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Student Conservation Association
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Student Conservation Association


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A summary presentation of my position at SCA

A summary presentation of my position at SCA

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Student Conservation Association Erica Larson
  • 2. The Green Up Team
    • Mission Statement: The Green Up Team is committed to reducing SCA's ecological footprint by encouraging environmentally responsible behavior through research, education and promotion at the organizational and individual levels.
  • 3.
    • The GUT is made up of staff from all departments, regions and field offices.
    • Each member has permission to take time away from their position to work on Green Up Team efforts.
    • The team is divided into subcommittees which focus on specific aspects of sustainability
    • Each has a list of short term and long term goals
  • 4. Subcommittees
    • Transportation
    • Energy Usage
    • Education
    • Product Use
    • Composting
    • Recycling
    • Community Outreach
  • 5. My Day at SCA
    • Full Green Up Team meetings
    • Subcommittee meetings
    • Hours of research
    • Troubleshooting
    • Phone and E-mail communications
    • Preparation for presentations
  • 6. Environmental Education with Erica
    • A presentation each month during the Green Up Team meetings
    • -Topics Have Included:
        • Native Energy – Carbon Offsetting
        • Low/No VOC paints
        • Solar Panels
        • Geothermal Energy
  • 7. Current Big Projects
    • Implementation of SCA’s own community garden
    • Educational materials on the new LEED certified building
    • Calculating SCA’s carbon footprint
    • The second day of SCA’s first Earth Day Celebration happens tomorrow!
  • 8. Quantifying SCA’s carbon footprint
    • 4,000,000 miles flown on Milne tickets in 2008 (staff and members). This doesn’t include tickets purchased outside of Milne, nor staff and member vehicle travel.
      • We have since changed companies and now require all SCA to make travel plans through this company. It will be much easier to track our staff travel next year!
    • We’ll be spending 2009 calculating SCA’s baseline carbon footprint in the following areas:
    • Travel by plane
    • All types of vehicle travel by staff and members (including commuting)
    • Heating and cooling
    • Electricity consumption
    • Paper consumption
  • 9. SCA’s Footprint
    • I have spent many hours compiling data on SCA’s 2008 usage of the following:
      • Electricity
      • Oil
      • Water & bottled water
  • 10.  
  • 11.  
  • 12. The last chart I swear…
  • 13.
    • There is a lot more to do!
    There are many more aspects to incorporate in our footprint! There is a lot that I have not been able to gather (so far) about the regional offices!
  • 14. Alternative Transportation Committee
    • “ To encourage alternative transportation as much as possible and to think strategically about SCA’s collective travel impact.”
    Justin Laue races to work in Oakland
  • 15. Alternative Transportation Accomplishments
    • For the year of 2008,
    • SCA staff started participating in our SCA wide
    • Alternative Transportation Program (ATP).
    •   The results were phenomenal, see below. 
    • 3001 days carpooled
    • 784 days telecommuted
    • 1845 days biked
    • 511 days walked
    • 1835 days publicly transported
    • Total:  7,976 days!
    • 95 Staff participated!
  • 16. Car pools are cool! Pete, Patty H, Rick & Hannah -- Brattleboro To Charlestown
  • 17. Liz, Em & Robin commuting Keep moving alternatively, SCA!
  • 18. Earth Day at SCA Charlestown, NH
    • SCA headquarters in Charlestown, NH has never before put on an Earth Day celebration
    • This year we’re doing it!
  • 19. Wednesday April 15 th , 2009
    • A group of SCA staff took 20 students from Stevens High School in Claremont, NH to clean up a trail near their school!
  • 20. I had fun finding a REALLY old Pepsi can!
  • 21.
    • We even had an ATV club to help us haul trash, tires, and carpets out of the park!
  • 22. Saturday April 18 th 2009
    • #5 Plastics collection
    • Old cellular phone collection
    • Activities
      • Tours of the Green building
      • Kids craft table
      • In Jeopardy bike – includes quiz questions about the environment
      • Recruiting booth
      • Mock base camp
  • 23. Anyone need a Practicum?
    • We’re looking for my replacement!
  • 24. the work goes on… The End