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EXECUTIVE SUMMARYGalaxy Blimps LLC represents a one-source provider for unmanned technology exploitation andmarket conduit...
Table of Contents1. COMPANY OVERVIEW _________________________________________________________________________ 12. COMPANY...
6.3 ANDY HOLCOMB __________________________________________________________________________________ 46.4 PATRICK EGAN, ___...
Galaxy Blimps LLC is made of a core group of industry professionals that have worked their way up1. COMPANY OVERVIEWthroug...
We have completed extensive market studies and cost analysis while conducting demonstrations3.3 Commercialconstituting ind...
The Galaxy principles et al developed and stood up the PGSS (Persistent Ground Surveillance System)4.6 Trainingtraining an...
Canadian airspace, and act as a stepping-stone for certification in other countries including the U.S.under an Experimenta...
missions; Review, analyze and maintain government and private industry programs, budgets, andcollateral materials with int...
NHRA race in Houston Texas. (See video at www.galaxyairships.com)February 2008 – Demonstrated the 60ft blimp system with C...
MILITARY EXPERIENCEU.S. Army, Ft. Carson, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Served for four years as a Bradley Fighting Vehicleh...
On October 15th 2010 Mr Chyau Shen reassigned me to the Sky bus program. This new assignmententails the assembly and fligh...
SECURITY CLEARANCE: U.S. DOD SECRET9.2 JASON WHITEABSTRACTDiverse marketing, R&D, and business innovator with a proven tra...
Fiberglass Molds and Model Lay-up, Assembly, and Construction (shaping and sculpting skills    required)•        Final det...
consult on the selection of a manufacturer for the purpose of manufacturing toy remote controlledrocket aircraft. (Dec 199...
PROJECT MANAGER (UAS)9.3 ANDY HOLCOMB    5 plus years of experience in Project Management    10 plus years of experience i...
SECURITY CLEARANCE: U.S. DOD SECRET9.4 PATRICK EGANBACKGROUNDUnmanned aviation airspace integration, application and explo...
CAREER EXPERIENCE ABSTRACTOSD/A&C, USSOCOM NAVAIR 4.5x Program PGSS UAS InstructorSupervisor: Training Deputy, Jason White...
global cross flow of information between those with the same goals and objectives.    Promoted and encouraged partnerships...
9.5 PGSS LETTER OF APPRECIATION                                  17
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Attachment C Company Overview Catalog Of Services


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Galaxy Blimps LLC company overview and catalog of services

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Attachment C Company Overview Catalog Of Services

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. Intentionally Left Blank
  3. 3. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYGalaxy Blimps LLC represents a one-source provider for unmanned technology exploitation andmarket conduit by providing a host of products and services. Our praxis supersedes what many canoffer for system capabilities progression or program impact. Whatever the mission is (stand-alone ora combined action program to gather ISR, broadcast, disseminate or deliver in a covert or overtcomportment) we can provide solutions to your program requirements anywhere on the globe. i
  4. 4. Table of Contents1. COMPANY OVERVIEW _________________________________________________________________________ 12. COMPANY DESCRIPTIONS _____________________________________________________________________ 13. MARKETS ________________________________________________________________________________________ 13.1 DEFENSE__________________________________________________________________________________________ 13.2 CIVIL _____________________________________________________________________________________________ 13.3 COMMERCIAL _____________________________________________________________________________________ 23.3.1 IMPLEMENTATION _______________________________________________________________________________ 24. SPECTRUM OF SERVICES ______________________________________________________________________ 24.1 PRE-PROGRAM PLANNING________________________________________________________________________ 24.2 FLIGHT SERVICES _________________________________________________________________________________ 24.3 DESIGNS AND ENGINEERING ______________________________________________________________________ 24.4 PRODUCTION _____________________________________________________________________________________ 24.5 SYSTEM DOCUMENTATION _______________________________________________________________________ 24.6 TRAINING_________________________________________________________________________________________ 34.6.1 PROCEDURE DEVELOPMENT _____________________________________________________________________ 34.6.2 TRAINING PROGRAM DOCUMENTATION __________________________________________________________ 34.7 PAYLOAD INTEGRATION __________________________________________________________________________ 34.8 BEST PRACTICES _________________________________________________________________________________ 34.9 STAFFING ASSISTANCE ___________________________________________________________________________ 35. GOALS ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 35.1 COMMERCIAL _____________________________________________________________________________________ 35.2 DEFENSE__________________________________________________________________________________________ 46. EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP ______________________________________________________________________ 46.1 TONY WHITE _____________________________________________________________________________________ 46.2 JASON WHITE_____________________________________________________________________________________ 4 ii
