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  • So this all sounds perfect we are in control we are a profession, we own technology strategy, we are the masters of the universe and the business value us, in fact they prize us because we make everyone better. They really do want to look at us like that and everyone is telling them how strategic we are; look at the transformation your own organisation is undertaking, you’re a
  • All we seem to be doing now is taking orders and the food we serve doesn’t taste great, it comes out cold, people get served at different times, and the ingredients are changing daily
  • All Specializations & Roles have the same foundational skills…World-wide focus groups found EA to be a role, not a specializationEA’s are a cost in search of value with many organizations making them consultative groups (i.e., profit-centers) to re-coop costs
  • Well
  • Paul Preiss: Established industry architect (Dell) started IASA as a user group 2002 which later became an organization 2004 and then became a US based 501-6C organisation (not-for-profit) under the mission of making IT Architecture a true profession.Andy Ruth: Founded the MCA and has moved to IASA to make IASA the preeminent authority on Architect education and certification.Distinguished Fellows: Reads like a who’s who of IT industry influencers – all participating in shaping IASA for future value.Worldwide presence means that IASA is well rounded into all aspects of IT audiences, industries, and locations.
  • Ambassador briefing

    1. 1. Architecture is a profession not a job
    2. 2. profession |prəˈfeshən|Nouna paid occupation, esp. one that involvesprolonged training and a formal qualificationa body of people engaged in a particular profession
    3. 3. What is architecture?
    4. 4. The art and science ofdesigning and erecting buildings
    5. 5. The art and science offdelivering valuable technology strategy
    6. 6. Business Technology Strategists citizenwe create shareholder value customer we empower other roleswe own technology strategy
    7. 7. Business TechnologyAlignment
    8. 8. “there were no more worlds left to conquer”
    9. 9. but wait…..
    10. 10. I’m faced with waves of technology and hype Social Networking Utility Computing Enterprise 2.0 Green IT SLA TOGAF EAWeb 2.0 SaaS Virtualisation Utility ESBOO Cloud SAAS PAAS EAAS IAAS NAAS
    11. 11. I’m responsible but not in control
    12. 12. I felt like a fish out of water
    13. 13. What am I? What is an architect
    14. 14. Human Dynamics Business Technology Strategy Design Skills Quality AttributesIT Environment skills
    15. 15. IASA’s Skills Matrix Enterprise Architecture 2nd– Architects should specialise Software Infrastructure Information Business Specialisations Architecture Architecture Architecture Architecture Foundation Body of Knowledge Business Technology Strategy IT Environment Foundation Quality Attributes (5-Pillars)1st – ALL architects Design should have the SAME foundation Human Dynamics 17
    16. 16. The Different Types of Architect18
    17. 17. An Architect is a … Business Technology Strateg 1
    18. 18. Sustainable Architecture requires Team Work
    19. 19. ¿Quién esIASA?
    20. 20. IASA is a GLOBAL organisation Distinguished Fellows • Scott Ambler, IBM • Len Bass, Carnagie Mellon University/SEI • Grady Booch, IBM • Paul Clements, SEI/Carnagie Mellon University • Miriam Grace, Boeing • Richard Hubert, Hubert & Associates GmbH • Max Poliashenko, CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business • Nick Rozanski, Marks and Spencer • Roger Sessions, ObjectWatch • Oliver Sims, Sims Associates • Jeff Tash, Flashmap Systems • Eoin Woods • Angela Yochem, Dell Paul Preiss Gar Mac Críosta IASA Founder IASA Ireland 2
    21. 21. How can you get involved? 23