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  1. 1. FELIPE S. MASCAREÑAS 177 Lumban Alley, Palwanan St. Pitogo Makati City 1200 Philippines Mobile No. 639202700202 E-mail address : ipemascarenas27@yahoo.com Summary • Has 14 years extensive experience in Telecommunication Industry which comprises of Telecoms Fraud monitoring, detection and Risk Management, Engineering and Operations functions and handling Technical complaints of costumers.  5 years experience in Fraud Risk Management and Revenue Assurance  5 years experience in SS7 monitoring Tool(Geoprobe)  4 years experience in Cell Site Optimization and Maintenance of AT&T and Motorola CS  3 years experience in Nokia Switch Translation and Integration  3 years experience in conducting Motorola and AT&T Switch feature testing  3 years experience in Motorola EMX 2500 & AT&T Switch Translations  2 years experience in Transmission Equipment Installation and Commissioning • Has pioneered the Wireless Local Loop(WLL) application/service that provided fixed telephone system using wireless technology in Mindanao, the third and most largest island of the Philippines • Has integrated 3 Nokia DX 200 MSC and 1 Nokia TMSC • Has excellent communication, interpersonal and leadership skills. Technical Competencies • Has extensive working knowledge in SS7 protocol and monitoring tool(Geoprobe); Monitoring and Detection of SMS, Voice and Roaming Fraud; Roaming Partner coordination; Vendor Equipment Evaluation; Nokia DX200 Switch Translations; Lucent 5ESS Switch Translation, Operations and Maintenance; Autoplex System 1000 and Motorola EMX 2500; RF Planning and Optimization of AMPS and CDMA network; Installation and commissioning of ECI and DMC transmission Equipment • Proficient in use of Windows NT/XP Operating System, DOS, Visual Basic, Visio, MS Office. Professional Experience SMART COMMUNICATIONS INC. Sept 2000 - Present Telecommunications company that provide communications services that includes Broadband and a nationwide Cellular Network using 3G/GSM/ETACS/GPRS/EDGE System in the Philippines. Feb 2003 - Present Supervisor, Fraud Risk Management • Handles monitoring and detection of Telecoms Fraud (i.e. ISR, Spamming, Faking, Spoofing), including International Roaming transactions using an SS7 monitoring tool (Geoprobe) to generate data for fraud analysis. • Handles the operation, maintenance and analysis of data from an SS7 monitoring tool that aids in troubleshooting concerns raised by Network Engineers. • Handles the risk assessment and testing of new services/Technology, with respect to vulnerability to fraud, prior to launching. • Attends GSM Asia Pacific Fraud forums • Conducts vendor equipment evaluation • Conducts research, development and testing of new fraud cases. • Coordinates with Roaming Partners on escalation and resolution of detected roaming fraud cases. • Acts as a Technical Project Manager of the team. Leads coordination meeting to set the technical requirements of the team with vendors, suppliers as well as with internal partners. Sep 2000 – Feb 2003 Senior System Engineer, CORE Network • Conducts Integration of new element in the network • Prepares engineering work order to support enhancement, expansion and introduction of new services, elements and interconnections with other operators • Handled Nokia DX 200 database translations and Feature testing & Implementation
  2. 2. • Handled Initial Network Acceptance Test(INAT) for upcoming network element; Switch enhancement and Software Updates loading • Conducts coordination meeting with vendors/suppliers on new element integration • Handles troubleshooting of network related problems due to switch translation error • Coordinates and assists in the implementation of new software updates, hardware replacements, and enhancements. • Ensure all system and billing backup procedures are completely followed through the verification process. • Function also includes testing and implementation of different cellular features for Lucent, Motorola and Nokia Switches; Facilitate customer complaints and provide technical support to Marketing team. PILIPINO TELEPHONE CORPORATION 1994 – Sept 2000 Telecommunications company that provide a complete line of communications services that includes a nationwide Cellular network using CDMA/AMPS System, a nationwide Paging Network and a Landline