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OnWave Brochure


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OnWave Brochure

  1. 1. Quiet. p Unheard of in e wireless audio. r Yet ONWAVE ™ f combines advanced digital audio o processing with the exceptional spectral r purity of Direct m Digital Synthesis. a Easier installation. Less noise. Fewer n The call-backs. field-tunable c ONWAVE receiver offers excellent And so affordable, wide-band frequency response, greater e you’d think we’d than 60dB signal-to-noise ratio and a flashing red low battery indicator light make more noise about it. t Other systems may be digitally tunable, but they still introduce e noise because they create an analog FM c signal. Compare the hiss of a traditional h phase-lock loop device (bottom) with the OnWave Direct purity of the new Digital Synthesis n ONWAVE system (top). Creating the FM sig- 0 o nal in the digital realm with DDS gives this new wireless l product a remarkably clear signal. o digitally tunable g The ONWAVE trans- phase-lock loop mitter’s easy, lockable y interface puts you in control of its advanced digital signal processing and channel synthesis d With its quick installation, e flexibility, and remark- m able three-year warranty, ONWAVE is a the choice for hearing assistance and n audio descrip- d tion in houses of worship, stadiums, live theatres, and other large installations. And because it’s priced very competi- tively, ONWAVE is the sound pro’s choice for building market share. r ©1999 Phonic Ear Inc. Phonic Ear and OnWave are trademarks of and the exclusive property of Phonic Ear Inc. 821-7289-101/1238/Rev A 1099 e s Learn more about OnWave now! Quickly and conveniently experience o our entire OnWave program and more at www.phonicear.com. u • Technical and bid specifications r • Free 45-day evaluations c • Marketing materials e • Information about enhanced listening s • Information on other wireless products • ADA compliance information www.phonicear.com : bid & tech specs • marketing literature 800.227.0735/800.263.8700: 45-day evaluations • demo system • marketing campaigns u.s. canada
  2. 2. q u i e t address service requested GMS petaluma, ca 94954 PAID 3880 cypress drive U.S. POSTAGE phonic ear, inc. STANDARD PRE-SORTED Direct Digital Synthesis. with the excellence of listening system a wireless Introducing transmitting frequency 72MHz to 76MHz (U.S./Canada) channels 10 wide-band tunable channels 10 WB, 40 NB selectable receiving frequency 72MHz to 76MHz (U.S./Canada) frequency stability > .001%kHz 00 to 500 C modulation FM wide-band transmission range 100m/300ft (standard antenna) user controls Off/on/volume; tuning screw 300m/1,000ft (large area antenna) inputs / outputs Accessory output jack; charge jack RF field strength 80mV/m at 3m battery life 60Hr (AA alkaline) modulation FM wideband and FM narrow-band nominal volume setting 30Hr (AA NiCad) user selectable case ABS Cycolac plastic, black frequency response Speech or music setting/4 bass cut options – signal to nosie ratio 60dB call for complete product specifications frequency response 60Hz to 8kHz ± 3dB THD < 1% signal-to-noise ratio > 65dB (WB), > 55dB (NB) SSPL 90 earbuds 121dB THD < .1% at nominal deviation SSPL 90 transducer 131dB nominal deviation wide-band receiver: PE 500R ± 20kHz (WB) ± 3.6kHz (NB) SSPL headset 116dB power input 16VAC <1.1 amp 28 watts input connections Power jack: 2.1mm Line input: Universal XLR jack +1/4in Mic input: Universal XLR jack speaker input receiving frequency 72MHz to 76MHz (U.S./Canada) Speaker input: Terminal block modulation FM narrow-band input protection 2 amp slow blow fuse user controls Off/on/volume current drain 500mA maximum inputs / outputs Accessory output jack antenna output LH-TNC jack battery life 60Hr (AA alkaline) nominal volume setting 20Hr (AA NiCad) ground plane LH-TNC jack case ABS plastic max cable length 30m/100ft with RG58/U cable SSPL 90 earbuds 122dB transmitter: PE 560T case Annodized black SSPL 90 transducer 137dB SSPL headset 120dB n a r r ow - b a n d r e c e i v e r : PE 506R