The Only Smart Grid Technology Focussed Business Conference!                                       SaVE
 2nd & 3rd June 20...

   SuPER CHaRGE YOuR BuSINESS TO GaIN MaRkET                  ...

1. Capitalize on the Opportunity                                   2. u...
Agenda Day 1 - November 18thaGENDa DaY 1: JuNE 2, 2010
                    CONFERENCE 2009
      welcome keynote address  ...
            keynote Sessions                        Breakthrough Technology Solution...

          Fantastic Sponsorship &                                Industry ...
2nd & 3rd June 2010,
  Sheraton Mission Valley, San Diego, Ca, uSa

  SMART GRID TECHNOLOGY                               ...
The Only Smart Grid Technology Focussed Business Conference!                                                 SaVE
 2nd & 3...
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Smart Grid Technology Conference 2010


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Smart Grid Technology Conference & Expo 2010, 2-3 June, San Diego, California

Hosted by leading utility, San Diego Gas & Electric, this event is a utility led tech event outlining winning strategies to increase the uptake of smart grid technologies.

Visit for the complete agenda and fantastic speaker line-up

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Smart Grid Technology Conference 2010

  1. 1. The Only Smart Grid Technology Focussed Business Conference! SaVE 2nd & 3rd June 2010, Organized by $400 when you register Sheraton Mission Valley, San Diego, Ca, uSa by March 12th SMART GRID TECHNOLOGY Priority Code Inside CONFERENCE & ExHIbITION 2010 Accelerate Uptake of Smart Grid Technologies by Deploying Interoperable Solutions to Win Utility Accounts  TakE SMaRT GRID TECH MaSS MaRkET: Discuss key timelines, HOST uTIlITY: partnership requirements, consumer-centric pricing strategies etc. to gain utility buy in and accelerate adoption of new age technologies to ultimately increase revenue flow  aCHIEVE SEaMlESS INTEGRaTION OF TECHNOlOGIES: Drill down on cyber security issues and see which standards will emerge victorious to upgrade networks and solutions accordingly in order to remain ExPERT SPEakERS INCluDE: competitive  DElIVER SIMulTaNEOuS, REal-TIME aND ROBuST CONNECTIVITY: See which digital technologies will enable two-way communications between multi-vendor meters and electric power grids to provide enhanced data visibility and transparency  BENEFITS OF INTEGRaTING DaTa wITH IN-HOME DISPlaYS: Understand the integration requirements of next-gen energy management systems to transform data into consumer-friendly information to reduce energy bills and enable utilities to lower peak demand  SCalING uP YOuR TECHNOlOGY PORTFOlIO: Hear which operational strategies such as quality control and global outsourcing options will allow you to deliver customized solutions in a quick and effective manner to win utility deals  ExPlOIT NEw aVENuES FOR SMaRT GRID TECHNOlOGY: Tap into new opportunities on the horizon such as altering and deploying existing technologies in key markets such as Europe and providing solutions to integrate PHEVs and the connected home FACT! OPEN NOW! The Smart Grid Technology Conference & Expo in June will bring the entire 200+ Delegates For the full program smart grid value chain together for 25+ Expert Speakers Top-notch speaker line up what promises to be a very high-profile business networking and intelligence 16+ Hours of Networking Interactive Sessions sharing platform. Business-Focussed Case Studies Exclusive discount & Pilot Study Results registration form Mark Iwanowski, Partner, Trident Capital Visit the website today for the latest updates on speakers and the full conference program!
