How to Hire and Compensate Your Customer Success Management Team


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The most successful Enterprise SaaS companies know that growing revenue only through new customer acquisition is the less efficient way to scale. Rather, they understand that growing revenue within your existing customer base - through up-sells, cross-sells, and expanded use - is the most profitable way to scale.

In fact, Enterprise SaaS companies that grow revenue - and company valuation - by expanding revenue within their existing customer base also know the key to making this work is to focus on - and operationalize - Customer Success.

This presentation - How to Hire and Compensate Your Customer Success Management Team - is from Pulse 2014, the biggest Customer Success industry event ever and included panelists from BllueJeans Network, Zendesk, Demandbase, SAP

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  • Have you heard these common complaints? Many marketers work hard defending their ability to attract, engage and convert new opportunities for the business. But no one (especially Sales) ever seems to be happy.Most of the time, marketers are missing a key strategic focus…they’re marketing to masses of individuals, looking for anyone to show interest. Using tactics that originated with consumer marketing…We like to call that mass backwardsALSO:In a recent survey of more than 1,150 B2B sales executives only 31 percent of marketing generated leads were considered suitable. -Sales Speaks: Perceptions & Ponderings on Marketing Leads, The Bridge Group and Vorsight
  • Demandbase offers the only comprehensive set of marketing solutions purpose built for the account-based needs of B2B. Demandbase's B2B Marketing Cloud changes the game. At its core are powerful technologies that combine to help marketers get results:Patented Identification technology that allows marketers to see and target specific companies on their website and across the web Audience Management functionality that organizes and focuses acquisition, retention and growth effortsPerformance Dashboards to help you visualize all your efforts across the funnel and turn analytics into actionable insightProgrammatic B2B Advertising technology for targeting specific companies across multiple channels: display, mobile, social and video, plus retargeting custom-built for B2BMarketing/CRM Connectors that enhance your current marketing technologies and make them work for B2B
  • The B2B Marketing Cloud includes a comprehensive set of marketing solutions that help you market and sell to other businessesAdvertising Solutions for attracting the target companies and business audiences to your website, with zero waste.Personalization Solutions plug into any CMS, testing tool or plain HTML to allow native website personalization.Conversion Solutionsincrease conversions rates by shortening forms without sacrificing company details that are important to marketing automation programs and customer databases.Demandbase Consulting Services help you get maximum value and performance:Go-Live Services—Get implemented and see value quickly and easilyAccount-Based Marketing Services—Training, assessment or workshops on the best way to combine technology and strategy for optimal B2B resultsPerformance Management Services—Hands-on consulting engagements where we offer our deep technology expertise and B2B marketing best practices from our experience helping hundreds of top-tier customers.
  • NOTES:SAP has transformed itself into a leading force in the Cloud35M users Most comprehensive Cloud portfolio12M Jam Largest business network – 1.2M, ½ trillion in global commerceLargest cloud implementation – 2.2M subscribersOver€1B run rate#1 in HCM, Procurement, Business Networks, Social Business CollaborationAriba 10x next largest competitorHCM 10 of 10 analyst leaderTRANSITION:This is accomplished by best-in-class applications along People, Customer, Supplier and Money pillars
  • NOTES:This is accomplished by best-in-class applications along People, Customer, Supplier and Money pillars, plusSAP Jam forsocialcollaborationforemployees, partnersandcustomersAriba Network for B2B Business collaborationprocessautomationandbettercompliance. HANA CloudPlatforma developmentenvironmenttocreateprocessextensionsornewapps.Weknowwecannotcompete on productsandfeaturesalone. As customer experience leaders, we are resetting the types of experienceWewanttodiffrentiatebased on ourcustomers‘ experiencealongeverystepoftheirjourney.TRANSITION:Customer jouerney
  • How to Hire and Compensate Your Customer Success Management Team

