History of Galaxy Blimps LLC<br />                             Established in 2000<br />Galaxy Blimps LLC Established in 2...
Galaxy Blimps Milestones since 2006<br />
Galaxy Blimps Milestones since 2006<br />
Galaxy Blimps Certification<br />
Aerial Broadcasting<br />The Galaxy HD60 was utilized twice in 2008 for ESPN2’s NHRA broadcasts.<br />Benefits Provided<br...
Movie and TV Production Applications<br />Ideal for movie and TV productions.<br />Unique Low Altitude Perspectives<br />M...
Aerial Surveillance Applications<br />
Aerial Surveillance Capability<br />
Military Applications<br />Battlefield Communication Relay<br />Situation Awareness and HD Surveillance<br />Orbit Over Un...
University Research Applications(University of Delaware)<br />Coastal Engineering<br />Environmental Monitoring<br />Clima...
Future of Unmanned Airships<br />Heavy Cargo Lift<br />High Altitude Radar Platform<br />Atmospheric Research<br />Communi...
Question and Answer<br />
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White Tony Galaxy Blimps Usa


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This is a power point I made for a UAS conference in Paris France

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  • *Click*Galaxy Blimps was started as Galaxy RPV in July of 2000.*Click*We started the business taking video and still pictures from radio controlled fixed wing aircraft. We soon realized that blimps would make an excellent camera platform with the added benefit of aerial signage.*Click*We developed outdoor blimps that ranged in size to 30ft (9 meters) to 40ft (12meters). Through experimenting with envelope shape, fin design, and fin placement we where able to fine tune our blimps to operated in more adverse weather conditions and at higher wind speeds. In 2005 we where asked if we could build a blimp that could carry a FLIR Ultra media II camera gimbal. Since the gimbal and the microwave equipment would weigh well over 90lbs (40.8 Kilos) this would result in a blimp at least 60ft (18 meters) long. We then acquired financial backing and started construction of our first large scale blimp.*Click*In 2006 Galaxy Blimps LLC was established.
  • *Click* August 2007 – Completed construction of 60ft blimp and started flight trials.*Click* September 2007 – Converted FLIR Ultra Media II to a wireless control system.*Click* October 2007 – Test flew blimp with FLIR and produced our first aerial video from blimp.*Click* January 2008 – Started construction on 75ft blimp.*Click* February 2008 – Integrated CineFlex V-14 HD camera gimbal to 60ft blimp.*Click* February 2008 – Demonstrated the 60ft blimp with CineFlex for ESPN at the NHRA race in PhoenixArizona.
  • *Click* March 2008 –Flew demonstration flights with the 60ft blimp for GEICO with a CineFlex V14 at the NHRA race in Houston Texas.*Click* May 2008 – Demoed 60ft blimp with CineFlex for ESPN at their corporate headquarters in BristolConnecticut.*Click* August 2008 – University Of Delaware took delivery of 60ft blimp (since it was too small for our purposeswe sold them the blimp).*Click* September 2008 – Launched Galaxy Airships web site to promote the 75ft blimp.*Click* February 2009 – Completed construction of 75ft blimp and started flight trials. Tested 75ft blimp withCineFlex camera gimbal. Developed full paint controls for gimbal system. Shot aerial video for demo footage.*Click* February 26 2009 – The 75ft blimp was completely destroyed in a fire while moored in the hanger. Thecause of the fire has been traced to a defective Lithium Polymer battery that was used for the power backup system in the rear tail box.*Click* March 2009 – Demoed 60ft blimp (on loan from the University of Delaware) for the ARC committee(Aviation Rules Committee) that was assembled by the FAA and the FBI. We demonstrated the safeoperation of our blimp and the usefulness of our system for aerial surveillance. SME on LTA for the sUAS ARC
  • *Click* In August 2001 Galaxy submitted and was granted authorization to fly in Downtown Dallas Texas, which is in class B “Bravo” airspace.*Click* The request was forwarded to other departments for further clarification.*Click* We have made efforts to establish FAR requirements in order to stay ahead of the issue. It is noteworthy that in this document Galaxy is mentioned as a company seeking to establish FAR requirements for unmanned vehicles operating commercially.*Click* In 2004 Galaxy was once again authorized by the FAA to fly in downtown Dallas.*Click* This document references our earlier requests and establishes additional guidelines for flying in Class B airspace in addition to those already addressed in the 91-57 advisory circular.*Click* This year while completing construction of our 75ft blimp we applied and received our SFOC from Transport Canada to operate our blimp in Foremost Alberta Canada.