  2. 2. BE aT THE FOREFRONT OF THE EMERGING SMaRT GRID TECH MaRkET SuPER CHaRGE YOuR BuSINESS TO GaIN MaRkET Top Speakers Include SHaRE IN THE COMPETITIVE SMaRT GRID TECH SPaCE Lee Krevat FaCT: Electric Power Research Institute estimates that $165 Director, Smart Grids Project, billion will be spent on smart grid technologies. also the market San Diego Gas & Electric for the gear needed to overhaul smart grid communications will reach $20 billion a year in 5 years. The antiquated grid needs Andres Carvallo, a wHOlE new layer of intelligence to enable efficiencies, cut Chief Information Officer, costs and meeting growing energy demands Austin Energy 2010 is the year of Implementation! Chris Chen, 2009 was a year back in school for the industry, going back to Market Development Manager, Smart Grids, Sempra Utilities basics, filling out application forms, and competing for the top prize. 2010 is back to the big bad world. If you’re not the first off the starting block this decade, your business will be left behind. Chris King, Chief Regulatory Officer, eMeter FaCT: Newer and smarter grid means BIG $$$ for technology developers and service providers Gene Wang, Which is why Smart Grid Update has launched its inaugural Smart CEO, PeoplePower Grid Technology Conference in San Diego on the 2nd & 3rd June 2010 – to tell you how to stand out from the crowd, win more business and future proof your offerings! Ed May, Business Development Director, This event will bring utilities, tech developers and service Itron providers together to discuss new technologies, strategies and models needed to not only win over consumers but take smart grid tech mass-market! Mark Iwanowski, Partner, FaCT: This new and ambitious industry needs to quickly Trident Capital overcome concerns of security, lack of interoperability and uncertainties to take smart grid tech mass market! Peter Porteous, Chief Executive Officer, Moreover, all this key business intelligence will be presented via Powercost Monitor result oriented case studies, top quality presentations, working group discussions, and technology show cases to make it Farah Saeed, relevant and the best investment of your time. Senior Consultant, Energy & Power Systems, Frost & Sullivan To find out more, simply turn the page and read on. If you are serious about longevity and success in the smart grid Ivin Rhyne, technology industry, you need to capitalize on these opportunities Manager, Electricity Analysis Office, before your competitors do. Secure your seat at Smart Grid California Energy Commission Technology Conference 2010 this June next to the best in the field and learn how you can super charge your smart grid business! I look forward to meeting with you in San Diego. and other key speakers include Best Regards, Angela Chuang, Senior Project Manager, IntelliGrid, EPRI Michael Pesin, Strategic Technology Advisor, Seattle City Light Erich Gunther, CTO & Co-Founder, EnerNex James Pace, Global Business Development Director, Silver Spring Networks Rick Ellinger, President, Gargi Iyer Wireless Communications Alliance Research and Conference Director Srikanth Rajagopalan, Product Manager, Smart Grid update PowerMeter Manager, Google Joel Hagan, Chief Executive Officer, ONZO UK Bring your team, save more and gain more. Call 1 800 814 3459 x 7585
  3. 3. 3 COMPEllING REaSONS wHY THIS EVENT IS uNMISSaBlE 1. Capitalize on the Opportunity 2. unparalleled Networking Opportunities to be Recognized! we’ve engineered over 16 hours of business-focussed networking opportunities for you including: Join the live Technology • Pre-show online networking access from the moment you ScoreCard Session with register to allow you to set up one-to-one meetings with hard to Erich W Gunther, meet execs Chairman and CTO, TECH • Cocktail networking party, extended coffee & networking EnerNex SHOwC a lunch breaks to give you time to hold meetings and industry led SE discussions what is it? • Post show online networking access until July 3, 2010 to follow A regular feature on Smart Grid News, one of our up with your contacts and seal those lucrative deals! knowledge partners, is the SGN Tech Take. It’s a series of articles where power engineer and architect Erich 3. The Most High Profile attendee list Gunther evaluates actual products and services against Complimentary Passes for utilities: the SGN Smart Grid Scorecard. we’re taking this series live this June at Smart Grid Technology 2010! We’ve invited leading utilities for free to get them to share key expertise with you. They will also dissect technology requirements why Take Part? to provide you with a platform to find cost effective and practical The event presents an opportunity to stand out from solutions for common technology hurdles. Sign up now to meet, the crowd and gain the attention of leading utilities network and do business with these senior level executives. and tech giants. If you want your company/product to be recognized and known as a trailblazer in the ever- See who you’ll rub shoulders with: - 21% Utilities competitive and evolving smart grid industry then