    1. 1. How to Hire and Compensate the CSM Team Carrie Oakes BlueJeans Network David Lieberman Demandbase Marcus Bragg Zendesk Omid Razavi SAP
    2. 2. Carrie Oakes Blue Jeans Blue Jeans Network is a private cloud based company headquartered in Mountain View, California. Our mission is to make video communications as easy and pervasive as audio communications, enabling more effective collaboration at work, at home, and on the road. Our cloud-based conferencing service makes this possible by enabling customers to connect with each other seamlessly any time, anywhere, and from practically any device. Sr. Director Customer Success
    3. 3. Blue Jeans CSM Team F750 30-40 Accounts •3 CSMs •1 CSE Enterprise/EDU 70-80 Accounts •6 CSMs Commercial 120-150 Accounts •8 CSMs Community 250 Accounts •2 Community Managers • Managing 1900 customers • Working on scaling the team – Implementing a Channel CSM certification program – Alerts and automation – Community
    4. 4. General CSM Profile • Strong personality • Customer facing roles • Tech savvy • Not video shy • Strong organizational skills
    5. 5. BlueJeans CSM Profile Fortune 750 & Enterprise • 5+ years experience in high profile customer facing role • Consulting background plus • Farmer personality Commercial • 2-3 years in a customer facing role , plus if focused on IT • Action-oriented with strong initiative & follow through • Farmer personality SMB • Community Manager • Social personality • Excellent content skills • College graduate or 1-2 years in customer facing role MBO • Growth in portfolio • 10% customers – Specific Plan to expand to LOBs • 95% retention rate ARR • 90% Pilot Conversions • Implementation of 1 Stickiness feature in 90% F750 and 75% in Enterprise • Account Management • Responsible for adoption • High touch marketing into other LOB • Pre Sale involvement • Responsible for adoption • Quick deployments • Moderate check-ins • Installed base marketing MBO • Growth in portfolio • 90% retention rate ARR • 80% Pilot Conversions • Implementation of 1 Stickiness feature in 75% of installed base • 95% deployment in first 45 days • Automation of deployment • Content creation for Community • Promotion of Community • Community moderator • Risk management • 80% Community adoption • 75% Community Retention • Community content creation
    6. 6. Hiring Process • Screening • Hiring Manager screens over Blue Jeans • Interview committee • 3-4 CSMs • 1 Sales • Recruiter • Role Play F750 Enterprise SMB 80% salary 20% MBO 80% salary 20% MBO 90% base 10% MBO $100K-$20K $80K-$16K $60K-$6K
    7. 7. WE PARTNER WITH CUSTOMERS IN AN AGILE AND ITERATIVE WAY Learn Goal s Proof-of- concept Resource s Launch Pla n Proces s Trainin g Love Benchmar k Improv e
    8. 8. CUSTOMER SUCCESS TEAMANALYTICS Measuring and providing value with data Customized benchmarking Reporting best practices PRODUCT Product maturity assessments Best Practices Feedback Program Roadmap discussions CSM Customer Success Manager Launch Guidance for enterprise customers Discovery & technical assistance Education & best practices programs Mentor Program for continued Success CSE Customer Success Executive Align to our top customers Consultative, manage exec-level partnerships Drive customer engagement via EBRs Industry Experience: SFDC, Inquira, Right Now, Brocade
    9. 9. Hire rockstars & open communication with Sales and Support Define your Success methodology Define your top ‘X’ customer program Team Alignment Build Success Grow Success Evolve Success Individual Success Manager Book of business & Health Score Scale Success engagements by segment Balance business goals and professional development Individual Success Goals Align customer journey and with Success goals Shared Success Goals Optimize for customer relationships and trust Team/Region customer health- driven KPI’s and renewal targets
    10. 10. David Lieberman Demandbase VP, Customer Success
    11. 11. Our website isn’t effective! Advertising isn’t working! All the leads are bad!
    13. 13. Hiring Top Notch Customer Success Managers  Previous Customer Success experience  Marketing Technology  B2B  Track record of exceeding quantitative performance metrics – sales  Cultural fit Interview team – internal vetting process  Different people interview for different skills  Debrief at end of day  Strong hire, Hire, Pass Demandbase Customer Success – What we look for….