  5. 5. 6.3 ANDY HOLCOMB __________________________________________________________________________________ 46.4 PATRICK EGAN, ___________________________________________________________________________________ 47. HISTORY _________________________________________________________________________________________ 58. TECHNICAL AND APPLICATION MILESTONE _______________________________________________ 59. ATTACHMENTS _________________________________________________________________________________ 79.1 ANTONIO WHITE ______________________________________________________________________________ 79.2 JASON WHITE ________________________________________________________________________________ 109.3 ANDY HOLCOMB _____________________________________________________________________________ 139.4 PATRICK EGAN_______________________________________________________________________________ 149.5 PGSS LETTER OF APPRECIATION _________________________________________________________ 17 iii
  6. 6. Galaxy Blimps LLC is made of a core group of industry professionals that have worked their way up1. COMPANY OVERVIEWthrough the commercial side of the UAS industry. This anomaly provides for a well-balancedexperience and skill matrix that includes many of the fundamentals necessary to innovate andfacilitate most unmanned systems applications. Those include; concept, design, manufacturing,certification, testing, payload configuration, subsystem integration, documentation, training andoperations. These assertions are backed by a cumulative 40 + years of hands on industry experiencewith, VTOL, fixed wing, rotary wing and RPAs, RPVs, UAV’s, sUAS/UAS and LTA systems.Galaxy Blimps LLC has broad and extensive commercial and defense Unmanned Aircraft System2. COMPANY DESCRIPTIONSexperience. This also includes a complete empirical understanding of unmanned LTA systems bothtethered and free.www.galaxyairships.comwww.galaxyblimps.comDefense, Civil and Commercial3. MARKETSThe principles have years of experience with several defense projects involving multiple platforms,3.1 Defenseapplications and geographical locations. This operational experience has afforded Galaxy a workingknowledge of the burgeoning unmanned ISR sector and also affords us contacts and potentialdemonstration opportunities within the several branches of the military.Certified PGSS (Persistent Ground Surveillance System) instructor operators. Systems stand upprocedure development and continued training on the Aerostar TIF 17K, TIF 25K, TCOM 22m/22m+and 28M aerostat systems. Payload systems integration and configuration utilization for real worldapplication and practical CONOP development across the afor mentioned platforms into multipletype GCS and TOC interfaces. (Attachment 9.5)Support the NIE for the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command Battle Lab TIF 23K/25K andLindstrand 28 meter aerostat test bed systems. Duties include, component engineering, systemmaintenance and operational deployments.Scan Eagle pilot certification and OEF-I deployment. Aircraft launch and recovery, systems support,and payload operation were among the duties fulfilled.We have many contacts at the Federal level (i.e. DHS, DoJ and FBI) that afford us knowledge and3.2 Civilinsight for trends in both ISR requirements and service expectations these users have. There isinterest in HD surveillance in both covert and overt roles with multiple sensors and a customer basefor high profile events. Our systems have also proven themselves as data gathering platforms forscientific applications and would lend themselves to contracted services for EPA, NASA, NOAA, USDAetc. 1
  7. 7. We have completed extensive market studies and cost analysis while conducting demonstrations3.3 Commercialconstituting industry firsts. Many of these first-to-market demonstrations, including live HDtelevision feeds including “on air” time, put Galaxy way out in front in the unmanned broadcastingarena. More documentation can be provided on these subjects as well as HD video, pictures andtestimonials upon request.The path to market as it relates to government regulation is one that includes various procedures3.3.1 Implementationand steps that have been initiated and require ongoing support and development. These includecompleting Transport Canada SFOC, FAA Experimental Certification and legal representation to ironout incongruities in the FARs.These services are available on a multitude of unmanned platform types and configurations. Whether4. SPECTRUM OF SERVICESthey are on your OEM system, modified systems, mission customized arrangements or the Galaxyproduct line anywhere on the globe.Application audits, RFI summary writing, proposal writing, contracted mission focus, SOW service4.1 Pre-Program Planningrequirements.Including, but not limited to; maiden flight, pre-delivery flight-testing, existing systems airworthiness4.2 Flight Servicesreviews, FMC determinations, crew systems for demonstrations and extended global servicedeployments.Our in-house design team is responsible for a robust product line of systems for applications4.3 Designs and Engineeringincluding: indoor advertising/promotion, outdoor advertising/promotion, academic and scientificresearch, HD