Strategic Plan


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strategic Plan of a Vocacional School to create a unit of Executive Education in Adelaide, Australia.

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Strategic Plan

  1. 1. Strategic PlanBy Aliomar Galvao
  2. 2. OverviewStrategicPlan• NIELSEN SCHOOL EDUCATION (NES) was founded in 2003,as a tourism and hospitality training centre.• At time: the market for vocational education supported inthe tourism industry and wineries.• A key success: training of mid-level manager.• Had loss of students in recent years.2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 201020112012180 295 353 427 521 615 689 669 651615Students per yearStudentSource: NSEBy Aliomar Galvao
  3. 3. StrategicPlanLoss of international students.Overview0501001502002503003504004505002003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012DomesticInternacionalSource: NSEBy Aliomar Galvao
  4. 4. StrategicPlanOverviewScenario of Opportunity• Adelaide’s renowned education sector.• The Economist Intelligence Unit: Adelaide is consistentlyranked as one of the 10 most liveable cities in the world.• Executive School located in Adelaide (South Australia):- The University of Adelaide Business School ;- University of South Australia (UniSA) ;- Flinders Business School (Flinders University).By Aliomar Galvao
  5. 5. StrategicPlanOverviewScenario of Opportunity• South Australia: 304 major projects either underway or inthe pipeline, value of $94 billion (until 2018).. Minerals & Energy (42%). Defence (20%). Urban Development (16%). Manufacturing & Industrial Development (7%). Health, Education & Other Services (5%). Infrastructure (5%). Water Management (4%)Source: Department for Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy – GovernmentSouth Australia (February 2013)By Aliomar Galvao
  6. 6. OverviewStrategicPlanQuestions to think:1. How many new leaders?2. Which needs education for leaders?3. Will the demand be answered only by 3 universities?Like aging generals, many academic leadersappear to be planning for the previous war, notthe next one.Kenneth C. GreenMark Hopkins and the Digital LogBy Aliomar Galvao
  7. 7. StakeholdersStrategicPlanStudents:• Attract high-quality ethically diverse students.• High-quality student promotes :1. Visibility to business;2. Higher profitability;3. Valuation to business.Allumni as reference: valuation to businessHight quality employee higher participation in decision-making, better level management .High-quality trainner: curriculum / programexcellence, faculty credentials, contacts with business andindustry.By Aliomar Galvao
  8. 8. StakeholdersStrategicPlan• Banks: interest in the success as a customer, can generateincentives.• Government: can endure Pro-investment programs.By Aliomar Galvao
  9. 9. MissionStatementStrategicPlan• Be a world leader in generating new knowledge in theemerging global economic and business paradigm, andproviding thought leadership to students, corporateexecutives and policy makers so that they can be agents ofboth economic prosperity and transformative social change.• We want to be counted among the top business schools inthis country and the world.• We want to be known for superb scholarship, excellentstudents and flawless operations, not just among those whoknow us well, but everyone. By Aliomar Galvao
  10. 10. SharedValuesStrategicPlan• Excellence• Student Focus• Business and Intellectual Leadership• Innovation / Creativy• Mutually Supportive Community• Enterprise-level Engagement• Social Consciousness• Ethical PerspectivesBy Aliomar Galvao
  11. 11. P E S T E LStrategicPlanStrong Economic Credentials• Australia has recorded over two decades of uninterruptedannual growth to 2012.• In the five years from 2008 to 2012 Australia was the mostresilient economy (on a five year average) according toInstitute for Management Development.• The IMF estimate that in 2013 the Australian Government’snet debt will be 12.4 per cent of GDP well below the averageof 79.1 per cent for advanced economies.By Aliomar Galvao
  12. 12. P E S T E LStrategicPlanStable Political and Legal Environment• Australia’s political environment is stable and openproviding investors with a high degree of certainty andconfidence.• Australia’s legal framework is efficient and transparentdriven by a strong system of checks and balances.By Aliomar Galvao