you DeviceUtilities - 21%17% manufacturers – need to nominate your company now! Hardware Manufacturers - 14% – 17% Device manufacturers Hardware Manufacturers - 14% Service & Solution Providers – 19% How Does it work? Service & Solution Providers – 19% Regulatory Bodies – Bodies – 4% Regulatory 4% Send us an e-mail and we’ll Application Developers – 12% Application Developers – 12% send you an invite if you have been shortlisted. You will Wireless Carriers – 7% Wireless Carriers – 7% then present your compelling product to a panel of Consultants – 4% independent experts comprising of venture capitalists, Consultants – – 2% Other 4% utilities and industry experts. The winner will be the one Other – 2% with the highest score! Simple. Interactive Delegate list BRaND would You like More Information? 6 weeks of networking with our online networking NEw Call Gargi Iyer personally on 1800 814 3459 center for all attendees! ext 7546 to find out more or send an e-mail Our exclusive Online Networking Center means you can personally and to directly interact with all conference attendees prior to the event - giving you an ‘interactive delegate list!’. Plan meetings in advance, network during the event and follow up after the conference has finished. I am looking forward to leading this live version of the Smart Grid Scorecard which will give innovators the Don’t waste time looking for people at the event. Use the Online Networking opportunity to learn what their potential customers are Suite to schedule those critical appointments giving you much more bang looking for in several key categories that we use as the basis for your buck and a direct line of communication to all confirmed conference for the score card metrics. Erich w Gunther attendees. Sign up for your ticket today! Visit STOP, THINk, CONNECT! STOP trying to chase down the THINk of how much you will save! CONNECT with your key clients and prospects you need one by one. we’ve You will not get more value for your spend partners as face time is psychologically invited the best utilities and leading anywhere else. The best case studies and proven to be the most cost efficient form technology giants. How long would it take the most focused sessions all tailored of communication, giving you the highest you to track them down and meet them? to help you meet and beat your targets. return on your investment and the best The answer is too long! Don’t just try - buy What’s more? Save a massive $400 on chance of meeting and winning over a ticket to smart grid technology conference the full ticket price when you book before new contacts. Work smarter than your and meet them all under one roof. March 12. competitors and sign up now! Call (uS TF) 1800 814 3459 x 7585 NOw! E-MaIl lOG ON TO Meet, network and do business with the best. Call 1800 814 3459 x 7585 (uS tf) now
  4. 4. Agenda Day 1 - November 18thaGENDa DaY 1: JuNE 2, 2010 CONFERENCE 2009 welcome keynote address Grid 2.0 – Technology Google PowerMeter’s CASE STUDY Developments within The Home Winning Partnership with Blueprint for Success in the Smart SDG&E Unveiled Grid Technology Space Breakthrough Technologies NEW! Hear the latest on Google PowerMeter’s roll out By Lee Krevat, Director, Smart Grids Project, and Standards to Enable Home with leading utility San Diego Gas & Electric in San Diego Gas & Electric (Host utility) Automation their quest to becoming a leading force within  Discuss the pros and cons of in-home wireless the home automation space. keynote Sessions  Get to grips with the latest data, results and standards such as G.Hn, open source, Your Vital Smart Grid Technology ZigBee, etc. to see which home area networks strategy of the PowerMeter roll out including will enable effective home automation customer engagement programs and pricing Overview models  Discuss how to manage in-home data The smart grid cleantech industry is estimated from multiple sources such as consumer  Analyze the results of the roll out to to hit $11.8 billion by the end of 2015. Find out devices, electric vehicles and smart meters to understand end consumer behavior and how to be at the forefront of this rapidly growing streamline operations assess how web service providers will offer market.  Get the low down on the latest open platform- next-gen energy management platforms  Evaluate grant winning technologies, based utility-technology partnerships to hear  Take a sneak peek into the future of this partnerships, and trends to pin down strategies who you need to ally yourself with for future utility-tech partnership and understand which that have proven successful with utilities gains other key stakeholder groups will join to win  Flesh out your business case based on results customers James Pace, Global Business Development from the latest smart grid programs which Director, Silver Spring Networks Jim Lucas, Product Innovations Manager, assess AMI, demand response and network Rick Ellinger, President, Wireless Southern California Gas Company connectivity Communications Alliance Srikanth Rajagopalan, Product Manager,  Capture market share by