broadcast as well as ancillary equipment including GCS (Ground Control Station),controllers and Helium recovery system.Galaxy has an extensive portfolio of flight proven LTA and fixed wing unmanned systems. The LTA4.4 Productionsystems range in length from 20’ up to 75’ and can accommodate a myriad of different payloads andapplications. There has been development work on several proven fixed wing platforms such as thePathfinder and Blivot that were early predecessors to aircraft such as the Predator, Raven, and othercommonly associated UAS platforms.Documentation for the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Battle Lab is part of our tasking as4.5 System Documentationdescribed in our SOW and is under development. Volumes of documentation include checklistsemergency procedures, system and subsystem manuals were developed as part of our tasking forPGSS (Persistent Ground Surveillance System). Safety and risk management plans. Variousdocumentation and manuals for our in house products were also submitted to the FAA as part of thesUAS ARC recommendations. 2
  8. 8. The Galaxy principles et al developed and stood up the PGSS (Persistent Ground Surveillance System)4.6 Trainingtraining and deployment program.The Galaxy principles have collectively trained over 700 PGSS contractors, NATO allies and Navypersonnel for OEF-A deployment on multiple LTA aerostat system platforms.Developing procedures for the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Battle Lab test bed aerostats is4.6.1 Procedure Developmentpart of our tasking as described in our SOW and currently under development.All flight procedures for the multiple PGSS platforms were developed by Galaxy principles. Qualityassurance, commercial/civil customer system acceptance flight and end-user sell-off procedures.Documentation for the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Battle Lab is part of our tasking as4.6.2 Training Program Documentationdescribed in the SOW and are under development.First round and ensuing iterations of documentation for PGSS was designed and compiled by ourteam for use in training, as well as for deployed system operation. These included but are not limitedto; checklist, system deployment manuals, flight manuals, flight logs, CONOPS vignettes, weatherrelated materials, standards based curriculum and related testing materials.The principals have had training and operational experience with, electrical, Fiber Optics, Microwave,4.7 Payload IntegrationRF and mechanical engineering. They have conducted numerous integrations of both wired andwireless delivery systems for mission critical data such as Full Motion Video Dissemination (FMV),command and control, telemetry, data relay, and other payload or system information gatheringsubsystems. These systems range in quality/bandwidth from full wireless HD broadcast quality videofeeds to critical sensor data dissemination packets.Galaxy Blimps commercial operating best practices were submitted to the FAA for inclusion into the4.8 Best PracticesSet of Recommendations for sUAS Regulatory Development for the sUAS ARC.We have a wide array of connections within the global UAS community (commercial, defense,4.9 Staffing Assistanceregulatory), and know many experienced system operators that have deployed on various platformsattached to multiple programs.To exercise and employ our expertise and acumen in co-dominating the unmanned aviation5. GOALScommercial/civil and defense markets.They include building another 75’ Spirit of Dallas class or 95’ unmanned airship and either returning5.1 Commercialto Canada to follow up on or, get new certification through the Special Flight Operations FlightCertificate (SFOC) process. This will allow us to operate in both a commercial and civil capacity in 3
  9. 9. Canadian airspace, and act as a stepping-stone for certification in other countries including the U.S.under an Experimental Airworthiness Certificate (EAC) in a civil capacity.The Congress has mandated that the FAA integrate commercial UAS into the NAS by mid 2015. Weplan to have our flight proven demonstrator and in stock systems ready to sell when this marketopens up.This effort has been shelved for the time being as we have focused on gaining experience in the ISRdefense market(s). Our plan includes either self-funding the construction of another demonstratorsystem or, entering into a strategic partnership to complete these plans before the mandateddeadline.Package and market our concepts; mature prototypes and products/services as solutions for5.2 Defenseasymmetric threats to government branches that specialize in rapid deployments and have fundingflexibility. We possess a catalog of whitepapers for systems and applications including hybridtethered/free blimp, the Dynamic Blimp Network, NRHRU, Dropkick (robot dropping), Mother ship(sUAS dropping), Self Docking Capture System.6. EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIPIs the CEO, and also the lead system pilot. He excels in generating interest in new fields for6.1 Tony Whiteapplications of LTA technologies, constantly gathering a network of contacts and networking in thosenew fields. Through his efforts Galaxy has grown a reputation across the US as a leader in unmannedLTA technology. His responsibilities include piloting, design oversight and direction, logistics,spokesperson, and financial management. Co-founded Galaxy RPV in 2000, founded Galaxy Blimpswith SCA in March of 2006.Holds the positions of operations, marketing and production quality assurance