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Danacom Headset Catalog Danacom Headset Catalog Document Transcript

  • 3880 Cypress Drive Petaluma, CA 94954 2001 product c ata l o g
  • raNgE fits the way you work 2001 product c ata l o g
  • SolutIoNS We offer headset solutions for any working environment. our full range of headsets can be relied upon to deliver satisfied customers, and we offer a number of special features that are unique in the industry. SouNd ● Most advanced noise-canceling system on the market ● advanced design of the receiver housing and circuitry means outstanding sound quality SafEty ● anti-shock circuit protects your ears from sudden excessive sound levels c oM f o rt ● unique design constructed in lightweight materials with Instant fit™ reliability, and user-friendliness in mind M at E r I a l S ● all danacom headsets are equipped with highly flex- ible, ultra-lightweight cables strengthened by Kevlar to ensure long-lasting durability ● High-tensile stainless steel ensures light weight construction ● allergy-tested materials are used to avoid skin irritation ● all of our materials are chosen with environmental considerations in mind Wa r r a N t y ● danacom offers a two-year warranty on all headsets and amplifiers ● all headsets are cE marked different environments, different needs
  • H oW to o r d E r six easy ways to order: c al l o u r to l l - f r E E N u M B E r : ● call 1 877 517 8765 ordEr VIa E-MaIl ●sales@danacomusa.com ordEr oN-lINE • www.danacomusa.com fa x u S ● fax our sales department at 1 707 769 9624 MaIl ● fill out the enclosed order form and mail o r c a l l y o u r l o c a l d I S t r I B u to r
  • roBIN for people on the move ● over-the-ear headset ● pocket-size ● Instant fit ™ ● powerful microphone ● Extremely lightweight and comfortable ● adjustable to fit either ear With a single, light- weight earpiece and a tiny microphone arm, the ear-worn robin is a great choice for less noisy s u r ro u n d i n g s . When it comes to size, this high-quality, slim, and tough headset represents the market's best offering for extreme comfort and flexibility. When it comes to dura- bility, the robin can handle being bounced around, fre- quently disconnected, and occasionally carried in a pocket. It is also quickly removed and attached with just one hand. model 605 ROBIN MODEL 605 $89
  • Robin swan dove meRlin hawk falcon eagle
  • ac c E S S o r I E S setting the industry standard Headset care and cleanliness is important. We keep a wide selection of accessories on hand for periodic replacement to help maintain years of continuous, comfortable use. We offer a complete range of system accessories to ensure your satisfaction well into the future. danacom accessoRies replacement full-size leatherette ear cushion with plate ear cushions and windscreens full-size foam ear cushion Small leatherette ear cushion Ear loop for small ear piece foam cushion for speaker housing Microphone windscreen, foam cables coiled cable extension. Increases reach to 10 ft, standard phone plug to quick disconnect. replacement quick connect cord. 3 ft length, stan- dard phone plug to quick disconnect. pc cable. connects danacom headset to pc for voice recognition & computer telephony. Jack cable. 1 ft quick disconnect to 3-poled, 2.5mm plug. other Headband. converts an over-the-ear model into an over-the-head model. clothing clip. Holds cord against your body, helps keep it out of the way. cord restraint clip. desktop-secured clip to keep your cord in one place. Headset hook. Holds headset out of the way when not in use. amplifiers amplifier Ha26. for use with phone systems for specific equipped with dynamic microphones. applications two prong in-line adapter for use with acd systems. In-line amplifier for special carbon microphone applications. Switches to danacom switch with mute. change between handset and headset danacom switch. Supervisor training switch for call monitoring dur- ing training sessions.
