2013 Procurement Fraud Africa Summit


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2013 Procurement Fraud Africa Summit

  1. 1. Combating Fraud Proactively 24 & 25 0ctober 2013 Roodevallei Conference and Meeting Hotel, Pretoria 2013 Procurement Fraud Africa Summit Paul Guile Myron Betshanger Global Procurement Legal Specialist & Fraud Advisor CIPS Anti-Corruption Champion Robert Cameron-Ellis Independent Forensic Accountant Conference Josette Sheria produced by Associate Director PricewaterhouseCoopers supported by Victor Tembo Kenneth Brown Procurement Chief Procurement Specialist African Officer Capacity Building Department of Treasury Yolande Byrd Foundation –South Africa Director – Facts Consulting
  2. 2. Who Should Attend: Subjects Covered Will Include: Why is procurement fraud a risk to your organisation? When it occurs, what will it look like? What global organisations target procurement fraud? How can weak corporate governance processes - Senior executives / CEO - Company policy / decision makers - Chief Procurement Officers - Government officials/ procurement decision makers - Procurement staff /managers - Contract managers - Risk managers - Legal/compliance executives - Finance managers - Project managers/ anyone involved in project scoping - Internal auditors / compliance officers - Buyers - Fraud investigators and managers - Loss prevention officers/managers - Research and Development managers - Public Private Finance Initiative facilitators encourage procurement fraud What are the red flags? When and how to implement a procurement fraud strategy including risk mitigation How to investigate procurement fraud What is the best approach? What data analytical techniques can your company use to protect itself? On conclusion of this training, delegates will be able to: Understand why procurement fraud exists within the procurement lifecycle Identify what processes does a company need to have in place to prevent/reduce the risk of procurement fraud How to implement your own organisation ‘ Fraud Burglar Alarm’ TM Implement risk management within the procurement Benefits of Attending The Summit You will learn why procurement fraud is a risk to all organisations globally Identify markers of procurement fraud and discuss internal staff markers Learn how to develop a cohesive counter-procurement fraud strategy Example policies will be provided in order to provide delegates with a template of how to develop these strategies Hear real life procurement fraud case studies process including managing third party risks Strategically assess your company procurement fraud risks Define and implement a transparent governance process Identify what a procurement fraud strategy looks like, What is included? Design your own company-wide procurement fraud strategy Implement a best practice approach to procurement fraud with the support of detailed course notes. Examples of a procurement fraud supporting policies and an audit checklist will also be provided for you to take back to your organisation.
  3. 3. Conference Day One 24 October 2013 Bongiwe Mbunge Audit Supervisor -Mazars Cape Town, South Africa Robert Cameron-Ellis Independent Forensic Accountant CERTIFIED Fraud Examiner 12:30 Factors that impede procurement fraud audits and how they can be improved Speaker Bongiwe completed her articles and has been working for Mazars, a world renowned auditing company for 10 years, 4 years as an Audit Supervisor. She has also been in the Audit and Assurance team, a position she was in for 4 years. 07:00 Morning Tea &Registration 08:30 Opening Remarks By Chairperson 9:00 Applying SA company law and International Anti-corruption 13:30 Networking Lunch legislation to manage your procurement risks Speaker: Robert Cameron-Ellis Robert is one of the leading forensic accountants in South Yolande Byrd Director – Facts Consulting Africa. He is a Registered Auditor, Chartered Accountant and CERTIFIED Fraud Examiner. Robert has specialized in providing accounting and forensic audit support to the legal process. He has served as expert witness in complex commercial disputes, criminal proceedings and damage quantification. 14:30 Latest emerging technologies and how they can be used to detect fraud Yolande completed her Bsc, Computer Science and Accounting at the University of Potchefstroom. She has worked as a senior manager at Deloitte for almost 8 years and is currently a Director at Facts Consulting. Facts Consulting is a South Josette Sheria Associate Director PricewaterhouseCoopers African - based consultancy firmly rooted in the cyberforensic and data analytics environments. Victor Tembo Procurement Specialist African Capacity Building Foundation 10:00 Ethical working practices and fraud prevention. She has also worked at Mutual and Federal in the city of Johannesburg 11:00 Mid-Morning Refreshment & Networking 11:30 Creating an International Corruption Investigation and Prosecutorial Agency 15:30 Procurement Best Practices and Challenges In Africa - The Public Sector - Reviewing public procurement in Africa in relation to best practices and challenges Looking at basic elements that a country needs to have a sound Myron Betshanger Legal Specialist & Anti Corruption Champion procurement systems : The Gambian Perspective. Victor has 12 years progressive procurement and project management experience. Countries of work experience are Zambia, Malawi under Malawi Health SWAP - World Bank and DFID Funding, Kenya under World Bank and COMESA Member Countries Funding, Namibia under Millennium Challenge Corporation Funding and Tanzania under Millennium Challenge Corporation Funding and Zimbabwe under World Bank and AfDB funding. His areas of interest are Procurement Capacity Assessment and Development in the Public Service for improved Public Service Delivery 16:30 Closing Remarks By Chairperson
