How To Make Money With Facebook


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This videos gives a preview of the content in and reveals 10 powerful Facebook money making methods!

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How To Make Money With Facebook

  1. 1. • Selling your own Products & Services with your Facebook Page enables you to earn 100% of any sales you make. • If you go this route I recommend producing a digital product because it is very scalable way to make money
  2. 2. • Affiliate Marketing is the Fastest way to get started making good money online • No need to create a product and sales letter • Simply start send traffic as an affiliate and when someone buys you earn a commission
  3. 3. • Use your Facebook page to send traffic to high quality offers • Convert Your Traffic into Cash with Custom Promotional Apps • Post Content with Links to The Product You’re Promoting • Give away a free gift and build an email list
  4. 4. • Clickbank is the webs biggest digital product marketplace • High commissions and reliable payments • Many digital products to choose from • Do your research and only promote high quality products
  5. 5. • You can link to a sales page or include an entire sales letter within Facebook • Using the free “” Facebook iFrame host to develop profitable custom apps • Cloak your affiliate links with a 301 redirect
  6. 6. • Event based marketing is a powerful way to create value and make sales. • Webinars are a powerful platform to use for online events and generating business. • Although most webinar software costs $99/month to start is free for up to 200 Webinar attendees
  7. 7. • CPA stands for “Cost per action” • Get paid for downloads and leads • Neverblue is the best CPA network in my opinion
  8. 8. • Infographics get great results • Watermark your images • Include links in the description • Share your content after posting it
  9. 9. • Limited Time offers are a powerful tool for making sales & getting new clients • Use a Contact Form Facebook App to get people to contact you if they have any questions about your offers • Reply to hot leads with a detailed explanation of your offer and a call to action for them to buy
  10. 10. • Use custom apps with graphics describing and showing your offer combined with PayPal payment links. • Use “Add to cart” buttons to create sales • Link PayPal directly to your bank account so you can easily access the money you make!
  11. 11. • There are over 42 million pages with 10 or more “likes”…and that number is increasing every day • Many Businesses need your help with Facebook and are willing to pay for it!
  12. 12. • People Spend More Time on Facebook than Any Other Website on The Internet • Facebook Has Over ONE BILLION users • With a Facebook page and the right action plan you can start making money online TODAY
  13. 13. • Integrate Facebook with PayPal • How To Make Sales With Your Timeline Page • How to Make Money with Facebook Events • How to Make Sales with The Facebook Marketplace Application
  14. 14. • The Traffic to Cash Equation • How To Create a Facebook Money Magnet • How To Get Free Traffic from Groups, Tags, Shares, Social Plugins & More! • Capturing Traffic with Viral Content
  15. 15. • Managing a Page For Maximum Success • How to Get High Paying Facebook Clients • How to Keep Your Clients Happy & Scale Your Business
  16. 16. • Exclusive Invite Only Group of Facebook Marketers • Support from me, my team, and other Marketers
  17. 17. • Take fbCashflow with you on the go • Review content on all most smart phones; iPhones, iPads & Androids
  18. 18. • Get lifetime updates free of charge • VIP email support from me about any Facebook marketing questions