  • doVE all day ease ● over-the-ear headset ● two wearing styles (optional headband) ● Instant fit ™ ● Exceptional speech quality ● available with our leading noise-canceling technology ● adjustable to fit either ear this ultra-light headset allows you to focus on your telephone conver-sation, but still lets you clearly hear what’ going on around you. s Ear-worn with an elegant optional headband style steel boom, the dove has the mobility and clear sound qua- lity that only a danacom headset can provide. Wearable on either ear, the dove features a slim-line ear hook and a receiver that fastens the headset effectively to your ear with a single touch. the dove has optional wearing styles — it can be worn over-the-ear or with the optional headband. model 505 DOVE MODELS 505 NOISE caNcELINg $107.80 506 $97.80
  • S Wa N combining form and function ● over-the-ear headset ● award-winning design ● Instant attachment ● comfortable ● lightweight ● adjustable to fit either ear Blending bold design with simplicity and durability, the swan features a comfortable, lightweight fit and an award-winning design. No other headset has received the international atten- tion accorded to the swan. Its stri- king shape and highly ergonomic design have won it a place in the chicago athenaeum, Museum of architecture and design. Its ingeniously simple design and excellent sound quality will make it a winner with you, too. model 405 SWaN MODEL 405 $127
  • uNIVErSal aMp Ha25 hands-free convenience ● Easy to use and install ● Small and compact ● Stable on the desk ● free of noise interferences from other internal/external electronic appliances ● compatible with virtually any telephone on the market ● compatible with all danacom headset models Introducing the hands- free headset system, designed specifically for office use and com- patible with more than 95% of all telepho- nes on the market. Easy to use and install, the full- featured universal amplifier Ha25 is suitable for use with the full range of danacom’ headsets. rf protec- s tion and separate circuits for the microphone and the speaker prevent distracting interference from disturb- ing your conversation. the universal amplifier Ha25 is stable on the desk and its compact design ensures that it won’t take up too much space. model Ha 25 the universal amplifier Ha25 connects easily to your telephone. It features a mute button, incoming and outgoing volume control, a headset/handset switch, and has the longest battery life of any amplifier on the market. MODELS uNIVERSaL aMpLIfIER ha 25 $80
  • EaglE when the going gets tough ● for high-activity environments ● Binaural ● full-size earpieces ● Strong, lightweight construction ● available with our leading noise-canceling technology ● adjustable microphone boom and earpieces ● choice of flexible or stainless steel boom a high-activity call cen- ter environment calls for effective measures — like the eagle, our heavy-duty double earpiece headset that is surprisingly light on the ears. With its large, comfortable earpieces, the eagle effectively screens your conversations and lets you con- centrate on the task at hand. y hear what you ou need to hear, and can also be easily heard due to its noise-canceling technolo- gy. model 717 EagLE MODELS 707 NOISE caNcELINg StaINLESS StEEL BOOM $136 708 StaINLESS StEEL BOOM $116 717 NOISE caNcELINg fLExIBLE BOOM $141 718 fLExIBLE BOOM $121
  • MErlIN the smart way to work ● for normal office environments ● Monaural ● Small earpiece ● comfortable and lightweight ● available with our leading noise-canceling technology ● adjustable microphone boom and earpiece ● choice of flexible or stainless steel boom communicating casually with co-workers and handl- ing telephone conver- sations professionally are both important. the mon- aural merlin helps you stay focused through it all. danacom´s unique noise-canceling technology effectively screens out distracting noises while merlin’s lightweight fit keeps you comfortable and lets you concentrate on the task at hand. model 765 MERLIN MODELS 755 NOISE caNcELINg StaINLESS StEEL BOOM $114 756 StaINLESS StEEL BOOM $92 765 NOISE caNcELINg fLExIBLE BOOM $119 766 fLExIBLE BOOM $97
  • H aW K your competitive advantage ● for active offices ● Monaural ● full-size earpiece ● lightweight construction ● available with our leading noise-canceling technology ● adjustable microphone boom and earpiece ● choice of flexible or stainless steel boom the Hawk combines the comfort and feel of a full- size earpiece with the free- dom offered by a single- ear-headset, while still providing state-of-the-art sound qual i t y for crystal- clear communication. Its advanced noise-canceling tech- nology makes it an ideal choice for normal/busy office surroundings. Surprisingly light- weight, the full-size ear-piece is comfor- table to wear all day. model 705 haWK MODELS 705 NOISE caNcELINg StaINLESS StEEL BOOM $114 706 StaINLESS StEEL BOOM $92 715 NOISE caNcELINg fLExIBLE BOOM $119 716 fLExIBLE BOOM $97
  • fal c o N give them your full attention ● for busy offices ● Binaural ● Small earpieces ● lightweight construction ● available with our leading noise-canceling technology ● adjustable microphone boom and earpieces ● choice of flexible or stainless steel boom When you’re looking for top sound quality in a noisy office environment, the falcon is hard to beat. It is designed to ensure cry- stal-clear audibility while offering the comfort of dual lightweight, close-fitting earpieces. Its ball-joint adjustment system provides an exact fit and the flexible boom mic adjusts to any position. model 767 faLcON MODELS 757 NOISE caNcELINg StaINLESS StEEL BOOM $136 758 StaINLESS StEEL BOOM $116 767 NOISE caNcELINg fLExIBLE BOOM $141 768 fLExIBLE BOOM $121