The Tragedy of Macbeth Review + Photo Edit


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A review of Shakespeare's 'Tragedy of Macbeth' along with a photo edit.

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The Tragedy of Macbeth Review + Photo Edit

  1. 1. The tragedy of Macbeth Macbeth is the story of the thane of Glamis in Scotland, Macbeth, who after learning about his fate from the three witches becomes power-hungry and impatient for all the glorious things told to him about his future to happen. His wife, Lady Macbeth, prods him to kill the king to make things move along quicker, as it was mentioned by the witches that Macbeth is to be king. The thane kills the king causing him and his wife to be the rulers of Scotland. Their tyranny causes a string of murders all of whom, were in the eyes of Macbeth, obstacles. That is until, the son of the king that Macbeth killed comes back to take what is rightfully his. I truly enjoyed reading the book because it was all about ambition. Ambition is a topic that I love reading about because it shows how desire can either take control of the person for the worse or inspire the person to work for it. It is obvious, that Macbeth’s desire to be king (accompanied by the ‘support’ Lady Macbeth gave him) took over and bent him into a man who does anything to get what he wants. It was very sad to see Macbeth turn from heroic knight of Scotland into a despot. But it is the sad truth of our reality, that others have and will take the road that Macbeth travelled. And that it is up to us if we want to turn into someone like Macbeth or if we want to let our desire inspire and not mold us. The second reason I enjoyed this book is that it was raw and real, which made it relatable in the sense of sentiment. There was no sugar-coating. Shakespeare did not even try to make the murder sound in any sense, logical. And that’s exactly why this book is brilliant. The murder wasn’t logical at all. It was, for a lack of better words, a dumb idea. What also was very authentic, was the aftermath of the first murder on both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. They were obviously disoriented, afraid and guilty. Others, try to make villains completely heartless. Something that is impossible because villains are still humans. It is possible for them not to feel compassion. But guilt will always come along in the long run. No matter how notorious they are, their conscience will keep up with them. Example? Lady Macbeth. She was the one who pushed Macbeth into killing King Duncan. Yes, she became queen. But look at what happened to her. She killed herself, all because she couldn’t stand the little voice that always finds a way into our human minds to remind us of all our wrong doings. Every single moment in the book, every emotion, every page was filled with such genuine and intense feelings such as being power hungry, self-loathing, and anger. In summary, Macbeth is worth reading. Its moral lesson on controlling ambition and not letting it control you is one of its major strengths that make it not only an enjoyable read but a valuable read. The plot has such riveting characters and it has such an exciting twist of betrayal and riddles that makes every page a gem. If you don’t get the chance to read The Tragedy of Macbeth, then that is a tragedy itself.