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  1. 1. 10-3-6/10 Page 1 of 7 Humayun Nagar Hyderabad, AP, India 500-028 Phone +91 40 23535351, Cell: +91 9885445070 E-mail: gr_anand@yahoo.com Ramanand Gudimanchi Experience: Possess nearly 11 years of rich wireless telecom-wireless semiconductor Embedded experience in GSM, GPRS and SS7 protocols and other communication fields. Work experience of design and development activities with telecom giants like Alcatel and Siemens. Project Management and contribution technically with Semiconductor companies Skyworks and now with Conexant. Experience in working with Alcatel Switches, and GSM wireless BTS like BTS-11, PICO BTS with flavors of 1800, 900, and 1900. iNET, K1205, MA 10 and TEMS protocol analyzer tool, Experienced in Anite network simulators, field traces analysis and re-creation of the problem to debugging to fix issues. Knowledge of ITU and ANSI standards, ETSI-3gpp 0408, 0373, 0309.502, 0407 and 05 series standards. Education: Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics & Communications), 1996 from Karnataka university Dharwad, India. Date of Birth: 21-3-1973. Certifications: • SDL course certification from Telelogic • PMP eligibility course certification from Astrowix Solution services. Technical Profile: Operating Systems Languages worked Areas worked in Features familiar with Nucleus Plus C Embedded Driver API Interface with STB Interface for Set drivers, middleware. Top Box on Arm 9 and Arm 11 AMX RTOS C language TTPCOM protocol TTPCOM interface for bug analysis Skyworks stack , EMP PSOS ‘C’ and ‘SDL’ GSM GPRS, TCAP. K1205, TEMS, MA10 protocol analyzers. EKOS/CEKOS 'C' SS7 ( MTP Layer ), CCS and SS7 concepts, RTOS Exchanges (IPC). Z8000 Assembly Language, Inet Testing Equipment. UNIX ( Solaris & Sys - - Internals of the UNIX V), Linux operating system, Windows NT/ Win 98 'C', - C++, MFC, SDK and VC++ Ms-DOS 'C' - - Ramanand Gudimanchi. Email: gr_anand@yahoo.com Cell: +91 9885445070. Landline: +91 23535351
  2. 2. Page 2 of 7 Management Profile: Creation and updating of Software Project Management Plan, Risk analysis, Defining Task attributes, estimates and cost analysis, People planning, Data Management like metric settings, plan project Resources, Staffing and training, Capture and analysis and planning on parameters like meeting minutes, issues, new requirements, dependencies, monitoring the commitments and work progress, status reporting and presentation and discussion with higher management, capturing data management parameters and analysis, Managing corrective actions on the risks by risk mitigation planning, Involving in the process creation and refining the existing processes of the company Emphasis on Quality, review processes and test refining and product quality, establishing the validation environment to verify productively and qualitatively against the requirement Release baselines, ccb, release plan per strategy and to ensure timely release, determining the products to be base lined etc PMBOK PMI 12 pdus from Astrowix and preparing for PMI examination. Knowledge of Microsoft office, Microsoft project planning. Technical Profile: Positions-Organizations and achievements Project Manager: 1. ORGANIZATION: Skyworks-Conexant PERIOD: May 05 - September 28th 2006 (Skyworks). Conexant (from Oct 3rd 06 – September 27 2008 ) RESPOSIBILITIES: Managed a team in delivering data solutions on Skyworks platform. The projects successfully completed are streaming (RTP, RTSP), Progressive download implementation with Multimedia framework and integration of Polyphony solution. I have contributed to Skyworks CMM level 3 assessments in quality. Other main responsibilities include Performance appraisal, normalization, co-ordination and discussions across sites, motivating the team, Risk analysis and Mitigation plans, status reporting to higher management, Proposing new features and Creation and Updating of SPMP document, Change control Board, updating the Microsoft Planning, Conducting reviews and responsible for timely and quality delivery. Responsible for porting middleware on arm 9 to Arm 11 platforms, configuration management and ensuring the quality of the project, helping team on the debugging, Code reviews and monitoring the daily build. Major Achievements: 1. Taking the In-house development challenge of Progressive download feature, delivered on time and which is one of the highlight to the customer going for the design win. 2. Driving the team to achieve the desired performance on the arm-9 platforms. 3. Delivering Multimedia features on the Mobile platforms with quality and on time, critical for the design win. 4. Individual contribution working on in the integration of watch dog timer, testing and analysis. 5. Our project is especially commended by Opentv customer as the best implemented middleware in opentv’s experience, Appreciated as a project which started late but reaching our milestones early thus working as per the risk mitigation plan 6. Major contribution in CMM level 3 certification Ramanand Gudimanchi. Email: gr_anand@yahoo.com Cell: +91 9885445070. Landline: +91 23535351