  • Aerial Broadcasting Galaxy Blimps built the world’s first unmanned blimp utilized for High Definition broadcast and corporate sponsorship. With typical payload capacities of 100-200+ pounds, Galaxy Airship’s platforms provide aerial footage utilizing the highest quality broadcast and surveillance equipment available, such as the Cineflex Hi-Def broadcast system. Galaxy blimps offers an onsite low cost alternative to manned blimps with greater visual impact throughout an entire event. Large blimps moored onsite become a part of the spectacle and provide complete event exposure by being both in the air and on the ground within the spectators’ visual envelope at all times. The Galaxy HD60, demonstrated unprecedented aerial shots that were heavily utilized during a 2008 “proof of concept” ESPN2 NHRA broadcast. The HD60 was utilized in 2 HNRA events one in Phoenix AZ and the other in Houston TX. Our new HD75 was to be the replacement for the HD60. The HD75 can operate with the same payload at higher event elevations such as Denver Colorado. This is our demonstration video from footage taken during the Phoenix NHRA ESPN2 broadcast.**Click** (NHRA Video will play, click again after video ends)
  • Movie and TV Our blimps are also ideal for movie and TV productions. They offer unique low altitude perspectives without disturbing the subjects with high wind drafts, like helicopters, and loud noise from the engines. Utilizing high end camera gimbals the blimps plug into the production much easier, and provide extremely stable high quality video that does not have to be up converted or in most cases reformatted. I am going to show you a brief video demonstrating footage taken from the 75ft blimp during flight trials.**Click** (75ft Demo Video will play, click again after video ends)
  • Aerial Surveillance ApplicationsRecently Galaxy demonstrated its 60ft blimp for the FAA ARC (Aircraft Rules Committee) working group and the FBI at Quantico Virginia. Galaxy demonstrated the safety of its unmanned airship and the capability to provide aerial surveillance. Galaxy was able to provide the VIP guests with a live HD feed from the blimp utilizing a CineFlex V-14 Camera gimbal. The FBI has expressed extreme interest in Galaxy’s technology and wishes to assist in developing our airships to become FBI surveillance platforms. The FBI would use Galaxy’s systems at major events that draw large groups of people together such as NASCAR, the Olympics, and other sporting events.Another application is major disaster relief scenarios like that of Hurricane “Katrina” which hit Louisiana in 2006. Galaxy’s airships would be ideal for providing search and rescue video along with dropping survival equipment and emergency rations to people that are stranded or isolated. Home land security is another major surveillance mission that is ideal for our blimps. Whether used on the US border or sensitive events, such as presidential inaugurations, our blimps can provide a complete aerial surveillance service that is equal to, and in some cases superior to, full size aircraft.
  • Utilizing footage taken from the 75ft blimp, we have put together a brief video demonstrating the blimps capabilities as a surveillance platform.**Click** (Surveillance Demo Video will play, click again after video ends)
  • **Click** Battlefield communication relay:Our blimps are ideal at providing communication relay on the battle field. One application in mind would be to get real time data from multiple conflict areas utilizing several blimp platforms. **Click** Situation awareness and HD surveillance:This is the type of application that the Predator and other high altitude UAV platforms are currently be used. With our blimps having higher payload capacity and longer flight durations more than just cameras could be used to gather real time information. With the new developments with LIDAR and using multiple cameras in one gimbal assemble the resolution of scanned areas can be represented in a more 3D fashion. **Click** Orbiting over unstable cities: For use in conflicts such as in Iraq there has been interest in using our blimps as continuous satellite platforms that can (orbit over cities like Bagdad. Our blimps would be a valuable sensor package for high traffic choke points and isolated crossing areas. **Click** Bio agent detection:Areas that are suspected to be saturated or booby trapped with bio chemical weapons can be scanned and the air quality can be sampled by our blimps to make sure the area is safe. **Click** Coast Guard Ice Breaker Support :The Coast Guard has also expressed interest in our blimps to be deployed from their ice breaker ships and used for forward scouting through dangerous ice fields. This is a job that helicopters are currently used for, but with limited flight times averaging 3 hours the Coast Guard is interested in platforms they can stay aloft longer and give them more effective range. Our blimps are idea for this type of application and can be operated from the ships current helicopter hanger and launch platform.
