Hosted Call Center Telemarketing Solution


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Features of GaleStream Call Center Telemarketing & CRM solution.

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Hosted Call Center Telemarketing Solution

  1. 1. Hosted Call Center Telemarketing Solution Features At Home Agents Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Campaign Management Predictive dialing Time zones and call scheduling Database management Customers logs and data Agents monitoring Reporting and recording Voicemail (under development) Interactive voice response (IVR) (under development) 1|Page GaleStream Ltd
  2. 2. At Home Agents With GaleStream Call Center Service call center software you can staff your call center with at home agents using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). We understand how difficult it is to find and keep great agents. Recruit agents from anywhere in the world and let them work from home! Your geographically dispersed agents will be managed as if they were all in one location. Supervisors and Administrators can easily monitor their remote agents as effectively as if they were in the same building, by listening to recordings, viewing their real-time performance results. At home agents need nothing more than a windows-based PC, a high-speed internet connection and a USB headset. You will achieve optimal voice quality giving the agents and customers the highest voice quality possible for each connection. At home agents connect to your GaleStream Call Center system using VoIP, utilizing this latest technology you can reduce your monthly usage costs. At home agents simply log into the web application and start taking &/or receiving calls with screen pop. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) GaleStream Call Center Service easy-to-use ACD technology helps you to ensure that calls are delivered to the right agent at the right time. ACD is the programmable system that automatically answers calls, queues calls, distributes calls to agents, plays delay announcements to callers and provides real-time and historical reports on these activities. With support for ACD queues call centers have the flexibility to prioritize inbound call traffic to maximize their business results. By utilizing GaleStream Call Center Service’s ACD you will fulfill your callers’ expectations as they enjoy a seamless and consistent experience from the moment they are in touch with your company. And, you will be confident knowing that your business objectives are always considered when routing inbound traffic to agents. Campaign Management GaleStream Call Center Service allows you to manage multiple simultaneous outbound, inbound and blended campaigns through an easy to use web interface. You can start and stop campaigns and assign or remove remote agents real time. Predictive dialing Many call centers and businesses that make a significant number of outbound calls have struggled to maintain productivity levels. Without using predictive dialers, call center agents and other employees must manually call customers. More often than not, time spent making manual 2|Page GaleStream Ltd
  3. 3. phone calls is wasted as calls are diverted to answering machines, costing the business in lost productivity and wages. Predictive dialers do it all for you automatically: it is a system of outbound calling that dials without the agent on the line across multiple campaigns. Our system dials the phone, listens and when a live "hello" is detected, automatically transfers the call to an available agent. The dialer places numerous calls simultaneously, checking each number for a live "hello" or for another call disposition. If the call is busy, no answer, answering machine, etc., the dialer either discards or reschedules the call, then dials another number. The dialer is predictive because it anticipates when the next agent will become available, and when the next "hello" will be detected. Optimized call disposition menus allow you to earmark successful calls, follow up on “call again” customers, as well as maintain “best time to contact” and “do not call” lists for customer comfort and regulatory compliance. Time zones and call scheduling It is very important to not disturb customers in a wrong time during outbound campaigns. GaleStream Call Center Service allows to schedule “call later” calls and automatically distributes all calls by time zones. Set your desirable time range for every campaign and be sure that customers will not get calls at wrong time wherever they live. Database management After purchasing GaleStream Call Center Service build a customized database for your call center in addition to a built-in databases. Define objects, attributes, dispositions, listing priorities, sources and appearance. Create and assign groups, sort and filter data according to specific needs of your campaign, analyses or reports. Set and revise data update procedures, whether manually or automatically. You can easily export data tables to Excel sheets, create queries by numerous parameters and save them for further usage. Customers logs and data With GaleStream Call Center Service you will ensure that every interaction with your customers is logged. Your agents will be more productive, and your customers will be more satisfied with their call center experience. Access data from different sources at a single point when you need it, in the form and substance you define. Whether your agent is reaching out to a prospective customer to generate leads or servicing an inbound customer service call, he/she has instant access to the customer’s current profile and the complete history of customer interactions and service issues. This helps your agents make just the right offers and generate more leads, or service the customer faster and better. 3|Page GaleStream Ltd
  4. 4. Agents monitoring Call centers are dynamic environments: inbound traffic is constantly fluctuating, outbound lists and campaigns change constantly, and the agent workforce is continually evolving. In order to maintain predictability in a call center environment, managers must utilize historical information that provides insights into trends and rising challenges. While GaleStream Call Center Service’s call logging allows your supervisors to assess and evaluate your agents’ performance in real time and on-the-spot, our comprehensive reporting features and activity logs offer you the complete range of tools to track workforce productivity, lead generation, the quality of customer support and maintaining customer relationships. GaleStream Call Center Service’s reports are fully customizable and can integrate as much CRM, call center or management-related information as you choose, to give you a better look at agent productivity, lead generation or profitability issues Reporting and recording Real time and historical reporting are vital functions in every call center. GaleStream Call Center Service provides multitude standard reports on Calls, Campaigns, Call Dispositions/Outcomes, Dialing Lists, Users and Persons. Reports can be viewed within applications or exported into an Excel spreadsheet for more detailed analysis and archival. Users can leverage the built-in reports to view detailed information about every call, summarized information about campaign performance and call outcomes, follow every person’s and every call’s history and get key metrics of agent performance. In addition GaleStream Call Center software allows you to record the calls between agents and customers, and review them afterwards. By adopting regular reviews of voice recordings, your call center will deliver on your executives’ business objectives. You will be able to ensure a consistent and quality customer experience, make agents more effective and productive in sales and service, and improve customer loyalty. Voicemail (under development) Voicemail service is an asset for the serious business professional. Most people assume that a company with voicemail services is a large successful business. For an individual or an entire company, voicemail service with/without live operators is an effective economical way to manage your office communications. With GaleStream Call Center’s integrated voicemail functionality, callers can leave messages that can later be reviewed by agents and managed by administrators. With this feature you will not miss any call. 4|Page GaleStream Ltd
  5. 5. Interactive voice response (IVR) (under development) IVR is a computerized phone system that enables a person, typically a telephone caller, to make a selection from a voice menu. The selection is made using touch phone keypad entries or voice responses. This interaction allows the individual to communicate with the phone system and thus the computer system. The phone system plays pre-recorded voice prompts and the person typically presses a number on a telephone keypad to select the option associated with the voice prompt. GaleStream Call Center Service IVR system supports outbound and inbound calls. In case of outbound calls, for example, informing a customer about subscription expiration, announcing a new product update, or notifying a customer that an order is shipped. As with outbound, IVR system can handle inbound calls before they get routed to live agents. The same type of scripts that operate with outbound can greet callers and provide them with a list of choices. X Anna Mkrtchyan Marketing Specialist 5|Page GaleStream Ltd