The Final Script


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The Final Script

  1. 1. Final ScriptLIST OF SCENES 1. INTRO 2. HARD STORY – CRIME RATES UP 3. SOFT STORY – OLDHAM COLISEUM THEATRE 4. OFF THE WALL STORY – ARTIFICIAL HAMBURGER 5. OUTROSCENE 1INTROJingle plays. GARETHOldham Community Radio 99.7FM.News update with Elise Woollard.Studio Recording. ELISE Good morning, this is Oldham Community Radio 99.7FM. It‟s 8AM, and now it‟s time for your hourly news bulletin.Musical sting plays.SCENE 2HARD STORYSoundbed begins as ELISE begins to speak. Studio Recording. ELISE Oldham‟s crime rate has been described as higher than the national average: The three biggest causes are Burglary, Criminal Damage and Violence against the person. Unbeknown to many teenagers, the crime rates are through the roof in this small town. According to; the highest reported cases was criminal damage with an estimated 16000 last year, followed by violence against the person at 15000 cases. (MORE) ELISE (CONT‟D)
  2. 2. Earlier today I interviewed Neighbourhood police constable Louise Geere on the views of Greater Manchester police. CUT TO:LOUISE GEERE, representative of the Greater Manchester Police,talks with ELISE.Studio Interview extracts. LOUISE Due to the economic climate at the moment people are struggling to get work and therefore struggling to get money, and I think that burglary comes into that as it‟s an easy option for some people. ... Criminal Damage? Again the same thing really; it can be theft from a motor vehicle, it can be damage to a shop to steal something for the same reason and out in the pubs and on the streets when people have had too much to drink. And again really when people don‟t have jobs and have things to worry about they tend to do things more irresponsibly then they would do normally. CUT TO:Studio Recording. ELISE In a recent report there were over 275, 000 recorded cases of offences by young people, and many more that go unreported. CUT TO:Studio Interview extracts. LOUISE I think in terms of if they‟re an offender, then it‟s going to prevent them from being able to do too much more in the future really. (MORE) LOUISE (CONT‟D)
  3. 3. ... As a victim, they might be scared to go out, they might have more issues like that, they might not be able to hold down a stable job or a relationship, friendships. So yeah it has a very big impact on people like that. CUT TO:Studio Recording. ELISE If you have any queries or would like to report a crime, Oldham police station welcome young people to do so; they are situated in the town centre on Barn Street. You can also contact Crimestoppers on their website at 3SOFT STORYStudio Recording. ELISE Oldham Coliseum Theatre‟s new show Taking Steps has received rave reviews from critics as the “Out and About” Season tour kicks off this week. The company plans to show most of its new shows at the Grange Arts Centre on Rochdale Road like Taking Steps. We asked Press Officer Lizzie Carter about the cause of the movement. Gareth Williams reports. CUT TO:Two representatives of Oldham Coliseum Theatre (DAVIDRUSTIEDGE1, House Manager, and LIZZIE CARTER, Press Officer)speak with the group2. External Interview Extracts. LIZZIE I think there are two stand out performances1 DAVID’s answers have unfortunately had to be edited from the final script for time.2 In the interview, GARETH and ELISE asked questions.
  4. 4. in the season, one being The Hound of the Baskervilles, which we are preforming at the Lawrence Batley Theatre before it goes on national tour. ... We‟re working alongside a sorta cutting edge state-of-the-art design company. It‟s not just a play, it‟s bordering on, y‟know, a cinematic and theatrical experience in one. And they‟re using these really stunning projections. ... At the end of our season, so kinda bookending it, is Star Cross‟d. It‟s a brand new piece of theatre and it‟s based on Romeo and Juliet which is a tale that sorta everybody knows. ... But there it‟s been reworked and written especially for Oldham and set in Oldham but in modern day. So we got Robbie O, this teenager from Oldham College, and our Juliet is a Bangladeshi student from Oldham as well and they are star-crossed lovers, and we‟re gonna do that in Alexandra Park so it‟s another new venue and it‟s gonna be in promenade. CUT TO:GARETH is reporting from outside Oldham Coliseum Theatre‟scurrently closed residency on Fairbottom Street. Outsiderecording. GARETH Teenagers have been encouraged to join in with the theatre by joining the Coliseum‟s Ambassador‟s Scheme. This calls for volunteers to aid the theatre with plenty of interesting benefits to supporters. CUT TO:External Interview Extracts. LIZZIE Well there are loads of ways that young people can get involved in the Coliseum.
  5. 5. The Ambassadors Scheme, which is a fairly simple scheme which is just about asking people who support the Coliseum to do that on a regular basis and spread the word in a positive manner about what we do. And it‟s, you know, as simple as putting a poster up in your local shop or helping out at events or coming to see shows and things like that. CUT TO:Outside Recording. GARETH Taking Steps continues its run at the Grange Arts Centre until the 10th of March, followed by The Hound of the Baskervilles on March the 12th.SCENE 4OFF THE WALL STORYStudio Recording. ELISE And finally, it was announced this week that strips of muscle tissue have been created by Dutch scientists in a lab. This is part of a project to create an artificially-grown hamburger by the end of 2012. Frank Lund reports. CUT TO:FRANK is reporting from outside Oldham Sixth Form College onUnion Street. Outside Recording. FRANK Scientists from Maastricht University in the Netherlands have created small pieces of artificial muscle no bigger than a one penny coin. (MORE) FRANK (CONT‟D) In front of a crowd of scientists at a major meeting in Canada, Professor Mark Post stated that
  6. 6. although the muscle is tasteless, with the addition of some blood and artificially grown fat they will attempt to make the world‟s first artificially grown hamburger. This first burger is estimated to cost £200,000 to make, but the cost will come down with improvements to production. We asked the teenagers of Oldham whether they would eat an artificial hamburger, and their views on what this could mean to the food industry. CUT TO:A series of vox pops from TEENAGERS of Oldham Sixth FormCollege from the canteen. TEENAGER 1 No... because it doesn‟t look very nice. TEENAGER 2 If it tasted like meat then yeah. TEENAGER 3 Probably, „cause like meat‟s, like, the most, like, the worst, it‟s like the food to try to make in terms of the hunger shortage so.... TEENAGER 4No because the people who‟ll still have no money to buy it.... TEENAGER 5 If it tasted good yeah; I don‟t care what‟s in it.SCENE 5OUTROStudio Recording. ELISE And that‟s your hourly news bulletin. Stay tuned for “The Chart Countdown” here on Oldham Community Radio.Jingle begins to play. Fade out.