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Accenture IT Report 2013 Seeing is Believing



Accenture IT Report 2013 Seeing is Believing.pdf - Jan 2013

Accenture IT Report 2013 Seeing is Believing.pdf - Jan 2013



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Accenture IT Report 2013 Seeing is Believing Accenture IT Report 2013 Seeing is Believing Presentation Transcript

  • Accenture IT Report 2012-2013Seeing Is Believing
  • Transforming the Way We Work A Message from Frank B. Modruson Accenture Chief Information Officer Welcome to our 2012-2013 report on how In this report and on (www. Accenture does IT. Thank you for your interest, you can see the in our work. full spectrum of videoconferencing tools we are using today. The major IT news across Accenture and among our clients is how visual communications is In addition to our trailblazing efforts on changing the way we all work together. No video, this report updates you on several other longer a rare occurrence, videoconferencing is important IT innovations we introduced now the norm inside Accenture and increasingly this past year in response to trends in mobility, among our clients as well. Some 150,000 of the consumerization of IT, and social media.  our professionals are enabled today to conduct These achievements reflect the work of thousands video calls from their laptops with a single click. of professionals across Accenture’s internal Already, 179 client organizations are “federated” IT organization. I thank them all for their out- with Accenture, enabling seamless, face-to-face standing contributions to Accenture’s success.  daily communication and collaboration. We all can take justifiable pride in providing our colleagues and clients with the very best that The impact of visual communications on technology has to offer, further enabling high the way we work cannot be overstated. performance for all. Tangible business benefits, including less travel, lower travel costs, and more face time with Seeing really is believing. So come and see colleagues and clients, all translate into greater what we are seeing and doing at Accenture. efficiency and substantial savings. The intangible We welcome your inquiries. benefits — stronger collaboration, faster problem resolution through real-time face-to- face interaction, an enhanced balance between work and life, and advancing environmental stewardship — are immeasurable. Frank B. ModrusonOn the cover: Accenture Chief Executive OfficerPierre Nanterme (upper right), other Accentureleadership and professionals demonstratethe pervasive presence of videoconferencing intoday’s global enterprise.
  • Video Is the New VoiceVideoconferencing anytime, anywhere is changing the waywe work. As video becomes the new voice across corporateenterprises, Accenture is leading the way, expanding thevideo ecosystem to link our employees with one another andwith our clients.Many of our people are already able to add video to anexisting audio call with a single click. Before the end of fiscalyear 2013, the number of video-enabled professionals willsurpass 200,000. Video is quickly becoming the new “voice”across Accenture.Last year, there were nearly 7,000 Accenture video-conferencing meetings held around the world. Our totalnumber of videoconferencing meeting minutes nowruns into the millions annually. We already use manydifferent systems, including high-definition Telepresencevideo, EX Series personal video, Roundtable teamvideoconferencing, and Lync and Jabber personal videodevices. The actual tool matters less than the impactvideoconferencing as a whole is having on productivityand performance.
  • Seeing Is BelievingAccenture videoconferencing advances in 2012-2013Here is an overview of Accenture’s videoconferencing ecosystem in action.150,000 Accentureprofessionals enabled withLync desktop video New high-definition Jabber desktop videoconferencing introduced4
  • 23 new Telepresenceunits added, expandingthe network to 126 “What’s normal now is to have a virtual meeting.... More than The technology is now fully 43 million changing the way Accenture videoconferencing is operating.” minutes per year — Pierre Nanterme Accenture Chief Executive Officer 140 EX Series videoconferencing devices added, bringing the total in use to 235 5
  • Seeing Is Succeeding: Teaming Without TravelAn Accenture team of more than 2,000 The EX Series units effectively paidprofessionals recently faced a business for themselves within the first monthchallenge. Team members had to of operation. “We are on track tocollaborate across thousands of miles, significantly cut our expected travelrequiring significant weekly travel. “Our expenses for the year,” reportsteams were doing great work,” explains Scott. Going forward, the use ofAdrian Scott, one of the Accenture videoconferencing by this one teamLeaders overseeing the effort, “but our alone is expected to save moretravel budget was taking a beating.” than US$1million per year in travel expenses.With help from the AccentureCIO Organization, the team purchased Multiplied by the many thousandssix EX Series videoconferencing of Accenture teams collaboratingsystems. As soon as the systems were worldwide, the prospective costinstalled, videoconferencing became efficiencies from teaming withoutan integral part of the team’s work traveling are immense.process, with multiple sessions eachday bringing together team membersin India and Australia. Accenture team members 5,500 miles apart collaborate daily via videoconferencing.6