  • University research is a growing field for unmanned airships. Recently the University of Delaware has purchased our 60ft blimp. They are planning to use the ship for the following:Coastal Engineering: High resolution imaging of coastal planforms and currents to improve understanding of beach erosion and fate of littoral drift along the Delmarva peninsula Environmental Monitoring: High-resolution detailed multi-spectral imaging of Delaware and Rehoboth Bays can be used to quantify the extent of harmful algal blooms and fish kills Climatology: High-resolution digital elevation models (DEM) provide the basis for improved ice balance calculations and geomorphology, a necessity in understanding glacial retreat as it relates to global warmingMeteorology: Airborne instrumentation and imagery can be used to study the micrometeorology of an area to gain a better understanding of atmospheric processes and phenomenaFluvial Processes: Improved DEM’s and high resolution air photos provide basis for improved understanding of sediment pathways in a system with mercury contaminated mud. Other Applications: Homeland Security University Visibility and Public Relations Education Outreach Other Universities have expressed interest in our blimps services along with other such agency groups such as the EPA, NASA, and DARPA to name a few.
  • So far I have been discussing our blimps and applications. I would like to touch on the possible future of unmanned LTAs. From my observations of other LTA companies and magazine articles, from sources such as Popular Mechanics, the world of unmanned LTA system is growing by leaps and bounds. From extreme high altitude radar platformsto heavy lift cargo carriers unmanned LTAs are really sparking the imaginations of future engineers, government agencies, and for institutions of higher learning. I have no doubt that in the near future unmanned LTAs will be common platforms used in every environment possible and in an extremely high variety of applications. There is a very bright future for unmanned LTA operations.
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    1. 1.
    2. 2. History of Galaxy Blimps LLC<br /> Established in 2000<br />Galaxy Blimps LLC Established in 2006<br />
    3. 3. Galaxy Blimps Milestones since 2006<br />
    4. 4. Galaxy Blimps Milestones since 2006<br />
    5. 5. Galaxy Blimps Certification<br />
    6. 6. Aerial Broadcasting<br />The Galaxy HD60 was utilized twice in 2008 for ESPN2’s NHRA broadcasts.<br />Benefits Provided<br />Low Cost Alternative<br />Onsite Interaction<br />Compelling Low and High Altitude Footage<br />Onsite Mooring offers Total Event Exposure<br />The HD75 was to be the replacement for the HD60.<br />The HD75 can operate at higher event elevations such as Denver Colorado.<br />
    7. 7. Movie and TV Production Applications<br />Ideal for movie and TV productions.<br />Unique Low Altitude Perspectives<br />Minimal Air Disruption<br />Quite Engines<br />High End Camera Gimbals<br />Easy Production Integration<br />High Quality Stable Footage<br />No “up conversion” Required <br />
    8. 8. Aerial Surveillance Applications<br />
    9. 9. Aerial Surveillance Capability<br />
    10. 10. Military Applications<br />Battlefield Communication Relay<br />Situation Awareness and HD Surveillance<br />Orbit Over Unstable Cities<br />Bio Agent Detection<br />Coast Guard Ice Breaker Support<br />
    11. 11. University Research Applications(University of Delaware)<br />Coastal Engineering<br />Environmental Monitoring<br />Climatology<br />Meteorology<br />Fluvial Processes<br />Other Applications<br />Homeland Security<br />University Visibility and Public Relations<br />Educational Outreach <br />
    12. 12. Future of Unmanned Airships<br />Heavy Cargo Lift<br />High Altitude Radar Platform<br />Atmospheric Research<br />Communications Relay<br />
    13. 13. Question and Answer<br />
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