  4. 4. Conference Day Two 25 October 2013 With this Summit With this workshop you will have the tools to go back to your organisation and implement your own procurement fraud strategies. The workshop will comprise of case studies using real life procurement fraud investigations. All teaching case studies have Paul Guile Global Procurement Fraud Advisor CIPS been investigated by the conference facilitator who has carried out and is currently carrying complex and challenging procurement fraud investigations globally. We will discuss risk analysis and risk identification, prevention including best practice approaches, detection and investigation 08:00 Registration & Early Morning Tea Testimonials 09:00 Opening Remarks by Paul Guile and Introduction Below is a sample for previous CIPS procurement fraud master classes to Workshop which have been run by Paul Guile Agmat Ally, Strategic Sourcing and 09:30 Keynote Address By Department Of Treasury South Operational Purchasing Manager, Denel Aerostructures (SOC) Ltd. South Africa Africa. “I had recently attended the Fraud in Procurement Master Class 10:30 Mid-Morning Refreshments & Networking Break with my team. At first I thought a workshop in procurement fraud should 11:30 Mid-Morning Session not take three days and had my reservations about attending but too my 12:30 Networking Lunch amazement it was one of the best courses/workshops that we have at- 13:30 Afternoon Session tended in a long time. The layout of the course content over the three days 15:00 Afternoon Refreshments And Networking Break was perfect based on the amount of information covered. The presentation 15:30 Late Afternoon Session and facilitation of the content was excellent. Mr. Paul Guile is extremely 16:30 End Of Training knowledgeable on the subject and is indeed an expert in the field of Pro- About your workshop leader Paul is the Global procurement Fraud advisor for the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply leads their global procurement fraud initiatives. Paul has delivered anti-procurement fraud training and advisory extensively across Africa, the Middle East, Malaysia, China and Laos. He is an appointed fellow of the Institute. Paul holds a MA in Fraud Management from Teesside University and majored in procurement/contract fraud. This was successfully awarded following a 3 year research programme analysing the International approaches and responses to procurement fraud in both the public and private sectors. He has begun his preparatory research towards a PhD analyzing the links between corruption and procurement fraud across the Africa regions. He is a part time lecturer at Teesside University’s Centre for Fraud and Financial Crime and additionally he is an Associate of Teesside University’s Centre for Fraud and Financial Crime. Paul has authored a chapter on ‘How to Investigate Procurement Fraud’ which is included in the Gower 2012 ‘The Counter Fraud Practitioner’s Handbook.’ He is currently writing a book titled “Procurement fraud: A Global Practitioners Handbook” which will be available from CIPS in 2013. He is currently managing a 12 month blog in Supply Management on line magazine titled” Raising the profile of Procurement fraud “ curement Fraud. We have returned to the office and strengthened internal controls as well as implemented new policies and procedures and practices to assist in deterring procurement fraud. My team is now appreciative of the knowledge gained and always “Check” I would most definitely recommend that all within the Procurement Fraternity attend the Paul Guile Master Class in Procurement Fraud, Check, Check and Check again’. Wayne Flanagan , University of Fort Hare, South Africa After attending the Master Class: Fraud in Procurement I find it difficult to trust any documentation that comes my way. I found the course to be an absolute eye opener. I would suggest that all Procurement Officials/Officer attend this information sharing training session and become equipped with the knowledge that is gained from attending a workshop of this nature. Paul is totally focused on this subject matter which comes across very clearly during the presentation of the workshop. The workshop is also conducted in a very relaxed atmosphere with all delegates participating throughout the workshop. Agnes Mwanza, Senior Buyer, Mopani Copper Mines, Zambia The “Master Class” fraud workshop was excellent.