Telephone Service in the Philippines. Jul 2000 - Sep 2000 Senior Systems Engineer, Switch and Base Station Engineering, Network Services Division • Handled Cell site/Switch database and trunk routing translations; Feature testing and Implementation; Switch enhancement and Software Updates loading; • Handled and Implemented EMX 2500 database translations; Created simple and complex routing database and trunk translations; • Conducted testing and have implemented different cellular features for Lucent and Motorola Switches; Facilitated customer complaints encountered during call processing. Jul 1999 - Jul 2000 Supervisor, Operations and Technical Support Group, Customer Service Division • Handled technical requirement within the Customer Service Division. Coordinated with the Engineering group for Customer Service requirements on Technical-initiated projects. • Handled testing and type approval of Terminal Equipment’s (i.e. Mobiles and Pagers), before being accepted into the system. Jun 1997 - Jun 1999 Systems Engineer, VisMin Cellular Mobile Telephone System Division • Handled integration of EMX 2500 Switch with respect to database translations; Cell site/Switch database and trunk routing translations; Feature testing and Implementation; Handles Switch enhancement and Software Updates loading. • Handled and Implemented EMX 2500 database translations; Created simple and complex routing database and trunk translations; Functions also includes testing and implementation of different cellular features for Lucent and Motorola Switches; Ensure efficient switch performance and resources availability; Review and evaluate network configuration design of all switches and peripherals; Facilitate customer complaints encountered during call processing. Jan 1994 - May 1997 Field Operations Engineer, Luzon Cellular Mobile Telephone System Division • Handled optimization of call set-up, traffic performance and hand-off of Motorola and AT&T cell site; Well versed on using SAFCO's SMRTSAM Plus and ZK Sam equipment for collection of RF signal propagation on a street level and in-building signal penetration; Gathered data from the RF signal coverage are processed using Office Propagation and Analysis System (OPAS) software; • Conducted database review and recommendation on cell site parameters and settings; Performs preventive and corrective maintenance of AT&T and Motorola cell site; • Supervised cell site installation and facility equipment installation; Responsible for activation/line- up and troubleshooting of transmission facility(i.e. Microwave, FOC, copper cable, etc.); • Functions also include testing of features and network enhancements for added services; Provides RF Engineering group actual network performance to aid them in frequency planning and cell site coverage enhancements; Conducts subscriber visit to address subscribers complaints.
  3. 3. Education • Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (1988-1993) Adamson University San Marcelino, Ermita, Manila, Philippines • Guadalupe Catholic School (High School, 1984-1988) Guadalupe, Makati City, Philippines TRAININGS/SEMINARS ATTENDED : September 18-21, 2007 Fundamentals Of IP Mandaluyong, Philippines June 14-15, 2007 Next Generation Network (NGN) Fundamentals Mandaluyong, Philippines Aug 16-18, 2006 SS7 Refresher course Makati, Philippines March 9-11, 2005 22nd GSM Asia Pacific Meeting & 10th Asia Pacific Fraud Forum Macau China Sept – Oct 2003 Geoprobe Equipment User and Administrator Training Course Richardson Texas, USA May 2001 NSS System Course Nokia DX 200 New World Hotel Makati City September 2001 DX 200 System Operation & Maintenance Course TRIDENT Building Makati City Oct 1997 - Dec 1997 5ESS Switch, Lucent Training Center Orlando, Florida USA Columbus, Ohio Sep 1997 – Oct 1997 5ESS Operations & Maintenance Centerpoint Hotel, Manila, Philippines Jan 998 - Feb 1998 5ESS Engineering, Centerpoint Hotel,Manila, Philippines Oct 1996 – Nov 1996 ECI SDH Equipment ECI Building Petak Tikvha, Tel Aviv, Israel Oct 1993 – Nov 1993 Digital Radio Transmission Telecommunications Training Institute Valenzuela, Philippines Traffic Engineering Cellular Engineering Home Location Register (HLR) Overview Supervisory Development Programs (1-7) CDMA Technology Overview GSM Technology Overview
  4. 4. GPRS Technology Overview References Available upon request.