identifying immediate PowerMeter Manager, Google gaps in technologies and services to provide Prepare for the Dominance of Smart utilities with end-to-end offerings Appliances on the Network of the Future Smart & Cost-Effective Ways of Farah Saeed, Senior Consultant, Energy & Hear from Whirlpool, winner of $19.3 million in Scaling up Your Technology Portfolio Power Systems, Frost & Sullivan stimulus funds, on how smart appliances will Scaling up in numbers is the next logical step Do Your Systems Fit the Latest Federal impact the network of the future. in being chosen partner for a smart grid project,  Top tips from Pacific Northwest pilots on but costly mistakes can break businesses. Laws, Regulations and Directives? how to overcome operational and regulatory  Discuss top quality control strategies and how Join top Govt. representatives to understand challenges and make smart appliances to implement them to avoid common errors which policies and legal requirements will impact indispensible to the home and office space and costly damages to your brand reputation existing utility operations and business models across the nation.  Understand the ENERGY STAR® energy  Understand the outsourcing options available efficiency program to evaluate opportunities to forge the right partnerships, mitigate risks  Discuss key timelines, consumer-centric for application developers to create ancillary and achieve economic synergies to scale-up pricing strategies, end-consumer education value-added services operations projects in place to accelerate the adoption of new age technologies  Hear how Whirlpool will accomplish its  Tailor technology solutions to match utilities’ deployment strategy of 1 million smart dryers unique needs. We examine how to devise  Hear how to overcome the complexities by 2011 and assess how they will win over solutions for utilities with existing AMR assets behind dynamic pricing, its impact on consumers to accelerate adoption as well as for those starting afresh consumer behavior and understand the overall benefits for technology companies Thomas F Catania, Vice President, Government Ed May, Director, Business Development, Relations, Whirlpool Corporation AMI & Smart Grid, Itron Inc.  Learn how to upgrade existing solutions and reposition offerings to deliver legally compliant Create Customer Value SUPER PANEL! Practical Solutions for a Plug-In technologies to secure deals and hasten by Integrating Usage Data Electric Vehicle Network adoption with In-Home Displays The uptake of Plug-in EVs will coerce utilities, Ivin Rhyne, Manager, Electricity Analysis Office, automakers and infrastructure providers to devise The home energy management segment, California Energy Commission a win-win business model to manage energy where grid technology meets the fast evolving EPRI’s Smart Grid Technology Vision consumer electronics (CE) market, is estimated demands and consumer costs with tech solutions. and Roadmap Revealed! to be worth around $3 billion annually.  Map out key technology requirements to aid  Learn how to transform data into consumer- utilities to balance the grid real time, send Gain insight into EPRI’s work with investor friendly information to enable users to drive pricing signals, interlace PEVs with smart owned utilities across California to see how you down energy bills and help utilities shave peak metering etc. can become an instrumental part of technology deployment plans across regions. demand  Discuss solutions to build an infrastructure  Discuss the benefits of selling energy that supports charging stations, capacitor  Reinvent your smart grid technology plan management systems directly to consumers banks, dynamic rate options and outage based on utility project ‘Smart Grid of Year versus selling them via utilities and see which detection to entice adoption 2020’ to fast-track your business will gain traction with in-home display makers  Discuss how the convergence between  Evaluate which smart grid standards,  Understand the integration requirements of utilities, tech providers and automakers will applications, and objectives have been next-gen energy management systems such increase the need for backend systems deemed top priority to tailor winning designs as interoperability ports to facilitate smooth integration and use of specific technologies and services accordingly installation processes for rapid uptake Michael Pesin, Strategic Technology Advisor,  Hear next-steps and project aims for the next Joel Hagan, Chief Executive Officer, ONZO UK Seattle City Light 18 months and assess which project findings will directly benefit your business Peter Porteous, Chief Executive Officer, Chris Chen, Project Manager, Energy Efficiency, Powercost Monitor Sempra Utilities Angela Chuang, Senior Project Manager, IntelliGrid, EPRI Gene Wang, Chief Executive Officer, Speaker Name TBC, Better Place PeoplePower For the most up-to-date agenda, visit