manager. Jason is a6.2 Jason Whiteprimary contributor in airship design including CAD, and supports all business activities. Hisprimary responsibilities include marketing materials, graphic design, media presentation, blimpdesign, website, cost analysis, and all other business support needs and back-up pilot. Co-foundedGalaxy RPV in 2000, joined Galaxy Blimps in December of 2007.Lead engineer, machinist, and electronics system designer. Andy directly contributes in the design of6.3 Andy HolcombGalaxy’s airships and owns and operates two onsite CNC machines. His primary responsibilitiesinclude electronics design, mechanical design, parts machining, and all other hardware design needs.Has provided direct engineering support and design since 2000, officially hired into Galaxy in April2006.Business Development, UAS Regulation and unmanned aviation airspace integration and system6.4 Patrick Egan,application analysis. Patrick has years of experience developing and maintaining positiverelationships among Federal government agencies, industry representatives and academia. Managingprojects involving National Airspace System (NAS), integration technology and multiple agency 4
  10. 10. missions; Review, analyze and maintain government and private industry programs, budgets, andcollateral materials with international effects; Advising on global airspace integration policy andregulations. Business best practice development; Asses and evaluate new technologies for unmannedaircraft system integration.In 2000 Galaxy RPV was formed and began development in both fixed wing and LTA UAS designs.7. HistorySeveral critical design elements for airships were developed in both indoor and outdoor applications.Galaxy Blimps was formed in 2006, and later partnered with SCA promotions as the primary financialbacker. Over this time Galaxy has developed unmanned airships capable of lifting high qualitybroadcast gimbals while generating a solid network of contacts amongst the highly competitivenetwork broadcast community as well as key government contacts involved with the FAA, FBI andother government agencies in both the United States and Canada. Galaxy is playing a key role in thecertification process and legalization of large unmanned airships in the United States through itscontacts with the FAA and FBI.A collection of industry firsts for both fixed wing and lighter than air platforms and applications.8. TECHNICAL AND APPLICATION MILESTONEOctober 2011 – Principles Tony White and Patrick Egan began aerostat operations for the U.S. ArmySpace and Missile Defense Battle Lab at White Sands Missile Range as part of the Network IntegrationEvaluation (NIE) 12.1.June 2011 - Tony White is certified as a Scan Eagle UAS pilot and was deployed to Iraq.October 2010 – Tony White left PGSS program after training over 200 contractors to operateAerostar TIF-25 and TCOM 22M aerostat systems for operations in Afghanistan.March 2009 – Performed requested flight demonstration of the Galaxy 60ft blimp (on loan from theUoD), for the FAA as part of the sUAS ARC (Aviation Rules Committee, order 1110.150). Wesuccessfully demonstrate the safe operation of the system as well as the HD aerial surveillanceattributes to the FBI. (FBI representative stated, “We would have employed this asset at thePresidential inauguration if we had known this system was available.”) Completed and submittedrequested materials for FAA sUAS ARC.February 2009 – Completed construction of the 75ft blimp and started flight trials. Tested 75ft blimpwith CineFlex camera gimbal. Developed full paint controls for gimbal system. Shot aerial video fordemonstration footage. (See video at www.galaxyairships.com)January 2009 – Principals requested to serve as unmanned LTA SME (Subject Matter Experts) for thesUAS ARC (Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Aviation Rule Making Committee, Order 1110.150)August 2008 – Deliver 60ft blimp to the University Of Delaware Marine Biology department. TheBlimp was utilized for scientific experiments and University special events.May 2008 – Demonstrated 60ft blimp system with CineFlex V14 at ESPN corporate headquarters inBristol Connecticut.March 2008 –Flew demonstration flights with the 60ft blimp for GEICO with a CineFlex V14 at the 5
  11. 11. NHRA race in Houston Texas. (See video at www.galaxyairships.com)February 2008 – Demonstrated the 60ft blimp system with CineFlex for ESPN at the NHRA race inPhoenix Arizona. First live HD Broadcast from an unmanned airship. (See video)February 2008 – Integrated CineFlex V-14 HD camera gimbal to 60ft blimp.January 2008 – Completed design and started construction of the 75ft “Spirit of Dallas” blimp.October 2007 – Test flew blimp with FLIR and produced our first aerial video from blimp. (Wireless)September 2007 – Converted FLIR Ultra Media II to a wireless control system.August 2007 – Completed the construction of the 60ft blimp and started flight trials. 6