  3. 3. Page 3 of 7 Environment: Development environment is “C” language, with Platforms of Arm 7 and Arm 9. Used Trace 32 debugger, lauterbach, AMX KADAK RTOS, tcc compiler, Nucleus Plus RTOS, with Clearcase and Starteam (Borland c++) environment. Websites: www.skyworksinc.com (Hyderabad) www.conexant.com (Hyderabad) Project Leader: 2. ORGANIZATION: Larsen and Toubro InfoTech limited PERIOD: 9th June 2003 – 27th April 2005 RESPOSIBILITIES: Leading a team in GPRS and Dual mode stack project planning and proposals, identification of Project features, gap in implementations and GRR features scope study and implementation of the sim interface and making changes to (G) RR as per the GMM changes. Individual contribution in preparing the test bed towards Conformance testing, planning in GPRS project. Study the existing features and with the skill set of people wrote Proposals and gave presentation to the client. Completely owning and responsible for driving the conformance testing, field testing analysis and problem identification and test bed creation in Sony Ericsson Tokyo for S700i Model and WCDMA protocol of Z100 model. I have simulated on field conditions using the anite scripts by changing the TTCN scripts and c language calls while in GPRS. Responsible for sanity of each release, supported various mobile operators issues. Major Achievements: 1. Proposals to contract successful, established the mobile application and protocols development offshore development centers. 2. Exceeded the objectives of the Tokyo’s sonyericsson (GSM/GPRS/UMTS) protocol group 3. Handled entire R&S and Anite equipment testing and maintenance almost single handedly. 4. Integration and managing Automation of Protocol testing. 5. Analyzed and localized 100% all field bug traces and GCF failures for Citecom GCF certification. 6. Mobile Operator acceptance across globe and IOT issues resolution to close. Environment: C language development, Bugzilla and Rational tools in error reporting, customized clear case GUI as configuration management, GSM, GPRS and UMTS protocol standards, Ericson Mobile Platform(EMP) protocol platform. Experience of Protocol conformance tools like Anite, Rhode and Schwartz, Agilent and Anritsu. Websites: www.lntinfotech.com (Bangalore) www.sonyericsson.com (Tokyo) through Lnt infotech. References: y.v.rao@lntinfotech.com Inoue.Nobuaki, ozaki shinji from Sony Ericsson (Phone +81 3 5782 5304), Fax: +81 3 5782 5259 Ramanand Gudimanchi. Email: gr_anand@yahoo.com Cell: +91 9885445070. Landline: +91 23535351
  4. 4. Page 4 of 7 Project Engineer: 3. ORGANIZATION: Sasken technologies, Bangalore pvt Ltd PERIOD: July 2002 – April 2003 DESIGNATION: Senior Software Engineer RESPOSIBILITIES: Bug fixing in GSM and directly responsible for GSM performance in FTA. Protocol conformance certified by 7 layers Germany. As a product delivery prime directly responsible for main and patch releases. I have coordinated a team of 20 vertical and horizontal module owners of GSM/GPRS protocol stack. 4. ORGANIZATION: OPUSWAVE NETWORKS (Siemens’ company) Colorado Springs USA (Through Entegee consultant) PERIOD: June 2000 – September 2001 DESIGNATION: System Analyst RESPOSIBILITIES:System and Telecom Software Development. GSM stack porting, GSM Stack esp. HANDOVER, SoLSA features, bug fixes, code maintenance 5. ORGANIZATION: AXES TECHNOLOGIES ( I ) PVT LTD. Bangalore, INDIA Phone +91 80 25521056 PERIOD: June 29th 1998 – March 2000 DESIGNATION: Software Engineer RESPOSIBILITIES: Design, Implementing, writing integration test cases, testing of MMI and SS7 related features. 6. ORGANIZATION:RESEARCH CENTRE IMARAT (DRDO), Hyderabad PERIOD: Oct 1996 – June 1998 DESIGNATION:Software Engineer RESPOSIBILITIES: System and Real-Time (iRMX) Software Development, Serial communications and MILSTD 1553 communication, implementation, integration and Testing. Ramanand Gudimanchi. Email: gr_anand@yahoo.com Cell: +91 9885445070. Landline: +91 23535351
  5. 5. Page 5 of 7 Engineer work Profile: Sasken technologies, Bangalore pvt Ltd [July 2002 – April 2003] Major Achievements: 1. Sasken: GSM side of GCF certification is achieved by coordinating a vertical and horizontal module owners, completed GSM IOT and field testing and responsible for fixing bugs. 2. As product delivery prime, i had delivered product deliveries to Internal and external divisions ahead/on time with zero defects Environment: Software: C and some amount of linux shell scripts. Interpreted language: TCL Familiar with TTCN Tools: Worked with TI chip TMS470 JTAG Emulator XDS510 and XCS510PP Debugger: code composer. Bugzilla error reporting, PVCS configuration management. Network Simulator: Anite network simulator Websites: www.sasken.com, Bangalore, India (+91 80 56944000) OPUSWAVE NETWORKS (Siemens’ company) Colorado Springs USA [June 2000 – September 2001] Through Entegee consulting firm. Description: Opus wave Networks is a Siemens’ company, specializes in corporate GSM. Which is the combination of WARP (Wireless Adjunct Internet Platform) GSM base station and integrated Communication server. Opuswave proprietary product WARP, Manages the link between GSM and IP networks Manages handovers between base stations. Harmonizes GSM phone features to PBX features and provides local switching. Opuswave Networks will integrate GSM base stations with existing campus PBX voice and IP-based data networks. The solutions will be compatible with emerging VoIP offerings, as well as General Packet Radio Services (GPRS), Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution (EDGE) and third-generation GSM enhancements. Projects Done: 1. GSM 408 specs call Handover, Intercell, Intracell and Siemens Handover Algorithms 2. Support of GSM for Personalized Communication System (pcs) 1900 for N.America 3. ETSI GSM 0373 specs SoLSA implementation. 