Turnkey Cloud Solution with GaleForce Software


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This publication offers a view into the Turnkey Cloud Solution offered with GaleForce Software that includes automated provisioning and orchestration of heterogeneous environments and globally distributed clouds.

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Turnkey Cloud Solution with GaleForce Software

  1. 1. Solution BriefTurnkey Cloud Solutionwith GaleForce Software The Challenge The pressures to reduce capital and a cloud infrastructure out of their legacy SOLUTION HIGHLIGHTS operational expenditure in IT organiza- and existing infrastructure that can run all Compute, Network, and tions and the growing complexity and of the company’s workloads—virtualized Storage Services Catalog diversity of resource management or not—while also leveraging the benefits Easily define service-level (gold, tools have driven the need for compre- of new technologies and standards in a silver, bronze) templates of com- hensive infrastructure automation and way that makes sense in their operations. pute, network, and NetApp storage orchestration solutions like GaleForce A real-world cloud solution services and publish them to the software. The need for agile service In order for enterprises to get cloud-like GaleForce self-service catalog. delivery, self-service enablement, and benefits out of their existing environ- close alignment of IT with business Automated Provisioning ments, they need to implement an needs—plus the emergence of cloud and Orchestration of automation solution that: architecture—is driving a revolution Heterogeneous Environments across labs and enterprise IT alike. • Provisions and orchestrates both vir- Automate the provisioning of any Private, public, and hybrid clouds are tual and physical resources, including workload environment at any the talk of the day. bare metal provisioning of operating scale across multiple vendors systems and hypervisors and technologies. As the desire to implement cloud archi- • Provides self-service access to tecture in the enterprise increases, Geographically Distributed physical, virtual, and combined infra- it demands a reassessment of the Clouds structure resources via selectable assumptions underlying the building Consolidate physically separated templates for workload environments blocks of a cloud. One of the most labs or data centers into com- • Automatically provisions end-to-end glaring of phenomena is the erroneous mon pools of resources that can workload environments on request, belief that enterprises must overhaul be accessed by users anywhere allows policy-based addition or dele- their hardware and software infrastruc- in the world. Burst into a public tion of resources to live deployments, ture to implement a cloud environment. cloud when needed. and decommissions back to the IT organizations today have millions of shared pool of resources when the dollars invested in legacy and hetero- session is over geneous hardware, and have a mix of • Allows composite infrastructure auto- virtualized and nonvirtualized workloads mation—automated provisioning and in their environments. The challenge in orchestration across shared com- today’s IT organizations is how to build pute, network, and storage layers
  2. 2. The GaleForce Control Center provides resource management, template authoring, and automated end-to-end provisioning for physical and virtual resources across application, computing, networking, and storage tiers. The GaleForce Web portal enables self-service fulfillment of infrastructure service requests based on templates published by the system admin.Figure 1) GaleForce Control Center and Web Portal Client.The Solution resources from the deployment on the Out-of-the-box support forThe GaleForce automation software fly or based on deterministic policies. heterogeneous environmentsprovides a complete turnkey cloud The resource adaptor framework within Seamless integration with thesolution for private and hybrid cloud NetApp Storage Service Catalog GaleForce allows granular device-leveldeployments with NetApp, including control of resources. With more than With the template feature of GaleForcea ready-made web portal for end user 130 prebuilt resource adaptors avail- and its integration with NetApp® Openself-service, and seamless integration able, GaleForce allows developers to Management OnCommand™ APIs,with NetApp software and the NetApp seamlessly integrate NetApp storage developers are able to design a multi-storage service catalog. GaleForce arrays into heterogeneous environ- tude of storage profiles that leverageprovides pre-built support for numerous ments that include compute resources NetApp features such as FlexClone®server, networking, and virtualization from Dell, HP, IBM, Cisco, or Sun/ and Snapshot®. Developers or architectsvendors, and enables the composite Oracle; virtualization resources from use the easy drag-and-drop interfaceprovisioning of both physical and virtual VMware, Citrix, or any hypervisor; and of the GaleForce Control Center toresources in a complete orchestration network resources from Cisco, Juniper, design storage profiles that specify aframework. GaleForce even allows HP, and others. In addition, GaleForce variety of attributes, such as NetAppoperators to combine multiple sites into allows intelligent compute and network storage capacity and provisioning