  13. 13. P E S T E LStrategicPlanAdelaide: The most liveable city• The 5th most liveable city in the world by the EconomistIntelligence Unit.• The most liveable city in Australia by the Property Councilof Australia.• The cheapest of the Australian mainland capital citiesaccording to Mercer’s Cost of Living Survey.• The safest city in Australia by Suncorp Bank’s FamilyFriendly City Index.By Aliomar Galvao
  14. 14. P E S T E LStrategicPlanA Government Open For BusinessThe South Australian Government is proinvestment, supporting business including:• Direct access to key government decision-makers.• A dedicated Invest in South Australia team and renownedcase management service to streamline investors’establishment and approvals processes.• An ambitious and successful red tape reduction program.• A commitment to create 100,000 training places withinbroader activity to meet industry demand for skilled workers.• Pro-investment programs including the Plan forAccelerating Exploration (PACE), which has resulted inextraordinary growth in the State’s minerals and energysector. By Aliomar Galvao
  15. 15. P E S T E LStrategicPlanLocation• South Australia is located at the centre of Australia’sroad, rail and air logistics networks; with time and costadvantages for air and sea freight transport to key Asianmarkets.• KPMG ranked Adelaide as having lower business locationcosts than Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in their 2012international business location costs study.By Aliomar Galvao
  16. 16. P E S T E LStrategicPlanLabour Costs – South Australian labour costs are 10% belowthe Australian average (including 20% below WesternAustralia, and up to 10% below New South Wales,Queensland and Victoria).• Property Prices – Adelaide’s residential, commercial andindustrial property prices are amongst the lowest ofAustralia’s mainland capital cities.• Construction Price – Adelaide is competitive in terms ofconstruction costs for the development of new multi-residential, commercial and industrial properties.By Aliomar Galvao
  17. 17. P E S T E LStrategicPlanNatural Advantages of a Pristine Environment• Food & wine is South Australia’s largest export earner withhigh quality grains, wine, seafood, meat, dairy, fruit andvegetables grown and produced in diverse, pristine, naturalenvironments across the State.Forestry• 188,000 ha of plantations; • Softwood Radiata pine;Hardwood Tasmanian Blue GumsBy Aliomar Galvao
  18. 18. SWOTAnlysisStrategicPlanStrenghts* the cutting edge of curriculum designand delivery;* dedicated teachers* high quality pastoral care;* quality premises that motivatestudents to attend classes and to learn;* an education provider to whichstudents will always refer their friends.Weakness* Build trainner team for executiveeducation• Build programmBy Aliomar GalvaoOpportunity* All figures presented in PASTELAnalysis.Threats* Competitors get ready for demand• New competitors•
  19. 19. K P I’ sMeasures of successStrategicPlan• Ranking of individual programs• Student satisfaction• Retention of top faculty• Instructional excellence• Student placement• Success of students after placement• Professional development experiences for students.• Faculty research quality, productivity and impactBy Aliomar Galvao
  20. 20. ConclusionStrategicPlanThe current environment demands increasing accountability frombusiness schools especially those schools seeking AACSB accreditation.The proposed framework centered on the Balanced Scorecard approachoffers an alternative for developing and implementing a strategicperformance management system in a business school.The implementation of a strategy based on the mission statementrequires communication and active participation by not only the businessschool faculty but the faculty and administrators across the campus.By Aliomar Galvao
  21. 21. ConclusionStrategicPlanThis would lead to consistent messages and sets of priorities throughouteach academic school or division. Through continuous improvement, eachfaculty member will gain a thorough understanding and appreciation forthe strategy, implementation of planning, and results achieved.A successful BSC can provide feedback to the administration and facultythat can lead to a long-term process that will foster individual andcollective growth resulting in improved organizational performance.By Aliomar Galvao
  22. 22. StrategicPlanThank You!By Aliomar Galvao