SEO Tales of Horror Turned Happy Endings with SEO Best Practices


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A gruesome look at frightening misfortunes that can befall websites & maim companies. However, they can be turned into happier endings with the use of SEO best practices. A non-exhaustive list of the most common SEO issues we encounter, and tips to improve them.

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  • Unlike most horror stories, I’m not going to save the best for last. And this one has been the most fatal I’ve encountered. A client came to us, saying they had been working with the “Michael Jordans” of SEO. For two years. At 5 figures per month. When I dug in, I found nothing.
  • There’s plenty of data to aid in making informed decisions. Analytics. Multivariate Testing. There’s no reason to go by gut, when data is available.
  • 17 to 23 million to get a sale.
  • There’s so much information to be had. There’s no excuse.It’s just a matter of
  • SEO Tales of Horror Turned Happy Endings with SEO Best Practices

    1. 1. SEO Tales of Horror A gruesome look at frightening misfortunes that can befall websites & maim companies. Brian Russell, @GainesvillePR Marketing Team, 352 Media Group
    2. 2. I’ve Interviewed: Rob Zombie Musician Director & Writer of Movies including: House of 1000 Corpses The Devils Rejects Halloween (2007) Halloween II (2009) Brian Russell @GainesvillePR352 Media Group Robert Englund (the actor behind Freddy Kreuger)
    3. 3. This PresentationMay Contain Movie Spoilers
    4. 4. The Sixth Sense• Months of Work No One Else Can See
    5. 5. Happily Ever AfterInbound Marketing is a process, but …Expect Tangible Results.There’s no such thing as “secret sauce” or workthat can’t be seen.
    6. 6. The Fly• Making Decisions Based on Gut Feeling Rather than Data.
    7. 7. Happily Ever After• Analytics• Multivariate Testing• Conversions• Email Open Rates• So Much More
    8. 8. The Craft• Knowing just enough to summon something you can’t control.
    9. 9. Happily Ever AfterThere Aren’t Any Magic SpellsBut, There Are Mistakes That Can Be Made
    10. 10. “He’s Calling From Inside the House!”• Sabotage! – Intentional – Unintentional
    11. 11. Happily Ever AfterPlenty to look out for, including:• Robots.txt - Disallow: /• Noindex on each page• Canonicalize all pages to the homepage
    12. 12. Invasion of the Body Snatchers• Duplicate content – Internal – External
    13. 13. Happily Ever After• Check with Google• Check Your CMS• Copyscape et. al.
    14. 14. The Ring• No title-description
    15. 15. Happily Ever AfterSet your title & description Title is about 70 characters long Description is about 155 characters long
    16. 16. I Know What You Did Last Summer• Bad, harmful links – You – People You Hired – Well-Meaning Employees – Others
    17. 17. Happily Ever After• Look At Your Links• Know What Others Are Doing On Your Behalf• Get Set Up With Google Webmaster Tools
    18. 18. Frankenstein’s Monster• A page that’s lost it’s focus, now cobbled together of many different parts.
    19. 19. Happily Ever After• Bring Marketing In Early• Focus Your Pages• “What Would A Visitor Expect Here”• Assign Keywords to Pages
    20. 20. Questions? Tweet Me @GainesvillePR Email Me Read Me Russell
    21. 21. Photos Courtesy• Rob Zombie -• Robert Englund -• The Sixth Sense -• The Fly -• When A Stranger Calls -• Invasion of the Body Snatchers -• The Ring –• I Know What You Did Last Summer -• Frankenstein’s Monster -• The Craft -