  5. 5. CONFERENCE aGENDa DaY 2: JuNE 3, 2010 keynote Sessions Breakthrough Technology Solutions Future Vision & Strategies NEW! for the Grid to Home Space How to Evolve with the Harness Top Business Components to Changing Utility Business Models? How are Wireless Carriers Revving Up Establish Financial Credentials Hear how utilities intend to restructure their their Offerings? ICT companies need to prove their mettle by business models to incorporate game changers Next-gen wireless technologies are making displaying financial stability to win business and such as next-gen ICT, distributed generation and their foray into the smart grid space. fresh rounds of financing in order to capture renewable sources of power. Understand which wireless tech will not only more market share.  Win over utilities that are migrating to offer high-bandwidth but will prove secure and  Which components rank highest for utilities participatory networks by revamping your upgradeable. and inventors when choosing tech partners? solutions portfolio to include a complete  Debate if there is space for technologies such We explore due diligence, reliability testing, services based package as Wi-Fi, WiMax, 3G, 4G to coexist to provide certification, supply chain management etc.  Get a snapshot of outsourced utility activities a unified service or will one win out eventually  Hear how to mitigate common risks and see to see which partnerships are proving  How will utilities take advantage of new which pitfalls to avoid when presenting your successful and how you can ally your networks? Explore the array of potentially solutions portfolio to utilities and investors in business alongside industry movers & shakers lucrative services and solutions order to increase uptake  Discuss the latest dynamic pricing and billing  Evaluate inventive partnerships such as  Assess which M&As and partnerships will strategies employed by utilities to gauge end Intellon & Atheros, Skypilot & Trilliant, transform the smart grid landscape and learn consumers’ tech preferences SmartSynch & AT&T to achieve network how to position your business to be first off Lee Krevat, Director, San Diego Gas & Electric supremacy the starting blocks this decade Andres Carvallo, Chief Information Officer, See confirmed speakers at Mark Iwanowski, Partner, Trident Capital Austin Energy Chris Chen, Project Manager, Energy Efficiency, Fresh Opportunities for Smart Grid Sempra Utilities Increase Grid Infrastructural Efficiency Solution Providers in Europe Michael Pesin, Strategic Technology Advisor, by Integrating Multiple Applications The European market is predicted to double over Seattle City Light  Take a look at how interoperable and the next 10 years as utilities need to meet EC Michael Ingram, Senior Manager, TVA bidirectional IP-based data transfer platforms led 2020 targets. Identify winning opportunities will enable robust demand response programs overseas to expand business prospects. Capitalize on the Insurgence of  Work out the optimal intervals for data  Compare and contrast the regulatory Communications & IT within the collection based on performance and health environment across Europe to determine the Smart Grid data to provide utilities with accurate and most lucrative markets for your technical actionable information solutions and services Hear details of Austin’s technology set-up across the grid - from smart grid design, to  Understand how to integrate apps to deliver  Understand the key drivers and utility smart appliances within the home space. real-time energy pricing signals to ultimately preferences for smart grid technologies and reduce utilities’ operating costs services in the UK, Italy and Germany to tailor  Hear straight from the CIO on technologies and sell solutions accordingly employed and further technology requirements Jim Nichols, Enterprise Architect, EnerNoc to reinvent existing offerings  Capitalize on the expertise of standards  Understand the requirements of Austin’s Key Data Requirements from Each bodies such as EU Technology Platform and Smart Grid Segment Dissected support groups to deliver robust solutions existing assets and infrastructure to determine how new technologies and services need to Discuss the most efficient solutions to capture Jessica Stromback, Director, VaasaETT Global adapt to integrate successfully and synthesize data into actionable intelligence Energy Think Tank  Get the low down on Austin’s future plans, to push automated decision-making next steps and pilot pipelines to aid them and other utilities to build a complete network of  How to collect, analyze and convert data into useful information in order to trigger automatic FOuR FaNTaSTIC the future responses to manage utilities’ business processes REaSONS TO aTTEND Andres Carvallo, Chief Information Officer, Austin Energy  Understand how to transfer information from 1. No Sales Pitches. Just Hard Facts! grid to grid, grid to home and within the Smart Grid Tech 2010 is an independently Achieve Seamless Integration of home without loss of connectivity and without researched forum committed to ensuring that Technologies across the Grid applications timing out every presentation is reviewed to maintain Understand the importance of keeping up-to-  