How to Align Customer Success Management with Sales and Marketing


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The most successful Enterprise SaaS companies know that growing revenue only through new customer acquisition is the less efficient way to scale. Rather, they understand that growing revenue within your existing customer base - through up-sells, cross-sells, and expanded use - is the most profitable way to scale.

In fact, Enterprise SaaS companies that grow revenue - and company valuation - by expanding revenue within their existing customer base also know the key to making this work is to focus on - and operationalize - Customer Success.

This presentation - How to Align Customer Success Management with Sales and Marketing - is from Pulse 2014, the biggest Customer Success industry event ever and included panelists from Infusionsoft, LinkedIn, Clarizen, Intacct

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How to Align Customer Success Management with Sales and Marketing

  1. 1. How to Align CSM and Sales/Marketing Aaron Stead, Infusionsoft Kathy Lord, Intacct Roli Saxena, LinkedIn Ted Purcell, Clarizen
  2. 2. Kathleen Lord Intacct Intacct is the cloud financial management company. Intacct’s award- winning applications are the preferred financial applications for AICPA business solutions. Intacct’s financial management software, in use by more than 7,300 organizations from startups to public companies, is designed to improve company performance and make finance more productive. VP Sales & Customer Success
  3. 3. Intacct - Advocacy for life • Whole company initiative • Shared leadership between Sales/Services • Vertical & size segmentation drives engagement model • Facilitate communications/education • Owns Customer marketing activities • Owns Annual User Conference
  4. 4. 2014: Customer Lifecycle Marketing • Creating nurture track for our customers • Milestone based communications - the right info at the right time • Personalizing by Vertical, Size, Persona • Playbooks defined for each scenario *graphic credit to Jeff Ernst, Forrester Blog
  5. 5. Aaron Stead Infusionsoft At Infusionsoft, we’re dedicated to a single purpose – helping small businesses succeed. We help entrepreneurs rethink how to get organized, grow sales, and save time. We are focused on simplifying sales and marketing so that entrepreneurs can spend more time doing what they love. Senior Vice President, Sales
  6. 6. Our Customer Success Team • Function like a Sales team • Laser focused on our churn funnel • Deploy traditional marketing automation to support human capital • Ongoing education focus to insure at-risk customers are getting value
  7. 7. Key Lessons Learned • Find the smoke before it becomes fire • Always invest more than you think • Create cross-functional team to support your effort • Metric and measure always
  8. 8. Roli Saxena LinkedIn LinkedIn connects the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful. With more than 300 million members worldwide, LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network on the Internet. The company has a diversified business model with revenue coming from Talent Solutions, Marketing Solutions and Premium Subscriptions products. Sales Director, LinkedIn
  9. 9. Our Unique Challenges • Our customers are our members too • We sell online and field channels • Our customers range from individuals large Multi Nationals LinkedIn is both a Consumer and Enterprise company
  10. 10. Our Customer Success Philosophy Make customers successful and Feel successful
  11. 11. Make customers successful Unified Customer Success strategy • Product Strategy: Build product for users success first • Marketing Strategy: Education focused customer lifecycle management – on-boarding to renewal • CSM Strategy: Success with education, implementation and consulting • At user, account and decision Maker
  12. 12. Feel successful - Celebrate customers as people
  13. 13. Feel successful – Foster a customer community
  14. 14. If you cannot measure it you cannot fix it Customer Success Metrics • Product Usage • ROI Metric - % of hires LinkedIn • Satisfaction Metric – NPS • Financial Metric – Churn/ upsell Intern Analysis - Impact on Sales Usage of our Talent Solution Learning Center leads to higher upsell in all business segments 19 Note: Upsell is measured as the rate of growth at the point of renewal in relationship to Baseline Current Year (i.e. Incremental Annualized Bookings). It is calculated as the Annualized Amount / Baseline Current Year. TSLC usage (measured in hours) is adjusted for the # of TSLC accounts each company possesses. Only transcript statuses marked "Completed" are given credit. Tip Sheets are given 0.5 hours of credit. Data beginning 2012. Account value adjusted to USD. 94.1% 103.7% 94.5% 72.6% 112.7% 119.9% 123.0% 88.9% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 120% 140% STRAT ENT RM SMB RM ORANGE RM 0 hours >0 hours 18.6% 12.2% 28.5% 12.3% Upsell
  15. 15. Ted Purcell Clarizen | The Enterprise Work Collaboration Company SVP, Sales & Customer Success Clarizen is the award-winning leader in enterprise-class work collaboration and project management solutions. We fuel the high performance teams, including our own, of more than 2500 organizations across 76 countries, including more than 25 of the Fortune 500.
  16. 16. Optimizing Sales, Customer Success, and Marketing Alignment Specialized White Glove Treatment • Like your favorite 5 star restaurant, across all roles of the Customer Engagement Lifecycle. Alignment in Chaos • Major product overhaul, large scale growth especially in the Enterprise, transition from ‘jack of all trades’ to specialization, and brand expansion. A Sincere Commitment to a People Agenda • Lead by Example, a Dedicated investment is mandatory- in time and energy.
  17. 17. Consistent Cadence Drives Alignment and Results Define Metrics Throughout the Customer Engagement Lifecycle • Top of the Funnel to the Bottom, throughout the on- boarding and optimization stage, to nurture and reference-ability within the customer and to the market to enable growth and limit churn. Clear Deliniation of Roles and Responsibilities • Everyone knows what to chew on and what others are chewing on as well – same page! Provide a Consultative, Trusted-advisor Experience • Be sincere, deep in content, and leverage use-metrics and analysis to know the customer.
  18. 18. Q & A