e-Health Card System


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Final year thesis project: e-Health Card system entirely designed using JavaCard Platform for daily use in the future Health-care system.

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  • e-Health Card System

    1. 1. WELCOME ! GABRIEL SORIN POPOVICI Bucharest – ROMANIA 25 and ½ popovici.gabriel@gmail.com
    2. 2. ACADEMIC CAREER Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Romania Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers “System Science and Computer Automatics Control” Id Systems  HealthCare  Electronic Patient card University of Turin, Italy Department of Computer Science “Leonardo da Vinci mobility project ” Id Systems  E-voting  Web analytics software
    3. 3. PROFESSIONAL CAREER Web portal development  E-commerce  www.tornado.ro  www.denovo.ro - Tornado Systems Srl, Bucharest Romania –  E-banking  www.findomestic.it - Blue Reply Srl, Turin, Italy –  Web tracking systems – Id systems  Police driver faults  Vehicle registration system  Computer based examination portal - Canadian Bank Note International Europe Srl, Bucharest Romania -
    4. 4. CBN ROMANIA   Identification Systems Identification Systems  Passports, Issuing Systems & Border Control Solutions  Issuing/printing high value secure documents Interface/Connection to major national systems  Interface with the Auto Registry System  Interface with the Insurance System  Interface with the Companies National Registry System  Interface with the Population Registry
    5. 5. DRIVER FAULT Status driver License Driver Points Observations Fault Law Type Place Fault
    6. 6. DISPATCHER Lists all Vehicles by Toyota brand, Red Color
    7. 7. ELECTRONIC PATIENT CARD Development Frameworks – Java API  Smart card development: • Java Card Framework vesion 2.2.1- building java applications on smart cards • IBM Java Card Open Platform tools (JCOP) , plug-in for Eclipse IDE Operations: edit/simulate/install/delete java applications on smart card  Client application development: • user interface in Swing • OpenCard Framework version 1.2, acting like a middle-tier between user inputs and communication with the smart card • Java Cryptography Extensions,to implement various symmetric/asymmetric Cryptography algorithms, managing signature process and password based encryption/decryption techniques
    8. 8. System structure – Applications Two distinguished applications: • on card application – smartcard • off card application – PC/workstation
    9. 9. Off Card Application– GUI
    10. 10. Organized data storage
    11. 11. Off Card Application – communication  This module communicates with the smartcard using APDU (Application Protocol Data Units) ISO 7816 HEADER CLA INS BODY P1 P2 Lc DATA OPTIONAL FIELDS Le DATA SW1 SW2
    12. 12. Responsible entities able to write information on card  doctor  certificate authority Doctor Certificate Private Key/ Public Key
    13. 13. Private Key PKCS#8 256 bytes sample
    14. 14. Procedure to write data on smartcard Steps:  store message M in smartcard RAM  sign message M using private key inside private document
    15. 15. Procedure to write data on smartcard  pozitive result - data are stored definitely on persistent memory  negative result - discard data
    16. 16. Authentication procedures  external authentication - private document is protected by password  internal authentication - smartcard authentication process to system
    17. 17. Questions ?