Classroom Hearing Assistance Brochure


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Classroom Hearing Assistance Brochure

  1. 1. education RADIUM™ sound field system EASY LISTENER™ sound field system Like EASY LISTENER and VOCALIGHT sound field A small, FM-based PA system with a wireless microphone worn by the systems, the RADIUM offers numerous benefits to teacher, EASY LISTENER sound field has been shown to improve academic both students and teachers; the difference is that performance, lessen behavioral referrals, and reduce teacher absenteeism this sound field system operates on 20 wide band due to vocal fatigue in general education classrooms. This system has 40 FM frequencies in the wireless mic band and houses narrow band channels available in 72-76MHz. A wireless pass-around the receiver and speaker all in one portable stand. It microphone system is also available to aid in team-teaching and speech- can run from a rechargeable battery or get its power centered activities (reading aloud, oral reports, etc.). S PRITE BTE-FM system from a wall transformer, and has two built- The SPRITE system is a digitally-programmable Wide in channels for team teaching and Dynamic Range Compression hearing aid with an pass-around mic usage. VOCALIGHT™ infrared FM receiver built in. Extraordinary flexibility, hot sound field system performance, and a cool translucent design make it solaris personal ideal for use by students and adults. Two models Like our EASY LISTENER sound field can fit normal hearing (for CAPD/ADHD applica- system the two-channel VOCALIGHT tions) up to profound losses, including high fre- system increases test scores solaris binaural and class participation while quency. Available in 72MHz with 40 channels* and the 216MHz band with 19 additional channels. decreasing behavioral referrals and teacher vocal fatigue. sprite moderate & power VOCALIGHT differs in that it uses infrared technology to SOLARIS® personal broadcast the teacher’s voice. FM system easy listener personal FM Since an infrared signal doesn’t profound penetrate walls, this system can be The ultimate wireless FM trans- hearing loss installed in an unlimited number of classrooms wireless solutions for mitter and personal receiver without the need for channel management. radium sound field system for use with hearing aids, cochlear implants, or headsets. 40 dial-selectable severe channels* make it ideal for easy listener sound field hearing loss VOCALP ORT™ portable group or individual use in wireless PA system areas where FM use is common. This wireless portable speaker is ideal for SOLARIS’ powerful FM Plus feature vocalight infrared sound field school assemblies, outdoor school functions actively maximizes signal-to-noise ratio moderate by attenuating the environmental mic hearing loss or fund raisers, sporting events, and more. No when the teacher speaks. power cords, no mic cords, no installation, no vocalport portable wireless PA hassle. As powerful as it is, VOCALPORT is very easy to set up and transport and is the lightest speaker in its class. toteable sound field SOLARIS® binaural hearing system mild/unilateral normal hearing loss A complete high-precision wireless hearing sys- hearing Toteable sound field system tem, the receiver features built-in hearing aids for minimal loss each ear so schools need never worry about the condi- capd • adhd • esl Perfect for individuals with ADHD, minimal hearing tion or existence of a student’s own hearing aids. loss, and cochlear implants, this system offers portable, Ideal for managing hearing programs for numer- personal sound field amplification. It operates with ous children, this system offers 40 dial-selec- EASY LISTENER™ SOLARIS and EASY LISTENER systems. Students simply toss table channels* and can also be used with personal FM system the Toteable speaker bag into a backpack and carry it from external hearing aids or headsets. Fits losses class to class. Amplifies the teacher’s voice right on the desktop. This basic listening system is very easy to operate. It’s typically used from mild to profound with calibrated, detent- with a headset to help students with auditory processing problems, ed seven-position program switches. mild hearing loss, ADHD, or unilateral hearing loss focus more com- pletely on the teacher’s voice. ©2002 Phonic Ear Inc. Products, packaging, and prices subject to change without notice. Phonic Ear, Easy Listener, Radium, Solaris, VocalPort, and VocaLight are trademarks of, and exclusive property of, Phonic Ear Inc. 821-6924-101/Rev. G/3097 0302 * Outside the US and Canada, the number and band of available channels may vary.
  2. 2. u . s . a . 8 0 0 . 2 27. 073 5 · c a n a d a 8 0 0 . 2 6 3 . 870 0 o u t s i d e u . s . a . / c a n a d a 707. 76 9 . 1110 · w e b w w w. p h o n i c e a r. c o m No two students are alike — the the solution spectrum better grades through better hearing typical applications they have different needs, different hearing level benefit solution normal hearing, Distance from the teacher, noise, abilities, different strengths. Yet they general and and echo are common obstacles share a need to understand the special education, to comprehension for all stu- spectrum and ESL dents in almost every classroom. information that’s being communi- Sound field amplification overcomes the effects of these cated to them. Indeed, most obstacles so kids can focus on the maximum desirable learning rather than straining noise level for learning children are required to spend to hear. It’s been shown in is 35 decibels… numerous studies2,3,4 to improve at least 45% of the school day comprehension and test scores, in listening activities.1 and reduce behavioral problems and LD referrals. At Phonic Ear, we offer a minimal Children with an auditory hearing loss, processing disorder or slight variety of products to meet CAPD, and ADHD hearing loss (for example, a students’ diverse listening needs. temporary loss caused by otitis media or other infection) Whether you’re working with have been shown to benefit academically from sound general education students, field or personal FM amp- lification. These systems simply ESL students, learning-disabled make it easier to understand or focus on the teacher’s voice. …but the noise level students, or students with hearing in a typical classroom moderate Students in your instruction can easily measure loss, we’ve got a solution to help to profound who have more advanced hearing 60 decibels hearing loss loss — even those who wear them succeed in school. These hearing aids — can greatly benefit from an FM system. Our hearing systems come in a variety of sound field systems, binaural FM system, behind-the-ear FM models and levels of sophistication, system, or personal FM system but all operate on the same principle: can help clarify the teacher’s voice for better comprehension source: Roeser, R.J., & Downs, M.P., ED. (1981). wireless transmission of sound and better grades. Classroom acoustics, Auditory disorders in school children cochlear implant While personal FM systems (pp. 254-255) New York: Thieme-Stratton. from the teacher’s mouth directly users benefit children with cochlear 1 Berg, F.S. (1987). Facilitating classroom listening: a hand- to the listener’s ear or to nearby implants, sound field amplifica- book for teachers of normal and hard of hearing students. Boston: College-Hill Press/Little, Brown. 2 Rosenberg, et al., tion — and toteable sound Improving Classroom Acoustics, 1995. 3 Buonauro, New speakers. We’re happy to help you field in particular — is another Methods for Success in LD Classrooms, 1994. 4 Zabel & means of improving their speech Tabor, Effects of Sound Field Amplification on Spelling Performance of Elementary School Children, 1993. choose just the right system – ask us! comprehension in classrooms.