  • Meeting Anytime, Anywhere Around the WorldGlobal companies with widelydistributed teams and clients locatedaround the world must overcome theconstraints of distance and time. Fewcompanies understand this better thanAccenture, operating in120 countriesacross all time zones. Fewer still havemobilized such a diverse roster ofvideoconferencing tools to make face-to-face meeting without place-to-placetravel an everyday occurrence.Accenture’s lifelike Telepresence high-definition videoconferencing networkis one of the largest in the businessworld, linking Accenture’s 126 locationswith 63 client organizations. EX Series The result is an enterprise alwaysvideoconferencing tools provide working, constantly producing,the same high-definition quality on consistently delivering, not in startsflat screens suitable for use by one or and stops as the sun rises and falls, buttwo participants. Portable Roundtable around the clock and around the videoconferencing tools with360-degree cameras let teams collabo-rate on the fly, wherever they happento be. Lync video is fully integrated withall these videoconferencing tools. Accenture professionals around the world collaborate via high-definition Telepresence videoconferencing for more than 360,000 minutes every month. 7
  • High-Impact Face-to-Face CollaborationLync, one of the most powerful com-munications platforms in the market,is now the primary communicationstool across Accenture. The migration ofall Accenture employees to Lync wascompleted in fiscal year 2012. Lyncintegrates secure audio and instantmessaging with “presence” indicators,deskstop sharing, whiteboarding andother valuable features.Some 150,000 Accenture professionalsare enabled with Lync video as well.Video adds unequalled immediacy, givingparticipants face-to-face contact andthe ability to see and read those vitalcues that help us gauge how messages The newest Lync enhancements enableand ideas are being received. users to invite clients and other external contacts to calls, even if they do notGlobal teams using Lync interact have Lync. Users can brainstorm in aeffortlessly, as if members were in the whiteboard session, poll call participantssame office. Numerous client teams on decisions, even work on contentare using Lync to reduce travel, by together using shared programs. Jabber,enabling team members to work one an enhanced videoconferencing toolweek per month from home. Lync’s that provides high-definition imageversatility is driving more effective resolution on the Lync platform, wascollaboration and innovative work introduced on a selective basis in fiscal With 150,000 Accenture professionals now enabledarrangements across Accenture. year 2012. with Lync video, laptops become platforms for face-to- face collaboration with colleagues across the globe.8
  • Advancing the Communications Ecosystem:Federation and B2B VideoconferencingAudio and video collaboration israpidly expanding beyond Accenture’scorporate borders to include clientsand business partners. Currently, 179client organizations are “federated”with Accenture, meaning thatpersonnel in a federated company cancommunicate with Accenture personneleasily and securely over a commoncommunications platform such as Lyncor Office Communicator.The benefits are obvious: strongerteamwork, lower costs and integratedinstant messaging. With shared instantmessaging and other tools, collaborationbecomes seamless. Presence indicators Accenture recognized early on that being Many Accenture offices are equipped with portablesimplify contacts and scheduling. restricted to a single videoconferencing plug-and-play Roundtable cameras that capture a 360-degree video view of meeting participants. system would limit its growth. So theVideoconferencing is a one-click process, Accenture Videoconferencing Bridgingand desktop sharing of programs and Service engineers the interoperabilitydocuments makes calls more productive. of systems by building individual videoAs more companies integrate advanced bridges. In its first full year of operations,communications tools within their the Accenture Videoconferencingoperations, the benefits to be gained Bridging Service team helped more thanfrom networking with like-minded users 125 companies to interconnect theirwill multiply exponentially. standards-based video systems. From left: Chris Schaaf, Jennifer Kohler, Jim Maggio 9
  • Visual Communicationsacross Accenture:Video Tools for Every Task 126 Telepresence units 235 EX Series devices 125+ client organizations 250+ 63 client interconnected Roundtable devices organizations via Accenture with Videoconferencing Telepresence Bridging Service 600 Jabber desktop videoconferencing tools 150,000 people using Lync desktop video 179 client organizations federated on Lync10
  • Capitalizing on the CloudLower costs, variable cost models and freedom Security, often a concern when companies firstfrom expensive upgrades continue to draw explore the cloud, turned out to be a non-attention to cloud-based computing. By the event; Accenture found security safeguards andend of fiscal year 2012, Accenture had moved procedures equal to its own security procedures.more than 250,000 Accenture mailboxes and Best of all, cloud-based service provides for anearly 11,300 shared-services sites to the stable and predictable financial This initiative will earn back its requiredinvestment in just one year, and is slated to Seizing new cloud-based opportunities continuescontinue saving Accenture millions of dollars to be an Accenture priority. By the end of fiscalper year going forward. year 2012, over 200 development and test environments were taking advantage of publicWhy would a global