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  1. 1. Future development of the elevators Concept design for elevators
  2. 2. Why do we need concept design for elevators? • New buildings with unusual structure • Development trends of architecture(Sustainable, Interaction Architecture…) • The elevator design must match the incept of the building • The need to create experience in a typical passage part of the building(for ex.building with entertainment purpose)
  3. 3. Advantages of the concept design for elevators • It gives a wide view of the situation and allows us to explore more ideas at lower cost • It frames a problem in a way that makes the solution easier or more interesting without any commercial compromises • Through concept we take to the surface new types of questions(often strategic) which otherwise we wouldn’t consider • With rich visualizing, words and attitude we wake up strong emotions and thoughts in our public • Concepts gives the opportunity to give good arguments why we think that this is the best solution • Concepts help the group to build a common understanding of what they’ll design together
  4. 4. technical inspiration guide • Concept ”Ropeless Multi-car Lift System” och 3D controlled elevators  Double deck system has two cars in the same vertical shaft, permanent connected to one other and functioning independent. This optimize the capacity of the passengers handling elevator system.  Sophisticated destination control system: further optimizes through giving the possibility for a person to register the destination from a terminal in the elevator lobby before taking the elevator. This information communicates to the elevators control system, which immediately assigns each destination to the appropriate elevator. This is called ”destination double deck control’’-3D controlled elevators  Independent Multi-car Circular Elevators(IMCE) is the concept where the cars are moving around circular track so they don’t depend on their counterweights. The cars can go free around the track and stop without to change the other car’s movement.
  5. 5. Double Deck Elevator system The Shard in London: A building with decreased structure
  6. 6. 3D control system  ”Learning" or advanced possibilities for deciding (genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic etc.) for optimizing elevators’ efficiency.  The result is that more people can be handled with less stops under the morning intensive up-traffic and the afternoon down-traffic.  Gives further capacity for other elevators to be used by fire fighters or for building evacuation. http://www.istockphoto.com/stockvideo-5604127-elevator-pal.php? st=91337bc
  7. 7. Ropeless Multi-car Lift System Lerch Bate:s SKYTRAK How it works: http://www.lerchbates.eu/index .php/about/skytrak/
  8. 8. Skytrak and the future buildings Pavilion Yeaosu EXPO 2012 UnSangDong Architects
  9. 9. Design inspiration • Inspiration from the space – space has inspired both scholars and dreamers. It is a powerful magnet for young people and it encourages those that aim for the future. Movies like Star Wars, Star Trek and Stargate have been favourites of a few generations. • While some people stare at the stars, others are impressed by the deep water world. A project that is inspired by the charming underwater life is the unique elevator in the Radisson SAS Hotel in Berlin. • Elevator for ”Thrill seekers”. Psychological experiences based on emotions such as fear, curiosity, extreme situations. • Psychological experiences based on communication and social situations.
  10. 10. Concept Space Elevator Organisations interested: NASA, EuSEC, ISEC Contributes ideas for new building materials (ex. carbon fiber) and new technologies
  11. 11. Inspiration from the underwater world Domaquareé, Radisson SAS Hotel, Berlin
  12. 12. Elevators on diagonal tracks City tunnel in Malmö – unique project by SWECO
  13. 13. Extreme experience Skytower, Aukland, New Zeeland The elevator floor is made by reinforced glass. The tower has entertaining purpose and offers the visitors even parachute jumping
  14. 14. Highest in the world The highest lift in the world is delivered by Otis GM. At the Top, the highest part of Burj Khalifa, Dubai, has the most exclusive lifts with LED screens.
  15. 15. Psychological challenges and social situations Elevator in the Louvre, Paris Student project, Yale University, Master of Architecture, 2011
  16. 16. Psychological challenges and social situations Elevator Pitch Often in business you meet your clients and partners in the elevator lobby. It’s all about 30 seconds when you are alone with them in the elevator and you have to make them like you and your ideas. Therefore the elevator design can be used as strategic environment for provoking interest and it can affect your business affairs in a positive way!
  17. 17. Elevators in private environment
  18. 18. Elevator lobby Nhow Hotel/NPS Tchoban Voss
  19. 19. Elevator lobby Stephen M. Lee Kohn Pederson Fox office. Elevator lobby
  20. 20. Lighting & inspiration Aeon Flux, 2005
  21. 21. Lighting design
  22. 22. Material applicable for new elevator design Carbon fiber Corian Parafon interior acustic, Paroc LCD screen Unique outside lightings
  23. 23. Details
  24. 24. New thinking Inside out
  25. 25. New thinking Cracking and decomposition – architecture that provokes.
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