4. Integration Testing 5. Porting third party stack to Opuswave wrappers, Design change for new BTS. Major Achievements: 1. Successfully owned and delivered the Handover algorithm implementation and design changes for various BTS environment. 2. Effective coordination and meetings with third party protocol vendor Condat (now TI) 3. As a GSM prime resolved many issues in integration of Opuswave owned protocol stack and Condat(TI) vendor stack. 4. Contributed in Integration test cases Ramanand Gudimanchi. Email: gr_anand@yahoo.com Cell: +91 9885445070. Landline: +91 23535351
  6. 6. Page 6 of 7 5. Effective Team person as a perfect relationship between development and testing team. Environment: Software: C and Telelogic SDL, Hardware: AMD K6 and Intel P3 Operating System: PSOS RTOS, Debugger: CADUL Clearcase configuration Management and Rational quest. Tools: MA 10, K1207, TEMS analyzers, Pico BTS, BTS 11 Base Stations. Websites: www.entegee.com (Opuswave is hence closed) AXES TECHNOLOGIES ( I ) PVT LTD. Bangalore, INDIA [June 29th 1998 – March 2000] Description: . Axes Technologies is 100% subsidiary of Alcatel USA. In Axes Technologies, I was part of Alcatel-Motorola DSC DEX Switches software. Axes received the award excellence award in Megaco product. In Alcatel-Motorola group, I am involved in SS7 protocol stack feature development and enhancements. Projects Done: 1. DPC Enhancements 2. Status Node CBSC (Centralized Base Station Controller) 3. TRUNK SUBSYTEM STATUS MMIs Major Achievements: In complete SLDC I have worked upon, I have played a key role in Integration and key bug fixes. Environment: Software: C and Z800 Assembly Hardware: DEX-600C, RPx (RISC processors) Operating System: EKOS RTOS. Website: Recently taken over by British Telecom RESEARCH CENTRE IMARAT (DRDO), Hyderabad [ Oct 1996 – June 1998] DESIGNATION: Contract Software Engineer RESPOSIBILITIES: System and Real-Time (iRMX) Software Development, Serial communications and MILSTD 1553 communication, implementation, integration and Testing. Ramanand Gudimanchi. Email: gr_anand@yahoo.com Cell: +91 9885445070. Landline: +91 23535351
  7. 7. Page 7 of 7 Areas and Fields of expertise: Domain: Embedded (Experience with various chip sets and IDE), Telecoms (Both Networks and Mobile development, Testing, QA), Wireless, Wire line, C language Development, QA and validation. Embedded systems, telecoms software, Integration of software, configuration management, Quality Analyst, Software (Unit, integration, system and quality)testing and test case and test bed preparation, Middle ware(Drivers integration). My expertise in telecoms tools, ARM Environment development, Debugging the software with lauterbauch using trace 32 and TI chip set using Code Composer IDE. Work environment in various operation systems RTOS for development (like nucleus, PSOS, iRMX etc) Windows xp/98/win2000, linux, Unix PC operating systems. My skill sets include languages of C, c++ (with VC++ environment),various RTOS, Microsoft Project Planning, Excel, word and other office software. Cover Letter: I am Ramanand Gudimanchi, privileged to present my cover note to your esteemed organization. I have around 11 years of IT experience working from End to End life cycle of IT industry esp.in wireless and Telecommunications, including work experience of around 2 years in USA and 1 year in Japan.I have project management experience for more than 2 years in which i have contributed individually too. My skill sets are in Network and Mobile areas in the protocols and applications, Embedded and Integration and Testing. Area of expertise is GSM Protocol and GPRS protocols with brief knowledge of UMTS in protocol development and in validation. I have twice experience in software life cycle from development to integration, Validation (FTA), IOT and Field-testing. My experience is in development include RR layer, SS7 MTP Layer 3. Through out my experience i have used various RTOS and have knowledge of several debugging tools like trace 32 for ARM 9 an ARM 11, TI chipset code composer and various Telecom Tools like Anite, R&S, TEMS with K1207, MA 10 etc. I have also have Middle layer experience working for Set Top Boxes. C Language is my strength with knowledge of C++, TTCN and TCL, with various RTOS working experience. Ramanand Gudimanchi. Email: gr_anand@yahoo.com Cell: +91 9885445070. Landline: +91 23535351