The magic toilet brush

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  • 1. The Magic Toilet Brush Gabby Zibell
  • 2. Summer Vacation
    • I wasn’t excited at all, in fact I was dreading today. Why? Today is the first day of Summer! I could just scream, but my mom told me I’m to old to scream about Summer anymore. I haven’t liked summer vacation since 2 nd grade. My mom said that time away from school is good for me but she’s wrong I LOVE school soooooo much I wish I lived at my school.
  • 3. Why I moved
    • I just moved here from Pewaukee, Wisconsin. I moved because my parents got divorced. I live with my dad because my mom still lives in Pewaukee so I only visit her 10 days a year. I don’t know why my parents got divorced and I never thought they would, I am soooo depressed.
  • 4. Week 1
    • Within the first week of summer vacation I was bored out of my mind! I don’t have any friends and I have nothing to do! My only friend is my bedazzled blue toilet brush. I found the toilet the toilet brush on the side of a road and I kept it because I felt sad for him. I named my toilet brush friend Lewis.
  • 5. Week 2
    • The 2 nd week of summer wasn’t so bad because I had Lewis. I found out Lewis is magical when I dropped him and he floated 56 inches off the ground (I measured).Then Lewis decided to go for a walk with me which turned into a fly. I didn’t know toilet brushes could fly, looks like you do learn something knew everyday!
  • 6. Week 3
    • The 3rd week of summer was amazing!!! I taught Lewis how to talk!!! He is sooooo awesome. He’s my BFFFLAIAB (best friend forever for life and infinity and beyond)!!! My dad said that Lewis is weird and I got in a big fight with him because Lewis isn’t weird at all .
  • 7. Week 4
    • This week Lewis and I went to the park to play on the swings. When we were there all the kids on the slide said I was weird because I had a toilet brush with me. They didn’t believe me when I said that Lewis could talk and fly, they said I was crazy.
  • 8. Week 5
    • This week I was a hero!!! I saved a little boy from getting hit by a truck and all he got was a sprained ankle. He was running through a street to get a big bouncy ball and I ran out to get him. I didn’t even get injured!
  • 9. Week 6
    • After my heroic actions life went back to normal, people still thought I was crazy and weird. Lewis was still my magical toilet brush and my only friend. Lewis thought I was very brave for saving the little boy. My dad said he was very proud of me so that made my day. I still don’t really like summer vacation though.
  • 10. Week 7
    • I’m soooo sad!!! Lewis is missing and I’m worried that he was stolen. I don’t know where he is and I think one of the kids I saw at the park took him.
  • 11. Week 8
    • It turns out Lewis was sleeping under my bed. Who knew? I was so relieved when I found him. I next day after Lewis turned up we went out for ice cream but they wouldn’t let us in because Lewis is a toilet brush and they thought he was covered in toilet water but I told them I never used him to clean my toilets but they still wouldn’t let us in. It ruined our day.
  • 12. Week 9
    • This week we went to the park again and I lost Lewis again. I was crying in the corner and all the other people at the park told me to get a life. Then I told them that they shouldn’t be mean to me but they just walked away.
  • 13. Week 10
    • I haven’t found Lewis yet and I’m counting down they days till Summer is OVER!!! I can’t wait to go back to school and learn everything. My dad says I shouldn’t like school so much, he said it’s unhealthy. I told him that he’s wrong and then he grounded me.
  • 14. Week 11
    • Lewis is still lost and I’m still grounded. Summer is almost over though but I don’t want to start school without Lewis. I’m not sure if Lewis ran away or if he got lost or stolen. I’m very worried.
  • 15. Week 12
    • This week was horrible because I couldn’t find Lewis I think he ran away. I’m starting school today and I’m so sad. I don’t really want to go to school but my dad said I have to. I still don’t have any friends so I will of course be the weird one this year again.
  • 16. The End
    • (This story is NOT true and it’s NOT about me)