corporation take the risk cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings.of handing over critical communications Accenture continues to add more Software-and collaboration capabilities to a third party? as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings to the company’sWhere some might see only risks, Accenture application portfolio, especially in situationssaw opportunities. Accenture’s migration where lower integration costs are attractive. Inexperience indicates that even when starting August 2012, Accenture’s internal video sharingwith an optimized platform, the business case platform was replaced with an advanced cloud-is more than validated by the benefits. Cloud- based offering that delivers more powerfulbased capabilities offered by third parties provide functionality with an improved user interface.superior performance and functionality at amuch lower price, because costs are spread acrossa larger customer base. Accenture’s internalIT organization was impressed by the enhancedcapabilities available in cloud-based offerings:mailbox sizes up to 15 times larger than pre-migration limits, not to mention robust archivalservices and built-in disaster recovery protocols. From left: Ban La, Tiffany Keane, Mike O’Brien, Gené Hall 11
  • Empowering Everyone: Bring Your Own DeviceAccenture is providing extensive support forthe use of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)technologies across the enterprise. More than115,000 smartphones and tablets already connectto Accenture’s e-mail today, up from 7,000three years ago, and this total continues to growat a rate of some 2,000 new devices per month.The BYOD trend is so strong that for manycompanies, it may not be a matter of “if” but of“when,” and the answer could be sooner thananyone imagines. Companies face a decision:find techniques to securely allow BYOD, or letdevices proliferate and face the consequences. As companies decide how to respond to theCurrently, most BYOD usage will be incremental, BYOD phenomenon, they will need to address thewith users adding personal devices to their application architecture of legacy systems. Givencorporate-supplied tools. Eventually, the BYOD the plethora of platforms, a viable approach totrend is projected to become substitutional, BYOD will drive companies to focus on either abecause that is where the savings are. Just as browser-based architecture, as Accenture didcompanies do not buy business clothing for starting in 2001, or leverage thin client overlaymost of their employees, there may well come solutions.a time when corporations will not buy technologydevices either. If companies do not embrace the BYOD trend, or at least make sense of it, they will be at a disadvantage in the continuing war for talent. New entrants to the workforce expect flexibility in where they work and what devices they use. Enabling your workforce to be productive on the go, outside the traditional office confines and after hours, promises to be a major business benefit of the BYOD phenomenon. From left: Ken Corless, Joe Chung, Renee Cordova Lottes, Maria Lucca, Rocio Lopez12
  • Connecting Online for High PerformanceAccenture has long recognized the value of for sharing employee knowledge, Accenturehelping everyone connect with anyone. Today, the People also integrates many of the latest socialAccenture People online tool is a leading-edge media tools:environment that makes it easy for employees tointeract and share skills, interests and activities • Autocomplete search features with thumbnailsacross Accenture’s global corporate network, and basic demographic information helpmeshing the best of business networking and locate people 15 times faster than the previoussocial networking capabilities. method.A revision of Accenture People was largely • Searching for people by name supportsdriven by the activity streams and improved user “sounds like” matching.experience that employees had come to expectfrom social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook • The “People You May Know” function providesand LinkedIn. Given Accenture’s tech-savvy matches based on multiple factors, includingworkforce, the upgraded product would have to employee profiles, previous projects andcompare favorably with the best of the consumer, which are built with much larger budgets.To maintain both its market relevance and its • An “Activity Feed,” prominent on every page,“cool” profile, the Accenture People tool would helps employees keep track of what colleaguesalso need to embrace social features, mobile are saying and doing in their areas of interest.capabilities and other new technologies, such asscannable Quick Response (QR) Codes that easily • Blogging capabilities have been significantly Newly designed Accenture People profile pages Since the new platform went live in 2012,move contact information to mobile devices. enhanced. emphasize the features employees use: Accenture People is much faster, and functional- ity in several important areas has been enhanced.To enhance the utility of Accenture People’s • Microblogging, much like Twitter, makes it easy • Employee profile picture The most frequently used data can be foundupdate, Accenture’s IT organization followed a for employees to reach out across the entire • Standard company information at the top of pages, with deeper, specialized datatwo-pronged path, making proven components global workforce for their information needs. • Recent activities only a single click away. This ease of accesseasier to use and faster, while steadily • About Me personal information to Accenture’s vast global resources is helping tointroducing new capabilities. “Accenture believes our people should be • Specialization and Skills improve issue resolution, drive professional interacting across the enterprise as intuitively • People You May Know profile matches growth, and boost productivity for all employees.Key among the proven components are as they do on Facebook and other social sites,”employee profiles automatically populated with explains Chip Allen, who led the initiativestandard company information, including work for the CIO Organization. “Our goal with thisorganization, skills, level, contact information, refresh was to create an Accenture Peopleand office location. To amplify the opportunities environment where connections are second- nature and collaboration is effortless. We believe we succeeded.” 13
