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Reaching New Horizons in Data Management & E-Learning
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Reaching New Horizons in Data Management & E-Learning


Published on

RSPSoc 2011 Annual Conference, Bournemouth University, UK.

RSPSoc 2011 Annual Conference, Bournemouth University, UK.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Reaching New Horizons in Data Management & E-Learning Gail Millin-Chalabi, James Schumm, Bharti Gupta, Yin Tun & Kamie Kitmitto
  • 2. Presentation Outline • Audience Survey • Newbies • Data Collections & New Data • Kaia Download System • Metadata • Learning Zone & ELOGeo • Further Help & Information •Your Support Required • Summary
  • 3. Newbie? 1) Check your institution is licensed 2) Individual Registration 3) Familiarise yourself with Landmap license 4) Citation guidelines 5) Institution username and password: • Download data • Access e-learning content
  • 4. Data Suppliers
  • 5. Optical & Thermal Radar Elevation Feature - Erode landscape
  • 6. New CIR – Northern Ireland & Scotland
  • 7. DMC • 4m Panchromatic • 32m Multispectral
  • 8. ALOS PALSAR • Fine Beam Mode • PRISM • AVNIR ©ESA,2008
  • 9. Data Management
  • 10. a) Get Original Image b) Clip, Zip, Ship c) Export Feature Download Options
  • 11. Learning Zone Category Courses Level Airborne Imaging - Modern Aerial Photography for ArcGIS - Modern Aerial Photography for CR Viewer - Historical Aerial Photography Basic Applying Heights - 3D Modelling with Google SketchUp - LiDAR Imaging Basic Landuse & UKMap - Landuse Mapping - Introduction to UKMap Basic Basic Image Processing - ENVI - Idrisi Kilimanjaro - ERDAS Imagine v.9 - ERDAS Imagine v. 2010 - PCI Geomatica Intermediate Radar Imaging - Introduction to Radar Basic Classifications Methods - Object Oriented Classification Advanced Scripting - Python for ArcGIS Advanced Help & Support 1) Attend a Landmap workshop event 2) View Landmap Support webpages • Publications • FAQ • Glossary • Screencasts 3) Visit our stand (S14) exhibition hall – JISC Portfolio Review Your Support is Needed! Online Survey & Form 4) Contact Landmap Helpdesk: 5) Follow us on Twitter @Landmap • New technical developments • Projects • New data releases • New courses
  • 12. Summary Landmap supports the UK academic community to access and use value-added satellite and airborne datasets for research and learning Landmap is committed to obtain new learning materials to support teaching and learning. Our aim is to enable students from a wide range of disciplines to incorporate spatial data into their research Our data supports a wide range of applications such as: • Creation of realistic 3D models • Modelling urban flood risk • Discovery of historic landscapes • Monitoring coastal changes including the intertidal bed • Assessing vegetation change • Crop monitoring • Urban heat islands • Mapping of urban green spaces and their erosion
  • 13. Thanks for Listening Helpdesk: Website: Follow us on Twitter: @Landmap