  12. 12. 9. ATTACHMENTSSECURITY CLEARANCE: U.S. DOD SECRET9.1 ANTONIO WHITEFLIGHT EXPERIENCEProfessional BackgroundFrom the age of ten years old to the present have flown radio controlled airplanes in air shows,sponsored events, and contests. I have flown several UAV platforms for the US Army, LTV, andprivate originations. Types of configurations include multi-engine (up to five motors), pushers, flyingwings, blimps, parasails, water aircraft, and heavy lift aircraft. I have extensive experience with UAVcomposite aircraft design and manufacture.U. S. ArmyFlew RCMATS (Radio Control Miniature Aerial Targets) for three years.LicensesHave attained a private pilot license and I have been checked out in a Cessna 150, Cessna 152, Cessna172,and Diamond Aircraft Katana. I currently have 585 hours in single engine land airplanes.UAV EXPERIENCEFixed Wing: LTV Blivet munitions drone (10hrs PIC) LTV Pathfinder (6hrs PIC) • LTV Validator (2.5hrs PIC) • ISL UAV (Built by me/ similar to shadow UAV) (4hrs PIC) • Galaxy Orbiter camera ship (Built by me) (10hrs PIC) • RCMATS (Radio Control Miniature Aerial Targets) for the US ARMY (1200hrs PIC) • Certified Insitu (Boeing) Scan Eagle pilot (total PIC hours to date -740hrs) • Rotor Wing: • 26cc camera helicopter (50hrs PIC) • Bell tilt rotor prototype (5hrs PIC) •LTA (lighter than air): • 30ft Galaxy Blimps airship (250hrs PIC) 35ft Galaxy Blimps airship (580hrs PIC) • 40ft Galaxy Blimps airship (10hrs PIC) • 60ft Galaxy Blimps airship (150hrs PIC) • 75ft Galaxy Blimps airship (60hrs PIC) • TIF-25 Aerostat • 22M TCOM Aerostat • •Total UAV flight hours 3,077.5 7
  13. 13. MILITARY EXPERIENCEU.S. Army, Ft. Carson, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Served for four years as a Bradley Fighting Vehiclehull mechanic (job ID number 63T). I achieved the rank of corporal (E-4). I flew RCMATS (RadioControl Miniature Aerial Targets) for three years and eventually took over entire program. Flew afew test UAVs at Ft Huachuca in Arizona. I worked in the S3 shop. Though I was only an e-4 I was anSOP evaluator and gave briefs to the higher brass on training and evaluation of aerial threat detectionand response. After flying mock attacks on FOB bases I spent hours debriefing the companycommanders on how their companies responded to the aerial threats and how they can do betternext time. I might of not had the higher rank, but at the time UAVs where so new that there was not apath for rapid rank advancement as was in other MOSes. As SOP evaluator it was my job to make surethe sensor payload operators where being utilized to their maximum potential, and that the properinformation was passed up the chain.EMPLOYMENT HISTORYGalaxy RPVFt Worth, Texas. Owner. Co-founded company with my brother Jason White. The company wasstarted in September 2000, and in that time we built 6 display models, 2 fixed wing UAVs (one wassold to ISR inc.), 3 indoor R/C blimps, and 10 outdoor R/C blimps. We have installed an autonomousflight system in a fixed wing aircraft and one of our outdoor blimps.Galaxy Blimps5110 Voyager Dr, Dallas TX. CEO/Founder. In 2006, with investor backing, I founded Galaxy Blimps.We set out to build a large enough radio control blimp that could lift a FLIR camera gimbal. I hired mycore crew and we started construction on a 60ft blimp. After testing the blimp with a FLIR gimbal itwas decided we needed a bigger blimp. We built a 75ft blimp that utilized a new camera gimbal fromCineFlex. We successfully tested the blimp with the new system. In the course of this time we alsobuilt a 35ft electric/gas outdoor blimp that was sold to a company in Guadalajara Mexico, indoorblimps for Missouri State and the Bakersfield Condors semi pro hockey team, and a 20ft customshape Chili Pepper for the Chili’s restaurant chain. We operate the Chili’s blimp for the DallasMavericks and Dallas Stars home games. My role at Galaxy has been as President of the company.Below is a list of my responsibilities: Oversee daily operations Oversee blimp designs • Manage blimp construction • Manage shop financials • Organize ground support equipment and trailers • Coordinate supplies and accommodations for field operations • Chief / Test pilot • Point man for all sales and presentations • Schedule and execute all blimp operations • •Neany IncOn December 1 2009 I was hired by Neany Inc to start a training program for the new PGSS project. Ioversaw and implemented all of the Aerostat handling training for the TIF-25 Aerostat from AerostarInternational, and later in the program I performed the same function with the TCOM 22M Aerostat.While on the training team I trained over 150 personnel currently deployed in Afghanistan. I haveexperience with the MX 15 and MX 20 camera systems. 8
  14. 14. On October 15th 2010 Mr Chyau Shen reassigned me to the Sky bus program. This new assignmententails the assembly and flight operation of a 132ft unmanned airship.VT-GroupOn March 14th I was hired by VT-Group to deploy as a Scan Eagle Pilot. Successfully complete InsituScan Eagle pilot training program.Completed a 4 month deployment to Iraq. I accumulated 740hrs of Scan Eagle flight time.EDUCATION: High School degree Four years of military service (U.S. Army) Two years of flight school, attaining a private pilot license Two years of college courses 9
  15. 15. SECURITY CLEARANCE: U.S. DOD SECRET9.2 JASON WHITEABSTRACTDiverse marketing, R&D, and business innovator with a proven track record in new and emergingtechnologies. Focused on practical solution oriented problem solving in both personnel and processmanagement while providing successful product/project development and integration into newmarkets/theaters of operations. Unique blend of hands-on technical experience and projectmanagement skill used to develop strategic business opportunities and innovative product plansdirectly contributing to successful contract acquisitions and business growth. Possessentrepreneurial start-up, business transition, and program “stand-up” experience lending to afocused project management and product development style resulting in real-world implementationsolutions that reduce both overall costs and