    14. 14.  50% renewals  30% upsells  20% MBO  Customer advocacy, TTL, TTV Compensating Customer Success Managers Customer Success Manager need to sell!
    15. 15. How to Hire and Compensate Customer Success Team Omid Razavi SAP Cloud @orazavi
    16. 16. 19 Industry’s most comprehensive Cloud portfolio The leading social business platform The largest and most global business network Largest business Cloud deployments Annualized run rate in Cloud business Industry’s largest base of Cloud users Market-leading public apps (#1 in HCM, Procurement, Business Networks and Social Collaboration) covering all lines of business. More users than Chatter, Yammer, etc. Over 1.4M connected companies in 190 countries transacting over half a trillion in commerce annually – the size of any other business network… SAP is now the largest cloud provider at-scale with over 130% YoY subscription revenue growth. 35M 30+ 12M 2M+ €1.1B+1.4M Some with more than 2M users. Public, private and managed service offerings. More business professionals use Cloud solutions from SAP than from any other vendor on the planet. SAP is Accelerating in the Cloud © 2014 SAP AG All Rights Reserved @orazavi
    17. 17. ARIBA BUSINESS NETWORK – BUSINESS COLLABORATION SAP JAM – SOCIAL COLLABORATION SAP HANA CLOUD PLATFORM PEOPLE CUSTOMER CORE HR CLOUD Employee Central (EC) EC Payroll PERFORMANCE CLOUD Performance & Goals Compensation Succession & Development LEARNING CLOUD RECRUITING CLOUD HR ANALYTICS CLOUD Workforce Analytics Workforce Planning CUSTOMER CLOUD Cloud for Sales Cloud for Service Cloud for Marketing Cloud for Social Engagement Social Media Analytics by Netbase SUPPLIER SOURCING CLOUD Sourcing Pro Discovery Contract Pro Supplier Information Management PROCUREMENT CLOUD Procure to Pay Pro Services Procurement Procurement Content SPEND ANALYTICS CLOUD Spend Visibility MONEY FINANCIAL CLOUD Cloud for Financials Cloud for Travel Invoice Pro (Ariba) Business ByDesign Business One Cloud Sales & Operations Planning $ ¥ € SAP Cloud Application Portfolio © 2014 SAP AG All Rights Reserved @orazavi
    18. 18. The goal of Customer Success is to drive business growth Premium Success Monetized Success Plans are key to sustained business growth Customer Success Goals @orazavi
    19. 19. Cloud Customer Journey Land + Expand + Network Growth Strategies Expand Deeper Use Interact Community Crowdsource Marketplace 1) Land more customers, faster! 2) Expand use, value and footprint! 3) Enable the Network Effect! Success (Primary) Success (Shared) Success (None) Win! Go Live! Lead Evaluation Buy Onboard Deliver Support/Su ccess Renew Awareness Outcome KPIs Upsell Cross-sell CustomerValue Time @orazavi
    20. 20. Business Strategic – Business Outcome CxO VP Line of Business Adoption Services Business Insight & Outcome QBR/ABR Advisory20,000+ Application Application – Meets needs, easy, … Users – Employees, managers, partners & contingent workers Onboarding E-Learning Guidance SS/Auto Provisioning In-App Support35,000,000 Users Technology Technical – Administration, Integration, Architecture, Security, … CIO, VP of IT App/Sys Administrator IT Ops Mgr Technical Support, Admin T & C Integ Monitored Sup. Global Operations 15,000+ Customer Value Management Customer Roles Success Services Renewal Mgmt Customer Success Management Customer Success Roles & Objectives Success By Roles @orazavi Persona
    21. 21. Hiring & Compensating Customer Success • Hiring – Customer and Data Skills (Analysis, Synthesis, Insight, Dialog and Action) – 3+ Years experience in Sales, Marketing, Support, Services or related • Compensating – Team and individual targets for business growth, customer success CSAT/NPS and practice development (mentoring, innovating & KB contribution) • Career Tracks – Management: CSM  (S)Manager CS  (S)Director CS  RVP CS  … – Leadership: Success products, programs & package development Leader @orazavi
    22. 22. Omid Razavi, Ph.D. Global Customer Success & Growth @ SAP Cloud @orazavi +1 650 645 4475 Thank you!
    23. 23. Q & A