The power of persuasion: influencing others


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These are the slides from a presentation given on 10/5/14 for ELTAU, looking at persuasive language and techniques which can be used across a number of industries, including language training and communication services.

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The power of persuasion: influencing others

  1. 1. The power of persuasion: influencing others Gabrielle Jones GabrielleJones ELTAU10May2014
  2. 2. Let’s hear from you: 1. Are you good at persuading other people to do something? 2. When was the last time someone persuaded you to do something? 3. What kind of jobs require people to have good persuasive techniques? GabrielleJones ELTAU10May2014
  3. 3. My learners:
  4. 4. 1. Structuring arguments 2. Selecting lexis 3. Recognising and implementing strategies GabrielleJones ELTAU10May2014
  5. 5. 1. Have a clear standpoint 2. Clarify your rationale just before you conclude. 3. Present a logical sequence of reasons 4. Provide supporting arguments and evidence 5. Use insults to make your partner’s argument weaker. 6. Give many different examples of why your opinion is valid. 7. Contrast other parties’ opinions with your own. 8. Always agree with other people’s opinions. GabrielleJones ELTAU10May2014
  6. 6. Expressing your opinion Sequencing Providing supporting arguments Acknowledging other views Showing contrast Reformulating Summarizing GabrielleJones ELTAU10May2014
  7. 7. What do youthink? ‘The VHS should provide us with free cake every time we have an ELTAU workshop.’ GabrielleJones ELTAU10May2014
  8. 8. What are the mostpersuasivewordsin English? GabrielleJones ELTAU10May2014
  9. 9. Robert Cialdini: Influence:The Psychologyof Persuasion GabrielleJones ELTAU10May2014
  10. 10. Commitment GabrielleJones ELTAU10May2014
  11. 11. Reciprocation GabrielleJones ELTAU10May2014
  12. 12. Liking GabrielleJones ELTAU10May2014
  13. 13. Scarcity GabrielleJones ELTAU10May2014
  14. 14. Authority ‘Director of first impressions‘ GabrielleJones ELTAU10May2014
  15. 15. Social proof GabrielleJones ELTAU10May2014
  16. 16. Examples:what companiesdo 1. Enclosing a free pen with a mailing 2. Using a customer’s first name when calling or writing to them 3. Offering a free online course, newsletter or advice to people browsing your site 4. Providing testimonials from satisfied customers 5. Hanging certificates on your office wall 6. Offering products for a limited time only GabrielleJones ELTAU10May2014
  17. 17. Languageinput – persuasiveexpressions • Scarcity “Don’t miss this chance to…” • Reciprocity “If you … I’ll …” Commitment “As a valued customer we …” • Liking So do I, neither do I, I do too etc • Authority “With over … years’ experience we…” • Social proof “Over 90% of our customers choose …” GabrielleJones ELTAU10May2014
  18. 18. Let’s practice! You are a sales representative. Your company sells a specific product, but sales are low at the moment. Persuade a customer to buy your product. GabrielleJones ELTAU10May2014
  19. 19. How can weuse these techniquesto our own advantage? • Develop rapport with learners • Offer trial lessons • Agree ground rules • Create Facebook page with lots of ‘likes‘ • Put relevant qualifications on business card • Develop niche training skills GabrielleJones ELTAU10May2014
  20. 20. @gjteacher Blog post Slides and lesson plan GabrielleJones ELTAU10May2014