  5. 5. I initially had reservations as I had pre-conceived ideas from previously whereas needed. In sum, the training in procurement fraud has highly attended courses. Obviously I was wrong. Your course is informative and impacted on my professional knowledge and empowers my understand- educative. It outlines ways to detect fraud and how to resolve it”. You also ing deeply to how practically and professionally deal with fraud cases in came up with different types of forms which can assist in policy procurement process, If happens. I would highly recommend this training formulation/ implementation; this is very helpful and will assist to people who are involved in procurementmanagement and other senior in convincing my Manager. management in organizations who would love to have a healthy procurement process in place within their organizations. Olusoji Funsho Overall, your presentation of the course and materials therein is very Fakunle, PhD, Security Investigations Coordinator, Chevron Oil, Nigeria I good and professionally done. You sure know what you are into and enjoyed every bit of the time I spent on the Procurement Fraud training enjoy doing it. Khaled Yousef, Internal Audit Manager, AlSuhaimi Group - and I’ve learnt quite a lot from your wealth of experience, which you did Internal Audit & Compliance “I attended this class aiming at gaining some not hesitate to share with us. The course was an eye-opener to the level extra knowledge about Procurement fraud, but what I got was much & style of Fraud that is going on around the world and it has helped to more, the instructor was great person with great personality and excellent sharpen my investigative skills. I hope one day, I will be able to assist my presenter, the course was intensive, comprehensive and well structured. I company in nipping in the bud cases of Fraud, before they become mani- came back to my work bringing lots of new ideas, policies and procedures fest, with what I am able to learn from you. Evan Darcy, Procurement and best practices which will definitely enhance the internal controls over Superintendent, Shared Services, Phu Bia Mining Limited Having attended procurement activities and add value to my organization.” William the Fraud Master Class Workshop in Malaysia earlier in the year, I was Sheeran , Group Head - Procurement at Royal Group (UAE) “I attended impressed with the ease in which the course materials and presentations the Procurement Fraud Masterclass in Dubai in March 2012. I found this were made in a simple, yet effective format. Paul is an excellent course to be very useful, informative and relevant to my role. I gained a communicator and presenter who is passionate about the subject of great deal of insight into how to identify and investigate procurement fraud and inherent business risks. fraud. The course was very intense however, the inclusive training style ensured that maximum benefit was gained” Amitava Baksi, Chief Procurement (RM & Global Mineral Resources ) I Raw Materials Division, Tata Steel Limited, India It opened my eyes to the number of various touch-points from “I attended the Procurement Fraud Master class in Singapore during procurement that were at a susceptible risk of fraud and upon my return July 2012. It was very informative and pertinent in the current business to work, immediately implemented several reporting methods that are environment globally. I strongly believe that every organisation should still in use today. I also recommended to the business that a tailor made create an awareness and preparedness to safeguard itself from any such course be held for the organization to suit our industry & region, which procurement fraud. The program focused on the enhancement of knowl- was well attended and appreciated on a number of different levels. I edge in this field through a mix of the theoretical inputs and workshop thoroughly recommend the services of Paul Guile to any business - even if exercise which was very well received by all the participants. Your input they think that they don’t have a fraud issue. Brian Lillywhite, on the structure for formulation of procurement fraud strategy and its Director - Internal Affairs Division, Papua New Guinea Customs Service I deployment was also very meaningful. Abdul Zia, Procurement Manager, found the course to be thought provoking, more than interesting, most Aga Khan Foundation, Afghanistan The trainer was excellent, he used to useful and well presented. This course is ideal not only for developed present the training contains in a very professional method, and bring the countries but more importantly for developing nations. The course vital points in to discussions board among the participants. I really loved content itself is most relevant, and occasionally brought raised eye brows the training arrangements in term of materials, facilities and venue. The and little smiles of embarrassment to faces of participants. Raised eye training was unique in contains, besides the trainer made it more advan- brows from realising something new or over-looked and embarrassment tageous with his wide skill in presentation and practical experience in pro- for things know but having turned a blind-eye to. It pointed out in no curement fraud investigations. This training helped me out to learn more simple terms the major problems faced with Procurement Fraud. I have in procurement fraud, and ways to control it and investigate whereas attended a few other courses but would have to say this was one of the needed. In sum, the training in procurement fraud has highly impacted on best if not the best so far. I would highly recommend this course for my professional knowledge and empowers my understanding deeply to people especially interested in fighting mismanagement of funds and how practically and professionally deal with fraud cases in procurement those standing against corruption. fraud, and ways to control it and investigate
  6. 6. Company name: Postal address: Telephone: E- mail Adress: 1. Name & Surname Job Title Email Name & Surname: Job Title: Email: Delegate Cancellations: training course Cell: