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This presentation was part of a webinar run by Jisc RSC on 03/06/14 called 'Learning Providers as MakARs - how Augmented Reality is being used in practice'.

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AR @ Mimas

  1. 1. Gail Millin-Chalabi Geodata Research & Development Officer Learning, Teaching and Professional Skills (LTaPS) AR @ Mimas
  2. 2. Presentation Overview • Fabulous Frogs app: Splendid & Native: Primary school children • Linking into the National Curriculum • Working with Manchester Museum Vivarium • UKMap app: Engaging high school children with maps • Test run at the Science & Engineering Technology Fair • AR in the City app: FE & HE • Helping students to understand social statistics • Not just AR – work sheets on evaluating Crime, Housing & Family statistics What is AR? Augmented Reality (AR) is a term for superimposing computer graphics over a live view of the real world
  3. 3. Fabulous Frogs app: Splendid & Native AR app targeted at 7 – 11 years Curriculum • Maps to Key Stage 2 of the National Curriculum in England & Wales • Maps to “responsible citizens” and “successful learners” capcities of the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence Learning Outcomes • Key facts about the Splendid Leaf Frog – what it looks like; where they live; what they like to eat • Understanding frog anatomy • Frog life cycle – comparisons between Splendid Leaf Frog and the native Common Frog including quick quiz questions for each stage of the life cycle • How they can help to look after frogs by taking care of the environment
  4. 4. Fabulous Frogs app: Splendid & Native Collaboration with Manchester Museum - Vivarium Benefits of Collaboration • Working with specialists in their field: Curator of Herpetology – Andrew Gray & Vivarium Assistant – Adam Bland • Provide high quality content for app • Chris Mattison photograph of Splendid Leaf Frog (gave permission to use for this app) • David Attenborough clip of Splendid Leaf Frog (taken after Vivarium visit in Spring 2014) • Suggestions for implementation in Vivarium gallery space • Opportunities to promote app at Big Saturday events (child/parent feedback) • Potential to work with Education Team at Manchester Museum to interegrate the app into school visits/ promote to teachers • Link the app to current well know resources such as Frog Blog • The app will promote current Vivarium work such as Sponsor a Frog and Frog Blog.
  5. 5. UKMap app High School: 12 – 16 years • Tested at the National Science and Engineering Fair in March 2013 • Pupils can flick between mapping layers of building heights and retail classifications • Key provided and explanation of terms used • Make mapping data more engaging, fun and interactive but teaching them the skill of reading and extracting information from several map layers • A quiz sheet was provided where pupils had to find the answers to the questions using the app • Gave pupils access to high quality commercial datasets from The GeoInformation Group (TGG)
  6. 6. AR in the City app FE & HE Sociology Undergraduates What? To make evaluating & working with statistics more accessible to sociology students. Who? Mimas – Led by Matt Ramirez British Sociological Association – Judith Mudd British Society of Criminology – Helen Jones Why? • Sociology students can embark on a degree without obtaining a Grade C at GCSE level • Many find statistical analysis difficult to understand How? • This app eases students into the world of stats by engaging them in debate around the data presented to them using worksheets developed for the app • Visualised using monopoly pieces for an iconic area of London the facts & figures are presented in an informal way
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