High Performance BPO Game Changing Business Outcomes - Accenture report 2012
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High Performance BPO Game Changing Business Outcomes - Accenture report 2012



High Performance BPO Game Changing Business Outcomes - Accenture report 2012

High Performance BPO Game Changing Business Outcomes - Accenture report 2012



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High Performance BPO Game Changing Business Outcomes - Accenture report 2012 High Performance BPO Game Changing Business Outcomes - Accenture report 2012 Document Transcript

  • High Performance BPOdelivers game-changingbusiness outcomes
  • The benefits offered by BPO have long been clear, andhave centered on the increased efficiency that comes withstandardizing and streamlining processes and driving out cost.But as impressive as such gains are, companies can pull the samelevers of labor savings and process improvements for only solong before the benefits begin to sound less impressive. Today,organizations are asking their BPO providers a bold new question:“What else can you give me?”These new forms of business value—such outcomes based on more extensiveas improving customer satisfaction, analytics-based insights, application ofincreasing working capital and revenue industry expertise, and the scale andgeneration, and optimizing costs and experience a provider gains within andprofit & loss performance—are already across multiple industries.emerging in the most progressive client/ Following are a number of next-provider relationships. Such outcomes generation business outcomes forare arising from BPO providers’ ability Accenture clients that provide concreteto use the business and operational examples of how Accenture has helpedknowledge gleaned from a long-term organizations, from an array of industries,outsourcing relationship, to go deeper achieve game-changing advantagesinto their clients’ value chains. The through analytics-backed BPO.earlier forms of value generated by BPOsolutions will continue, but they willbe delivered in the context of business2
  • Care Management Finance & AccountingNorth American Healthcare Payer North American Provider of High TechAccenture aligned with Radiant to bring Products and ServicesCare Management BPO Services to a By conducting in-depth analysis of creditNorth American healthcare payer to help terms and introducing dynamic collectionthem reduce administrative costs. The strategies, Accenture F&A BPO optimizedcompany was able to ramp up operations working capital performance for awith highly-skilled resources, including leading US provider of high-technologyUS-licensed nurses in just 13 weeks products and services. The reduction inand achieve a savings between 35 and the number of days it takes to process55 percent per full-time employee. The payments (day sales outstanding) helpedclinicians are responsible for helping optimize cash flow, and released anmanage the review and authorization of additional $9.4 million into the businessmedical services, and the company was and a $430,000 P&L impact.able to redeploy its retained staff to other Business Outcome: Improve Workingcustomer-facing activities. CapitalBusiness Outcome: Improve WorkforcePerformance HR (Recruitment) BPONorth American Healthcare Payer British TelecomAccenture aligned with Radiant to bring Faced with significant challengesCare Management BPO services to help a regarding headcount control and costleading North American healthcare payer containment due to divergent systemsimprove service quality, productivity and and regional processes, Accenture HRcompliance by managing the processing BPO teamed with BT Global Servicesof its electronic requests from service to implement a centralized approvalproviders related to patient care. By tracking and control process as part ofmeeting and exceeding the 95 percent our existing onboarding services. Thetarget for quality service level agreements Global Services unit is seeing significantand the 99+ percent target for reduction in unapproved hires and is ableturnaround-time compliance, this enabled to better project and regulate the flowthe company to meet government of new hires coming into the business torequirements. match costs with incoming revenue.Business Outcome: Improve Compliance Business Outcome: Improveand Risk Management Workforce PerformanceNorth American Healthcare PayerA leading North American healthcarepayer significantly reduced theadministrative costs of handling electronicrequests from customers. Accenturealigned with Radiant to bring CareManagement BPO services to introduceprogram efficiency improvementsresulting in a 200 percent increase inproductivity compared to client targets,and a reduction in the number of staffneeded to support the service and region.Business Outcome: Improve WorkforcePerformance 3
  • European Supermarket function, increasing the efficiency and and Latin Americas’ regional needs. As effectiveness of the hiring process; a result of this improved training, IPAccenture HR BPO enabled significant improving the quality of candidates and and Convergence sales increased by 35improvements in workforce productivity new hires and creating an enhanced user percent in six months.for a European supermarket companyby making back-office processes more experience for both the hiring managers Business Outcome: Improve Workforceefficient and effective; the program and the candidates. Performancefreed up over 45,000 hours per year Business Outcome: Improve Workforce Performance Telstrafor store managers. Time spent hiringqualified candidates was reduced, Telstra teamed with Accenture toand less time was spent on executing Insurance BPO redesign their new hire inductionHR administrative tasks such as CV program in order to improve speed Global Insurance Companyscreening, scheduling interviews to competence, customer service andand preparing new hire documents. In order to improve customer satisfaction staff retention. Accenture designedAccenture improved the speed-to-hire