Discuss how to package sensor networking, quality threshold date with NIST’s Priority Action Plans and local RF technologies, local mesh networks 2. Your Challenges Answered - Solid, hard standards to see how it will impact your future and in-home units with end-user specific hitting presentations and case studies filled business operations. education to uplift commercial operations with best practice to increase the uptake of  Drill down on cyber security issues and see smart grid technologies & services See confirmed speakers at which standards will emerge victorious to 3. Practical Insight into the Industry - Only at upgrade networks and solutions in order to remain competitive the Smart Grid Technology Conference will you hear results of real life case studies that  Determine how open platform-based solutions will result in a million $$$ business for your will enable utilities and tech providers to products overcome interoperability issues whilst maintaining competitive advantage 4. Expert Speakers – Leading minds are hand  Which platforms and partnerships will enable picked to share their learnings, insight and two-way communication between multi- vision with you at this event. Profit from this vendor meters and electric power grids to vast pool of experience and expertise to provide data visibility and transparency? overcome common hurdles Erich W Gunther, Chairman and CTO, EnerNex Call 1 800 814 3459 x 7585 (uS Toll Free) for group discounts & savings
  6. 6. GET THE INDuSTRY BuZZING aBOuT YOuR TECHNOlOGY Fantastic Sponsorship & Industry Buzz about Smart Grid update Events Exhibition Opportunities “Having attended Smart Grid Update’s events in the past, I can Senior level delegates from leading utilities and guarantee that it’s a great forum for networking! The attendees technology giants are attending to find solutions have a wide range of viewpoints, opinions and roles in the industry and I am still in touch with the contacts I made” to overcome challenges here. So, if you have a solution, this is where you should be! Jim Nichols, Enterprise Architect, EnerNoc See why You will Get Maximum ROI “The quality of the event exceeded my expectations! for Your Marketing Spend Very well organised” Expert In Trade & Transport of Electricity, This isn’t a large unstructured expo to wade through but Office of Energy Regulation a focused event filled with 250 of your key clients and partners to network and do business with We’ve given away free passes to utilities who want to “Great mix of speakers and attendees. Really enjoyed the make their procurement decisions at the event. You event as it raised lots of interesting issues” can give your products & services the best chance for Manager Market - Development Specialist Team, Envirolink exposure by sponsoring or exhibiting Northwest This event is being hosted by San Diego Gas & Electric. Wouldn’t it be great to associate your products with the same brand? “The Smart Grid Technology Conference & Expo in June will bring the entire smart grid value chain together for what We offer a variety of marketing channels to promote your promises to be a very high-profile business networking and brand and expertise which would allow you to reach over intelligence sharing platform.” 100,000 professionals within the smart grid space Mark Iwanowski, Partner, Trident Capital We provide tailor-made packages to suit your budget and business goals - even a sponsorship title that reflects how you would like to be perceived within the industry limited Spaces available to Exhibit! Sign up today to get the best deals and maximum exposure! asif Naqvi, our Global Sales Director, can help you. Call: uS tf 1 800 814 3459 ext 7568 or +44 (0)207-375-7568 Email: aRE YOu TO THE SMaRT GRID YET? Join the brand new Smart Grid Update LinkedIn group today and start making connections and firing up discussions with the people that matter. Group members include: > Manager of Demand Response Program Development at Southern California Edison > Regional Manager at Duke Energy > Senior Energy Specialist at The world Bank > Head of Business Development & Strategy for Microsoft Hohm > Manager - Electricity Analysis Office at California Energy Commission > Product Manager, Mass Markets at JOIN NOw! kansas City Power & light Search for Smart Grid Update on > Transmisson Operator at TVa … and many many more! Reserve your place today - email