schedule overruns. SME consultant for a range of UASplatforms and military C5ISR technologies.SKILLS MATRIXBusiness Development; Project Management; Marketing; P&L Management/Analysis; StrategicPlanning; Civil, Military, & Government Contracting; Market Research & Analysis; Client Relations;R&D; Product Development/Design; Government and Corporate SME Consulting - UAS Platformsboth Fixed Wing and LTA, ISR Assets such as Wescam, FLIR, and Cineflex Turrets; NATOPSCurriculum Development and Implementation; Mechanical Design & Engineering; Graphic & WebDesign; Video Editing; Branding & PositioningPROJECTS & ACCOMPLISHMENTS: UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) Design and Project Management Persistent Ground Surveillance Systems (PGSS) Training Development and Implementation• Certifications in operation and instruction of numerous sensors, platforms and payloads• Project Management, Scheduling and Cost Analysis utilizing Microsoft Project and Excel• Component CAD engineering drafts utilizing Rhinoceros 4, and Solidworks 2009 (CAD Program)• Component Technical Drawings for machinists with tolerance callouts for outsourcing parts• Carbon Fiber Layups and Component Design, Integration, and Assembly• Business Management and Cost Analysis• Business Plan Write-ups• General Business, Project, Operations and Personnel Management• Created financial projections & detailed cost analysis tables providing enhanced price• negotiating power• GSA, Military, State/Federal Government, and Civil Contract/Project Management Marketing, Graphic Design, and Web Design• Logo Design and support artwork for letterheads and business documents• Designed Brochures, Product Write Ups, and Marketing Materials directly resulting in new• clients• Conceptual design and product mock-ups for proposed projects which was key in landing clients Video production editing, product packaging, and support materials graphics and design• Website Development with programs including Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 & CMS Joomla• Fiberglass Display Model Construction from CAD drawings to final onsite display setup• Successfully negotiated and managed civil & government/military contracts• Created CAD Drawings utilizing Rhinoceros 4 and Solidworks 2009 to aid in model construction•• 10
  16. 16. Fiberglass Molds and Model Lay-up, Assembly, and Construction (shaping and sculpting skills required)• Final detailing and graphic design for paint templates, decals, etcEMPLOYMENT HISTORY:NEANY INC/OSD USSOCOM, Yuma, Arizona. PGSS Training Deputy/Lead. Non-Government lead forall of training for USSOCOM SSP Navair 4.5x PGSS. Oversee and implement training in accordancewith Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization (NATOPS) for the department ofthe Navy. Personnel and Project Management responsibilities. Provide SME Consulting, Instruction,and Training Curriculum Development for the following: Aerostar 25k Class Aerostat, TCOM 22MClass Aerostat, Neany and STARA Ground Control Shelter, Systems Integration Lab TrainingSimulators, Wescam MX15i, FLIR Star Safire HD, UTAMS, TerraSight COP, Slew-to-Que Software,Boomerang Shot Detection Systems, Radio Relays, RF interfacing, Critical Data Paths,Troubleshooting, and Fiber Optics to name a few. (Dec 2009 – Present)Galaxy Blimps LLC, Dallas, Texas. Operations Manager. Oversee Design and Production of UAS(Unmanned Aerial Systems) projects, as well as maintain financial projections and cost analysis forinternal use. Engineering responsibilities include CAD engineering, technical drawings, machinisttolerance diagrams, stress analysis, and vender relations. Marketing responsibilities includebrochures, product write-ups and proposals, demo videos, website design and maintenance, andgraphic design. Directly contributed to the design and introduction of large unmanned blimps intothe commercial broadcast production market by providing job cost analysis, engineering expertise,and superior marketing materials. Web http://www.galaxyairships.com (Dec 2007 – Dec 2009)Custom Models and Displays, Arlington, Texas. Partner. Custom fiberglass display model fabrication,financial accounts management, sales / customer service, web designer, graphic design & print mediaspecialist, and business management responsibilities. Managed customer accounts for clients such asLockheed Martin, Boeing, Bell, and United States Government [Military Contracting]. Successfullyacquired and maintained clientele through customer relations and project flexibility solutionsresulting in needs based manufacturing specific to the client, resulting in increased recurring sales.(Aug 2003 – Dec 2007)Galaxy RPV, Bedford, Texas. Partner. Create business plan, manage financial accounts, sales /customer service, web designer, graphic design & print media specialist, other responsibilitiesrelating to remote piloted aircraft and business management responsibilities. Managed customeraccounts for clients such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, United States Government [GSA], Dallas Stars,and Dallas Mavericks. Provided needed working capital through revenue stream generation in theform of GSA contracts and misc government contracts during times of internally financed unmannedaircraft research and development. Design and implement marketing materials, cost projections, andUAS design drafts that were instrumental in securing financial backing for this entity. (Aug 2000 –Aug 2003)Denton County Information Services, Denton, Texas. Web designer. Design Internet and Intranetweb pages, develop graphic artwork, and work with a variety of applications pertaining to webdevelopment. Completely redesigned the Counties internal and external websites based ondemonstrated graphic design abilities. (Dec 1998 – Jan 2001)WCLindon inc., Dallas, Texas. Consultant (part-time). SME for various remote controlled aircraft;attend conventions, Q.C. shipments of model rockets from oversea companies. Traveled to Taiwan to 11