and retention, Accenture is piloting an an innovative blended trainingby 50 percent, reducing the time it innovative automated Speech Analytics program that allowed new hires thetakes to fill a vacancy from an average solution as part of an Insurance opportunity to take live customer callsof 10 days to just five. The recruitment BPO project with a global insurance or make site visits during training,capabilities were strengthened, and company. This solution will analyze and introduced Team Leaders toprocessing efficiency increased by more speech patterns, word choices and co-facilitate and provide coachingthan 30 percent. Store managers’ time intonations, correlate that information support during the process as opposedhas been freed up to focus on improving against agent data and experiences, andcustomer service and generating sales. identify key agent responses that cause customers satisfaction or dissatisfaction.Business Outcome: Improve Workforce The information will be used to coachPerformance agents to improve their performance,Levi Strauss & Co. and is anticipated to result in improved customer satisfaction metrics, firstLevi Strauss & Co. needed to transform call resolution, retention rates and theits recruiting process, improving overall customer experience.its ability to hire talented retailprofessionals to work during the Business Outcome: Improve Customerannual back to school and holiday Satisfactionseasons. In the past, Levi Strauss & Co.store managers recruited new hires Learning BPOby literally walking the halls of retail Global Provider of Next-Generationcenters with paper applications in Business Collaboration andhand. Accenture developed an online, Communications Solutioncloud-based recruiting and hiringcapability, supported by a team of A global leader in providing unifiedexperienced recruiting professionals. communications, real-time videoNow Levi Strauss & Co. can advertise collaboration, contact center, networkingjob opportunities on social media and and related services was challenged tocareers sites, and enable candidates to meet revenue objectives in its IP andapply online with Levi Strauss & Co., Convergence groups. Accenture Learningfreeing up 60,000 store manager hours. BPO collaborated with the client andIn addition, Accenture applied analytics designed a training solution thatto identify opportunities to improve combined Data and IP Telephony courses,demand forecasting and sourcing and streamlined the standard curriculum,hiring performance. The outsourcing and condensed all existing courses intoarrangement has fundamentally a 25-day program adapted to Caribbeanchanged how Levi Strauss & Co.manages its recruitment and hiring4
  • to providing this once hired. Staff training, but also introduced process development of the talent program wastrained under this program were 30 improvements such as optimizing service based on insights from a combinationpercent more productive in their first routes to reduce transit times between of sales, employee performance, andfour to six weeks. Stores with a higher service calls. As a result, Telstra has seen business KPI data. Introduced acrosspercentage of these specially trained an increase in field workforce skills and four regions in China the solutionstaff outperformed others in sales and an overall improvement in the efficiency blended eLearning, virtual learning,customer service, and attrition dropped and effectiveness of meeting customer and classroom events combined withby 21 percent. service requests. three months of frequent reinforcementBusiness Outcomes: Improve Workforce Business Outcome: Improve Workforce activities providing sales reps thePerformance; Optimize Costs and Profit Performance opportunity to practice the needed skills& Loss Performance and behaviors over a period of time. Global Products Company As a result, the campaign increasedAccenture helped Telstra improve its field sales by over 2 percent, and had paid To improve the productivity of its salesworkforce productivity by 51 percent itself back in two months. The program workforce in China, a global diversifiedthrough a major business transformation also resulted in increased sales rep products company, collaborated withproject. Accenture not only redesigned engagement and confidence. Accenture Learning BPO to designthe training, which included creating and implement an innovative talent Business Outcome: Improve Revenueand updating 57 course hours and development program addressing Generationdelivering more than 12,000 hours of knowledge, skills and behaviors. The 5
  • Looking to develop a competitive an SEO audit on Super Savvy Me that Procurement BPOadvantage and implement a new resulted in 102 percent improvement in Global Communications Companyoperating model for the Russia Belarus the search audit score.and Ukraine market, this global diversified A global communications company Business Outcomes: Improve Revenueproducts company collaborated with partnered with Accenture Procurement Generation; Acquire and Retain NewAccenture Learning BPO to improve sales BPO over a five-year period to manage Customersbehaviors, execution excellence, and direct material categories sourcingcreate a continuous improvement culture. activities, drive bottom-line savingsAccenture worked with the leadership Network BPO and improve working capital. Accentureteam to identify the key knowledge Global Telecommunications Company applied on-demand category expertisegaps, performance gaps and business Accenture Network BPO has partnered and analytics to create multiyearissue areas through insights gained from with a leading telecommunications category strategies and a prioritized listanalytics on business, employee and company to improve the speed with of sourcing opportunities. By applyingperformance data. The solution consisted which it provides customers with new category knowledge and expertise, anof a blend of eLearning modules, products and services. By implementing industrialized sourcing process andworkshops, coaching and