  7. 7. 2nd & 3rd June 2010, Sheraton Mission Valley, San Diego, Ca, uSa SMART GRID TECHNOLOGY All Passes Include: CONFERENCE & ExHIbITION 2010 Full Access to All Sessions Full Access to Exhibition Floor Networking Coffee and Lunch Breaks REGISTER NOW IN 3 EASY STEPS Networking Cocktail Party Access Online Networking Suite for 6 weeks 1. Select Your Registration Package Post-Conference Presentation Slides SAVE $400 SAVE $200 StAndArd Pass Type If you register by the If you register by the PrIce 12th March 16th April Platinum Pass • 2 Day Conference Pass • Access to Exhibition Floor & Networking Drinks $1295 $1495 $1695 • Access to Pre-Event Online Networking Centre • Post-Conference Webcast Access Gold Pass • 2 Day Conference Pass $1095 $1295 $1495 • Access to Exhibition Floor & Networking Drinks • Access to Pre-Event Online Networking Centre aCadEmiC/GoVERnmEnt Pass • ass equivalent to a Gold Pass but restricted P to those working in regulatory and educational $895 $1095 $1295 establishments • ll Registrations will be Verified and is Subject to A Our Approval Dates & Venue GROuP DISCOuNTS - More Heads are Better Than One 2-3 June 2010, Sheraton Mission Valley, Why come alone to sunny California? Bring your team along and make San Diego, California the most of the informative conference, networking and group discounts! Hotel Discounts Make the most of our significant group discounts and sign up for: We have negotiated special hotel room rates for 2 passes - $50 discount per pass! our delegates. Reservation and price details will be 3 passes - $100 discount per pass! sent to you when you register. 4 passes - $150 discount per pass! 2. Enter Attendee details DIScOuNT cODE: Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr: First name: Last name: Company: Position/Title: This is your unique discount code, use it online and you will get an extra $50 off Telephone: Fax: Email: Address: Zipcode: Country: 3. Payment Options I enclose a check/draft for: Credit card number: (Payable to FC Business Intelligence Limited) Expiry date: Security number: Please invoice my company: Name on card: Purchase Order Number: Signature: Please charge my credit card: Amex Visa Mastercard CALL CALL (US tf ) 1 800 814 3459 x 7585 MORE FAX THIS FORM BACK TO WAYS TO FAX: or (global) +44 (0) 207 375 7585 +44 (0) 207 375 7576 +44 (0) 207 375 7576 REGISTER EMAIL: ONLINE: TERMS & CONDITIONS If you have to cancel: Places are transferable without any charge. Cancellations before April 2nd 2010 incur an If your payment has not been received before the event a credit card payment will be required at the time of check in. Discounts: Only administrative charge of 25%. If you cancel your registration after April 2nd2010 we will be obliged to charge the full fee. Please note: you one discount at a time can be applied. Individuals cannot avail of 2 discount schemes simultaneously as per management guidelines. must notify Smart Grid Update in writing of a cancellation, or we will be obliged to charge the full fee. The organizers reserve the right to Super Early Bird and Early Bird Price are discount offers. For example, if you are using a discount code, the discount will be deducted make changes to the programme without notice. Method of Payment: In order to guarantee that your check-in process is fast, efficient from the standard price of the conference pass i.e. Gold Pass price $1695, Platinum Pass Price $1495. and all lines are avoided please make sure your payment is received by FC Business Intelligence Limited in a timely manner.
  8. 8. The Only Smart Grid Technology Focussed Business Conference! SaVE 2nd & 3rd June 2010, Organized by $400 when you register Sheraton Mission Valley, San Diego, Ca, uSa by March 12th SMART GRID TECHNOLOGY Priority Code Inside CONFERENCE & ExHIbITION 2010 Accelerate Uptake of Smart Grid Technologies by Deploying Interoperable Solutions to Win Utility Accounts wHaT SETS SMaRT GRID TECHNOlOGY 2010 aPaRT? kNOwlEDGE PaRTNERS 1 INFORMaTIVE CaSE on what works, what doesn’t to and technology giants to give you the low down STuDIES from leading utilities help you future-proof We are proud to be working with... your business 2 requirements and helpPaSSES TO developers tailor their solutions accordingly COMPlIMENTaRY technology uTIlITIES to understand their technology 3 HaND-PICkED SET OF ExPERT SPEakERS,this event sessions,itlatest technologies and next gen trends showcased at focused to make worth your time 4 opportunity to organizeNETwORkING SITE towith hardthe meet executives PRE & POST EVENT one-to-one meetings give you to exclusive 5 REVOluTIONaRY NEw TECHNOlOGY SCORECaRD SESSIONgrid space! industry experts reward the most compelling innovations in the smart where SEE wHO YOu’ll RuB SHOulDERS wITH wINNING uTIlITY Utilities - 21% Utilities - 21% -TECH PaRTNERSHIPS Device manufacturers – 17% Device manufacturers – 17% Hardware Manufacturers - 14% SHOwCaSED! Hardware Manufacturers - 14% Service & Solution Providers – 19% Service & Solution Providers – 19%  San Diego Gas & Electric Regulatory Bodies – 4% Regulatory Bodies – 4% + Google PowerMeter Application Developers – 12% Application Developers – 12% Wireless Carriers – 7%  Seattle City Light + eTec Wireless Carriers – 7% Consultants4%4% Consultants – –  Scottish & Southern FOllOw uS ON TwITTER Other– – 2% Other 2% Energy + ONZO Call: Smart Grid Update on 1 800 814 3459 x 7585 (US Toll Free) 3 EaSY +44 (0) 207 375 7585 (Global) OPEN NOW! waYS TO EMaIl: The Smart Grid Update Registration Team on For the full program REGISTER Top-notch speaker line up Interactive sessions TODaY! ONlINE: Go to and submit your Exclusive discount & details for instant confirmation registration form Visit the website today for the latest updates on speakers and the full conference program!