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  • To be displayed before webinar launches.
  • To appear during the Intro while Maggie is reading the following: We thank you all for joining us on this Google Hangout, and if you have any questions that we have missed or would like to have answered, post them in the comments below! If you are not a Google Plus user and have a question, you can Tweet us at @GameOnChallenge! All questions will be posted on our website,, after this webinar.
  • To appear in the Intro as Maggie is reading the following: Today we will be discussing the overview of the Game On Challenge, the role and importance of Game On, the submission process, the contest timeline, and any questions you all might have.
  • To display in the Overview section when Wade is saying: We want to be able to see the games show the key messages for HIV and STD prevention. Get the facts. Speak up. Use condoms. Get tested. Get treated.
  • CDC to insert slides here
  • To appear in the Review Rules section when Wade begins to talk about the following: The Game On! Challenge is only open to individuals or groups that meet the following requirements:
  • Will appear in the Review Rules section when Wade begins discussing what a submission must not be
  • This shows up in the Review Rules section when Maggie starts talking
  • Will appear in the Submission Process success when Wade will say: Next, let’s review the submission process.
  • Appears on the Contest Timeline section when Wade begins talking.
  • To appear in the Contest Timeline section when Maggie begins saying: There will be two winners. The first place winner will receive $20,000 and the second place winners will also receive $10,000. Up to five honorable mentions will also be nominated.  
  • This will appear when we are ready to begin answering some questions from the audience in the Questions & Closing section when Maggie says: Thank you all for tuning in today. We are here to answer any questions that you may have.
  • This will appear in the Questions & Closing section when Maggie mentions:Thanks again for joining us.
  • Natalie Barg PPT TEST

    1. 1. GAME ON! CHALLENGE Q & A Webinar All you need to know about the Game On! Challenge Video Game Mobile App Challenge January 9, 2014
    2. 2. KEEP UP WITH GAME ON! Google Plus + Search: Game On Challenge Add us to your circle! YouTube Game On Challenge will be posting this video after it it completed! Twitter Follow @GameOnChallenge #CDCGameOn
    3. 3. Agenda  Overview of the Game On! Challenge  Role & Importance  Rules  Contest Timeline  Questions?
    4. 4. Key Messages for HIV/STD Prevention Get the Facts Speak Up Use Condoms Get Tested Get Treated
    5. 5. SLIDE FROM AMY
    6. 6. Rules You must:  Be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States  At least 15 years old  Submit via  Be original  Include simple and straightforward game rules & objectives  Be able to include all points for eligibility  Include zero malware with submission  Include documentation for licenses of 3rd party
    7. 7. Rules - Continued Submission MUST NOT:  Have been distributed or previously displayed publically  Include endorsements of private products, services, or enterprises  Include profane language, nudity, pornography, graphic violence, weapons, blood or gore, personal attacks on people or organizations  Include material that is hateful, offensive, or slanderous  Include inaccurate or misleading information about HIV and STDs  Contain malware  Contain characters that bear reasonable likeness to any well-known person, celebrity, or political figure
    8. 8. The Basics  Contest registration is open until March 3, 2014 at 11:59 pm.  Submissions will be judged by a panel of external partners and internal CDC staff.  Judges will select one first place winner, and one second place winner, and up to five honorable mentions.  Importance of submitting an original app.
    9. 9. Submission Process
    10. 10. Judging Process • Judging process begins on March 4th. Ends in late April. • Judging Scoreboard: • Creativity • Accuracy • Appropriate Content • Playability of the game • Clarity of game play • Appeal • Creative Integration of Smartphone Functions
    11. 11. Prizes 1st • Two winners: Place wins $20,000 and 2nd place wins $10,000. • Notified by email, telephone, or mail on May 5th Contestants the are eligible to receive prize money will be able to prove: • Proof of royalty-free status of all project assets • Commented source code • Submitted an original game Prize money to be dispersed on May 30th
    12. 12. Questions
    13. 13. Stay Connected With Game On! Tweet Us: @GameOnChallenge Use the Hashtag: #CDCGameOn Email: Visit Us Online: