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Limestone cleaning
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Bizaillion Stone Restoration is dedicated to the art of caring for your floors. Our restoration services include cleaning, sealing, diamond wet-sanding, diamond polishing, stripping and various other services.http://www.bizaillion.com/

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  • 1. Limestone Cleaning - Things To Know
  • 2. Only Use Limestone Cleaning Products • Certain products can permanently damage the color and texture of your limestone. Never use products that contain bleach as they can cause light spots and drops on the stone.
  • 3. Use Soft Cloths • Use clothes rather than paper towels to clean your limestone surface. This is especially important if you have unfinished or unpolished limestone.
  • 4. Never Use Metal Tools • Never use metal cleaning tools in limestone cleaning. You may be tempted to use steel wool on a stubborn stain, but metal cleaning tools will scratch the surface and ruin the stone's patina.
  • 5. Use a Poultice • Limestone is a very porous stone, which can make the cleaning process easier. Because the pores are large, you can use a poultice to reabsorb the stain. The poultice is made from baking soda or powdered hydrogen peroxide and distilled water. It is applied to the surface of the stain and left to sit overnight. When the poultice dries it will absorb the stain and can then be brushed away.
  • 6. Daily Care • Clean limestone daily by sweeping up dirt and other debris to prevent scratches from forming. Use a soft bristled broom to prevent nicks and grazes in the stone. Lightly mop with plain water or a special formulated limestone cleaner twice a week for maintenance.
  • 7. • When cleaning the floor, it is important to use a neutral PH cleaner and to avoid contact with any acid based cleaning agents which can etch the surface of the limestone and bleaches should also never be used as they can actually stain or discolour the floo
  • 8. Brought to you by- Bizaillion Floors Houston 281.894.7823 Dallas 214.316.0352 Ft. Worth 817.681.0866 Website: http://bizaillion.com
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