  • Smarter Travel ExpenseManagement: myTravelSummaryIn a business travel climate best described as According to Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT),unforgiving, Accenture wanted to foster radical a leading firm specializing in businessefficiency among 95,000 employee-travelers who travel management, Accenture is its first clientvisit clients spanning 120 countries. The answer: to engineer an interface to travel data thatEmpower employees to manage travel expenses creates personalized and sophisticated if they were the CEO of their own firms. Accenture is also one of a few companies that has consolidated all travel arrangementsA tool that put an employee’s expenditures with one partner, CWT, and merged all its travelin context, including comparisons with other data internally into a single data warehouse —individuals, would allow everyone to make more making the development of myTravelSummaryprudent travel decisions, versus simply booking possible.reservations…and spending money. Accenture spends a considerable amount onAccenture’s IT team and their business travel each year, and that amount increases bycounterparts innovated a solution called approximately 22 percent every year. ThanksmyTravelSummary built on a single premise: to its powerful, individual dashboards and travelIf employees spent Accenture’s money the key performance indicator tracking capabilities,way they spent their own, they would be more myTravelSummary will contribute significantly toaccountable for travel decisions and find new reductions in Accenture’s travel expenses.ways to save. To inform employee decisionmaking, Accenture gave its travelers easy-to-access “personal travel dashboards” with datapresented simply. The robust travel-tracking toolprovides an analysis of expenditures, creatingimmediate incentives for travelers to makemajor changes to their more costly habits. Now,employees can make much more cost-effectivedecisions with every new booking, contributing toreductions in Accenture’s overall travel spend. From left: Anthony Massetti, Naveen Sriman, Rich Palumbo, Brad Ruderman, Jill Arteman14
  • Accenture’s Internal IT The Accentureat a Glance Internal IT TeamHardware and Network Collaboration Enterprise CIO Global Delivery Merim Becirovic Network• 261,000 workstations deployed • 295,000 e-mail accounts John J. Blasi Nescel A. Asuncion• 5,150 devices monitored • 8,700,000 e-mail messages per day Eileen Burns Weihong Ding Vidya S. Byanna Andrea I. Durruty• 4,600 servers managed • 6,000 Telepresence hours per month Darrin J. Caramonta Joie Janeo• 30 gigabytes network bandwidth • 13,000 SharePoint sites Joseph Chung Anupam Pandey managed Steven J. Collins Saran Prasad • 115,000 mobile devices Ken Corless Flavio SquillaciotiWebsites (iPhone/Android/BlackBerry/Windows) From left: Sony Rusteberg, Merim Becirovic, Chris Crawford Dan Kirner, Frank Modruson• 60,000 unique visitors to Accenture • 73,000,000 audio conferencing Ana López Díaz Infrastructure Portal per day minutes per month Sean E. Freeburger Outsourcing William C. Hub Simon Gooch• 35,000 unique visitors to • 3,600,000 videoconferencing Kush K. Jhawar Ignacio Horcajo per day minutes per month Daniel P. Kirner Paul M. Larson• 100,000 unique search queries Support Elizabeth Klee Anthony M. Leraris per day Michael J. Maresca Arun Menon • 910,000 resolved incidents per Todd D. Marquardt Bradley NyersApplications year through help desk, Web Chat, Frank B. Modruson Paul Ranjan local support Richard A. Palumbo John Van Kemp• 246 global applications Beth McKim and Todd Rosenthal • 1,450,000 self-service contacts Tom Parisi• 249 local applications supported Michael J. Reiter Sony M. Rusteberg• Single instance global SAP ERP Nirav Sampat This document makes descriptive reference to trademarks that may be owned by others. The use of such trademarks herein is not an assertion of ownership of such trademarks by Accenture and is not intended to represent or imply the existence of an association between Accenture and the lawful owners of such trademarks.
  • Copyright © 2013 AccentureAll rights reserved.Accenture, its logo, andHigh Performance Deliveredare trademarks of Accenture.Accenture is a global management consulting,technology services and outsourcing company,with 259,000 people serving clients in more than120 countries. Combining unparalleled experience,comprehensive capabilities across all industriesand business functions, and extensive research onthe world’s most successful companies, Accenturecollaborates with clients to help them becomehigh-performance businesses and governments.The company generated net revenues of US$27.9billion for the fiscal year ended Aug. 31, 2012.Its home page is more information about Accenture’s ITorganization, visit