  17. 17. consult on the selection of a manufacturer for the purpose of manufacturing toy remote controlledrocket aircraft. (Dec 1995 – Dec 1997)EDUCATION:University of North Texas. Denton, Texas.Bachelor of Business Administration. Entrepreneurial & Strategic ManagementUSSOCOM SSP Navair4.5x. Certified Training Deputy, Instructor and Operator for all PGSS OEFfielded technologiesTECHNOLOGICAL EXPOSURE:ApplicationsSarnoff TerraSight, FalconView, APL (JHU Applied Physics Lab) Gatekeeper, MS Office Products,Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection, Microsoft Access, Rhinoceros, AutoCad, Mechanical Desktop,Solid Works, QuickBooks Pro, and various ISR component software, scripting and graphicsapplications.Programming LanguageCOBOL in MICRO FOCUS environment, COBOL, JCL, HTML, DHTML, Javascript.UASAirships, Aerostats, Fixed Wing, Rotary, Surface Vehicles, VTOL – all or most in operations, trainingand design.Payloads and Data TransmissionWescam MX-15i,FLIR Star Safire HD, Cineflex V14HD & V14MSII, ARL UTAMS, APL Gondola, FiberOptics, IP Based Systems Integration and Instruction, Ground Control Shelter Server and OperatorInterface to UAS Integration and Instruction, and Various RF based sub systems and peripherals.OTHER INTERESTS:Unmanned Aerial Systems, Stunt kites, Hockey, Computer Assembly, Marching Percussion -Instructor, Martial Arts, Member of Phantom Regiment Drum & Bugle Corps 1993, Golf. 12
  18. 18. PROJECT MANAGER (UAS)9.3 ANDY HOLCOMB 5 plus years of experience in Project Management 10 plus years of experience in Design and Development 16 plus years of fabrication experience Proven record as an Innovator with an Arsenal of Diverse Skills. Keen ability to find innovative solutions.UNMANNED AIRSHIP AND OTHER ENGINEERING ACCOMPLISHMENTS Project Manager and Chief Engineer in the construction and implementation of two 60ft plus Unmanned Airships and their ground support systems (One 60ft and one 75ft). These • Airships were designed to be low flying camera platforms for the Cineflex V14 and FLIR Media style HD Camera Turrets. Both of these airships were designed following airship regulation guidelines. Major project design contributor with organizations such as, NASA, Air Force, Army, BAE, General Dynamics. • Designed and implemented fully functional prototype wireless camera control systems to convert wired analog and serial controls to serial wireless control. Allowing for the • wireless remote control of both the FLIR Multimedia HD camera turrets and the Cineflex V14 systems which allowed the use on Unmanned Airships. Designed/Developed/Implemented multiple brushless alternator voltage regulation systems utilized on Unmanned Airships. These systems resolved RF and EMF issues and • allowed for a broader input voltage range from the alternators, resolving the inability to acquire adequate off the shelf systems. Designed/Implemented multiple engine starter systems for Unmanned Airships allowing in-flight restarts. • Designed bus communication system for Unmanned Airships, the system allows for redundancy of command controls and sensor feedback systems while minimizing the • vehicles weight by reducing the wires required.WORK HISTORY2009-Present Extreme Notions, Lewisville, TX2006-2009 Galaxy Airships, Dallas, TX2004-2006 Davis Technologies, Addison, TX2002-2004 Paxco Industries, Lewisville, TX2001-2002 QCS Technologies, Lewisville, TX1999-2001 Davis Technologies, Lewisville, TXEDUCATIONUniversity of Texas at Arlington 13
  19. 19. SECURITY CLEARANCE: U.S. DOD SECRET9.4 PATRICK EGANBACKGROUNDUnmanned aviation airspace integration, application and exploitation professional with more than 8years experience demonstrating organizational skills; media relations; and development andmaintenance of positive relationships among Federal government agencies, industry representatives,and academia. Current assignment includes instructing Navy personnel and civilian contractorPersistent Surveillance teams for OEF-A deployment. Managing projects involving National AirspaceSystem (NAS), integration technology and multiple agency missions. Review, analyze and maintaingovernment and private industry programs, budgets, and collateral materials with internationaleffects. Advise and consult on global airspace integration policy and regulations for business andacademia. Best practice development and implementation. Assess and evaluate new technologies forunmanned aircraft system integration.CAREER PROFILE2011 – Present Consultant Supporting the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command Battle Lab2010 – 2011: Instructor, OSD/USSOCOM NAVAIR 4.5x Special Surveillance Project (C5ISR)March 2009 – Present: AUVSI, UAS Airspace Advocacy Committee2004 – 2010: Director of Government Programs, RCAPA2003 – 2007: Sky-Borg Aerial Photography1996 – 2009: CEO, Hammers Inc.RECENT ACCOMPLISHMENTS President Silicon Valley Chapter of AUVSI Propose amendment for H.R.658 - FAA Reauthorization and Reform Act of 2011• UAS white paper contributor. White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.