classroom system and process improvements, best-in-class technology, Accenturesessions for the sales personnel. The Accenture has reduced the time it helped generate 16 percent of bottom-program resulted in increased sales by takes customer service agents to fulfill line savings. It also implemented aover 3 percent, and 89.6 percent of sales customer requests, resulting in a 41 Vendor Management Inventory programrepresentatives indicating the program percent productivity increase. This has that reduced inventory levels by 50directly helped their confidence and allowed the company to redirect agents percent, freeing up floor space forperformance. to support new businesses in support of office expansion.Business Outcomes: Improve Revenue their growth strategy. Business Outcomes: Improve WorkingGeneration; Improve Workforce Business Outcome: Improve Workforce Capital; Optimize Costs and Profit & LossPerformance Performance PerformanceMarketing BPO Supply Chain BPOProcter & Gamble Pharmaceutical BPO Global Life Sciences Company North American Aerospace andWe have been supporting the expansion Defense Companyof Procter & Gamble’s digitization Accenture Pharmaceutical BPO worked with an international life sciences Leveraging sophisticated spare-partsagenda through our BPO services. We company to improve its response time inventory analytics, Accenture Supplyhelp increase the scale, agility and speed in managing fatal and life threatening Chain BPO helped a leading Northof the delivery of broad-based digital safety cases. With Accenture’s American aerospace and defensemarketing and virtual reality services to help, the company improved its company to optimize its workingthe business. By running and operating responsiveness by handling 98 percent capital performance. By scientificallyP&G’s virtual reality studios around of cases within 24 hours, ensuring calculating optimum inventory acrossthe world, we help the brand and sales that quick and appropriate actions are the company’s parts distributionteams with virtual imaging for new taken to help prevent further health centers, the program managed toproduct development and planning problems for patients, and improve simultaneously raise product availabilityfor retailer share of product. We just drug safety overall. In addition to from 59 percent to 81 percent.reached a milestone of 150 virtual storebuilds. When we started executing improving response time, Accenture Business Outcomes: Improve Workingdigital marketing programs for P&G, we also helped improve the quality of case Capital; Improve Revenue Generation;were delivering the service to 44 brands. management, reducing error rates to Optimize Costs and Profit & LossToday the service has grown to cover 2 percent, thereby reducing rework, Performanceover 90% of the brands. And we jointly improving patient service and leadingcontinue to evolve and innovate into to improved compliance.new digital service areas such as search Business Outcomes: Improve Customerengine optimization. We performed Satisfaction; Improve Compliance and Risk Management6
  • Loblaw Companies Limited Utilities BPOLoblaw Companies Limited, a large North American Utility Companynational grocery retailer, needed to Using a transaction compliance andimprove supply chain performance analytics tool, Accenture Supply Chainfor over $1 billion worth of general BPO helped a North American Utilitymerchandise by reducing stock outages, Company identify significant workingstock overages, and errors, such as capital and cost saving areas ofshipping the wrong product to a opportunity within their Procure to Paystore. While cost was an important cycle. By analyzing 18 months worthconsideration in provider, the ability of spend, Accenture recommendedto improve performance was the changes that could lead to $30 millionclient’s main criterion. Accenture in working capital benefits as wellapplied our domain expertise and as $2 million in cost savings withinanalytics capabilities to determine that the Accounts Payable function. Inthe client’s legacy forecasting tools addition, the team proposed severalwere inaccurate, and built a custom transformational initiatives to updateforecasting tool that used logic to the client’s Accounts Payable functionforecast better year-round and seasonal that could realize an additional $1products. Accenture also built analytics million in cost savings.tools for category management, andused the data to re-design business Business Outcomes: Optimize Costs andprocesses. As a result, Accenture was Profit & Loss Performanceable to help the client increase thedistribution center stock fill rate byover 1000 basis points and improvedinventory currency. Error rates were alsoreduced by up to 50 percent, leading toless rework and improved efficiency.Business Outcomes: Improve RevenueGeneration; Optimize Costs and Profit &Loss PerformanceU.S. Retail CompanyTargeting increased revenue, a leadingU.S. retail company worked withAccenture Supply Chain BPO to achievea 10-15 percent improvement inforecast accuracy. Applying analytics,the program improved forecast accuracyfor more than 500,000 productsacross multiple categories such asapparel, foods, general merchandiseand pharmacy, resulting in improvedinventory management that contributesto overall revenue improvement.Business Outcome: Improve RevenueGeneration 7
  • About AccentureAccenture is a global managementconsulting, technology servicesand outsourcing company, withmore than 249,000 people servingclients in more than 120 countries.Combining unparalleled experience,comprehensive capabilities acrossall industries and business functions,and extensive research on theworld’s most successful companies,Accenture collaborates with clients tohelp them become high-performancebusinesses and governments. Thecompany generated net revenues ofUS$25.5 billion for the fiscal yearended Aug. 31, 2011. Its home page iswww.accenture.com.Copyright © 2012 AccentureAll rights reserved.Accenture, its logo, andHigh Performance Deliveredare trademarks of Accenture.