anda single pool of resources, or to seam- service profiles to be defined based on protection policies to build a cataloglessly consolidate resources. attributes such as number of CPUs, of intelligent NetApp storage services. size of memory, number of ports,GaleForce self-service portal Because of the GaleForce implementa- VLANs, and more.GaleForce provides an easy-to-use tion with NetApp OnCommand APIs,self-service portal that provides secure developers are able to discover NetApp Composite infrastructure storage service templates (for example, provisioning and orchestrationlogin and role-based access to infra-structure and service templates for Gold, Silver, or Bronze) and use them GaleForce is an advanced compos-scheduled or on-demand usage, from within complete end-to-end templates ite infrastructure provisioning andanywhere in the world. End users log in containing similar compute and network orchestration framework that allowsto the GaleForce Web portal and select profiles built in GaleForce. In this way, provisioning of bare metal as well asa combination of compute, network, developers construct a composite tem- virtual resources. GaleForce enablesand storage templates from the prebuilt plate of compute, network, and storage frequently requested and standard-library. When a template is selected profiles in which the storage profile is ized IT services to be delivered in aand scheduled, GaleForce automati- seamlessly inherited from the NetApp completely automated way, from ser-cally provisions the complete set of Storage Service Catalog. Developers vice request through service delivery,resources in a carefully orchestrated are also able to replicate an existing spanning the virtualization, computing,manner, and brings the workload to life. template and change the profile of the networking, and storage layers. WithWhile the session runs, the end user compute, network, or storage layer, for GaleForce’s integration with the NetAppis able to scale, swap, add, or delete example, from Bronze to Gold, and save VSC API, as new virtual machines are the modified profile as a new template. added GaleForce can provide granular
  3. 3. Figure 2) GaleForce orchestrates the end-to-end provisioning of the storage, network, and computeresources by packaging complex workflows into easily selectable service catalogs that can becombined into templates and published to the self-service web portal.access and control of VMs and storagethrough vCenter™ and VSC, including SOLUTION COMPONENTattaching or detaching datastores. All NetApp Products Gale Productsthe services are delivered and hosted FAS6200 series GaleForce Serveron a shared pool of resources (servers,storage, and network). When the ser- FAS6000 series GaleForce Turnkey Cloudvices are no longer needed or turned FAS3200 series GaleForce Control Centeroff, the resources are decommissioned FAS3100 series GaleForce Web Portaland returned to the pool to be available FAS2000 series GaleForce Resource Adaptersfor other requestors. What used to take V-Series for NetApphighly skilled staff days or even weeksto accomplish—locating, scheduling, NetApp OnCommand GaleForce Resource Adapters forconnecting, and provisioning virtual and servers, virtualization, and networking NetApp ONTAPIphysical resources of multiple types GaleForce Resource Adapters for NetApp VSC Plug-in APIand from multiple vendors—can now public cloud APIsbe completed in minutes.Geographically distributed cloudsA single installation of GaleForce can Summary to quickly build cloud environmentsmanage multiple resources and file with existing infrastructure resources. With its unique physical and virtualrepositories that may be distributed www.galetechnologies.com resource provisioning and end-to-endacross multiple sites or domains yet workflow automation, The GaleForceappear to users as a common pool. About NetApp automation software is able to buildMany GaleForce customers create NetApp creates innovative storage cloud-like environments out of legacycommon pools of resources that are and data management solutions that as well as new IT resources, thereforephysically spread across multiple deliver outstanding cost efficiency and accelerating service delivery while max-geographies but can be provisioned accelerate business breakthroughs. imizing utilization of existing resources.by end users from anywhere in the Discover our passion for helpingworld. As efficiencies are achieved companies around the world gothrough scheduling and on-demand About Gale further, faster at www.netapp.com.provisioning, sites can be reduced and With over 100 live deploymentsseamlessly consolidated transparently powered by its products, Gale Go further, faster ®to the user community. Technologies is a trusted provider of advanced software solutions that automate and orchestrate IT resources—allowing organizations
  4. 4. © 2011 NetApp, Inc. All rights reserved. No portions of this document may be reproduced without prior written consent of NetApp, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. NetApp, the NetApp logo, Go further, faster, FlexClone, FlexPod, OnCommand, and Snapshot are trademarks or registered trademarks of NetApp, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. vCenter is a trademark of VMware, Inc. All other brands or products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and should be treated as such. DS-3195-0611www.netapp.com