• Speaker at UAS 2008/2009 (Paris, France). The presentation focus was on injecting science into• the airspace integration effort to representatives of global CAA’s, aviation safety groups and• military. Completed sUAS ARC recommendation submitted to the FAA. Facilitated meetings consisting primarily of NASA engineering personnel to make determinations• on design parameters/capabilities and terminology for small-unmanned aircraft systems.• Attended both the Airplane Owners and Pilot Association’s (AOPA) Expo and Helicopter Association International (HAI) as a guest of the association to speak with association principals.• Topics for discussion were airspace integration and stakeholder cooperation for a safer NAS. Represent the U.S. as a member of the International Coordination Council (ICC). Make ongoing requested comments on the EUROCAE wg-73 working paper and primary source document UK• CAA CAP 722. RCAPA delegate for participation on the FAA small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS), aviation regulatory committee (ARC). Completed developmental assignment with other members of the• association to strengthened our position and come into the process with recommendations and material(s) for reference. Coordinated presentations for meetings with government, industry and manned representatives to facilitate resolution on complex operational and regulatory negotiations.CERTIFICATIONSOSD/USSOCOM SSP Navair 4.5x. Certified Training Instructor and Operator for PGSS 14
  20. 20. CAREER EXPERIENCE ABSTRACTOSD/A&C, USSOCOM NAVAIR 4.5x Program PGSS UAS InstructorSupervisor: Training Deputy, Jason White (682) 465-5516Develop curriculum and Instruct civilian contractor, Navy personnel, and coalition forces for OEF-Atheater UAS operations ISR gathering and dissemination. Duties include, Officer and Executivetraining as well as classroom and field instruction. Create and developing course curriculumsegments, program documentation and standards development. Duties also included instructing thefollowing: Operation of the L3/Wescam MX15i EO/IR sensor. Including L3 hand controller, menu set up and maintenance.• Operation of the Sarnoff Visualizer and Manager software suite. Set up customization and uses of ancillary functions included in the suite as well as upgraded versions.• MASINT (UTAMS) setup, installation and operation. Motorola 45600 - 48600 setup and operational training.• Ground School. System overview on two different spirals including the TCOM 22M, Aerostar TIF• 25K aerostats, common gondola and the S-280 Ground Control Station.• System Integration Lab (SIL) Simulate connectivity between UAS and GCS, system software suite and troubleshooting.• Develop and instruct system specific CONOPS. Vignettes and scenarios written, developed and simulated to resemble possible scenarios and events trainees were likely to experience while• conducting system operations in Afghanistan. Participate in developing systems operations and maintenance solutions from in theater reach back.•Remote Control Aerial Photography AssociationSupervisor: President, Rick Connolly (408) 241-0102The RCAPA is a professional association of dedicated remote control aerial photographers. RCAPAprovides operational safety guidelines, best business practices, networking and new technologyinformation. My duties included: Represent RCAPA to staff from FAA Headquarters in the absence of the Public Affairs Officer. Coordinated four-person branch providing public information about the association’s mission,• policies, and operations to ensure timely and responsive presentation of sensitive issues of unmanned aviation policy and technology. Participate and represent the board and membership of RCAPA to the federal regulators and other airspace stakeholders in the small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) on the Aviation• Regulatory Committee (ARC). Act as the contact point for outreach to the manned aviation community (e.g. ALPA, AOPA, HAI), and also to current and potential sUAS operators. Developed a conceptual program of airspace• stakeholder cooperation with the goal of mutual understanding and an end goal of facilitating a safer NAS for all. Participate as the RCAPA representative to the International Coordination Council (ICC). The ICC acts as an international advisory group that inputs and comments on the work of the EUROCAE• wg-73 sub group 4 LUAS (Light Unmanned Aircraft Systems). The purpose of the ICC is to get a 15
  21. 21. global cross flow of information between those with the same goals and objectives. Promoted and encouraged partnerships with businesses, education, and government organizations involving unmanned aviation activities.• Develop and implement established systematic procedures including a written testing program to facilitate an industry based self-certification program for sUAS operators. The unique program• was instrumental in making private liability insurance available for purchase by the RCAPA membership.Sky-Borg Aerial Photography Build and deploy small unmanned aircraft systems for low altitude remote sensing. Base system was the example used for the small unmanned aircraft systems Aviation Regulatory• Committee (ARC).• Performed flight demonstrations along side AeroVironment and Insitu for entities such as MITRE, FBI, NASA and DHS.•PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS AOPA ASTM F-38 (past) AUVSI HAI International Coordination Council Remote Control Aerial Photography Association RTCA SC-203 (past) sRPA Expert Group Navy League of the United States UVS International 16