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Personal Branding: Essentials you need to know for success


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  • 1. Personal Branding: Your Image is everything! Gabriel Lubale Phone: +254 726 934 441 E-mail: Website:
  • 2. Stand out in a crowded Marketplace Professionalism: Presence: Your Aura. Polish: Refined, Social Graces etc2 Copyright © 2013
  • 3. Avoid the “kawa” Brands that win are brands that stand out!3 Copyright © 2013
  • 4. Fake it till you make it  New position – apply for post with highest qualification and experience.  Dress like the big shot! Dress to impress.  Set deadlines that are ambitious. Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG!).  Become a CEO of your own career destiny.  Even successful people need to evolve their brand.  Are you authentic? You were born an original do not live to die a photocopy! Refuse to be your own shadow! Maintain your DNA. The pedigree!  Deliver consistently. Promise less and deliver more. Delight your customers. Wow! Them.4 Copyright © 2013
  • 5. Can you resist the ping? Having your phone before your client is considered rude. It means your calls are more important than your customer! Rem. TQM. Learn the phone etiquette. Switch off and keep it out of sight. When you talk, pick it with a smile and identify yourself. This is Gabriel Lubale. Can I help you? Thank you for calling5 Copyright © 2013 Gabriel Lubale. Speak to me or I am on-line.
  • 6. Online branding  This is the way of 21st Century. How do you do it? Post articles, Guide people around, Pass information.  Do not use the photos of your pet. For example a dog, cat or other animal.  Visit a professional Photographer and take many shots to6 use. Copyright © 2013
  • 7. Be heard differently7 Copyright © 2013
  • 8. Be heard differently … contd • What is your elevator pitch? Way of self-introduction. Create the impression in first 5 seconds. That is it! • Design your verbal business card. Speak like a diplomat. Know what can be uttered! You8 better be thought to be fool Copyright © 2013
  • 9. Be heard differently … contd E.g. Sharpening the brains – Lecturer. Issuing Passports to Nationals and Visas to Foreigner – Immigration Officer. Fighting poverty and ignorance among learners in Colleges – Lecturer and Facilitator. Improving the Social Capital – Motivational Speaker and Image Consultant. Note: People respond to Humor, Greed and Fear. Create a memorable first encounter. Avoid to say you are best but act as the best.9 Copyright © 2013
  • 10. Non verbal communication 101 and body language10 Copyright © 2013
  • 11. Non verbal communication 101 and body language … contd Smile. Eye contact. Handshake.11 Copyright © 2013
  • 12. Facts and Tips Power posing … contd 2010 Harvard University in Research revealed that…..12 Copyright © 2013
  • 13. Facts and Tips Power posing … contd …. Holding ones body in "high-power" poses for short time periods can summon an extra surge of power and sense of well-being when its needed . Stimulating the levels of two hormones impacts on our performance by either raising Testosterone hormone or lowering Cortisol hormone. Testosterone hormone is linked to power and dominance in animal and human Worlds. Cortisol hormone is the “stress” hormone that can impair immune functioning, cause hypertension and memory loss. It has been observed that MBA Students who sat carelessly in lecture halls and took much space as possible got higher paying13 Copyright © 2013 jobs whereas the conservatives collected the
  • 14. Facts and Tips … contd14 Copyright © 2013
  • 15. Practice Bill Clinton’s Charisma15 Copyright © 2013
  • 16. Facts and Tips … contd Practice Bill Clinton’s Charisma The Secret of Bill Clinton’s Charisma, Bill Clinton is (in)famous for the charisma he exudes. Countless stories exist of complete strangers (and even people who despised Clinton) leaving a first encounter with him feeling like they’ve known him for years. You can enhance your charisma skills by doing the following three things: 1. Practice Brief Eye Contact With Strangers. 2. Master the Art of Personal Space.16 Copyright © 2013 3. Practice Being Present.
  • 17. Facts and Tips … contd • Emulate the Babies (infants).Smile. • Exposing the neck is assign of surrender. Avoid this. Look straight-forward like a telescope or a soldier marching passed the VIP17 Copyright © 2013 dais or on guard of honor
  • 18. Business Networking Gifts  Compliment freely.  Don’t complain.  Be positive.  Magical words of courtesy. Please, Sorry, Thank you, Excuse me.  Eat and drink professionally. Good table manners. How to18 use cutlery. Copyright © 2013
  • 19. Dressing  Influence through what you wear.  Bring the game to the table with your attire. Look better than your clients.  They want and expect to see you successful. You deserve19 their money. They will be happy Copyright © 2013
  • 20. Dressing … contd  “Dress inappropriately they remember the dress. Dress impeccably and they remember the woman”20 Gabrielle Coco Copyright © 2013
  • 21. Psychology of color Colors speak loudly and clearly about your business. But they give forth mixed messages. You need to know well the hidden language of color -- and know that colors speak louder than words. They stimulate emotions, excite, impress, entertain, persuade. They generate negative reactions if you dont understand them. Lasting impressions are made within 90 seconds and color accounts for 60 percent of the acceptance or rejection. So dont select the colors you love. Instead consider their meaning to prospects. Here is what colors mean21 to people in their emotions and in a business Copyright © 2013
  • 22. Psychology of color … contd  Red evokes aggressiveness, passion, strength, vitality. In business, it is great for accents and boldness, stimulates appetites, is associated with debt.  Blue evokes authority, dignity, security, faithfulness. In business, it implies fiscal responsibility and security. Plus it is universally popular.  Yellow evokes positivity, sunshine and cowardice. In business, it appeals to intellectuals and is excellent22 for accenting things. Too Copyright © 2013 much is unnerving.
  • 23. Psychology of color … contd  Green evokes tranquility, health, freshness. In business, its deep tones convey status and wealth; its pale tones are soothing.  Purple evokes sophistication, spirituality, expensiveness, royalty and mystery. In business, its right for upscale and artistic audiences.  Orange evokes fun, cheeriness, warm exuberance. In business, its great to highlight information in graphs and on charts.23 Copyright © 2013
  • 24. Psychology of color … contd  Black evokes  White evokes seriousness, purity, truthfulness distinctiveness, , being boldness and contemporary and being classic. In refined. In business, it business, it creates drama enlivens dark and is often a fine colors and can be background color. refreshing or Copyright © 2013 sterile.24
  • 25. Parting Shot! “It is not too melodramatic to say that destiny hangs on your brand”. Barbara Water Walters.25 Copyright © 2013
  • 26. If you have any questions and comments26 Copyright © 2013