without Solaris        where can you            learning   Life is noisy. Rumbling air
o u t s i d e u . s . a . / c a n a d a 707. 76 9 . 1110 · w e b w w w. p h o n i c e a r. c o m
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Solaris Brochure


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Solaris Brochure

  1. 1. without Solaris where can you learning Life is noisy. Rumbling air use solaris? conditioners, roaring engines, fun and chatty neighbors are all learning in school around us. It’s easier to conduct freedom chatting in the car a conversation close-up rather than at a distance — especially group discussions for people with hearing aids. without Solaris, the teacher’s That’s why the SOLARIS system restaurants voice can drop below the level of typical classroom noise after is the perfect companion to a just 10 feet. The combined distance, noise, and echo make bicycling with friends digital or analog hearing aid. It it hard for kids with hearing simply makes “close-up” com- aids to hear parties munication possible no matter with Solaris where the participants stand. watching tv communicating at a distance with family members at home playing sports listening to the radio with the wireless Solaris system or stereo a child’s hearing aid picks up the teacher’s voice clearly, even when he or she stands far away for more informa- tion on FM in the classroom, ask for our booklet, All About FM
  2. 2. o u t s i d e u . s . a . / c a n a d a 707. 76 9 . 1110 · w e b w w w. p h o n i c e a r. c o m u . s . a . 8 0 0 . 2 27. 073 5 · c a n a d a 8 0 0 . 2 6 3 . 870 0 better sound anytime, anywhere channel surfing personal fm system Now you can switch to different channels from class to class or tune away from someone else’s frequency. Any of 40 different narrow-band channels* is instantly available at the improves hearing aid performance turn of a dial. Solaris even works with large area FM systems used in SOLARIS works with a hearing aid to enhance speech theatres and houses of worship. clarity and overcome the effects of noise, distance, and echo. Hearing in the classroom improves, and young people can enjoy greater freedom in social events, sports, family life, and other activities. Our universal Direct Audio Input cord plugs into any DAI-capable hearing aid, and teleloops are available to couple the FM through the telecoil. Better yet, try the Telepin system with TMX™ — cord- less coupling so good you’ll swear it’s DAI. listen to anything — even record it! FM HA/receiver mic FM HA/receiver mic Plug in to music, self-guided tours, TV, and more. Students can even use the receiver’s audio out jack to record lectures, conversations, and notes for playback at a more conve- nient time! learning is the top priority… automatically When the SOLARIS receiver is connected, students can still hear their classmates’ voices and other environmental sounds through the hearing aid microphone. But SOLARIS’ handy FM Plus feature automatically suppresses background lock in the volume sounds whenever the teacher speaks. That means students can converse with You can lock the controls to others nearby and still not miss impor- prevent unintended volume tant information from the teacher. changes — important with small children. power’s no problem The SOLARIS system comes easy management complete with recharge- able NiCad batteries No more guessing! Indicator lights and its own expand- make it obvious — even from across a able charger. (If sturdy but lightweight room — if power is getting low or if you prefer, it takes the FM signal has been disrupted. At only 100g/3.5oz, the SOLARIS won’t weigh you disposable alkaline Charging lights tell you when a SOLARIS down! And the tough ABS case construction and batteries, too.) unit is charging, and when it’s charged. surface-mounted circuitry make it ideal for young children and active adults. ©1999 Phonic Ear, Inc. Products, packaging, and prices subject to change without notice. Phonic Ear, Solaris, and TMX are trademarks of and exclusive property of Phonic Ear, Inc. 821-6956-110/Rev. A/0504 1099 * Outside the US and Canada, the number and band of available channels may vary.