799 Splaiul Independentei Nr. 313 Fax: +40 1 411 7799 RO-77206 Bucuresti / Romania E-mail: SIMP - Poland Polish Society of Mechanical Engineers and Technicians Tel.: +48 22 826 4555 UL Swietokrzyska 14a Fax: +48 22 676 2007 Pl-00-050 Warszawa / Poland E-mail: STA - Spain Website: Sociedad de Tecnicos de Automocion Tel.: +34 93 233 2447 and 2441 (Fira de Barcelona) Fax: +34 93 233 2443 Av. Reina M Cristina, s/n E-mail: E-08004 Barcelona / Spain SVEA - Sweden Website: Swedish Vehicular Engineering Association Tel.: +46 31 169 985 Stora Badhusgatan 18-20 Fax: +46 31 169 375 S-411 21 Gothenburg / Sweden E-mail: UBIA - Belgium UBIA - Belgium Union Belge des Ingenieurs de l'Automobile c/o FEBIAC Tel.: +32 11 43 61 96 Blvd. de la Woluwe, 46 Fax: +32 11 43 61 96 B-1200 Bruxelles / Belgium E-mail: VDI - Germany Website: www. VDI-Gesellschaft Tel.: +49 211 6214 445 Fahrzeug- und Verkehrstechnik Fax: +49 211 6214 163 Postfach 10 11 39 E-mail: D-40002 Düsseldorf / Germany,,,FF.html / / /
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